My Sister Sarah and I - Conclusion

My Sister Sarah and I - Conclusion

My Sister Sarah and I - Conclusion
My niece Annie had just walked through the door of her mother’s house, and she was a spitting image of my little sister before we lost touch with each other. Our mother had thrown Sarah out of the house, and neither my Dad nor I had seen her for almost thirty five years. The sight of my sister’s daughter had made me wonder if I was suffering from double vision!

I wasn’t sure how much Annie knew of Sarah and my background, which made me a little hesitant to mention anything that Sarah and I had discussed since my arrival in Idaho. That was probably the best idea I’d had all day. Mind you, it was still only 9:00 AM. Maybe it was my best idea because it was my only idea, so far that day!

“Well, well, well! I really do have a niece! A very pretty one, too, I might add!”. Sheesh, if I laid it on any thicker, you’d need a knife to cut your way back out of it! “I think, before I admit to who I am, I should find out what lies your mother’s been telling you about me, don’t you?”. There was no real pressure on my part that I could perceive, just your usual Cat on a Hot Tin Roof squirming.

“Brian, she knows most of our background, up until the time I moved down here”, Sarah put in, mostly for my information, and as an added lever to get my foot back out of my mouth. I just needed some clarification on one point.

“Sis, does that include our . . .”. I wasn’t in a hurry to drop labels, in case Sarah hadn’t gotten to that level of detail.
“Yes, big brother, including our. Annie knows I phoned you, and why. We spent a long evening talking, although I didn’t reveal all the gory details! Those are between you and me, unless you’re planning on writing a best-seller based on those details”. I saw that crinkle in the corner of my sister’s eye. “Damn! I’d better watch my mouth here! You just might do it, too! No! You wouldn’t . . . would you, Brian?”.

Chuckling softly, I told her that I didn’t have any literary plans, well not that included revealing information that was nobody’s business except ours. The look of relief on Sarah’s face secured that promise in stone.

“So, Uncle Brian? How long are you gonna be here? Long enough for me to get to know my . . . only uncle, I hope?”, Annie asked, then sat down in the chair beside me, and gave me that look. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear her mother was giving lessons!

“I’m not sure yet, Annie. About how long I’ll be here, I mean. That’ll all depend on how things progress back in Ontario, I guess. But I don’t see any reason why we can’t get to know each other. Can you?”. I left that one wide open for some stupid reason, and immediately wished I hadn’t. The innuendos were starting to come out, fast and furiously. It felt like it was time to change feet again. Fortunately, Sarah came to my rescue, before I choked on my boots.

“Brian, could you run out and grab us some more coffee? I thought I had another can of it here, but I can’t find it. If this is gonna turn into a typical Pelham gab-fest, we’re gonna need a big one”, Sarah almost pleaded. I welcomed the reprieve.

“Sure thing, Sis. Any particular brand?”, I queried as I sprung from my seat in a bid for a hasty retreat.

“Uncle Brian, I’ll come with you. I know what Mum likes, and where they keep it”, Annie volunteered.

I looked at my little sister inquiringly, and she returned a gaze of resignation. Before the two women got into a cat fight, I figured I’d find shelter from the pending storm.

“Annie, hold on, and I’ll get my purse. You’ll need some money. Brian, she’ll meet you in the car, okay? That’s if you can stand her chattering! She’s worst than me!”. I didn’t think such a thing was possible myself, but if Annie had gotten her mother’s looks, there was a good chance she’d also gotten Sarah’s wagging jaw, too.

I stepped outside and started to close the door when I heard Sarah sternly talking to her daughter.

“Listen Annie. That’s my brother, and I want you to promise me you’ll keep your grubby little hands off him! You hear what I’m saying, young lady?”.

