Hypnotism's a powerful thing

Hypnotism's a powerful thing

“Yeah. My mum started giving me these hormone tablets to make my boobs bigger because she wont let me get implants.” I typed to Jami. He has been my best friend since kindy. I could tell him anything.
“Is it working yet Grace?” Jami typed back followed by a winky face.
“ Haha you wish perv.” I typed laughing.
“ How about that hypnotism thing you were trying?” he asked.
“ It’s going good, I just need two people to try it out on.” I told him. “ I was thinking about my parents but that might be lame.” I said.
“ How about me and Joey from English class?” Jami asked. 
“ Sounds good.” I said smiling. Joey was cute and I have had a crush on him for a little bit.
I heard mum calling me for dinner so I typed, “Going to dinner, see you at school tomorrow” with a smiley face.
“Cya.” Was the reply.

I logged off Facebook, in case my Brother Brandon (who is just two years younger then me) snuck into my room, and I walked down the hall.
The hypnotist classes were something I thought I would do just for a bit of fun. I had learnt a lot in just three classes and was dying to try it on someone I knew.
The main point of it was to make sure the person under hypnosis wants to do what they are doing.

I had to smile as I remembered Jami telling me about his bi curious fantasies. Suddenly a realization hit me. I could make my greatest porn fantasy come true. My greatest fantasy is to have a threesome with two boys. 
Jami was good looking I guess, I had never had a crush on him but I could see how he might be attractive. Actually now I think about it Jami was quite attractive but not attractive as Joey.

I kept smiling all through dinner and my parents got a little bit suspicious.
“Did you have a good day at school Grace?” dad asked.
“Not really, it was pretty much the same.” I said. “ I got an English assignment I have to finish for Friday.” I said. Thinking about English made me think about Joey, which made me smile again. 
“ What do you have tomorrow?” mum asked. “Anything exciting?”

“ I have a free period tomorrow but I’m going to the library to research old magicians for history class.” I said. Thinking about magicians made me think about hypnotism, which made me think about Joey and Jami, which made me, smile even bigger. Suddenly I could feel myself getting wet between my legs.
“ Hey do you mind if I go to bed? I’m not really hungry.” I lied.

“ Sure sweetie. Oh me and your farther are going out for the night on Friday, we should be back around 8 in the morning, so you have to babysit if Brandon’s not going to a friends. ” Mum said.
“ I don’t need babysitting!” Brandon said. “ I’m fourteen now.” He said.
“ Good you can lock your self in your room so I don’t see you at all then.” I said.
“ Even if I’m in my room I can here if you’re having a party.” Brandon said.
“ I wouldn’t even think about it.” I said poking my tongue out at him.
I put my plate on the bench and walked to my room quickly.

I locked my door and took of my clothes quickly.
I lay down on my bed and immediately grabbed at my tit with one hand and rubbed my wet pussy with the other.
I played around with my clit for a bit and then started to rub the inside of my tight pussy.

I could feel my velvety insides and started to use three fingers to get myself off. I shoved them in faster and faster and moved my other hand from my tit to my clit.
My hands were moving so fast I felt like screaming; instead I bit down on my pillow as I reached my orgasm. I could feel my juices flooding out onto my bed. I started to calm down.
I got up and changed my sheets and then fell asleep.

The next day at school I met up with Jami at lunch. He was sitting in the library with Joey. I started to smile as I approached.
“ Hey Grace.” Joey said smiling.
My heartbeat quickened. “ Hey Joey. Has Jami asked you about letting my try hypnotism on you yet?” I asked.
“ Yeah. It sounds like a lot of fun. When should we come over?” Joey asked.
“ Well Jami has a cooking class tonight with his mum and I have stuff on Saturday so how about tomorrow? My parents are going out and I think I can get my brother to go to a friends house to sleep.” I said. “ So we would have the house pretty much to ourselves.”
“ Sounds perfect. “ Joey said smiling at me.
“ Yeah. It looks like I will be the third wheel, whoop de doo.” Jami said.
I laughed and said, “ if my brother doesn’t go out you can play his new x-box games with him.” I said.
“ Oh yeah thanks.” Jami said.
“ I got to go but I’m defiantly looking forward to tomorrow.” I said winking at Joey and smiling at Jami. 
I started to leave and Jami caught up with me. “What’s going on? You have your scheming face on.” Jami asked.
“I’ll tell you tomorrow.” I said kissing him on the cheek.
I left and that stupid smile was on my face the rest of the day.

