Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night

I set at my desks a few minutes past 5 in hopes my coworkers would clear out. I did not want to wait to long, for fear of making my trainer mad. As soon as the mob got past the time clock, I rushed out to my car just as fast as I could. I was both surprised, and relieved, he was not there yet. I got in the drivers seat, started the car, and turned on the radio. The third song had just started when my driver side door jerked open. Move your ass over I’m driving. As I was climbing over the consul, he told me to take off my tee shirt, and throw it in the back. But there are still people in the parking lot, I protested. He slapped my ass hard, when I was half way over, shut up and do as your told. I settled into the passenger seat, removed my top and sank down into the seat as I fasten my seatbelt. He reached over, grabbed my left nipple hard, twisted, and pulled me up. Making me sit up. He put my car in gear and we started home. I normally take the interstate home, but he turned towards town. That is when he started to tell me about my future. From now on when you are in the car you will be bare from your bellybutton up. Your tech friends are going to install cameras in your car so we can keep you honest. If someone can see you make sure you always turn to give them a good view. We stopped at our first red light in town, a man in a pick up truck also had to stop, right next to us. My trainer reached over to nudge my arm to make me show off for the driver next to us. As I turned he noticed me. A big smile crossed his face, as he looked over my exposed tits. It seemed like a life time before the light turned green. We went all over town. At one red light we stop right next to a bus stop, there was at least 5 people standing there watching me show off my tits. One older man even step forward to get a better look. My trainer rolled my window down, pushed my shoulder and told me to push them out. The old guy’s jaw dropped. The light turned green, as we started my trainer said in a loud voice we well have to go around the block. Once we turned the corner I was told to remove my jeans. I was told that if that old man was still at the bus stop I was to invite him over for a feel…any part of me he wanted to feel. We made the trip around the block in record time. Some people were gone, some new ones took there place. Just my luck the old guy was still there, standing right up at the curbside. We stopped right in front of him. Again my window went down. My mouth went dry, but some how I said, hi! Do you want to touch them? His eyes lite up. His hands wrapped around my tits, in a flash. He squeezed them gently but firmly. His eyes were glued to them. That is till I had to shift a little in my seat. He saw that my pussy was also exposed to him. His left hand went straight down to grab my pussy. Thank goodness the light changed and we had to go. We droves around town for about another 20 minutes. Flashing my boobs and listening to what was to be my new way of life, and what I was to do when we got home. Strange things, like I was no longer allowed to open any doors. Finally we headed for the interstate. It seemed like every truck driver look down into the car as we passed, we would linger next to the cab of every truck so the drivers could get a good look. I was told how starting next week I would meet some of these drivers. He also gave me the run down on what I was to do when we got home. When we finally made it to my neighborhood, I tried to shrink down in to the seat again. He simply cleared his throat, and I sat right back up. I was worried that neighbors might see me. When we pulled in to my driveway, rather than pull into the garage, he just parked in the driveway in front of the house. Kneel on your seat and lean over the console, suck my clock, he ordered. Resigned to my fate I looked around nervously to see if any of my neighbors were out. That earned me a sharp slap across my left boob, now whore! I scrambled up on the seat and leaned over into his lap. My ass was in plan view of anyone who looked this way. I quickly undid his jeans and worked out his growing cock. I wasted no time going down on him. I wanted this done as soon as possible, before anyone saw me, saw my ass up in the air. I went all the way down the shaft, pumping up and down as fast as I could. I pressed my tongue as hard as I could against his shaft. I could feel him as hard as a rock, taste his precum. I was preparing for him to fill my mouth with his cum. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back. He barked not so fast. He held my head up and I watched his cock start to soften, then with out warning he shoved my face back down on his cock. Again I began to suck his cock in earnest. I wrapped my lips as tight as I could and warship his cock with my tongue. He got super hard super fast. With out warning he exploded into my mouth. It was a struggle not to gag or let any of his seed leak form my mouth. He grab my hair pulling my head up sending me back in my seat and told me to get in the house and go do as I’ve been told. Surprised I just reacted, I opened the car door and just jumped out. When the cool evening air hit my naked body I realize I was in my front yard where any of my neighbors could see me with nothing on. I ran to the door, and knocked. Frantically I looked around to see if anyone was looking. I knocked again still no answer. A total panic came over me, so I knocked louder and harder. The door finally opened. Mark was on the other side just as naked as me. I threw my arms around Marks neck holding him tight I planted a lip lock on him, I wasted no time pushing our trainers nasty cum into Marks mouth. He naturally pushed it back, the panic in his movements let me know he did not know that I had to make him swallow. Our new trainer walked up behind me slapped my ass hard and pushed passed Mark and I and went on into Our house. I held on tight to Mark forcing the kiss till he finally gave in and swallowed. I then pushed him back into the house, closed the door, took him by the hand, and pulled him to the sofa. I made him sit in the middle of the sofa, and as per my instructions and I straddle him. My pussy just brushing his already hard cock. My boobs pressed against his face. My eyes locked on his. I said in a soft voice to Mark do you want a chance to be my baby’s daddy? You can be the fourth man to put his seed in me today. Do you still want me? I want you to be the daddy. I was swaying my pussy back and fourth just brushing the head of his cock. Mark tried to pushed into me. Our trainer grabbed my hips and pulled me back onto his hard cock. I was so wet he sunk right in. He pulled me back so that I was nose to nose with Mark. I closed my eyes, it felt so good. I could feel Mark watching me. I felt so guilty I could not open my eyes, I could not a imagine what Mark must be thinking about me. The cock slowly sliding in and out of me felt so good, I wanted it. He leaned forward hunching over my back. Grabbing both my tits he dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh. The pain took my breath away, my eyes flashed