My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study

My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study

My Wife’s Daughter . . . A Quick Study by Stiff Little Points

It was a regular evening as I watched TV with my new wife, her daughter and an adventure I certainly wasn’t ready for. This is a quick description and I hope you enjoy it!

My wife, her daughter Ally and I were watching TV but Mary was actually more interested in the book she was reading, hardly even glancing up at the TV. I was watching her daughter very carefully. Ally knew I was watching her and was no doubt finding this experience very exciting. She would glance at me, see my entire focus was on her crotch and open her legs a little wider and move her pelvis a little further out on the chair, exposing more of her white cotton panties. Mary was to the left of me so I placed a cushion on my left leg and leant on it with my left forearm, cleverly hiding my own crotch. When I saw Ally look at me again, I stroked my rock hard cock with my right hand. The shape of my cock was clearly outlined in my short loose trousers as I was wearing no underwear. Ally stared at my hand caressing my hard organ . . . and quickly looked away obviously somewhat embarrassed and then back again to make sure what she was seeing was real. I gave her a sly smile and she blushed and looked away again. We had played these games in the past, but this time I was determined to move a step further.

I became even harder as I caressed my cock and especially when I saw the dark spot of moisture growing bigger on Ally’s panties. She closed her legs and then shifting her bottom so that she faced more to me, opened her legs even wider, keeping a watch on her mother to make sure she still had her nose buried in her book. I took a chance and slipped my stiff cock out of the leg of my shorts and stroked the entire length of it pulling my foreskin back to expose my shining moist head . . . as Ally turned to look at me again. Her jaw dropped and blushed again but with slightly parted lips as if she was panting as she stared at my fist stroking . . . on my very rigid pole. I knew that I would not get away with my exhibitionism for much longer and looking at Ally straight in her eyes and with a wink I slid my cock back and standing up announced to both mother and daughter that I was tired and going to bed.

In bed and stroking slowly on my engorged member I replayed the evening's events. I had been aroused by Ally ever since she and her mother moved in with me after we got married, but I had never before demonstrated my feelings in any way. That evening Ally was looking sexier than I had ever seen her before. She was wearing a very short loose skirt and a tank top which when worn braless as she had been, showed her developing breasts and budding nipples to perfection. There had been no doubt in my mind that from the moment we sat down after dinner to watch TV that she was showing off to me. It was based on this that I decided to take the chance and put on my exhibitionist performance. I was wondering if she had picked up on my lust for her or if she was simply attracted to me when Mary climbed into bed beside me. She reached for my cock and finding it fully erect she said she was sorry to have kept me waiting, mounted me and fucked me until I came deep inside her. The only thing she did not know of course is that I had been thinking of her daughter and not her as we fucked for almost a half hour!

I awoke the next morning with images of Ally’s panty covered crotch in my mind and going straight into the bathroom found her panties in the wash basket. I found a pair that I knew were hers and masturbated a large load of cum into them, covering the dried white cum she had deposited the evening before. Our arrangement was that we all did our own washing so I was already imagining what she would make out of seeing her panties now coated in my cum as well! The question was whether she was going to do wash later this morning or exactly when.

It was a Saturday morning so we all ate breakfast together with Ally glancing very shyly at me and the chat around the table was about how we were going to spend the day. Mary announced that she just had to go shopping for some new clothes and asked Abby if she wanted to join her. Abby, first looking at me and then at her mother said that she had to catch up with school work so she could not go. I had a number of household maintenance jobs which needed my attention. With kisses all around, Mary left on her shopping trip, leaving Ally and me alone, both feeling a little awkward. I looked at Ally and determined that she was not going to say anything about the evening so I said that I had to go outside to repair a window that was allowing cold air to enter this past winter. Ally then surprised me by saying she was going to have a swim in my pool and accomplish a bit of sun tanning and that she would do her school work later. That decision certainly met with my plans and I looked forward to seeing her in whatever swim suit she wanted (or didn’t want) to wear.

The window I needed to fix faced onto the pool area and it was not long before Ally came out wearing a string bikini so small it hardly covered her breasts (or even her nipples for that matter) or her pubic mound. I just could not believe my eyes that she was once again showing off to me. She dove into the pool and when she climbed out . . . I almost came without even touching myself. Her bikini had become almost see through with her hard nipples straining the material of the top and her puffy cunt lips clearly outlined through the wet white material. She lay down on her towel, legs towards me and parted so I could see the edges of her bald cunt lips clearly. With her head lying slightly to one side she smiled seductively at me. I had absolutely no idea how to handle the situation so knowing that she appeared to have enjoyed seeing my cock . . . I turned around to entirely face her, paused slightly and then pulled my cock out of my shorts.

I was rock hard as I gazed over her body and started fisting my shaft. She stared unblinkingly at my cock as I continued to masturbate in front of her. When my pre cum started seeping out I used it to coat my cock to make it more slippery and really started jerking in earnest. Ally continued to stare at me with the same panting mouth open expression she had last night. I looked straight into her eyes, smiled and then looked down at my cock as I gave it the last few strokes to urge my cum to blast out. As I shot my first load onto the lawn I was standing on . . . she stared almost in shock as my string of cum was followed by a second huge load. I pumped myself until I was dry and Ally suddenly stood up and trotted into the house, her towel wrapped around her waist.