“Oh Mum, quit being such a worry-wart! I’m not going to jump his bones, if that’s what you’re worried about! Although, for an old guy, he looks kind of . . . interesting!”, Annie sassed back at her mother. I suspect Sarah gave her daughter one of those evil looks only she can conjure when she’s really angry, because Annie added, in a squeaky voice, “Okay! Okay! I get it, Mom! Uncle Brian’s off-limits, right? But you have to promise me that’ll you’ll keep your hands off my guy, too! Chris is in town for the week, and he’s who I want to be with, anyway!”.

“I’ve never touched any of your boyfriends, and you know it!”, Sarah hollered. “Not that I wouldn’t be tempted. Some of them have been real cute! But the deal was, and always has been, that we don’t raid each other’s beds! That still stands! Got it?”.

“Yeah, I got it”, Annie acknowledged in a rather meek voice. I was sure glad I hadn’t gotten caught in the middle of that one!

Moments later, Annie hopped in the car with a sour look on her face, and a scowl on her lips.

“Problems?”, I asked her.

“Nah. Mum’s just in a bit of a mood, that’s all. I guess she just needs her morning coffee. Let’s go, before she has another hissy-fit!”.

We were out and back in a matter of ten minutes. As we got out of the car, I mentioned to Annie that her and I had some talking to do.

“What about? You and Mum? The fact that you two were lovers? I already know about that part, Uncle Brian, so you don’t have to bother. What else did you have in mind? To talk about, I mean”.

“Okay, bottom line. Your Mum was, is, and always will be, a very special part of my life. It looks like we might pick up where we left off all those years ago. Is that going to be a problem?”, I almost grilled her with one of those authoritarian voices.

“No, I guess not. Are you two sharing a bed while you’re here? Not that it’s any of my business, but it would be kind of nice to know. I mean, I wouldn’t want to walk in on you two when you were in the middle of something”, Annie confided.

“I did last night, and I’d like to again. But that’s your mother’s decision to make. After all, it’s her house”.

“Uncle Brian, there’s only been one man in that bed for all my life . . . well, two, including you. My Mum’s a pretty loyal person that way, and I admire her for it. I guess I’m a lot like her, in that regard. My boyfriend’s pretty special to me, just like Mum is to you. The idea of cheating on Chris has never crossed my mind, and I doubt it ever will. So both of you can relax, okay?”. Annie was silent for a few seconds before she added, “But if I wasn’t going with Chris, and if your sister wasn’t my Mum . . . “. I caught that sly, conniving grin on my niece’s face. Despite my better judgement, I gave her a good swat on her cute little ass.

“You just keep that to yourself, Missy. But Sarah is the woman I love, and I will not do anything to hurt her. Ever!”. Poor Annie looked like a lost school kid, rejected by the whole world.

Once inside, I found Sarah bustling around in the kitchen. She was baking something that smelled good, which made my mouth water. Walking over to the door, Sarah pulled me to her lips and kissed me with what felt like thirty five years of pent-up passion.

“Hmm! I’ll have to go out for groceries more often!”, I growled to her, my voice betraying my delight. Then I looked in her eyes, and she seemed unsettled. “Umm, little sister. Am I seeing worry on your face? Or maybe a touch of . . . I don’t know?”. Sarah stared at me wordlessly, but her concern was as plain as day. “Look, Sis, if you’re worried about Annie, don’t be. I’m a one woman man, and you know it. Deep down inside, I know you do. Annie says she has a boyfriend, and he seems like the kind of guy that can keep her under control, from what your daughter told me. Not that she told me much, and I didn’t pry”. I leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on those sensuous lips of hers, then turned her towards the kitchen and gave her a light shove. She resisted just enough to be able to lean into me, turn her head, and kiss me on my jaw.

“Thanks, Brian. Maybe I did over-react, but it’s been a long time since we were together. I just wasn’t sure. Now that I am . . . “, and she waltzed back to the kitchen, with an added spring in her step.

Right about then, the phone rang, and Sarah answered it.

“Hello? . . . Yes, she’s right here. Just a moment”, then Sarah held the phone out for Annie.

