The Little Girl Who Thinks Differently

The Little Girl Who Thinks Differently

Let me tell you a story. A story about the little girl, who thinks so much differently from everyone else.

She sat alone shivering, her clothes gone and forbidden. She looked about the unfamiliar place, unable to gather any comfort from it's distant atmosphere. She looked down at her feet. the unforgiving material pressed into her flesh, causing her toes to tingle and eventually go cold and numb. How dare she think of removing the wreched shoes that bit into her tender feet. She would not remove them. Could not remove them. Her body screamed at her to rip them away, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she removed them, she would not be use to them enough to perfrom without wobbling all over the place. And a wobble would cost her, her flesh.

She sat and waited, as it was only a bit past noon. Still hours to go. Trying to remove her mind from the coldness in her feet, she pulled paper from her bag and decided to draw. As her marker flowed across her page, her mind stayed still on her feet. They were cramping, but that is what happens when you are learning to wear material that bites. Finishing her drawing she dedicates it to Him, the captor of the night.

Her captor instructs her to prepare. She inserts the rubber red ball into her mouth, pulling its straps tight. The straps pull the ball so far back, it makes it hard to breath. How dare she think about leaving it a bit loose. She would not loosen it. Could not loosen it. Her body screamed at her to rip it away, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she left it loose, she would be able to grip the ball tight enough between her teeth. And a loose grip would cost her, her flesh.

She forced herself to breathe through her nose. It was difficult, but she could do it, and she could do it without struggling too much.

She removed her glasses, her body tensing without them. Without her glasses she could not see, she would have to go from wall to wall, to make sure she did not fall in this unfamiliar place. She picked up the blindfold and stood. Her cold and numb feet screamed at her. She made her way to the bedroom. To the corner. She gave a loud whimper as she placed the clothes pins on her already bruised nipples. Placing the blindfold over her eyes, she tied it tight. She could not open her eyes if she wanted to. And there she stood.

He had told her he would be home by three. She had about four minutes to wait. There she stood for four She was losing track of time. Her mind told her it only felt longer than it was, with those bitting shoes and the asphyxiating ball, and the blindfold that left her in the dark. Her legs began to shake. She could not stop the shaking. How dare she think about sitting down. She would not sit. Could not sit. Her body screamed at her to sit down where she was, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she sat down, she would not be able to stand in time, before He returned home. And a sitting slave girl would cost her, her flesh.

Tears began to fall under the blindfold. A knot formed in the pit of her stomach and a lump began to swell in her throat. This was too much. She was not sure she could take it much longer, but she knew she had no choice but to stand there in her suffering. It had to be three, if not later. Where was He? She tilted her head up towards the ceiling, no longer able to control her sobs. She cried out around the ball. Where was he? He said He would be here. He lied. He needs to be here to set her free. To release her. He wasn't coming. She was helpless, and losing hope. Her sobs became louder. She was getting angry. But her anger was only a mask of her fear. She screamed into the ball, but the red thing wouldn't let the sound escape her throat, and that sound stuck there, clawing at her esophagus. She was trapped. And the thought of it filled her and engulfed her. She would never be free of this agony. Of material that bites, of balls that smother, of legs that shake.

She stomped her feet, but quickly stopped. Her stomping caused the clothes pins to gnash into her tender nipples. She whimpered, body shaking more and more with every passing moment. She wanted to stop the shaking, she willed herself to stop, but her will power was no match against the painful shaking. And with each shake, the clothes pins wiggled and threatened to pinch their way right off. How dare she think about removing them. She would not remove them. Could not remove them. Her body screamed at her to take them off, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she removed them, it would be too painful to put them back on before He returned. And removed clothes pins would cost her, her flesh.