When I was in the shower I suddenly started to imagine Joey kissing me and rubbing his hands all over my body.
I have to admit I got two orgasms out of that fantasy and was working on my third when Brandon started to bang on the door.

“ Hey come-on! You better not use up all the water.” He yelled.
“ Shut-up, I’ll be out in a sec.” I said.
I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around myself.
I opened the door and said, “ Have a nice cold shower”

I was in my room flirting with Joey on my computer when Brandon bursts in.
“Go away.” I said to Brandon.
“ No.” he said smiling. “ Who you chatting to?” Brandon asked.
“ Someone from English class. They are going to let me borrow their notes.” I said closing the chat window.

“ So he is coming over tomorrow. Are you going to fuck him?” Brandon asked.
“ No and stop reading my messages, they are private.” I said.
“ I thought hey were just about school.” Brandon said.
“ Would you just go away!” I said turning to him.
“ Does mom know he is coming over?” Brandon asked.
“ Yes of course. Jami is coming as well.” I said.
“ Oh. Are you just going to study?” he asked.
“ Yes actually. They are helping me out with my hypnotism classes. And we need to focus so don’t come down into the basement tomorrow okay?” I asked.
“ What will you give me?” he asked.
“ One post on face book.” I said.
“ Hmm nah. I can do that anyway.” He said.
“ What do you want then?” I asked.
“ The first shower for two weeks and use of your laptop tomorrow. Yours is so much faster.” He said smiling holding out his hand. “ Is it a deal Gracie?”
I contemplated it and finally said “okay deal.” I shook his hand and he left.

I went back to my conversation with Joey.
“ Sorry my brother interrupted. I have been doing this hypnotism thing for three weeks but I have learnt a lot.” I typed. 
“ That’s so cool. Can you make people do the chicken dance?” Joey asked.
“Well I haven’t tried it on anyone yet. That’s what I need you for.” I typed with a smiley face.
“ And Jami.”
“ Yes and Jami.” I typed.
“ Your not going to make me do something really embarrassing are you?” Joey asked.
“ No you are completely aware of what you are doing and if you want to stop at anytime the choice is there. So everything we will be doing is completely consensual.” I typed.
“ Good. I would hate to see a video of me doing something really embarrassing on the Internet.” He typed.
“ I wouldn’t do that.” I typed.
“ I know. I trust you.” He typed back. My heart started to beat faster.

The next day after school the boys came over to my house straight after school.
Brandon wasn’t home yet so I blocked out all the porn sites I could think of on my laptop.

“I have a space set up in the basement. Brandon promised not to disturb us.” I said.
“ Okay Grace, we’ll head down.” Jami said.

I left my laptop on Brandon’s bed and walked down into the basement.
I closed the door and walked down the stairs.
It was nicely lit. The boys were sitting on a large couch with a single chair in front of it. The biggest grin yet came across my face as I approached them.

“ Are we ready to get started?” I asked sitting on the chair.
“ I’m ready” Joey said.
“ Me too.” Jami said.

“ Okay I want you just to close your eyes. Not squeeze them shut but just gently shut them.” I said slipping into my hypnotist voice.

I talked for about three minutes. I was surprised I was able to put them under.
“ Now on the count of three I want you Jami to slowly open your eyes and tell us something you want to do to Joey. Remember you can trust us. There will be no judgment passed.” I said.
“One, two, three.” I said.
My surprise grew when Jami stood up, looked at me and said,“ I want to give Joey a blow Job.”
“ Joey on the count of three I want you to open your eyes. One, Two, three.” I said.

Joey opened his eyes and looked at me. “ Joey, do you want to receive a blowjob?” I asked.
“ Yes.” Came the deep voiced reply.
“ Jami you may give Joey a blow job.” I said.

Jami suddenly turned and sat down next to Joey. Joey responded by un-buttoning his pants. I got my first views of Joey cock. It was 6 and a half inches long and looked only semi hard.

Jami pulled down Joey pants and underwear and started to lick Joey’s cock. He licked the underside a few more times before putting the cock in his mouth. Jami really went to work going faster and faster on Joeys cock. Joey leaned his head back and was moaning. Jami started humming with Joey’s cock in his mouth. I could feel the vibrations on Joey’s cock from here.

