Mother Daughter Feast (3 of 12)

Mother Daughter Feast (3 of 12)

Mother Daughter Feast (Part 3 - Mom, Dad and Anna Threesome)

As soon as the movie ends, I pull Tom's mouth down to his daughter's pussy and tell him that he gets to decide if she has an orgasm at all today. "What would you like for daddy to do?" "I am quickly learning that there is more than one kind of torture for my pussy. Keep my pussy on the edge for as long as you can without allowing it to produce any cum. When you are done, mom will tease my pussy with her mouth the same way." We keep Anna on the edge of an orgasm for nearly an hour and when I pull my mouth away from her pussy, she pushes me down and attacks my pussy, not stopping until I have had three orgasms. When Anna pulls her mouth away from my pussy, she tells her dad to fill my pussy with cum and then eat all of it out of my pussy. "Aren't you curious what cum-filled pussy tastes like?"

"I had never thought about it, but I am now." Tom leads us both to the bedroom, having Anna lie with her head at the foot of the bed. At Tom's direction, I get over my daughter in a "69" and tease her pussy while she sucks on my clit and Tom fucks me. After a few minutes, Tom fills my pussy with his cum and then shoves his softening cock into our daughter's mouth, telling her to suck it clean. She does so and then attacks my cum-filled pussy, eating all of her dad's cum out of it and giving me another orgasm. We spend the rest of the day teasing Anna's pussy and then end by whipping both of her tits with a leather whip until they are bright red. To our surprise, when we are done, Anna asks for the whip and then slams it into each of her nipples 15 times as hard as she can. "My nipples felt neglected."

When Anna goes to bed, she asks to have her arms secured to the headboard so that she can't give her pussy what it is really begging for until we tell her that she can. "What if we decide that you aren't allowed to have another orgasm before you shove the spit in your own pussy?" "Then I guess it will die, begging for what it can't have." The next morning, I send Tom in to get Anna up, telling him that he has my permission to wake her any way that he wants, including by giving her a huge orgasm; warning him that his cock can't go in her pussy unless I am watching. Tom leans over the bed, sucks Anna's large clit into his mouth and bites down on it hard. Anna gasps and then begs him to bite it as hard as he wants, even if he bites it off. Instead, he sucks it into his mouth and gives her three orgasms, before releasing her hands.

She jumps up to go pee, but I stop her, telling Tom to kneel in front of his daughter. "Tell her what you want her to do." "Please pee in my mouth, stopping your stream when my mouth is almost full, so I can swallow your golden liquid. Repeat this until your bladder is empty." Anna can't believe what her dad wants her to do, but she is so turned on by the idea of it that she does exactly as requested, watching her dad drink all of her morning pee. Tom licks her pussy clean and then thanks her for the delicious drink. After breakfast, we shower together, teasing each other, causing Anna to ask a question. "Will I be prohibited from having more orgasms today?" "No, you will beg us to stop working on your pussy because you have had so many." This seems to excite Anna, so we head to the living room and I put today's video in.

As soon as it starts, I attack Anna's pussy with my mouth, while ramming a replica of her dad's cock in and out of her pussy. After three orgasms, I move and Tom attacks his daughter's sensitive clit with his mouth, while continuing to ram his fake cock in and out of her pussy. Anna gasps at the continued onslaught, but instead of trying to get out of it, she begs her dad to keep eating her pussy. "Just think, one day, I will watch you and mom sink your teeth into my tits and pussy and take big bites out of them." When I point out that no woman has survived the spit for more than a few minutes, she promises to change that. After the video ends, Anna suggests that we have some fun with her tits and pussy, since I told her that she had to prove that she could handle pain to them. I ask her if she had any particular things in mind and she surprises me by saying that she wants lots of piercings in her pussy lips and clit, just like the woman that we watched ride the spit.