Something was wrong. Her ankle was creaking. She tried to calm herself and stop shaking, but it was hopeless. She could not stop the shaking, just as she could not stop her ankle from collapsing out from under her. Down she went as she cried out in pain, but her cries were stuck behind the red rubber ball. She grasped her ankle tightly as she trembled. Her mind screamed at her. How could you!? You dare fall! You dare sit there and cry! But she had no choice. As much as it killed her inside, she could not go on. She limped her way back to the living room. She tugged her blindfold up a small smidge, just enough to glance down at her little cell phone. She sent a text to him of what happened. He replied and told her to sit. So there she sat, broken and crying. That poor little girl had failed. She was a failure. She could not please Him. Her body still shook. She wanted to die. Right then and there, she wished she was home so she could sleep and not wake up. Surly He would not a little girl who could not follow simple instructions. She took another quick glance at her cell phone... three fifty.

She tugged the blindfold back down to its proper place and sat there clutching her ankle. And waited... He opened the door only a few short minutes later. Her body trembled more as she heard Him walk towards her. She could hear Him sit on the wooden table before her. He took her ankle and checked it. He checked the other as well. He removed the biting shoes. He assured here that her injury was nothing serious and instructed her to remove the ball, clothes pins, and blindfold. She loosened the straps of the ball, and removed the asphyxiating thing from her mouth. Her jaw ached and whined to her. She squeazed open the clothes pins, and removed the gnashing things from her nipples. She untied the blindfold, and removed the darkening thing from her eyes. She squinted and slowly opened her eyes. It took a moment for her eyes to dialate and then she sat there. Broken. How dare she fail. She would not be able to make up for her failure. Could not make up for her failure. Her body screamed at her, and her mind screamed too. She knew that her failure would cost her. And it would cost her, her flesh.

He left her, moving to the bedroom. A moment later he called her in. She was to sit in the chair in the corner. He restrained her hands behind her, her knees were held far apart. Her feet were bound together, her openings left unprotected. He replaced the ball that smothers, and the blindfold that leaves her in the dark. She jumped as her little button began to viberate. He was making her twitch and moan, the viberations entered her, and all she could do was sit there helpless.

She was terrified. Viberations were suppose to bring waves of pleasure, but penetration always hurt. Her mind and body filled with mix emotions, as she sat there and helplessly endured. Her body tensed. Her mind screamed at her. She wanted it to stop, but she wanted to make Him proud. She was so afraid to let go. How dare she think about releasing. She would not release. Could not release. Her body screamed at her to let go and release, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she released, it would make a mess. And a mess would cost her, her flesh.

She begged Him to let her release, he teased her and refused. She continued to beg until He said yes. Swish, swish, swish! Wave after wave of release and pleasure crashed around inside her. He let her release again. Her mind was screaming. What are you doing?! You cannot release! Punishment follows. Hurt follows. He pulled the viberations from her. She jumped and hoped He did not see her wince as the viberations exited her. Moments later she felt cloth on her. She jumped, so sensitive to every slight touch. He removed the asphyxiation and darkness. She panted and continued to shake. After waves still rolled about within her, but quickly came to a crashing halt as she was informed of her bleeding. Terror replaced the pleasure. He must be disgusted, insulted, and surly turned off. He would surly hurt her for this.

He released her and took her to the other room. He instructed her to lay down and pulled a blanket around her naked and shaking frame. He was then on the phone. She was too busy waiting for the hurt, she could barely pay attention to her surroundings. He informed her that He would return, and exited the unfamiliar place. Her eyes fluttered. They were heavy. How dare she think about sleeping. She would not sleep. Could not sleep. Her body screamed for her to close her eyes and sleep, but her mind forbid her. She knew had she fell asleep, He would find her with her eyes shut. And a sleeping slave girl would cost her, her flesh.

He returned and instructed her to clean and take what ever feminine needs she needed to do so. After cleaning, she returned and knelt before Him. He needed pleasing and she was to do just that. She concentrated hard as she pleasured Him with her mouth. Her only goal was to make Him release. And release He did.