I put my hands under my skirt and pulled my underwear off. I could see they were thoroughly soaked through.
I started to finger myself to the sight in front of me.
Joey suddenly said, “ I’m going to cum.”
“ No Joey. You don’t want to cum yet.” I said. “ Jami that is enough. You can stop giving him a blowjob now.” I told him. He stopped and they both sat up and listened for my next command.

I smiled and told them “ On the count of three I want both of you to strip. One, two, three.”
They both stood up and started to take off their shirts.

Joey just had to step out of his pants and I could see his cock was now 7 inches. Jami had fun dancing and un-zipping his pants, then pulling down his underwear.
Jami was only 6 inches but it still looked big.

“ Jami on the count of three I want you to tell us something you want to do to me.” I said. “ One, two, three.” I said.
“ Fuck your brains out.” Jami said.
“ How long have you wanted to do this to me?” I asked a little shocked.
“ Since last year.” He said.
“ Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.
“ Because I was confused. I started liking boys at the same time.” He said.
“ Okay. Joey on the count of three I want you to say something you want to do to me.” I said. “ One, Two, three.”
“ Strip you down and make love to you.” He said. I smiled.
“ Okay. Both of you. On the count of three I want you both to come to me and strip me. Then I want you to rub your hands and kiss me all over my body.” I said. I shuddered at the thought and said; “One, Two, Three” I said faster then normal.

Both of the boys smiled and walked over to me as I stood up. They started by unbuttoning my shirt. Jami pulled it off and joey started to kiss my stomach and belly button. I could feel Jami un-zipping the back of my skirt. He pulled it down and started to squeeze my ass and thighs. I put a hand on each of their heads.
I could feel them all over me, kissing me, caressing me.

Joey stood up and stepped close to me. I looked up at him and he leaned down and kissed me. His hands went behind me and undid my bra. I pulled it off and threw it across the room.

He started to feel my boobs and I could feel his hard cock against my stomach. I grabbed it and started to jerk him off. Suddenly Jami was lying on the floor and had pulled me down so I was sitting on his face.

I pushed Joey onto the couch and started to play with his cock and balls.
I could feel Jami licking up and down my slit. I moaned. Jami started to nibble on my clitoris and I moaned even louder.

I put Joey’s balls in my mouth. It was salty but kind of pleasant. I played around with them for a bit until Jami shoved his tongue up my tight pussy, making me open my mouth enough for Joey’s balls to fall out. I gripped onto Joey’s thigh as Jami ran his tongue all over my insides.

I put Joey’s cock in my hot mouth and moaned. My whole mouth buzzed making Joey moan. I went up and down on his cock for a bit until I was able to get it all in. I pulled up so just the head was in my mouth. I circled my tongue around the head and got a strong moan from Joey. I smiled and went into some deep throating.

Jami decided to tongue fuck me even faster while rubbing my clit with his hand and that was enough to make me orgasm. I pumped Joeys cock for all it was worth, while Jami lapped up all of the juices that left my body. I rested my head on Joey's thigh waiting for my body to stop the spasms.

When I had finally calmed down I walked over and got a condom from the side table. I smiled at joey and said, “ Your going to fuck me now Joey.” I said.
“ Okay Grace.” Joey said.
“ What about me?” Jami asked.
“ You can just watch for now. Your turn will come soon. You may also like to play with my boobs or clitoris as I fuck Joey.” I said.
“Okay.” Jami said a little sad.

I put the condom on Joey and sat down on his lap facing away from him.
I slowly lowered myself onto Joeys 7 inch manhood. When we had bottomed out I started to bounce a little. I could feel Joeys cock stretching my insides. I smiled as Jami started to kiss me and squeeze my nipples.

Joey took his initiative and started to piston his cock into me. I was still a little sensitive from just coming so the combined efforts of both Jami and Joey had me coming in a couple of minutes.

“ Ahhhh!” I said really loudly as I came.
Jami started attacking my clit with his tongue getting Joey's cock as well.
Joey started to slow down and it felt so good. Jami was caressing Joey’s balls, trying to make him come. I could feel his noes rubbing on my clit and I could tell he had his tongue extended licking Joey cock as it pounded into me.

I felt one of Jami’s hands snake up my body and start playing with my nipples again.
I started to come again. I could feel my insides convulsing around Joeys cock and he finally said, “ I’M CUMMING.”

He pumped into me three more times and on the third time I could feel the hot cum through the condom. I leaned back onto Joey’s sweaty chest and kissed him.

