Private Interview

Private Interview

There are many perks of being the Chairman of the board of a International Conglomerate, beautiful women single and divorced fawning at your feet, up and coming executives who work in the far flung empire and their wives. Two times a year I hold a convention in New York to meet these executives and their wives. The invitation only affair is held in a 5 star hotel, I reserve ten floors of rooms and suites for the executives to stay. I also have six invitations sent to women that have either impressed me or who have caught my eye at a restaurant or some other outing. Tonight is a private dinner with six beautiful women that recieved invitations. The women arrived at the hotel restaurant reserved for tonight at 7 pm for cocktails and dinner at 8 pm. The chosen few smell money, power, and publicity as my arm candy. I told them to dress up to impress. All had turned up, as required. As expected.

One of the women, in particular, is a knock-out. She is 20, single, 5' 7", weighs about 110. She is a model and college student in Vietnam. Her name is Lu. She wore a form-hugging black short dress showing her long legs, with a row of pearl buttons down the front. I sat her as far from me as possible during dinner. I see she is disappointed by this. At the end of the meal, I waved her to come sit by me, smoking my cigar and drinking scotch, I offered a drink. " So your a model." I said to her. " I'd like to spend sometime with you," I said, with a smile, standing up. I sense Lu is nervous. She is the chosen one, from all the women here, by John Malone, the Chairman of the Board. I nod to my driver. He knew what to do. " Come with me, Lu," I said to her. I led her over the dance floor to a pair of impressive double doors. The doors to the private elevator to my suite. The suite's bedroom is impressive. I open the doors, I sense another twinge of hesitation as she sees the huge bed in the large room. Again, she controlls it well. My hand, in the small of her back lightly steering her in. As I turn, to close the doors behind us, satisfied Lu and me.

The master bedroom is enormous, with a view over New York that is spectacular. One wall is floor to ceiling glass. The drapes are open. The bedside lights are on either side of the large king-sized bed, already turned down. Other than that it was the reflected light from the view, that bathed the room in a soft light. " Nice view?" I said to my lovely and respectful Lu. Twenty years old, a beautiful face, Soft, chocolate-colored eyes, black long hair and a hot body. The soft music quietly playing. She nods: nice view. I wonder if she can speak English, it didn't matter if she can't. I take her hand, she gives it to me cautiously, holding my fingers the way she figures she should. I led her to the view. She came, obediently. When she arrived at the window, I said, " Now we'll dance, I shall get to know you." She did speak English, at least understood it, for she turns and held out her arms. " No, no, my dear," I said, I'm pleased she understood. " This view is too good to waste. We'll face the view and dance so that we both may enjoy it." A puzzled frown came over her face, so I turn her to the view, move behind her, and put my arms around her waist.

A pert little ass fits neatly against my crotch, her shoulders and back against my chest and abdomen; the hair at the top of her head lightly tickling my nose. I move my arms further round her petite body, and start to dance, I start to move from one foot to another, moving my crotch against her tight little ass. She hesitates, but only for a second, then lightly rests her hands on my arms which encircle her, and starts to move as I did. What is going through her mind, in that pretty little head of hers I wonder. 'How far will this go?' no doubt. I wonder what conclusion she will reach? I have found, that there are two ways you can play this situation – if you are me, that is. You can be cautious and subtle, think of their feelings, and tread with care; or you can dispense with subtlety altogether, discount their feelings entirely, and do whatever the hell you want. With the highly delectable Lu I had decided, as soon as I saw her come into the restaurant, that I would do what I want with her. She has that effect on a man, you can say.

My philosophical point is, the more wealth, personal power and business power of the company you are CEO of, the less consideration those working under you, or those supporting those who work under you, need to realistically expect – and the International group of companies I head is as expansive as the window I'm looking through, and as huge as the bed at my back! I've always liked New York," I said, as I slide the flat of my hand over a rewarding flat and firm girlish stomach. I let it descend towards her pubis, which on her, I discover when I got there, is aggressively prominent. She froze when I touch her there, then she relaxes. My other hand I run up her front, to her breasts. She froze a second time as my hand reaches her small pert breasts cupping a surprisingly plump handful. Her feet stop moving. So did her hips. Her legs have snapped together.