open, Marks eyes were locked on mine. Out trainer growled in my ear, tell him, tell him about your day. He pinched my nipples for as if for offences. With my eyes locked on Mark’s, and my body building towards my first orgasm, I had to tell Mark my shame. I started by telling him how I ran to Brad's truck, how he pulled me into the sleeper. How I begged for him to fuck me. It was to much I had a huge orgasm. Our trainer did not skip a beat he was still pounding my pussy. When I got my writs back, I had to tell Mark about how Brad called me to the driver's waiting area, Our kiss in front of everyone, and forced me to go into the men's room. About the driver I knew using me…I had my second orgasm then. I felt a hard slapped on my ass and I was told to get on with it. Mark’s eyes starring into mine, l had to go on telling him how another man who would not let me look at him as he used me. Then how I was blindfolded, to be used by my new boss. As I recalled how he used me, I could feel the cock deep inside began to throb, the first warm splash of his seed entering my body. It was to much it drove me over the edge I had my third and hardest orgasm. My body convoluted over and over. My pussy seem to have a mind of its own. It gripped down hard to hold our trainer cock in my body for as long as I could. I wanted to milk every drop of his cream. When I could no longer hold him inside me, when he pulled out, I was frantic I needed a cock. I grabbed Mark’s cock and slammed my pussy down on him. My pussy squeezed his cock it felt so good I dare not move for fear of losing how good it felt. As the warm feeling started to drain I began to slide slowly up and down on Mark’s cock. I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible. Mark on the other hand with all his pen up and frustrations, started to cum in just a few seconds. Just as I felt Mark’s first warm splash of cum, Our trainer gave my shoulders sharp shove, knocking me off Mark’s cock and on to the sofa. Then he twisted my leg flipping me on to the floor. Mark was still shooting his cum all over his stomach and legs. A bewildered look on his face. Out trainer order me to craw over to him, and sucked my scum off his cock. When he felt I had cleaned his cock to his satisfaction. He sent me over to Mark to scrape his cum off his body with my finger and feed it to him. Our trainer then sent us to the dining room table to hook up my tender boobs to the milking machine. As Mark set up and turned it on, he was question about all the dials and buttons. He made him show how to add an extra 10 minutes to the timer, and how to turn up the suction for extra discomfort. While my nipples were tortured he handed me my cell phone, and a paper with a phone number an order for dinner at a local pizza delivery. Call it He said get the cost and how long. Calling the number, I ordered 2 pizzas one small cheese, one large with the topping listed. I gave the guy on the phone my address, he then told me that it would be $21.39 and would be there in about 25 minutes. Our trainer adjusted the timer so that the milking machine would stay on till the pizza arrived. He then made my husband sit naked by the window to watch for the delivery. As we waited for dinner we were given the instructions of what to do when the pizza arrived. If the driver was a woman my husband was to answer the door, if it was a man I was to answer the door. Who ever answered the door the only thing we could wear was our wedding ring. After going over some rules for our new life, Mark announced the pizza was here and it was a male driver. As per our orders, Mark released me from the milking machine and went to hide in the guest bedroom where he could hear everything. I have no idea where our trainer went, the only thing I knew was he was some place he could both see and hear us. My poor nipples were swollen, sore, and extended from the abuse of that dam machine. A loud knock on the door followed by a Male voice “Pizza!” scared I took a deep breath and opened the door. As ordered I opened the door all the way with me standing right in the middle, no hiding behind the door. The delivery boy looked to be around 19 years old and over 6 foot tall and more than a little over weight. He was white with greasy brown hair and a ruff pimpled complexion. His eyes went wide, his jaw just dropped. He just stood there staring. Finally I had to ask him if he was ok, and would he please bring the pizza in and set it on the table while I get his money. He stammered something as he brushed passed me so I could close the door. When he put the pizzas on the table he turned and reached out a receipt, and said $21.39 that is when I began to walk over to my purse on the floor, on the far side of the living room. I could feel his eyes glued to my ass as I walked away from him. When I reached my purse I spread my feet a bit more than shoulder with apart, and bent over at the hips to dig for the money. Looking back over my shoulder I could see him licking his lips, his eyes wide and locked on my back side. I asked $21.39? He slowly nodded as he said yes please. I pulled out the $50 that was in the bottom of my purse, straighten up and turned to walk back to him. When he saw the $50 bill he reached into his pocket to get change and also to try to hid his erection. I stepped in to his personal space touched his hand still trying to hide his hard cock, in my softest voice I said you can keep the change, if you well give me your special sauce to put on my pizza. He looked at me puzzled, I dropped to my knees, my eyes locked with his, I undid his jeans. He did not move. As I pulled his jeans down his rock hard cock sprang out, it hit my nose. Looking over his cock into his eyes I giggled it look like you really want to give me your special sauce. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock just in time. He busted his nut just as my lips touched his cock. His load was so large it filled my mouth and some even came out my nose. His knees went weak and he had to lean against the table. When he got his legs back I stood up and drooled his seed all over the cheese pizza. He watched in shock. When I finished covering the pizza with his special sauce I smiled and thanked him for making my pizza special. As he caught his breath, I asked him when he next worked? He stammer a a Friday. I asked if he needed to sit down for a minute. He asked if he could touch them? I giggled and said yes please do. My nipples were still very sensitive so I flinch a little when he touched then. That caused him to jump, I had to encourage him just a little. He began to feel me up, more boldly this time. He started to get hard again. I told him that I would call for a pizza Friday night but that he had to go for now my husband would be home very soon. I think that scared him a little because he pulled up his jeans and hurried out the door. Out trainer appear out of now where, after the kid left. He called Mark to come from the bedroom, then ate his pizza while watching Mark and I eat all of our cum covered pizza. Our trainer then sent us to bed in different rooms.

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