He kissed my neck making me spasm.
Slowly I caught my breath and hopped off of Joeys still half hard cock. I took the condom off and put it in the bin. I sucked on Joey’s cock a little to get the excess cum off. I sat down on one end of the couch exhausted.
The boys looked at me awaiting a command.

“ On the count of three I want you two 69 Each other until you both cum.’ I said. “One, Two, three.” I said. The boys looked at each other and started to kiss.

I closed my eyes for a second when suddenly the basement door was opened and I heard Brandon say, “ Grace! Where is the charger for your lapto- Holy shit!” he suddenly walked back upstairs slowly.

“ What the fuck?” Jami said. Looking around.
“ Holy crap. I can’t believe I wanted to suck off another man.”
“ I have to go and sort out Brandon. Can you two just wait here?” I asked.
“I want to leave.” Joey said putting on his clothes.
“ Please just wait until I come back?” I asked begging. “ We were having so much fun.” I said dropping to my knees. I grabbed his cock and started to kiss it. I looked up at him and he said, “ Fine Grace, I’ll wait until you get back,” he said.
I smiled and grabbed a dressing gown out of the wash putting it on as I ran upstairs.

I ran up stairs and found Brandon sitting on his bed with a shocked look.
“ Look Brandon. I’ll give you whatever you want just Please don’t tell mum.” I said.
“ Those dudes were really about to 69 hey.” He said softly.
“ Yeah.” I said.
“ Anything I want?” he asked.
“Anything.” I said.
“ Get Jami to give me a blow job.” He said.
“What?!” I asked shocked.
“ I’m curious. And I like Jami. Then you will be free to fuck that other dude.” He said.
“ The thing about a threesome is it involves three people. No more no less.” I said.
“ Why were you on the couch then?” Brandon asked.
“ I… How about as soon as we are done I will send him up.” I said.
“ That sounds good.” Brandon said.
“ Hey thanks for not telling mum.” I said.
“ That’s okay. But you owe Me.” he said.
“ I know.” I said. I gave him a quick hug and went back down stairs.

“Okay Brandon has agreed to not tell my parents on one condition. He want’s you to give him a blowjob.” I said to Jami. I noticed that Joey had put his pants back on.

“Okay.” Jami said walking away.
“ Wait? You will?” I said shocked.
“Yeah I like your brother. He is kind of sweet. Plus this means you can be alone with Joey.” Jami said disappearing up the stairs.
I sat down on the couch next to Joey.
“This is very awkward. Tell me what you’re thinking about?” I asked.
“ I’m wondering whether I was about to blow Jami Because I’m curious or whether it was because you had hypnotized me.” Joey said.
“ I can’t make you do anything. Everything is your choice. You could have stopped if you wanted to.” I said.
“ So you can’t plant feelings? And if you could I could choose not to feel them?” He asked.
“ No I can’t make you feel anything.” I said. “ You can choose not to do something I suggest.” I said.
“ So if I felt like I really liked you while fucking you, that was all me?” he asked.
“ Yeah.” I said kissing him.

He kissed me back and flipped my over onto my back and started thrusting into me. I quickly grabbed another condom and he pulled his pants off again.
This time he put the condom on to save time and immediately entered my hot and wet pussy.

I felt him slowly enter me inch by inch until he was fully inserted. I started to wiggle my hips and could feel him moving inside me.
He started to slowly thrust into me. He looked at me and kissed me. I had one hand on his ass and another on the back of his head so he couldn’t stop kissing me.

One of his hands was on my breast and the other was on the couch supporting him above me.
The tempo of his thrust started to pick up and he was huffing into my mouth. I loved it and bit his lip.

He was squeezing my nipples and the hormones mum had me on had really made my breasts sensitive.
“ Your boobs look and feel bigger.” Joey said in time with his thrusts.
“ Yeah they are really sensitive too.” I said gasping as he twisted it a little then letting out a long moan.
Joey laughed and picked up his pace even more. 
“ I wonder what would happen if a boy took them.” Joey said in between breaths.

“ Probably just… make their… breast sensa … tive and … calm them.” I said between moans. “ Why? Do you … want to try?” I asked. Suddenly I reached my orgasm and started to moan really loudly saying “OOOH JOEY!!!”
Joey thrust into me long and hard and soon he was coming too.