I continue to sway to the music as if I hadn't realized that my sweet little Asian nymph has stopped, or that I had her breast in one hand and her pubis in the other. I start, to work on both. To gently stroke, and cup, and squeeze; to press, caress and fondle. " Yes, soft and supple, I love young Asian women." I repeat, gazing over her head at the view, voice a deep rasp from years of cigars and many of the best brands of cognac and scotch. " Being Chairman of the Board means I can advance your modeling career," I said, without elaborating. As if something is suddenly switched on in her mind – 'Chairman of the Board,' perhaps? – she slowly unfroze, her feet begin tentatively to resume their shuffle, and her hips begin to sway, again. I sense she is forcing herself to relax, join in, take part, as my fingers continue their groping and caresses of her more sensitive parts. " Your from Vietnam?" I ask, making conversation.
"Yes," she replies.

Her hands drop to her sides. I took her breast gently lifting it against her, my finger and thumb rolling and pinching her nipple. Many Asians pad their bras to make up for what they may feel they'd like to have, but don't ... but Lu's breasts fill my hand nicely, rendering the need to pad her bra redundant. I take the flimsily covered nipple in my fingers rolling it gently. I feel her hips lift up, as if she is going up on tiptoes. I always like them going onto tiptoes. Lu is behaving as I like. I move my other hand onto her other breast and repeat the caressing, to be rewarded by an arch of her back and a stretching of ankles and feet onto tips of delicate toes. I release the little hard peas I have brought out of hiding in the center of her breasts, fondling them gently. I fondle, pinch and squeeze her hard nipples and supple breasts. I seeking to arouse this little morsel of young womanhood. I lean my head to her neck, and ask, " Born in Vietnam?" Then I kiss her neck. She tastes clean, young, and fresh. " Yes," she replies, keeping things simple, staring out the window at the night, her hands lying limp by her side as mine continue to work on her pleasantly shapely breasts.

" Like it?" I ask, moving my fingers to the buttons down the front of her slim knit dress. I start to undo them, commencing at the top and working down. " Yes, I like it," she replies, her voice clear, being polite. " Have not been alone with a man," she adds, feeling it is best that one of us is talking. Feeling, perhaps, that by bringing up her inexperenice with petting I will release her from her torment. What else is going through her pretty little Oriental mind? Is she hoping against hope that this horny older man will look at her naked, appreciate her beauty and loveliness, and let her go? Or will I want to ... do more with her. To her? If she concludes that I will ... want to do more, with her, to her... what will her view be on that?

I loosen all the buttons down the front of her dress, watching our reflection in the window as I do. Easing up the lower part of the dress to get at the buttons near the hem, baring her stocking-clad legs ... as I do. I watch as she lets me unbutton her dress, her hands held demurely out of the way. I spread it wide. In the reflection, flickering lights breaking through here and there, I see a hot young lady in a lightweight bra, a surprisingly brief and wildly scarlet thong; thigh high stockings that end six inches lower than her panties, affording an appettising view of smooth cream colored thighs. I'm behind her, holding her dress open. " Best you take it off," I say to her, releasing her. I watch as she shrugs off her dress, catches it carefully behind her, eyes averted, folds it. She looks about her to see where she might put it. Moves to a nearby chair and places it neatly over the arm. As she straightens she shoots a glance in my direction. I curl my finger, once. She returns to my side. When she reaches me she faces the window once again. She lets me press my body against her from behind. She lets me place my arms around her. She eases back against me when I pull. I take her in my arms, enjoying the feel of her skin.

" Put your hands behind my head," I say, looking at her eyes in the glass as they look back at me, admiring the way she follows my instructions. Her hands reach up and back, elbows high, torso stretched, spine nicely arched, breasts forced upwards and out. I take a breast in each hand and start to move to the music again. She moves in time with me. Her body is soft, smooth and firm in the right places. Stretched and perky breasts have always turned me on. I flick the front fastening bra. I move it aside and cup what is within. Plump breasts that fill my hand. " So how long have you been a model," I ask ... this soft ... young ... thing. " Three years," she replies. Her English pronunciation is pretty good. I gaze at her breasts in the reflection in the window ... and the broad hands fondling them ... and the way she watches my hands, and the way her own are stretched behind my head, one near an ear. " Play with my ears," I tell her, and watch in the window as she starts to. Her fingertips are neat and slender. She finds a lobe and gently strokes. My eyes drift closed. I run my hands down her front. The soft smoothness of her skin, the slight concavity of stomach, tiny indent of navel, muscle stretched taught on either side. My fingertips come to the shoe-string waistband of her wild thong. I slip my hand inside the narrow band of fabric sliding enticingly lower. Her pubis beneath is bare. I slip my fingers over her pussy lips and start to explore her. I am intrigued and encouraged at how slick and moist she has already become. She arches her back. I roll her clitoris, once then twice. She arches her back again. I open my eyes. The reflection of her body in the window is neat, compact. It feels much softer, and is a lot warmer, than it looks in the window. Her eyes, I note, have closed, though her fingertips continue to play with my ear – one of her fingers appears to be searching for the opening.

