Meeting Mr Right 3

Meeting Mr Right 3

Mr Right. 3 - So many emotions

It's been 3wks since Chris took me out on our date, the one where he let random guys use me in bathroom of the local pub and then left me there, stranded with cum dripping from my holes.
I am so angry with him, I been through so many emotions lately,I feel so used, how could he just leave me there with no way home, no concern.
Now he hasn't called or msg'd, I sent him a txt last week saying hi, playing it cool, but seriously who does that, I mean the sex is awesome and fun, I'm doing things I never thought i'd do, but....

Today I hooked up with an old friend, we been mates for ages and we've always had chemistry, after a shit week at work a few drinks it kinda happened. I don't know whats happened to me but I didn't really enjoy it, he was good, did all right stuff, kind gentle, paid attention to my needs but was vanilla, very vanilla, we kissed and fondled, he rubbed my pussy, we undressed he climbed on top of me and rocked and grinded away, he held my hand and touched my body held eye contact, and it was ok, but I just didn't get that excited. He seemed to really enjoy it, after he was smiling and touching my skin all cuddly, luckily he fell asleep pretty quickly.
I don't know whats happening to me, do I only get turned on when I used, am I becoming a cum slut.....

Well it's been 5wks since heard anything from Chris, till today. His messaged read, Clear your schedule I'll be over at 8pm.... be completely shaven, wear something red.
Feeling kinda agitated at his abrupt demand I almost txt back saying NO, Im busy, but I stopped myself, I want this, I'm excited at all the different senarios I can think of....
It's 7:50pm, I've spent the day preparing my body, I have clean sheets on my bed the house is tidy, wine is chilled and I'm wearing a red corset with a red g string and black sequined heels, I have a off white short white summer dress over the top but you can see right through it my hair is tied up high in a pony tail, my make up is done with bright red lipstick, fuck I think I'm turning myself on....knock knock knock...
Fuck, he's here... I race to the door fling it open excitedly but it's not Chris....It's Steve!
Ah, Hi, Where's Chris, I peer outside. Steve smiles and begins to step into the house, I haven't even invited him in, still a little taken back, I ask again Where is Chris. Oh he ain't coming, I sent you that message he responds arrogantly Chris, he has ahh, He hooked up with some chick they been inseparable for couple weeks now. I'm cut, seeing disappointment in my face Steve looks to me, saying Oh did you think, ha no, your a slut baby, not his girlfriend.
I'm devastated, the news hurts, I really liked him...Steve continues but we can still play babe, you're so fucking hot I love it, he reaches out to spank my ass, as I hit his hand away. You need to leave I say abruptly, I don't want to “play” can you just leave please.. Steve begins to laugh, Oh darling your actually upset aren't you...Look you've gone to so much effort to get all dressed up and your so dam hot, mmm, I mean wow.....we can still have fun babe, hows about a drink and we chat for abit, if ya not feeling it, I'll leave, what do ya say?

I ponder for a moment, Fuck it I need a drink now anyway, I head to fridge get out the wine, Steve replies na babes, got stronger, I turn and open the cupboard I only have an old a bottle of tequila I have never opened.. I hold it up, Perfect Steve responds.