After a minute or so we calmed down and cleaned up, joey was lying next to me with his head on my boobs and I was playing with his hair.
“ Yeah I will try them, but only if Jami does too.” He said.
“ We can tell him its ecstasy, he has always wanted to try it.” I said. “ But how would I get them?” I asked.
“ You found them?” he said.
“ No, that won’t work.” I said laughing.
“ How about my older cousin gave them to me.” Joey said.
“ Sounds good.” I said. “ But lets not go now. Lets wait a bit.” I said breathing a little deeper.
“ If we stay like this much longer I’m going to fall asleep.” He said.
“ Am I boring?” I asked in a small voice. 
“ No! Of course not.” He said. “ I’m just so calm. Everything just feels right.” He said.

I smiled and wanted to kiss him so bad.
He looked up into my eyes and smiled almost as if reading my thoughts.
I grabbed his face and he kissed me. It was a soft kiss, like he was treating me like a rare gem. I deepened the kiss a bit and he pulled away smiling.
“Lets go.” I said.
“ Okay.” Joey said sitting up.
I did up my robe and joey put on his boxers.

We walked up stairs and could hear moaning sounds coming from Brandon’s room.

“How did we not hear that?” I asked.
“ You were moaning pretty loud your self.” Joey commented.
“ Touché.” I said smiling.
We walked into my room and joey had a look around. “ It’s a pretty simple bedroom.” He said while I looked for the pills.
I heard him jump on my bed.
“ Okay. I like the room. Your bed is so comfortable.” Joey said.
“ Come here.” I said laughing. “ Here is one for you and one for Jami.” I said.
“ Are you coming?” Joey asked.
“ Nah. I don’t really want to see my brother being sucked off by my best friend. Tell them I’m going to make something for dinner.” I said walking out of my room with joey.

“ What are you making?” Joey asked impressed.
“ Dunno. Whatever’s there? Or I’ll buy pizza.” I said smiling.
Joey smiled and walked away.


“ Fuck your good at that Jami!” Brandon sighed. “ I don’t even care that I totaled my car.” Brandon said putting his controller down.
“ Thanks. What game is this?” Jami asked looking at the screen.
“ The new need for speed.” Brandon said.
“ Is it good? I am trying to decide between this and the new CoD.” Jami said.
“ Get the CoD defiantly. I mean this if fun but I like killing people a lot more. Plus you get the new guns and campaign to master.” Brandon said.
“ Cool.” Jami said getting up and starting to leave.
“ Wait!” Brandon said.
“ What?” Jami asked.
“ I want you to stay.” Brandon said softly.
“ Okay…” Jami said skeptically sitting on the couch next to Brandon. “ Why did you want me to give you a blowjob?” Jami asked.
“ Cos you’re the only one who would.” Brandon said gruffly.
“ That’s not what Grace said.” Jami lied.
“ Did she tell you what I said?” Brandon asked.
“ I’m her best friend, of course she is going to tell me.” Jami said still lying.
“ Yeah. I was going to tell you I liked you myself but I just thought it would be weird.” Brandon said looking down.
“ WHAT?!” Jami said in disbelief.
“ I thought Grace... wait she didn’t tell you anything did she?” Brandon said.
Jami just shook his head.

“ Say something! “ Brandon said frustrated.
Jami smiled and said. “ I like you too.”
Brandon smiled and said, “ good.”
“ Hey do you mind ‘returning the favor’? Your sister is such a tease.” Jami said.
“ I’m not really good.” Brandon said. “ You’ll be my first.”
“ That’s okay I just need to get off.” Jami said.
“ Can I just give you a hand job then?” Brandon asked. “ I am curious but this is all happening a little fast.”
“ That’s cool.” Jami said.

Brandon wrapped his had around Jami’s cock.
He started to slowly stroke it and then gripped a little harder and started to jerk him off.
Jami had closed his eyes and was imagining Grace’s hand around his cock, whispering things to him. Really dirty things. In his mind Grace kept going faster, pumping it for all she was worth.

Jami moaned loudly. Suddenly he felt a warm and wet mouth on his cock. He opened his eyes and for the briefest second it looked like Grace had started to give him a blowjob.

The sight of Brandon finally registered and Jami realized he liked it more. Again when he closed his eyes it was grace sucking him off. He was moaning loud and didn’t really care but all these thoughts registered in his mind. “ I’m going to cum!!” Jami said loudly.

He came and could feel Brandon swallowing it as best he could.
Jami opened his eyes and saw all the cum leaking out of Brandon’s mouth and smiled.
The door opened and Joey smiled at the scene.