Guessing that she was in a high state of arousal I followed her into the house. She had gone into her room, leaving the door slightly open. I spied in and saw her on her back on her bed, totally naked, fingering her adolescent cunt madly. Her eyes were tightly closed and her hips were writhing in time to her finger jabbing at her hole. She started moaning and opened her eyes, looking straight into mine as she brought herself off to an awesome climax, writhing and panting, covered in sweat. I smiled and walked away, really not knowing how to handle the situation. I went and sat at the breakfast nook and opened a cold beer and sipping on it considered what was happening.

Ally had certainly been turned on by my antics and had not bothered that I had seen her masturbate, but did this mean that I could take it any further? Did this mean that I could fuck her as I desperately wanted? Interrupting my thoughts Ally came in and sat next to me, wearing a white T shirt and apparently nothing else and grabbed the beer and took a long gulp. I opened the conversation by asking if she had enjoyed watching me masturbate.

"Yes," she said, "I have seen guys doing it on the web . . . but for real . . . it turned me on so much I could not stop myself" and then very shyly asked, "Did you like watching me?"

"Of course," I replied, "I enjoyed it so much . . . it’s made me hard again. Let’s switch places for a minute and let me grab something from the cupboard.” I scooted out of the bench seat in the nook and went over to the baking cabinet and took out a bottle of vegetable oil and brought it back and placed it in front of Ally. She was sitting on the edge of the cushion watching with curious eyes. "Do you want to watch me shoot again?" I asked.

"Mmmm . . . yes" she said quietly looking at my waist and with that I pulled my erect cock out of my shorts. Having gotten her permission, I started stroking all over again whilst being scrutinized by her penetrating gaze. There is something extra special about masturbating in front of a female . . . and considering the difference in our ages, I had to hold back from releasing my load . . . much too fast.

“Let me see your titties Ally,” I suggested as my curled fingers continued their slow path up and down my stiff shaft.

“You are making me behave . . . all naughty today . . . aren’t you?” she asked. I nodded my head and it was not long before she had hiked her T-shirt up so that I could see her bare breasts and the moist intersection below. I moved my left hand down towards hers and bent over slightly so that I could move her fingers to her bare moist pussy. She smiled and began to play with her kitty with one hand and then slowly getting the courage and desire . . . began to gently pinch her stiff pink nipples with her other. What was turning me on was how she was alternatively gazing into my eyes and then back at my rigid cock straining its skin.

“Have any boys given you a show like this one before?” I asked moving slightly closer so that my shaft was less than a foot from her mouth.

“Not really . . . and I suppose when I start dating . . . if mom ever lets me . . . I might be disappointed in the size of boys cocks my age . . . as compared to the big prize you have in your hands,” she said with a smile . . . beginning to more urgently roll and tweak her buds.

“Let’s use this morning as lesson number one . . . shall we? I am going to put you in the driver’s seat and demonstrate something all boys will enjoy you doing for them. First of all, let’s get rid of your T.” I could take it no longer and without warning I reached out and pulled her T over her head, leaving her naked, puffy nips hard with excitement.

“I want you to open up the bottle of oil in front of you, pour about a teaspoon on your hand and then rub your hands together, making them all slippery.” Ally smiled and as she reached over to take a hold of the bottle . . . her titties wiggled slightly causing my rock hard cock to throb even more. Dutifully she poured the oil into her palm but let the fluid flow slightly longer than I had suggested. She apologized and then looking back at me she rubbed her slippery hands together until they were entirely covered.

“Let’s not waste anything . . . take one hand and rub the oil all over your breasts and make them all shiny.” She shook her head in disbelief at my suggestion, but almost mesmerized she cupped her breast and polished it with the oil and then moved over to its mate and did the same thing.

Looking down at her shiny breasts almost made me cum and I had to stop my stroking.

“Excellent,” I said. “Now very gently wrap your fingers around my COCK and move your hand up and down like I was doing.” Ally obviously had never touched a boy or man’s cock before so she tentatively covered the head of my cock with her fingers and let them close in gently. Then keeping some pressure, she began to easily slide up and down my pole.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked looking me in the eyes. She had her tongue stuck out slightly, trying her best to learn how to give a man a glorious handjob. I hesitated to answer for several seconds as she continued to entirely cover my shaft with oil and soon the liquid was dripping down over my balls as well.

“You are doing great . . . but you must get ready for the climax that will take place very shortly. I am going to lean a bit closer to you and I want you to pull your shoulders back a little and push those beautiful teen breasts out towards me.”

“Really,” she laughed . . .but as I moved close enough to touch her face with my cock, she followed my instructions and her titties were soon on glowing display.

“Begin to slowly move my COCK all over your tits and especially those stiff little nipples.” Ally aimed my long shaft towards her stiff buds . . . first the right breast and then the left and then even the slight intersection in between. I had to grit my teeth to keep from cumming as she continued.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I asked with a quick wink.

“I want you to shoot your stuff . . . ALL OVER ME!” she said now determined to do just that.

“Let’s try it again . . . and talk dirty to me Ally . . . what do you really want me to do?”

“I don’t believe I am saying this . . . but I want you to use this BIG COCK OF YOURS to spray my titties with your hot cum!!!” and that’s exactly what I did as soon as she had finished. Despite masturbating an hour or so earlier, my cock became a never ending hydrant and sprayed continuous ropes of cum all over her nipples and breasts and towards the end she even aimed it at her face and lips. Standing in a position to view the driveway I watched my wife Mary pull her car into the garage.

“Honey your mom is home. Go to your room and get into the shower right away. I will try to get myself together and continue working on that window. Seconds anyone?

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