I lean forward slightly, curling round her, I try slipping my middle finger inside her small very tight pussy. She is damp. Honey-damp. Her legs open wider as my finger tries pushing inside her, and her back squirms urgently then groans ' NO...stop it hurts...please," rolling her head against my chin. My other hand switches from breast to breast, nipple to nipple. I watch her open lips and hear the tiny gasps. Her lips forms an 'O', as she moans softly. I turn her head putting my lips on hers. She squirms around to face me, pulling my head to hers, probing my mouth with her tongue. The little vixen, is going for it! We shuffle towards the bed. This lovely little cutie, naked but for her stockings and heels – her thong is at her knees – and me, the bull. She falls onto the bed, I let her go. She falls on her back, eyes closed, arms reaching out, legs wide. I watch her, standing between her knees. I undress, her eyes flicker open ... Have I gone? Lost interest? No, my little angel, relax. I drop my trousers and boxers all at once. I see her eyes open wide – for monster cock is rock hard. My nickname the bull, is my cock. Just like all Asian women, my cock is longer and thicker than she'd ever seen before. Her head rolls back, her eyes on the ceiling, then her hands went to her mouth and her expression is one of shock.

" Sit up, Lu!" I tell her. And she does. " Why don't you two get introduced?" I suggest, moving my cock, fully hard and eager, a monster size, in her direction. She gives a tiny bow. Reaches out two small delicate hands taking my steel rod to her lips. I close my eyes, but only after I've watched her mouth move forward to the tip of my cock head, her little tongue reaching out, and start to taste the tip. Now her lips slowly lick the bulb, then she draws the bulb in her mouth. Her tongue is slowly circling it. It feels so hot there. I reach down a hand, between her legs, still spread – they move, to give me room –I push my middle finger inside her. So Hot, so small, so tight. Both ends of her. I flex my hips, pushing my cock further into her mouth. My finger, forces its way all the way inside her, twisting and curling inside her, looking for her G-spot. She gasps and groans around my cock, I curl my finger inside her. Her pelvis bucks up. My other hand goes behind her head as I thrust my cock hard into her mouth, all the way to the back. She gags, I retreat. She follows. I take a step back, and she comes too, off the bed, my finger buried deep inside her. I lower her onto the carpet. Her knees drop from the bed. She is still impaled on my finger... and penis. I take the finger from her. She keeps my penis, deep in her mouth.

We sway toward the bed. Her back arches, knees staying on the carpet where they are, reaching behind her with a hand she catches herself. Her neck against the edge of the bed. Off balance, back arched, throat stretched, eyes wide and looking up. At me. I take position above her and thrust my prick into her throat. She cries out, her eyes tearing up. I move overhead and start to fuck her mouth. She keeps her head angled upwards, the rest of her twisted on the floor, and letting me down her throat. I know this is her first time sucking cock. She tries adjusting herself, getting her throat in line with my thrusts, moving her chin up, moving her head up, face up – wide open lips and mouth up, as my cock pumps in and out. The whole knob of my cock delves into the soft, warmth of her throat. It stays there, as her throat moves, contracts like a pussy and waits, breath held, until I withdraw, to let her breath. Which I do she gulps in breath, through her nose then gulps... back into her throat, to let the soft hot tissue there holds the knob of the fiery monster. Then out ... Then back in. Then out ... Back in.