“ Go to the kitchen if you want something to real to eat.” Joey said smiling.
Brandon stood up and zipped his pants back up. “ I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll meet you there.” He said leaving with a smile on his face.

“Look what my cousin got me.” Joey said holding out his hand and the pill.
“ What is it?” Jami asked.
“ What else? It’s ecstasy. Grace and I had some and OMG! The sex was so good!” Joey said lying.
“Do I just take one?” Jami asked.

Joey laughed a little on the inside and said “ Nah it’s perfectly safe. My cousin was telling me they have a new technique that makes the side effects almost completely gone! I can get you a few more pills after we have something to eat.”
“How many did you take?” Jami asked.
“ Three but grace had four and she was moaning so much. It was almost as if I gave her an orgasm each time I touched her.” Joey said, still laughing internally.
“ It sounds awesome. Do you have five more, or six? Then I can give one to Brandon.” Jami said.

“ He is a little young but I can get five more for you.” Joey said.
“ Cool. After dinner is good.” Jami said taking the first one. “ Wow I can feel it working already!”
“ Lets go eat dinner.” Joey said.


“What’s for dinner?” Brandon asked.
“ Uhh it looks like pizza.” I said turning around. Brandon was standing there shirtless with just a little bit of cum in his hair.

I laughed softly and turned back to the fridge. “ So, are you having fun with Jami?” I asked.
“Yeah I guess. He’s cool.” Brandon said nonchalantly.
“ He never came back down. He thought it was going to be quick. ” I said looking at him. His face had gone red. I chuckled again and said “ So meat lovers? I know you like the sausage.”

“ Shut up.” Brandon said jokingly. “ Your hilarious!” he said sarcastically.
“ And you have cum in your hair!” I said laughing as Brandon tried to find it.
“ You two sound like your getting along.” Joey said walking in and giving me a kiss. “ Have we made a decision for dinner?” he asked.
“ Meat lovers pizza with extra sausage.” I said smiling at Brandon.
“ Shut up. Just get the lot so it pleases everybody. We all know you like to please everyone don’t you sis.” Brandon said.

“Shut up.” I said poking my tongue at him. “ Go get my laptop so we can order online.” I said to Brandon.
“ Whatever.” He said. He smiled as he passed Jami coming into the kitchen.
“ Hey Jami. How are you?” I asked.
“ I think I’m tripping out off the E!” he said.
“ The E?” I asked.
“Ecstasy.” Joey told me softly laughing.
“ Oh.” I said laughing as well.
“ I like pie!” Jami said.

“ That’s nice Jami.” I said petting him on the arm.
“ The funniest thing about E is that it makes you say things you normally wouldn’t, like something random, or maybe even a deep secret.” Joey said.
I got a bit confused until Jami started to say things like “ tree elephants snorting coke-a cola!”
“It’s having a placebo effect. He knows nothing about ecstasy.” Joey said to me softly.
“Ha-ha yeah I got that.” I said back.

“Are you two whispering? Is it about me?” Jami asked.
“ What’s your secret Jami?” I asked.
“ You know you and your brother look the same.” Jami said grabbing my head, “ from up here. Your brother was sucky sucking and I thought it was you!” Jami said.
Brandon walked in then playing on the laptop. “ So what was the final pizza order?” he asked. He looked up and we were all staring at him awkwardly. “ What happened?” he asked.
“ MY LOVER!” Jami screamed hugging Brandon.
“ Dude, chill the fuck out.” Brandon said.
“ Sorry.” I said pulling Jami off him. “ He just tried some ecstasy and isn’t handling it well. The whispering phase will come soon.” I said.

I sat Jami down in a chair and we ordered three pizzas and a bottle of coke to share. It was going to be delivered in fifteen minutes.
“ What are we going to do for fifteen minutes?” I asked.
Jami started whispering, “ lets just be quiet and think about sex.”
“ Or we could talk. Get to know each other. I don’t know about you guys but I need some energy before I go again.” Joey said.
“ You will defiantly need energy. We have all night.” I said kissing Joey.
He pulled away smiling and Brandon acted like he was going to vomit.
“Your just jealous.” I said.
“ He would be. His cock is only 5 and a little bit inches!” Jami said still whispering.
Brandon hit Jami in the arm and Joey and I cracked up laughing.
“ That’s some pretty weird shit.” Brandon said.
“ Yeah. Hey Jami can I talk to you over here for a little bit.” Joey asked. Jami looked up and nodded.
They disappeared into my room leaving my brother and I.
“ So you like him?’ I asked.
“ I guess.” Brandon said. “ Until he told everyone my dick size.” Brandon said a little upset but with a cute smile on his face.
“ He really is a nice kid.” I said.
“ But you like joey better?” Brandon asked. 
“ Yeah. Jami and I will only ever be friends.” I said.

