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Encounter in the Lab, Part two

Carol Thompson and Cheryl Edwards were in the Transfusion Services part of the lab working on a difficult blood cross-match one Wednesday afternoon when they were interrupted. Carol? a man's voice softly asked. It was Jim Andrews, the Lab Manager and Carol's immediate supervisor. When You have a chance, could you please collect your quarterly reports and bring them to my office. I'd like to finalize them and get them in the system on time I sure will, Jim, she responded. I'll be there in a few minutes. Mr. Andrews isn't upset about the reports, is he? asked a worried Cheryl...


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Bigoted Mother and Daughter Taught a Lesson

Laura Davidson had just finished addressing the Saturday afternoon PTA meeting on her favorite two topics: one, students should be shielded from exposure to sex education of any kind and, two, segregation laws should be reinstated. She always worried that some black man might some day make a pass at either her or her daughter Jenna. The very idea of a black man touching her smooth, white skin revolted Laura. Laura Davidson (46) was a very prim, proper, conservative woman. The 5’7”, 130 lb lady was still a good looker. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes and firm set of 36Cs...


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You lead me into a bedroom, where we both sit on the edge of a high bed, horny as hell and wanting to fuck eachother badly. However, you can see I'm a bit nervous and shy. You put your hand on my knee, and start caressing my upper thigh lightly, slightly pushing up my skirt. I blush a lil, spreading my legs and bending my head back while you rub my pussy through my panties with your knuckle. My juices start flowing and you begin to feel a lil wet spot on my thong:) I get up and take off my...


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Albert and me (part 2)

An older man, a teenage girl and a fantasy............ The chill of the bedroom was a stark contrast of the warmth of the sitting room and I felt my naked breasts tighten and my nipples swell. I placed myself on the side of the bed, Albert standing in front of me and reached up to run my hands over his upper body. Like mine his nipples were erect and he shuddered gently as my fingers lightly circled them, leaving goosebump trails on his torso. His hand cupped my chin softly as he raised it to look at him, smiling eyes taking...


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Please comments and constructive criticism wel one, as well as any ideas for more stories continued.  We froze as tom stared at the situation in front of him: in the luxury taxi, along the back . Me on the floor naked, my sisters hand around my dick. Lucy lying on her back across the seats, naked, my girlfriend janes pussy in her face, the juices on Lucys mouth. And my girlfriend, stretched out naked over Lucy, her face between Lucy's thighs, which she was now resting her head upon as we froze, waiting for toms reaction, hoping he wouldn't wake shauna...


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First Touch?

My friend Amanda was having me stay over one Friday night while her parents were out of town i was pretty excited we would have are parents off are back and the house to ourself. I Stacey and Amanda have been friends since we were younger we would talk about anything! Except one Skeleton i have in the closet about a year ago i have been questioning my sexuality ever since i was flipping through chanels and seen these girls touching and fooling around i thought it was so sexy and have always wanted to try it. It was around 10...


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The Little Girl Who Thinks Differently

Let me tell you a story. A story about the little girl, who thinks so much differently from everyone else. She sat alone shivering, her clothes gone and forbidden. She looked about the unfamiliar place, unable to gather any comfort from it's distant atmosphere. She looked down at her feet. the unforgiving material pressed into her flesh, causing her toes to tingle and eventually go cold and numb. How dare she think of removing the wreched shoes that bit into her tender feet. She would not remove them. Could not remove them. Her body screamed at her to rip them away...


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Join the Navy and ride the Waves

This is based on my own exxxperiences while touring the Mediterranean Sea aboard an aircraft carrier serving duty with an attack aircraft mechanic squadron as an E-2 petty officer and not quite 21 yrs old yet. I was not very experienced in sex with girls in high school just the non penetrating sex such as sucking tits, licking pussy and getting stroked and sucked by my girlfriends. There was also the dry humping on a beach blanket while watching the submarine races or the back seat of a car. Most of my cum ended up in my shorts. I guess you...


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My Sister Sarah and I - Conclusion

My Sister Sarah and I - Conclusion My niece Annie had just walked through the door of her mother’s house, and she was a spitting image of my little sister before we lost touch with each other. Our mother had thrown Sarah out of the house, and neither my Dad nor I had seen her for almost thirty five years. The sight of my sister’s daughter had made me wonder if I was suffering from double vision! I wasn’t sure how much Annie knew of Sarah and my background, which made me a little hesitant to mention anything that Sarah and...


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