“Hello? . . . Hi Chris! . . . Just about to sit down for a coffee . . . fifteen minutes? Sure, I can be ready by then. Should I bring anything? . . . Okay, Sweets! See you when you get here! Love you! Bye”, and Annie hung up the phone. I’d say she sat back down at the kitchen table again, but it was more like floated down than sitting. She had that silly grin on her face that only a teenaged female madly in love can produce. What was I saying? She was a teenaged girl, and by the look of it, one very much in love.

“Chris is on his way over. We’re going down to the ball park for the afternoon. Something they need to finish one of the towers didn’t arrive, so they’re taking the day off and having a softball tournament. Then he’s taking me out for lunch some place”. There was a short pause as Annie caught her breath before she added, “Hey, why don’t you guys meet us there and we’ll all go for lunch? I’m sure Chris won’t mind, and I’ll get to introduce my uncle to him!”.

“Right! I’ll bet he’ll just love that! Sort of like going hunting with a game warden, isn’t it?”, I mentioned. I could see the look on my sister’s face that told me she had something else in mind besides a softball game. I felt proud of myself as I realized that I was remembering the different facial expressions my sister used, and what each one meant. When I made that excuse, she visibly relaxed.

“Tell you what, Annie. Your Mum and I have a lot of catching up to do, and some ideas to go over. We’ll see how we do, and if we can fit it in, we’ll meet you at the ball park. If we don’t show, it’s because something came up. Okay?”. Annie accepted the comment at face value. Sarah picked up the double entendre instantly, and smiled. Lunch was gonna be late!

Soon a horn sounded, and Annie was out the door almost before it opened, yelling her good-byes over her shoulder. I got up and finished closing it for her.

“Okay, big brother, now that I’ve got you all to myself, what’s this about us catching up? You planning on thirty five year’s worth in one morning, or something? Hmm? Because I don’t think we can do that much catching up in that short a time span!”, and she stood up, heading for the hallway. “Cumming?”, she growled.

“Umm, should I bring my coffee with me?”, I teased her.

“Oh-h-h-h! Men!”, she snapped back.

I tried to catch up with her, but all I could see was that firm little butt disappearing around a corner. I wondered where she was off to, but had a good idea. My theory proved to be correct.

Entering the bedroom, I almost got hit by a flying top, with a bra right behind it. Sarah’s fingers went to the front of her pants, and I knew that they weren’t long for this world either. By the time I had my shirt undone, she was naked, sprawled on the bed, and staring at me with a scowl of being inconvenienced at my tardiness. By the time I was across the room and beside the bed, we were both naked, and ready to do some major catching up.

I sat on the edge of the bed, and was immediately assaulted by my little sister. She had wrapped an arm across my chest and was pulling me into a horizontal position with my feet still flat on the floor. I could feel my cock starting to harden in anticipation of making love to this beautiful creature above me.

As I landed flat on my back, Sarah slid to the floor between my legs and immediately slurped my semi-erect cock into her mouth, taking my full length into her.

“Sis? Just what do you think you’re . . . Oh God! That feels so good! You’d better not be thinking of teasing me like you used to do!”, I groaned. Sarah had been known to get me erect, then walk away on occasion, especially when she was pissed at me for something.

That magical tongue of hers circled my cockhead, teasing both the edges and that sensitive spot on the underside of the helmet that she had first discovered so many years ago. I was hard as a rock in moments. Sliding her lips up and down my shaft as I hardened, she concentrated on the head for a minute, then slid down my length in stages. With each successive stroke of her lips, she would take in an inch or so more until the tip of my cock was against the back of her mouth, then she continued until she had swallowed my entire length, with my cockhead buried in her throat. Between the spasmodic contractions of her throat and her vocal chord’s vibrations, she definitely had my undivided attention! She’d hold me in that position for several seconds, then release me, sliding herself back up to the tip where she’d dance all around my cockhead with her tongue again before slowly returning to the base of my shaft. Within minutes, I could sense the start of a massive orgasm building inside me. Looking forward to one of Sarah’s fantastic blowjobs, I was completely unprepared for her next manoeuver, as she released her hold on me and popped me back out of her mouth.