Brandon went quiet for a little bit. I stood up and looked at the top of his head. It did look a little familiar but I couldn’t tell for sure.
“ What are you doing?” Brandon asked.
“ Just looking at the top of your head.” I said casually. I sat down again.
“ Why?” he asked.
“ Some one once told me we looked he same from above, I was just checking.” I said.

Jami walked back in really mellow and cool. Joey followed a few second later.
“ What did you two do?” I asked. Leaning into joey who had sat beside me. 
" I just told him how calming E could be after a while." Joey said kissing me.
I smiled.

Waking up in Joey’s arms was the most amazing thing.
We had sex about three times the night before.

I looked over at my alarm clock and it said 8:38. I looked back at Joey and he had his eyes open and was smiling at me. I kissed him and said " Good morning sexy."
" Morning beautiful. We should make a habit of this." He said.
"Yeah I know how you were feeling last night. I could stay like this forever." I said.

" I have to go soon." Joey said.
I frowned a little bit. "I know. I was trying not to think about that."
" Hey are you my girlfriend?" he asked.
" Yes, if you’re my boyfriend." I said smiling.
" Then why can’t I stay here? You can introduce me." He said with a laugh.
" We want them to like you, so no." I said laughing.
"Awe Okay." he said. He hugged me for a few more seconds and then got up and put his clothes on.

It felt weird not having him in the bed next to me.
"Do you need a prescription for the hormone tablets?" Joe asked sliding on his shirt.
I got up and put some clothes on too saying " I don't think so, mum gets them for me. They are a bit like steroids I guess but a female version."
" Okay." Joey looked at me and said, " Nope I don't like it."
" I just got up! Give me a minute to brush my hair at least." I said shocked.
" I meant the clothes. They looked better on the ground." Joey said stepping into my space. " But you look beautiful no matter what your in." he leaned down and kissed me.

" You should really go." I said. " Mum and dad could be here any second and I have to clean up a little."
" Yeah. Lets go see what your brother and Jami got up to." Joey said smiling.
We opened the door and we could only see Brandon's head.
" Jami?" Joey called softly.
Suddenly we saw the bed covers move and Jami popped his head out the other end.

" Hello captain. What are your orders?” Jami said strangely.
" Are you still on your E buzz?" I asked.
" Yes-I-Mondo." he said.
" Come on corporal, we have to leave. Their parents should be home soon." Joey said.
" Ai, Ai skipper I’ll be out in a jiffy,” he said disappearing back under the covers.
We left laughing and went to the kitchen.
We both had a slice of left over pizza and when Jami came out we kissed good-bye and they left.

Over the next few weeks Joey and I had become inseparable and Jami had started to change.
It was gradual at first but then I noticed his pectorals were a bit larger.
I caught up with him at lunch one day and asked him about it.
" Hey Jami… um have you been working out?" I asked.
" Nope." he said a little distant.

" Oh, I just noticed your pecks are getting bigger." I said.
Joey walked up to us. " Their not his Pecks, there his boobs." he said kissing me.
Jami gave Joey a death glance.
"What happened?” I asked concerned.
"You know that E you guys took at the party a couple of weeks back?" Jami asked.

" Yeah." I said a little curious.
" Turns out it the e stood for estrogen. The female hormone." He said.
" But you only had one." I said looking at his boobs again.
" Yeah well I thought they were E and took lots." He said a little angrily.
" Oh." was all I could say.

" That’s all you have to say! Mum took me to the doctor yesterday to get the results of my blood test. They told her I was taking estrogen supplements. Now mum thinks I want to be a girl and even started calling me Jessie! Why didn't you tell me it wasn't Ecstasy! I thought it was. I did so much stuff because I thought the drug was making me! I’m don’t get hungry anymore, and when I do eat I throw it back up! That’s what made us go to the doctor in the first place! Mum thought I was becoming bulimic because my weight had drastically gone down too! My life is ruined and it's all your fault,” he screamed at me. He turned around and ran away crying.

I stood there stunned.
"I told you he was acting like a little bitch." Joey said laughing.
"You weren't kidding." I said with a little laugh of my own.

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