He took her back to the bedroom and onto the bed. The sheets were cold and only made her shiver more. He pulled her close. Her instincts screamed at her. They told her He was too close. She trusted Him too much. He was just like any other male, a potential threat. How dare she think of pulling away. She would not pull away. Could not pull away. Her body screamed at her to pull away, but her mind forbid her. She knew that if she pulled away, He would think her disobedient. And a disobedient slave girl would cost her, her flesh.

She massaged Him, hoping to put Him in a good mood, but He put her back in the corner, bent over the chair. She felt the thin wooden cane, and the stings it left on her back side and thighs. She cried out loudly, wanting it all to stop. He pulled up her foot and stung it's bottom. He put her back on the chair, this time facing backwards. Her hands behind her back. He blindfolded her and put an O in her mouth, its straps ripping at the corners of her lips. He restrained her feet and her arms tight behind her back. He let the clothes pins gnash back into her sore little nipples. She yelped loudly, wanting to scream in agony. As He worked her, one of the clothes pins gnashed harder and harder. She heard a feint thump, but thought nothing of it. Her mind was too set on her aching nipples. What is this He claims? One clothes pin fell off? How? She could still feel its gnashing upon her bruised nipple. He put it back on, scolding her for not telling Him. It fell again, the pain no different, but she fumbled to tell Him around the O in her mouth. He slapped the other one off. She felt the cane on her bad foot, the one she clutched only hours before. It stung her and she screamed. It stung her over and over, then back to the other foot, then back and forth and back and forth. She screamed and screamed, she tried very hard to pull away. She wanted it to stop. She couldn't handle it. Tears fell non stop from under the blindfold. Snot began to run from her nose as she sobbed and sobbed.

Just as quick as the stings began, they stopped. But she could not stop. Her body shook harder than it had all day. She continued to sob. Drool and snot dripped from her face. Surly He was disgusted at the sight of her. Anyone would be. She was broken and hopless, she was shattered. She had no will to fight. She heard His keys jingle, and then the door open and shut. Then silence. Silence except for her sobbing. He left her there. Left her helpless and alone. She couldn't get free if she tried. She was terrified. He was a threat and she had trusted Him. How dare she trust Him. She shouldn't have trusted Him. Never should have. Her body screamed at her to get away, her mind screamed it too. But she had no will to fight. No will to get away. And it would cost her, possibly her life.

The door opened again, her heart jumped behind her aching breasts. She heard it shut and His footsteps coming to her. He was going to save her. He was going to release her and set her free. Her breathing quickened as he pulled the blindfold off. Real tears indeed they were, but she was so happy He was saving her. He removed the O, and began to release her from her bonds. She was still crying, but softly. Thank you. Thank you for setting her free. He took her out of that room. She knelt before Him. There was a knot forming in her throat at the realization that for the second time in a span of just hours, she had failed Him. She had disappointed Him.

He spoke to her with stern tones, but she could hear the underlying kindness. He was caring for her. He wasn't going to give her the pain of a punishment that she was expecting. Her mind was so confused. The pain she had just endured was almost unbearable, but yet it was ok. He saved her. He cared and set her free. No one else had done such a thing. Could she really trust Him? Was He no longer a threat? No, He was still a threat, and always will be. But she could trust Him, and she does. The little girl trusts her captor. She would let Him hurt her, and proudly display the marks. She would let Him put her through all the hurt in the world, and she would pray He does not harm her. Her view was changing. Though slight, it was still there. A glimmer of hope, a spark, a beginning. Against her former training, against her instincts and mind, He had proven so far to be not like the others, but kind. She knew He could hurt her, He could may her cry and scream. She knew His kindness was not weakness, and she thanked Him for changing her life. How dare she believe He was like the others. She wouldn't believe it now. Couldn't believe it now. Her body reminded her of His inflictions, but her mind forbid them to control her. She knew that she could trust Him. And the little girl knew trusting Him would change her. He would change her life...

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