“Aw, dammit, Sis! No fair teasing me like that!”, I cried in frustration.

“Brian, you had your eyes all over my daughter this morning!”, Sarah snarled. “You’d better not have designs on her, or I’ll have to hurt you, big time!”. She took me back between her lips, and I could feel her teeth biting down on my shaft with an increasingly tightening grip. At first, I thought she might have developed some new trick that I’d never experienced, but when she threatened to inflict more than just pain at a level of stimulation, I truly became worried for the welfare of my cock.

“Ow, Sis! You’re getting a little aggressive with that! What the hell?”, I called to her. She released her hold on my cock, slid down my shaft until my cockhead touched her tonsils, then slid back up and popped me back out of her.

“Just letting you know what’ll happen if I ever catch you fucking around! I damned near scratched your eyes out this morning! Shit, I can’t remember being that angry since . . . since Mom threw me out! It brought back some memories that I would rather remained buried! You understand me, big brother? I will not tolerate you being with any other woman! It’s taken me a long time to find my big brother again! I’ll not lose him without one hell of a fight!”
My cock had lost its erectile integrity by quite a bit. Sarah began to stroke my length in an effort to re-establish its rigidity, but she had rattled me enough with that outburst to make the task somewhere between really difficult and impossible. And fighting with my little sister wasn’t something I had a lot of interest in pursuing at the moment.
“Sis, come here. We need to get something straight”. Sarah moved up onto the bed, leaning on one palm to support herself beside me. I remained horizontal, looking up into her eyes. They seemed to be filled with a combination of anger, jealousy, and worry. I pushed quickly and firmly against her elbow, forcing her to collapse in such a way that I could hold her tight to me with her head on my chest, my arm wrapped around her shoulders.
“Sarah, I’ve waited thirty five years for this day! I’m not about to fuck it up now! Yes, Annie’s a very beautiful young lady, and she seems to have gotten all her mother’s best attributes. But she’s not for me. Understand? What I see, when I look at her, is you. The way I remember you, just before I went up to Inuvik. Seeing her is like revisiting a part of the past that was warm, loving, and special”, and I kissed Sarah’s forehead as I tightened my grip on her shoulders. I took advantage of the break in the conversation to organize my thoughts.

“Annie revives wonderful memories, but those memories are part of a time that once was. They’re just that, memories, and I’ll cherish them for the rest of my life. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, and we can’t go back into the past, only forward into the future. I want that future to be with you, not with some memory. I remember the love we shared, the hopes and dreams we had, and I realize that we’ve been given a second chance. We have a hope of making some of those dreams come true now. Damned if I’ll screw that up for a young pussy that isn’t yours. Got it?”.

Sarah looked into my eyes, and I guess she found what she sought, because she slid up my chest to kiss me, lightly at first, then with growing intensity. I could feel the urgency in her demand as her tongue sought mine, to entwine us together with a level of intimacy that only lovers can understand. I happily yielded to her insistence, feeling that all too familiar probing along the depth of my palette that had never failed to send chills throughout my entire body. While still captured by my little sister’s growing lust, I rolled both of us over so that she was on her back. In this position, I could fondle her breasts and tease her nipples, alternating between one smooth orb and the other. Her skin was so soft and smooth, her flesh so pliable and inviting!

Reluctantly breaking that kiss, I moved to her breast, taking first one nipple in between my lips, chewing it to turgid erection and swirling my tongue over and around it whilst twisting the other between thumb and forefinger, then switching. I alternated between her two orbs, wanting to give each equal pleasure. Sarah moaned for the attention to her body, pulling me tight to her chest in her version of a death grip. As her excitement grew, I traced a line down her belly, stopping to say hello to her belly button with the tip of one finger before continuing to the silky texture of her pussy patch, where I danced in their softness like magical fairies in a Shakespearian play. Sarah groaned with lust in a tone that was torn between a request for more and an invitation to explore the depths of her womanhood. I found it a hard decision to make, but the desire to pleasure her rendered a decision to feel her sexual centre spurred me to seek her clitoris.