Lu begins to protest, I never gave her a chance. Next thing she knew, she is on her back and I'm between her spread legs. I pull Ky gel from the bedside table and begin to massage it into her hot and wet pussy. I put a generous amount on my big throbbing pole. Lu feels the huge head of my cock rubbing up and down on her labia. I look huge against her small slit. Lu whimpers as I push against her. No way she thought. It will never fit. " Oh Lu this is going to change your life. This will be painful..." I lean forward putting my weight against her. I slide my cock up spreading her lips slightly. Lu feels the pressure building. My eyes are closed, I growl low and menacing as I push harder. Lu feels her small very tight pussy stretching. Nothing this size has ever been inside of her.. Her pussy resisting but is stretching and I do not ease up giving her small tight pussy constant pressure with minimal penetration. The head has not entered her. Lu thought she is going to be split in half. " Fuck you are so fucking small and tight."

I grunted and jerked my hips forward. Then something in her tore. Something gave way. The pain is over whelming, a deep burning feeling filling her pelvis as my hot throbbing monster cock forces its way further inside her tender little pussy. A split second ago the tip of my cock was barely entering her and all of a sudden my head has forced her pussy open. Lu screams a high pitch painful noise. Tears running down her face. My growls give way to grunts as I thrust my hips forward again. I push deeper as her pussy struggles to stretch and accommidate my length and thickness. Lu reaches up pushing against my belly wanting me out of her and I complied until I'm almost out. Lu tries to push me all of the way out as I grab her hands pinning them at her side. With a laugh I thrust back inside her. Harder and deeper this time driving all nine inches inside her. Lu screams again as my cock hits places never touched. I hold her hands down so she can't stop me from impaling her. Each thrust stretching her narrow tunnel wider and deeper. Each thrust brought another scream and more tears. I growled in her ear. All she can do is whimper as her lungs burned. Lu's face reddens when she thinks about how my cock feels inside of her. Her hands find my ass and she squeezes my cheeks as my cock slides in and out of her pussy.

I have her breasts in my hands, I tweak, pull, stroke and massage the soft warm malleable mounds. Like balloons force-filled with honey. Full and hotly warm. She is writhing and bucking as her molten metal hot inner sanctum is ravished, her pussy clamping down on my shaft like a vise, so tight my cock is in heaven. Thrusting hard and deeper into her hot tight grasping pussy, I ease out a little, then I thrust back in "Ngraah!" She gasps. Her fingers are between her legs, rubbing her clitoris, seeking more arousal, more moisture to ease the monster on it's way. I find her earlobe, bite it. She reacts, gasping, and offering more. I withdraw my cock most of the way, then bite again. She gasps, her back arches as I slam back inside her. She bucks up towards me as my cock head batters her cervix. My hands are on her breasts, as her hands grabs the sheet in tight fists, pushing back at my assault. With her lips stretched tightly around the base of my cock, I feel the rear wall of her vaginal cavity around my brutal insertion. The immense sense of fullness creates a heavy stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout our bodies. She slowly raises herself up as I forcefully and relentlessly drive my shaft to the back wall of her honey pot. My monster rod is touching erogenous zones deep within her creaming vagina. Below us my hairy balls dripping with her milky cum. The lubrication helps us build a rhythm that only increases the erotic pleasures. Each consecutive downward thrust I make pulverizes her pussy, loosening her extremely tight passage into a sopping mess

I stop. I am imbedded in her to the hilt. There is so much going on inside her, I to stay still savoring it. This lovely little Asian's tight tunnel is in constant spasm around this hostile invader. There are ripples and moisture and spreading of heat around my throbbing shaft. Her breathing has become gasps. Her fingers are clenching the sheet with tight fists. Her head is rolling from side to side on the pillow. I make her rise up off the pillow, by slowly easing out of her. The long shining tresses of her black hair comes up from the cover of the bed like seaweed being lifted from the sea. Her neck arches, first as my cock's almost out – then it stops, as does she, and we wait, then her head drops back as my cock rams home and filling her to the hilt again. "Ngeeee!" she yelps. Then 'Ngraaaah!' she moans. "Ngraaah!" – "Yeough!" "Ngaaah!" In – "Yeough!" Enough of this play! Time for serious fucking.