I head for lounge room tequila an shot glasses I hand, Steve is chattering away like I'm old friend he's talking about his week and how Chris and new bird keep him up all night fucking and how Chris wont let him fuck her, he even turned off the video camera in his room. I drink quickly 2, 3, shots and Steve continues to gibber gabber I'm not really listening, I kinda want to give Steve a show so he goes and tells Chris what he missed out on.
Yes, that's what I'm gonna do, the tequila has gone straight to my head, I stand up, I cross the room slowly, I sway my hips, I seductively look back at Steve, I bend, at the waist, so Steve gets full view of my rear, I turn on the stereo, I bend at the knee my ass almost bobbing mid air, kind of squatting, I fiddle with the radio til I find a channel with decent tunes.
I snap back up, ass in the air, head still down, I look at Steve as I stand tall, turning slowly I walk towards him starring him down, he just starring back almost dumbfounded at my sudden change, fuck I'm feeling drunk already....
I lift the dress over my head and moves my hips to the music, I'm dancing for him, I run my hands across my body and pull at the ties that lace up my corset, my dd boobs are begging to escape, slowly swaying and fondling my self Steve beckons me towards him with his index finger, he leans back unzips his jeans a produces his long fully erect cock, I step closer, and he says, you can suck it if you want. Oh yes please I respond, quickly dropping to my knees, I grab hold of his shaft with utter delight and begin to lick and suckle at his balls, maintaining eye contact I begin running my tongue up his shaft and teasing the tip of his cock with the moist softness of my lips, gently parting only enough to slide him inbetween, sliding my lips up and down his shaft, hand still grasping his cock firm I force myself down his shaft, gagging myself but holding it there just a moment, as I come up I look to Steve for approval, but he doesn't seem pleased, he's not even paying attention anymore, what the fuck, he's actually on his phone, I think he's txt'n... I stop let go of his cock sit back on my heels and look at him, curiously he says what? Like I'm the one doing something wrong, why'd ya stop? Ahhh, your on your phone, I'm sucking your cock and your not even into it, I state. Who said that he barks, and who told ya to stop, he grabs my head phone still in hand and jams my face onto his cock, I try to protest but he holds me there his cock deep down my throat he taps the back of my head jolting my face further down his shaft, I cant breath it's literally in my throat, my mouth stretched around him, my hands push out at him as I force myself up, gasping for breath, he begins moving my head back and forth not allowing his long shlong out of my mouth, he's not really forcing me now and I'm starting to enjoy the rhythem I grab at his balls with my right hand the base of his cock with my left and begin to pump away, it's not time at all and he starts to contort he pulls back I leave my mouth open awaiting his hot load as it spills out I lurch forward making sure I dont miss a drop, I lick and suck the tip of his knob, cleaning his cock... He exclaims oh man, Chris is a fool you suck dick like a pro....
Please with myself I stand up and reach for another drink, Steve still sitting there, with a drained look on his face... He looks up at me and says, hey now we need to get you do you feel about a little party.
Feeling really tipsy very horny and totally slutty I say sure, why the fuck not... Great Steve exclaims he stands crosses the room and says the boys will be here in a few minutes, do you want something to loose you up.... Loosen me up? What do you mean I respond, you know some party fun. NO! Definitely not I'm not into that and I don't want that in my house either, Relax babe, he butts in it's only some pills nothing serious....With that I head a car door, another, and another, inquisitively I go to the window, as I see 3 fit blokes walking across my front lawn, OMG what will my neighbors think the old duck next door never skips a beat now there's 2 cars in my driveway and 4 guys in my house, OMG 4 guys I'm starting to feel overwhelmed am I expected to service 4 guys.. Plus the sudden realization I only have on my corset and g string, I scramble for my dress. Steve pushes past me as he opens my front door an lets them inside my home, Hey, hey, hey, they greet one another excitedly, hey dude...come in come in I hear Steve say...As they round the corner towards the loungeroom, I see them 1, 2,3.. Stood frozen, they introduce themselves, Todd, Darryl, and Danny, I remember Danny... Steve enters the room, an barks, well you gonna offer these boys a drink, I snap to it, oh Yea, how rude of me, sorry lads can I gets ya's a drink...I head off to the kitchen, I've got chips and nibbly's somewhere my heads a cloud, I bring beer, couple of extra shot glasses and a bowl of chips back to to lounge area, The 3 boys are sitting chatting away like any normal get together but Steve isn't there, all of a sudden theres a hand crack hard across my ass cheek, startled I spin, there's Steve with 2 guys, where the hell did these guys come from, theres 6 guys in my house, one say howdy I'm Matt the other bows his head a little, he looks young, he says Hi i'm Josh... as Josh rounds the corner the guys start yelling an laughing OMG Bro, you came, hahaha, oh yea, newby, in for a treat, dude... Matt holds up a bottle of Vodka says I brought the party boys..