As my finger eased into the top of her slit, that nub of pleasure rose to greet me. That dance between her nub and my finger, which invited her to rise from the confines of its protective hood, became one of intimate reunion. As her clitoris rose and hardened, I tickled it lightly until it had attained maximum erection. Reluctantly parting company with that nerve-engorged part of Sarah’s sex, I let my fingers drift slowly between her outer lips, savouring her spreading moisture as it invited my wandering finger inside her love tunnel. Moving my thumb to continue caressing her clitoris, I extended that finger into the warm wet depths of Sarah’s cunt, revelling in the heat she radiated. Sarah sharply gasped with her lustful need to be entered, then mewled her approval at my slow but steady progress into the recesses of her most intimate cavern. Her own hand had found my now-erect cock as she slowly but firmly gripped and stroked its length. I began to kiss her torso in a bid to join the search that my finger was conducting.

As my kisses travelled down her lithe body, leaving a moist trail over the same path my fingers had blazed earlier, I took her clitoris between my lips. I replaced the ministrations of my thumb with those of my tongue, flicking it over and around her nub, then sucking on her as she twitched in delight. The trickle of her love juices had become a steady flow from her cunt, flooding her outer lips with that heady nectar that I craved. Running my tongue between her clitoris and her heated entrance, I sampled her juices, intoxicated by its effects on me. In a desperate attempt to reach its source, my tongue entered her canal, finding not only a greater source of juice, but also the tastes and velvety softness of her walls. My explorations were met with a series of sharp gasps as I began to tongue-fuck my little sister in earnest.

“Dammit, Brian! You’re cheating! Do you have any idea how badly I want to suck that gorgeous cock of yours right now? My cunt feels so full, but my mouth feels empty, deserted! Come here! Give me what I want, what I need. Stop hiding that hard cock of yours where I can’t get at it!”.

“Patience, my Precious”, I whispered back to her. “I’m a tad busy enjoying the tastiest pussy on the planet at the moment, and I refuse to leave it, even for a second, until I’ve had my fill!”.

“Asshole, give me that cock to suck on, before I . . . before I . . . oh shit! Too late! Brain! I’m gonna cum!”, and she inhaled deeply, then began to quiver as her climax began its invasion of all her senses. Grabbing my head in her hands, she pushed me tight to her pussy as the trembling of her orgasm swept throughout her body. Then she began to scream in ecstasy as she drenched my mouth and face with the squirts of her girl-cum! I lapped, then sucked all she could give me, almost cumming myself with the lustful joy of her offerings. As that gush dwindled, my lips sought her clitoris again, trying to prolong her orgasm for as long as possible. The result was another scream of lust that signalled success, immediately followed by another series of shudders as Sarah increased the pressure against my head. Each flick of my tongue on her clit produced another reactionary twitch that radiated from her sex to her belly even as she jerked her legs in sympathetic response. I held her at that peak of passion for over a full minute, enjoying the reactions to what I was doing for my little sister more than I thought I ever could! Then at a snail’s pace, Sarah sensuously slid from that sexual high of Nirvana to her plateau of temporary satisfaction.

“Bastard!”, she growled. “I wanted that cock while you did me! Don’t you ever do that to me again! Shit, you left a part of me feeling empty and deserted! I should beat the crap out of you for that!”.

“Hmm. Well, Sis, if it’s cock you want, it’s cock you shall have!”, and I raised myself up until my cockhead tickled the entrance of her cunt, teasing her inner lips with its touch.

“Brian Pelham, you son-of-a-bitch! If you fucking tease me one more minute, I’ll rip that fucking thing off and keep it inside me for the rest of whatever! Dammit, big brother, take your little sister, right now! Give me that gorgeous cock that I crave so badly!”. I began to slide my turgid member inside her sopping cunt, revelling in the softness of her walls, even as the heat of her sex threatened to burn the skin off.

