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Katy D.

[This was typed down and edited from a narrative by K. Decker. Thanks for your honesty, dearie, and of course for the whole experience. I’m sorry your eighteenth year wasn’t quite as sweet for you as you had hoped, but at least the end result wasn’t all bad, if I understood you correctly.] I remember you said: “You have to swallow it, Katy. That’s what girls do.” You should have noticed how I was staring at you. I mean I was naked on my knees in front of you, doing my best trying to give my own dad my first ever...


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My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study

My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study by Stiff Little Points It was a regular evening as I watched TV with my new wife, her daughter and an adventure I certainly wasn’t ready for. This is a quick description and I hope you enjoy it! My wife, her daughter Ally and I were watching TV but Mary was actually more interested in the book she was reading, hardly even glancing up at the TV. I was watching her daughter very carefully. Ally knew I was watching her and was no doubt finding this experience very exciting. She would glance...


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The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto I wish I did. Plz RnR “Normal speak” ‘Thoughts’ “Normal speak in flashback” BEWARE this chapter contains a LEMON and Explicit Language. Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 And on to the story. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 10 After walking a couple of minutes Shikamaru walks up to them. “Naruto the Hokage needs to speak to you, she said she wants to meet with you right now” said Shikamaru in a lazy tone like always. “I wonder what she wants?” said...


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Town Fun

Hi, my name is Jamie. I live in a small town in the middle of no where. We have a school and there is a city near by but not very big. I have my group of friends who I hang out with and you will meet later. We don't do much but hang out, play games and drive around like typical teenagers. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town but sit around and hang out. I woke up this morning for school just like every other day. I got my clothes together then hopped in the shower. I...


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An Indecent Execution

Edith was just 12 years old when the new king's soldiers attacked her family's hamlet.  It was in reprisal for their support for a pretender to the throne when the old king died childless. She had wandered into the edge of the wood gathering fruit when the soldiers came. She crouched terrified in the thicket of brambles where the blackberries abounded, watching as the soldiers forced everyone into her parents' wood and thatch cottage at sword-point then set it alight. As the flames rapidly spread up the walls and across the roof she covered her ears to shut out the high...


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Please comments and constructive criticism wel one, as well as any ideas for more stories continued.  We froze as tom stared at the situation in front of him: in the luxury taxi, along the back . Me on the floor naked, my sisters hand around my dick. Lucy lying on her back across the seats, naked, my girlfriend janes pussy in her face, the juices on Lucys mouth. And my girlfriend, stretched out naked over Lucy, her face between Lucy's thighs, which she was now resting her head upon as we froze, waiting for toms reaction, hoping he wouldn't wake shauna...


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First Touch?

My friend Amanda was having me stay over one Friday night while her parents were out of town i was pretty excited we would have are parents off are back and the house to ourself. I Stacey and Amanda have been friends since we were younger we would talk about anything! Except one Skeleton i have in the closet about a year ago i have been questioning my sexuality ever since i was flipping through chanels and seen these girls touching and fooling around i thought it was so sexy and have always wanted to try it. It was around 10...


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Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 5 (Part 1) Seeing my dad on the porch, having previously sent him to his friends house to leave me with my mom and sister to experiment with was definitely a hand in the cookie jar moment, but once I remembered I could control everything, I quickly froze both him, my mother and sister. I have to admit, getting caught was quite thrilling, and in any other situation I would be shitting myself! As it was, I had full control here. But I was curious. My dad and I had never been overly close, we got...


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An Incest Birthday Chapter 22

This chapter is a POV story, shifting between Rita, Randy, Stephanie, Chris, and Ashley. I thought it would be a good idea to get into each of their minds after what happened at the party. Hope you enjoy. RANDY I couldn’t believe what just happened. The night was going so good, and in the blink of an eye it turned to shit. It turned out Ashley had played us from the beginning and set me up to take the biggest fall imaginable, and she succeeded. The look Rita gave me as she left made me wanna die, I felt horrible. She...


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Tricked My Girlfriend 3

It was a Saturday night, and my girlfriend was over. We had had sex earlier that day and she had decided to take a shower while i made dinner. After she got out, she came to the kitchen and sat with me. She wanted to know more about my fetish. The Dos and Don'ts, and all that other crap. She asked me if i needed to be there while people fucked her. I asked her the same question, do you feel i need to be there? Well, the only reason i fucked K on your bed was because i knew you'd...


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