I'm frozen Steve appears in front of me shot glass in hand says here, drink, its a party... I down the tequila an shake off the burn, I look to Josh and ask, How old are you? 20, he responds, OMG at least the little shit is over 18... I take another shot from Steve's other hand down it, Darryl jumps up and heads for my stereo, crank this shit up boys he exclaims, the banter continues Steve motions for me to sit down between him and Matt, Matt is short a little heavy set brown hair and tattoo of a dragon on his neck,
I sit and and we chat, they all chat about there cars, there mates, a chick someone hooked up with, we chat and drink Todd belts out courses to songs he likes it's actually fun, the whole time Steve has sat back with me almost laid up against him, I catch Matt stealing sneaky glances, in my direction, and Josh well the boys seem to just keep teasing him, it's kinda funny but I can see how insecure he is...after what seems like ages and so many drinks my head is spinning I can feel that I'm drunk, I stand up with intention of going to kitchen I need some water, as I do Matt slaps my ass it stings the other boys chuckle as I step around the table I wobble Danny reaches up and grabs me and pulls me down onto him, whao.... he says where do you think your going he pulls me into his lap and starts kissing me, his right arm wrapped around me his left hand sliding up my leg, I feel another hand it must by Todd, his hand cups my breast, I sit up my head is spinning, all the guys are starring at me, I look to Steve he says what are ya waiting for you know you want to, Matt is to the left a seat a half away he scoots forward and grabs at my dress and begins to pull it up, he remarks gotta get rid of this thing, Danny grabs hold of my face kisses me again, looks to Todd on his right and says I fucked her the other week boys she's tight as hell and loves it, Todd instantly pulls me towards him, I fall towards the floor, almost right into his lap they laugh, see she wants it, Todd undoes his pants and produces a solid 7'' fat shlong he pushes my face towards it, I take one look around the room all eyes are on me I begin to gobble at Todds cock up and down my lips slide firmly wrapped around him, I look up he is layed back in my lounge relaxed enjoying the sensations as I take all of him, a hand on my hand pushes me down, his cock filling my throat I try to open my jaw to allow for his added thickness around his base, I grab his balls with my hand a squeeze, the hand on my head pushes and pushes and finally releases, oh I come up I take a breath, the hand on my head is actually steve standing behind he, his hand is firmly grasping my pony tail, he clenches his big hand around my head a picks me up it hurts he's pulling my hair he drags me to the right, to the recliner chair where Josh is sitting wide eye, my body almost sliding behind me, Steve looks at Josh and says well, you want this bitch to suck your cock or what, Josh stammers studdering oh yea, ok if she wants... Matt laughs, dude, man up she's a slut, she'll do whatever you tell her... Josh unzips his pants and wiggles them down a little he reaches inside an flops out this gigantic long horse like cock, fuck me, not even the black dude from the pub had this length....The boys roar, dude where the fuck you been hiding that, my eyes widen I look at Josh he has a grin on his face, I look to Steve but he plants me face right ontop the this bloody huge thing, I grab it with my left hand around the base, I put my right hand around his shaft, I begin to nervously suck on his knob, slowly I begin pumping away with my hand but Josh grabs it and slaps it away now theres no protection from his giant member now he grabs my hair slowly starts pushing my head down it already in my throat and not even halfway down, I gag and wiggle free I come up for air. Josh abruptly stands, one hand around base of my jaw the other entangle in my hair he holds my head perfectly still at an angle he drives his long slender cock slowly into my mouth, down my throat I use my hands to brace myself on the floor, as he slides back and forth, he enters my throat the deepest he's been at most of his cock is down my airway he pinches my nose, I look up at him in alarm, choking unable to get air he has biggest smiles on his face he holds his cock there for