“Oh God, ye-e-e-s-s-s! Come inside me! Give me all of you! Shit, I need you so bad, Brian! Love me! Love your little sister, the woman that loves you so damned much!”, Sarah moaned, her guttural tone inspired by her own lust and desire!

When I was fully buried to the hlt inside her intoxicating pussy, I began slowly stroking in and out, pulling back until only my cockhead was still captured, then returning to the full depths of her. I could feel her cervix open and caress my cockhead as I bottomed out, then reluctantly release me as I withdrew to pleasure Sarah with another full stroke along the length of her cunt walls. She began to squeeze on my retreating shaft with her vaginal muscles in a vain attempt to retain me within her. It was only because of her slippery wetness that I was able to move in her. I began to increase the speed of each stroke, until I was pumping in and out of her in one second intervals, fighting to overcome the friction of her tightness. Her grip began to alternate between its strangulating grasp as I withdrew and its relaxing invitation whenever I returned to her boiling depths of her love centre. The result was a degree of stimulation on my cock that felt mesmerizing. The cumulative sensations demanded my balls to lift as they forced that load of my hot sticky goo into the base of my cock, filling my cum-tube to its limits. The resulting twitches in my cock warned of an imminent release of my cum into my loving sister’s hungrily waiting cunt.

“God, Sis, I’m so close! I can feel myself getting ready to fill you! Argh!! Sis, I’m gonna . . . I’m c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!”, and the first spurt exploded from my cockhead, spraying and coating every possible surface of her cunt walls, then saturating the waiting anticipation of her cervix!

It was enough to push Sarah to another rapid ascent to the gates of Nirvana. With each successive blast into her hungry pussy, she sharply gasped while her body shook and trembled with reaction to my seed’s impact inside her. When she had received the maximum stimulation her love centre could handle, she screamed in the welcomed release of the tensions that her body had created through her climax.

“God, y-e-e-s-s-s! Fill me with that magical seed, Brian! Oh God, I can feel it! You’re filling me so wonderfully! Take, me! Take your little sister! Make her your woman, give me my man! Big brother, I’m c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g!”. Her cunt walls fluttered and gripped me with their demand for my seed, milking my cock until my balls were drained.

The slow descent from the peak back to the warmth of our afterglow was like drifting through the heavens on gossamer wings Sailing down from those heights felt like floating on air, the warmth of our special bond wrapping around and enveloping us with a love that can’t be described with mere words. Sarah held me in her for as long as she could, until my cock became flaccid and slipped out of her cunt, her heat washing over me as if a sorrowful good-bye. I rolled onto my back, pulling Sarah with me as I embraced her tightly against me in a desperate bid to maintain the existence of our impregnable cocoon of mutual love and its insulating of us from the rest of the world. Pressing her body tightly to mine only served to re-enforce the strength of that bond between our hearts and souls. The world could have come to an end in that moment, and neither one of us would have cared!

“I love you, big brother! God, how I’ve missed you, missed your loving, missed being your woman!”, Sarah whispered in my ear, just before she locked onto my lips in her attempt to forge an even stronger hold on that magical spell that our loving had created.

“But if you ever tease me like that again, I’ll . . . I’ll . . . Shit, I don’t know what I’ll do, but you won’t like it! Guaranteed! You son-of-a-bitch, that’s almost inhumane torture! That made me want you so bad that I felt like I was going to go insane!”. Sarah’s tone was somewhere between upset and downright angry. I wasn’t any too happy with this turn of events.

“Sis, I’m sorry if it wasn’t good for you. All I wanted was to give you an intense but enjoyable loving experience. I’ll try to be a little more considerate, next time. That is, if there is a next time?’, I apologized.

“Oh yeah, there’ll definitely be a next time! We may be out of sync right now, but that’s gonna change just as fast as I can push it . . . and I’m assuming that it’s the same thing you want. How close am I?”.

“Real close, Sis. Real close!”, and I pulled my sister tight enough to me that her ribs were in serious jeopardy. I had never felt so loved, or loved anyone, as I did that moment.

