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A chat I just had online

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. You: Man looking for boy or girl (8-16 years old) to role play. I can be your daddy, your teacher, your coach, whatever you like. Interested? Stranger: hey You: hi Stranger: how old? Stranger: im 13 f You: me? i'm 48 but i can be any age you like. and your age? You: oh You: 13 perfect! would you like to play with me? Stranger: sure! You: awesome! You: what role shall I...


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The King in Yellow Chapter Eighteen

KATYA'S ORDEAL Entering the main hall, Katya looked around in wonder. The room was a riot of Bokhara carpets and cushions, hangings of silk and muslin, loops of chain and rope. At irregular intervals along the walls preserved heads hung by their hair. There were nameplates beneath them; Alexandra’s and Rosa’s heads were there and a beautiful blonde head in the centre of the facing wall was labelled “Elena”. She turned to Grigori to ask about this, but then remembered her place. “Lie here” he told her, indicating the great refectory table. It was lit by bleeding women who hung from...


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My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study

My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study by Stiff Little Points It was a regular evening as I watched TV with my new wife, her daughter and an adventure I certainly wasn’t ready for. This is a quick description and I hope you enjoy it! My wife, her daughter Ally and I were watching TV but Mary was actually more interested in the book she was reading, hardly even glancing up at the TV. I was watching her daughter very carefully. Ally knew I was watching her and was no doubt finding this experience very exciting. She would glance...


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Meeting Mr Right 3

Mr Right. 3 - So many emotions It's been 3wks since Chris took me out on our date, the one where he let random guys use me in bathroom of the local pub and then left me there, stranded with cum dripping from my holes. I am so angry with him, I been through so many emotions lately,I feel so used, how could he just leave me there with no way home, no concern. Now he hasn't called or msg'd, I sent him a txt last week saying hi, playing it cool, but seriously who does that, I mean the sex...


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My Loyal Daughters

Leslie came hopping down the stairs in her cute blue miniskirt, showing off her shapely figure as she descended. She looked amazing as she always does, doing her makeup and hair to look gorgeous for her trip. A big smile came across her face as she walked towards me in the hallway, shimmering but girlishly shy. “Hey daddy” she beamed as she tucked close into my arms. “Hey sweetheart, are you all set for your trip?” I replied as I hugged her tight kissing her head “Yes daddy” she smiled “Are you going to be ok here without me?” “Oh we...


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Albert and me (part 2)

An older man, a teenage girl and a fantasy............ The chill of the bedroom was a stark contrast of the warmth of the sitting room and I felt my naked breasts tighten and my nipples swell. I placed myself on the side of the bed, Albert standing in front of me and reached up to run my hands over his upper body. Like mine his nipples were erect and he shuddered gently as my fingers lightly circled them, leaving goosebump trails on his torso. His hand cupped my chin softly as he raised it to look at him, smiling eyes taking...


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The New Girls - Chapter 1: The arrival

The new girls arrived at Immaculate Conception Christian School. These girls would be known by names of Asher and Angel Laufeyson. They were known as the rebellious sisters in this “hell hole” everyone called school. Asher would stand at a height of 5’7; her long black hair always straight parted to the left side, her bust would be at a perfect size of 38D. When her eyes met yours all you could see was the deviant sparkle in her light brown eyes. Angel on the other hand would only stand at 5’4, her long red hair always remained straight with her...


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Mother Daughter Feast (3 of 12)

Mother Daughter Feast (Part 3 - Mom, Dad and Anna Threesome) As soon as the movie ends, I pull Tom's mouth down to his daughter's pussy and tell him that he gets to decide if she has an orgasm at all today. What would you like for daddy to do? I am quickly learning that there is more than one kind of torture for my pussy. Keep my pussy on the edge for as long as you can without allowing it to produce any cum. When you are done, mom will tease my pussy with her mouth the same way. We...


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She was so young!

I work night shift on a trucking dock. there aint a lot of, what you might call, Pussy, around betwee n10pm and 6 am. but there was one girl I saw every day. a pretty hot lil brunette. I saw her waiting for the bus everyday whe nI come home from work. She lives just across the street. We are out ina very rural area, so theres not to many people around. She sometimes bummed smokes off me. I was nice and gave her some. Hell, people bought em for me when I was under 18. Her name was Megan. Pretty...


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I Work in a Doctor's Office XIII

My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at...


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