a moment and lets me go I fall to the floor gasping for air, but he reaches down grabs at me pulls me up as he sits down, he spins me around I sit down in his lap, legs spread eagle, facing the other boys, he slides my gstring as aside, he doesn't stop to check if 'm wet I not sure he cares, he enters my pussy, luckily i'm dripping wet, i bounce up and down trying to hold myself up he's so long it goes so deep inside me, his skinny arm comes across my body and pulls at the cord keeping my corset together, he fumbles for a moment before my big boobs win out and the corset comes undone, flapping open I look at Matt, Darryl and Danny, Todd they are all sitting on the lounge rubbing there cocks, Matt has his out it's hard and thick I eye it, and lick my lips, they watch as I bounce up and down, my huge boobs bounce with even motion, harder and faster, I'm fucking Josh's cock it's so deep inside me as he double pumps lets out a gentle urgh sound, I realise he's just blown, I slide up and down a couple more times I stand up turn around kneel between his legs and suck the warm liquid from the tip of his cock, as I sit up I turn and say who wants my pussy now, Matt is already on his feet, he grabs the back of my corset I fall back violently not expecting it, i'm startled he drags me along the floor back to the lounge seat he is in. As I spin round to face him I collect myself, he removes my corset pulling it above my head, he looks at me kicks at my knees and saying spread your legs, I spread them wider, he says I dunno about you boys but I only want to fuck a clean cunt, use your fingers to clean that pussy, I begin to reach down slide my fingers in and around my pussy lips, josh's cum is dripping from me, I pull my hand out as Matt demands now suck it, I stick my fingers in my mouth suck them clean, again and again I insert my fingers into my cunt scoop up the hot warm salty cum and lick my fingers clean, Matt grabs my hand with his, reaches down with his right an jams 2 fingers into me and says thats better, each time one of us fucks you, you must clean us first and then yourself, do you understand, yes, I reply, he slaps my face hard, yes what, yes sir, unsure of what I'm suppose to call him, he laughs, oh man I like this one, Darryl pipes in, yea you can call us all sir, as Matt orders me to my feet, I turn, he pulls the gstring down, his hand on my hips he guides me down onto his amazing thick cock, it's perfect nice and thick not to long reaching around he slaps my breasts, my legs spread he leans me back against him, pushing my hips forward allowing all the boys to see his perfect member sliding in and out of my lil cunt, Darryl stand walks around to front of me produces his cock to my face, I lean forward grab his dick and begin slurping away, oh my god this is so good, I was nervous I couldnt handle all these guys now, I cant wait, Matt pumping away inside me, my mouth sealed around darryls member and Danny, Todd and Josh staring rubbing there dicks, Danny stands steps towards me says this bitch can handle a few I grab his cock and begin to suck on that also, I forgot how solid Danny was... As Matt flexes away pumping my pussy I begin to feel my body tense I can feel an orgasm coming the feeling of these boys all grabbing my breasts Matts fingers digging into my hips, Todd and Josh Staring it's to much I throw my head back my body contorts, I feel the wave rip trough me, unable to concerntrate I squeeze the 2 cocks in my hands, Matt jerks violently and he to comes deep within me, I lurch toward quickly spin arond and suck the tip or his cock reach down jam my fingers in my pussy scooping the hot sludge from within me, licking my fingers clean, Matt smiles he seems impressed I remembered, someone is lifting my ass into the air, it's Todd he's kneeling behind me I can feel the tip of his cock on my lips, he pushes forward they part to allow him in, as slides slowly into me, he comes out all the way and again, slowly slides the length of his shaft into my soft warm cunt. Matt is pushed aside as Danny takes his seat, he garbs his cock and start to tease the head of his cock with my tongue, Matt sitting next to him with, his lifeless cock in his lap he reaches for my tits fondling them pinching my nipples between his fingers, Todd meanwhile is furiously pounding away behind me, relentlessly fucking my poor pussy, he abruptly stops, its not til now I noticed he's had a finger, up my asshole all along, he inserts something bigger into my ass slowly its cold tho, not a finger I dont know what, but he again speeds up the pace i'm on the verge of a mind bending orgasm, Matt has his hands around my throat i'm balls deep in danny's lap, omg it's building, I feel the waves of pleasure rip through my body, and right away its bulding again, I feel something pop from my my ass, it hits the ground with a thud, I'm not sure but think it was a shot glass...Todd withdraws and