Sarah broke the moment, but with the silent promise that it would be revisited many more times.

“Hate to be the one to say this, but your niece is expecting us at that softball tournament, big brother. I’d strongly suggest that you don’t disappoint her. If you think I can be a bitch when I’m pissed off, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”, and Sarah rolled off the bed on her way to the shower. “You coming, Brian?”, she asked. I was in one of those great-to-be-alive moods, but pushed my luck anyway.

“Done that, been there, gonna go do it again as soon as I can!”, I quipped to her. She chuckled at the inference, then disappeared into the bathroom.

Our time in the shower was split between getting each other cleaned up and intimately caressing each other. I would have killed for an unlimited supply of hot water! But, as that wasn’t an option, we finally got out, dried each other off, and got dressed before our passion undid all that work.

It was almost an hour later when we found ourselves at the ball park, with Annie intently studying the situation that her boyfriend’s team found themselves in. It was the top of the seventh inning, the opposing team was up to bat with two out and men on first and third. They were down by only one run. By the look at the teeth marks on the ends of Annie’s finger nails, the score had been this way for a couple of innings, too. As Sarah and I made our way to where my niece was standing, she turned and waved, then let the fact that we held each other around the waist register in her head.

“About time you two got here!”, Annie greeted us. “Where have you been, or should I ask?”.

“Getting reacquainted with my big brother, and no, you shouldn’t ask. You shouldn’t have to, Sweetie. I’m a big girl now, and can take care of myself”, Sarah answered, then gave Annie a quick peck on the cheek to assure her daughter she wasn’t angry or upset at her concern. “Beside, I don’t snoop into your love life, do I? I’d appreciate the same consideration. Okay?”, she added.

“Okay, Mum. I didn’t mean to pry . . . but you have to admit that this situation is a little out of the mainstream. I’m still getting my head wrapped around it. Seeing you this happy is kind of a new experience”, Annie commented. That must have been a part of her Dad coming through, I thought, because it sure wasn’t her Mum.

The game finally ended with the same score as when we arrived, and there were victorious shouts and cheers all around. Sarah and I were introduced to Chris and some of his team mates before we set off for one of the local steakhouses for lunch. For a change, I was actually hungry enough to get through the house special, a pair of 16-ounce steaks with all the trimmings! That was Chris’s idea, and more than enough to feed me for a week! The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing back at Sarah’s place. Annie had become quite possessive of her boyfriend, and the extra attention didn’t seem to be breaking his heart, either! As Sarah went into the kitchen for more refreshments, I followed her, with some questions of my own.

“Sis? This guy, Chris. Annie seems to be quite taken with him. Is it serious between them? I mean, is she as head-over-heels with him as it looks?”.

“Yeah, it would seem so. She’s known him since he arrived from Seattle with that construction outfit, the one putting up all those new chairlift towers on the mountain. That was four months ago, and they’ve been together since. He’s actually a really nice guy, and treats Annie like a Princess”. Sarah paused in thought, then added, “He reminds me of you, Brian, for some reason. Always considering Annie before anything else, always there whenever she needs him, always looking out for her welfare and best interests. I just hope they stay together long enough to find that happiness my daughter deserves so much ”.

“Are they . . .?”, I asked, not wanting to include the word that might hit a sore spot with my sister.

“Lovers? I can’t say for sure. I’ve never asked Annie for confirmation, but as an educated guess, I think so. I can see all the signs in her face, in her mannerisms, in the way she acts. She’s very similar to the way I was, before I had to move so quickly. So, while I can’t give you a definite answer, I will say that I hope so. The two fo them seem to have that magic chemistry that you and I found as teens”.