Tom goes to the adult store to get lots of piercing supplies and while he is gone, I make Anna work on her pussy and clit with the replica of her dad's cock and our favorite vibrating bullet. By the time that Tom returns, Anna's breathing is ragged and she can barely stand to have her clit touched. As I am laying out the piercing supplies, Anna tells us that she needs to pee before we start. Tom pulls me in front of our daughter, holds my mouth by her pussy and tells me to beg Anna to give me a nice warm drink. I have never had any desire to drink another woman's pee, but the thought of watching my daughter pee in my mouth is strangely erotic and I hear myself ask for it before I realize that I am doing it. Anna fills my mouth with her golden liquid, stopping each time my mouth is full, telling me to drink her pee. When she finishes, I lick her pussy clean, surprised that it didn't taste bad at all.

Anna lies on the same prep table that she will lie on when the spit is shoved through her body, and I waste no time climbing up with her and bringing my pussy to her mouth. "What do you want me to do?" Anna's answer isn't what I am expecting, but it excites me, anyway. "I want you to make me drink your pee, just like you drank mine." "What would you like to do after I make you drink my pee?" "I want you to feed me your pussy while dad pierces my inner pussy lips." I spread my pussy lips apart, as Anna opens her mouth and soon I am watching my stream go into my daughter's mouth. I remember to stop so that she can swallow and when I finish, she licks my pussy clean. As soon as my pussy is clean, Anna pulls it down to her mouth and gives me three orgasms by the time that her dad has put rings along the edges of her inner pussy lips, from one end to the other, spaced one inch apart.

I get up and then help Anna up so that she can see her pierced pussy lips in the mirror. "My pussy looks amazing! When do I get my clit and outer pussy lips pierced?" Tom pushes her down on her knees and tells her that she will pierce her own clit, after she has a drink, holding his cock to her mouth. Anna opens her mouth and then begs her dad to make her drink his pee, which he does. As soon as she finishes her drink, she lies back on the prep table and I stretch her clit out for her, telling her that I am jealous of how long and thick it is. "That just means that you will have more of my clit to eat after I ride the spit." I am still shocked that my daughter wants to ride the spit, but each time she mentions it my pussy gets wet and I know on some level that I will not let her get out of doing it.

We finish her pussy piercings with me helping her pierce the base of each outer pussy lip with large rings, so that her pussy lips are inside a row of rings like a tunnel. Anna admires her new jewelry for a few minutes and then begs us to make her pierce her own nipples, which we gladly do. "Since you are supposed to give me more orgasms than I can handle, I think we should watch the video again, with the two of you working on my pussy while I fill each of my tits with 69 straight pins." We will work on your clit until she starts to force the spit into her pussy and then pause it so you can stare at the spit in her pussy while you fill each of your tits with 96 long straight pins."

After Anna has several more orgasms, we pause the video and watch our daughter shove 96 straight pins into each of her tits, telling them to suffer as she turns them into pincushions. When she is done, she reaches for the remote and asks us to work on her pussy and clit non-stop until the end of the movie, no matter how sore and sensitive she gets. By the time that the video ends, Anna's entire body is shaking and her pussy is having near-constant orgasms from all of the stimulation. "Mom, after my pussy rests for five minutes, I want you to eat it while dad is fucking me, eating all of his cum out of my pussy." We do as Anna requests and then relax for an hour. We tease her pussy for an hour, and then we shove Tom's fake cock inside her pussy, using the piercings in her pussy lips to hold it inside her pussy. I wire a transformer to the barbell in the cock and to the ring in her clit and turn it on 15 volts with very low amperage. As Anna starts to moan, I increase it to 30 volts and tell Anna that her pussy will be stimulated with electricity for 96 minutes.

By the time the 96 minutes are up, Anna is telling her pussy to stop complaining or she will make it really suffer. As I turn off the transformer, Anna asks if there is a way to keep her dad's fake cock inside her pussy, without using her pussy lips. "I could have your mom hold your pussy opening closed with my cock inside it and then staple it to keep it that way." "Mom, please hold my pussy closed with dad's cock inside it so he can staple my pussy shut. After he puts a staple in my pussy, I want you to add a second one and then make me add a third one to ensure it is really closed." We do as she asks with me asking her why she didn't just keep her pussy lips together to hold the fake cock inside her pussy. "You said something about trying to make my clit longer and thicker, and I want to start doing that now; but not just my clit. I want my inner and outer pussy lips stretched with my clit and if we wire all the rings in my pussy lips to the transformer, with my clit, I think the electrical stimulation will make them thicker."

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