gently nudges against my puckered lil asshole, he slowly pushes forward as my ass open to allow him inside, back and forth slowly he rocks as I try to relax, he nudges deeper an deeper til finally he's buried within me the intensity of his size overwhelms me it hurts, it feels so good but it hurts I try to rock forward but im still face down in dannys lap with his giant cock in my mouth, as Todd begins to pump away, Danny leans down lifts me up onto his erect cock, it slides so easily into my slippery wet cunt this time, a few good thrusts, and now darry lines up my ass, im not ready for this my ass hasnt stretched enough, he edges in anyway, my head is ripped around as Todd shoves his cock into my mouth, he's just pulled it out my ass an now its deep down my throat, together they pump away mercilessly assaulting my holes danny up my pussy, darryl in my ass todd in my mouth, Matt still grabbing at me his cock slowly hardening, Josh steps up next to Todd his cock hard again, omg its long I suck it also. Airtight im being furiously fucked I love this feeling, they pump away at my holes, til Josh says he wants my ass, No I exclaim, he's to long, josh lays on the floor and Im lifted onto his enormous cock, oh fuck I cry out as it slides into my anal, but the boys no longer care, darryl pushes me back as he lines up to enter my pussy, he pumps away furiously Josh's cock is so deep in my ass im leaning back the pressure is imense, Darryl keeps coming out, Todd takes over as he does Matt reaches down and slaps my pussy his fingers sting the top of my bulging mound, again and again, it distracts me Todd is now inside of me, Josh still laying on floor beneath me Todd furiouslu pumping away Danny and darryl behind me bracing my head as they dip there cocks in an out my mouth, The feeling is amazing 5 guys surround me 4 cocks, on the go.
They change positions I can't keep up, I'm turned over pushed forward a thick cock in my pussy, another in my ass, my hair being pulled another rock hard dick in my mouth, he feeling is amazing they swap and change and takes turns, I'm being slapped on the ass, on the tit, across my face, all of a sudden pain rips through my body I look down its Danny underneath me, hs thick cock up my cunt, and Matt behind me, Matt has forced his cock also inside my pussy stretching me Oh fuck, omg, the pain is so intense yet the pleasure is over whelming I can feel my pussy moisten and loosen to allow both these big boys, Matt pumps away 3 4, more times withdraws and jams it back into my ass... As they takes turns in fucking every hole my body gripped with muscle contouring, mind bending orgasm they hold me up to weakened to know which way is up anymore... Darryl is first to come up my cunt, I think Todd in my ass, I catch Danny's load over my face Josh's also, I cant see properly come in my eye I can feel it over my face, Matt dives into my ass fucks me furiously gripping my hips he drops his load inside me for second time.
Exhausted I slump to the floor, cum dripping from me, my head spinning I think I pass out, because when I wake up the boys are gone, the remains of our party still evident, I look around im still naked on the lounge room floor. I stand it hurts my poor little pussy and asshole burn, the welts across my breasts have already begun the bruise, my face stings my lip is split in the corner, I walk to my bedroom and collapse on my bed, still moist with cum I dont care. I fall asleep.

Startled I awake there to a figure in my room, a man...shocked I jump up, he grabs my wrists as I begin to wrestle sshhh, shhh its ok babe, its ok it's me Chris I hear in a gentle familiar voice. Chris, Chris what the hell. I reply angrily, what are you doing here...How'd you get in? Where's the girlfriend? What... I can't process I the rush of adrenalin is scrambling my brain, he slowly places my back down on the bed, sit he says....What happened to you, OMG are you ok... Yes I'm fine I remark... How did you...I start, but he interupts, sssshhhhh let me explain...
I been away for work for few weeks since we went out last, I flew in just tonight. I noticed a message had been sent from my personal phone to you while I was away, I haven't been able to reach Steve or Danny so I thought I'd come over a check on you and found your front door open.
But it looks like I'm to late, Tell me baby how many men fucked you tonight, you look a mess. My head was swimming with this news, Steve had lied, OMG, I feel so stupid, Steve I stammered, he told me you, there was 5, I think, but he, wait where was Steve....
It was clear Chris was angry, but he layed me down and went to the kitchen I heard him opening and closing things he came back with a bowl or warm water an a cloth, and began wiping my face, and my body ever so gently.... he dressed my bruised body tucked me into bed, kissed my forehead and turned and left my house.

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