That was all I needed to know. If this young man could give my niece even half the love that my sister gave me, he was tops in my books. With that information shared between us, we both went back into the livingroom, accidentally interrupting a kissing festival between the two youngsters. I felt kind of guilty about breaking it up.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening getting to know each other. I learned a lot about my niece, and about her boyfriend, too. Chris and I had many things in common, including a love of music, design and construction, and for two certain women. By the time darkness set in, we were all like old friends. At the end of the evening, Chris started to get ready to leave, although even a blind man could see that his heart wasn’t in it, nor was Annie‘s. For them, if that day could have gone on forever, it still wouldn’t have been long enough.

“Chris? Do you really have to go back to the camp tonight?”, Sarah inquired.

“Well, no, not really. I’m just not too keen on the alternative, which is sleeping in my truck. My body seems to be getting used to a real bed. So, if I’m to pamper its temperament, I really should get back to the dorm”.

“Why not just stay here for the night? You’ll be back first thing in the morning anyway”, Sarah injected.

Annie wordlessly looked up at Chris, trying to tell him through mental telepathy to shut up and accept.

“Well, I guess I could sleep on the sofa. You’re right about being back first thing tomorrow. Annie and I were going to make a day of it up at the lake tomorrow, and it would save me about 40 miles of commuting”.

“Sofa, huh? Chris, I wasn’t born yesterday. If you two are in the same house, I’m probably going to hear the thumping of feet up and down those damned stairs all night! Or worse, running along the upstairs hall! Either way, you two will keep me awake all night! No, if you’re anything like Brian and I, anything further away than a foot apart is too far! I think it’s time I admitted that my daughter is in love, and has all the needs and wants of a grown woman. I get to be with the man I love more than anything in the world. So would it be fair for me to deny her the same privilege?”.

Chris and Annie stared at Sarah with disbelieving shock all over their faces. I guess I had some of that same look on mine, too, but I knew what my little sister was saying, and I had to agree. We had kept our feelings hidden as teens, and it had come back to almost destroy us. We’d learned a valuable lesson, but at what cost? More than I was prepared to see my niece go through, and certainly the same applied to her mother.

That night, we could hear the results of Sarah’s decision. Like her mother, Annie was a bit of a screamer. Sarah winced the first couple of times Annie proclaimed her lustful release, but became calmer during subsequent instances. By the time Chris and Annie had worn themselves out, Sarah was nestled against my chest with that look of happiness at her daughter’s own joy.

“I guess I can remember what it was like for me, when I was her age, to make love with you, Brian. It’s a little hard to get used to, but it beats the hell out of them making love in the back of a pick-up. Oh, by the way, you and I never did make love in the back seat of a car, did we? Wonder if the rental company would know the difference?”, and a wicked little smile winked back at me.

The next day was spent in total relaxation. We saw the kids off about 10:00 that morning, then Sarah and I retired to do some more of that catching up that needed attending to. I did my best to make up for the shortcomings of the previous day, much to Sarah’s delight. By the time she was finished with me, I barely had the strength left to get out of bed again. Only the warmth of the shower, and of my sister, managed to revive me enough to make it through supper. Chris and Annie arrived back home just as I was firing up the barbeque. Fortunately, Sarah had enough on hand to feed all of us, and then some.

After supper, we sat and listened to the two youngsters recounting tales of their day’s outing. Just before 8:00, Chris decided that he’d better gt back to the camp dorm. He had to be on the job by 6:00 AM the next morning. Annie didn’t look too happy about having no one to share her bed with that night, but was resigned to accept the situation. She had taken her mother aside to express her gratitude to Sarah, both for the opportunity, and for the acceptance, of being permitted to spend the night with her lover. Sarah smiled at her daughter, then kissed her lightly on the forehead. No words were exchanged between the two. None were needed.

As Chris made his way to the door, I helped him pack the last of his gear out to the truck. When it was finally all stowed, I shook his hand as he held Annie with his arm around her.

“Chris, this has been a pleasant surprise. Be sure to drop in any time you get the chance, okay?”.

Yeah”, he replied. “Yeah, it has. Thanks, Dad. I’ll say Hi to Mom for you when I see her next. Okay? You take care”.

You too, Son. You too”.


Did I forget to metnion that Brian and Chris are father and son?

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