Her body is shuddering and convulsing. The groans and moans from her take on a life of their own. " Ngraah!" – then, "Aaah!" – and, "Aaah!" again – then, "Ngraah!" – and, "Aaah!" – and, "Ngraah!" again – then "Ngraah!" again. Her face is contorted in an expression of pain. I love when I have them like this. When all they want is for me to continue the impalement, so that they can go on, with occasional interludes, ten seconds long. When they climax, and soften, then shudder, then catch up, then go on, again, until they are hit with the next one. Five, then six. I love seeing them go over the edge. I control myself, she can't, and doesn't, "Ngraaaagh!" She gasps, shuddering a sixth time, eyes rolling into her head. I watch her face in the mirror across the room. Contorted with pain as my cock slides in and out of her sleek sweet and slick sweat-covered body. Then the flash calm of bliss as she orgasms again. I haven't stopped as she tries to catch up, getting back into rhythm. "Ngraah! – Aaah! – Aaah! – Eeeh! – Eeeh! – Eeeh! – Oooh!"

She's approaching her next fiery summit. I feel it the way her thighs go hard, spreading wide. As if she is about to jump. "Mheeeeewh," she screams, this time I slow, to let her milk me fully. "Mheeeeewh," she screams again, all soft and acquiescent in my arms. Once she is milked, and juiced again, I roll her over and rearrange her legs. Then roll her again and position the sweet thing astride me. Her on top, me beneath, my monster buried deep inside. She is covered with sweat. She glistens like a smooth rock beneath a waterfall. Her eyes are soft pools. "Meeeoow," she gasps, her lips apart, her eyes mere wanton slits. Her hands are flat on my stomach, my penis, rampant inside her. She starts to ride it towards her next big orgasm of the night. Insatiable little hussy that she is, I think to myself, as I watch her!

There is nothing I need to do now. Just stay as hard as I am, and where I am, for she will do the rest. I watch her eyes, now closed, and her back arching, her hips bobbing tightly up and down, aiming her clit at my pubis. Then faster. I reach for her small round hips, cupping them – not to speed, or slow, but merely because I like to feel her muscles work. Breathless, "Ngraah! – Aaah! – Ngraah! – Aaah! – Aaah! – Aaah! – Ngraah!" In the end, this time, I have to join her. Her facial expression is one of satisfaction, energy, and dark wanton lust, that I succumb to myself. I unload deep inside her. "Ngeeeaagh," she gasps in a loud and high-pitched gasping scream, which makes my groaning weak in comparison. Then her eyelids lift, a fraction, and through them she sees my expression, peace and satisfaction as she crumples on top of me. We stay like that – she is laid out on top of me, I'm still buried deep inside, catching our breath. Then her arms come slowly round my head and hold it tight. I pull out of her, still hard and glistening with her blood tinged wetness coating my cock. Lu laid on the bed deeply embarrassed and ashamed.

I returned a short minute or two later, I tell Lu to move onto her hands and knees and open her legs for me. Blushing, she let legs fall open again realizing they had clamped closed. I push her down the way I wanted her. Her ass in the air, despite her willingness, made her feel exposed and vulnerable. Fear and confusion twisted in her brain as I position myself between her legs. She is excited in a forbidden way. My hard cock is nestled between her ass cheeks nudging up against her tiny virgin asshole. It feels slippery, sticky, and impossibly huge. The pressing threat of pain, is like an oaks mighty roots reaching deep into the earth. Suddenly in an explosion of pain and ecstasy, she feels her body opening up to me, as my fat cock is deep within her. She collapses onto the carpet, her arms giving out beneath her. With the force of my thrust, my weight follows her, but she can't feel it. The world has gone black, she passed out from the immense pain of my cock forcing its way into her tight little asshole.

Lu woke up, a few moments later, her ass throbbing, sending white hot searing pain throughout her senses with her face wet and tears blurring her vision. I'm caressing her hair, the lingering pain spreading out like fire from her stretched hole. I didn't wait long, with her crying I begin to thrust in and out of her stretched, torn asshole. I pause a few minutes later, to smear more lube on my cock, never pulling completely out. Then resuming my thrusts long and slow in her little hole. Her burning torn ass, enduring short strokes, I fuck her, hard and fast. Lu hurt now, in both holes, feeling violated, used, and strangely wanted. In her pain mixed pleasure she didn't know if she wanted me to stop or fuck her harder. I decided for her, I came, shooting my hot cum deep inside her. I lay there for a moment on top of her, my cock softening inside her, panting and sweating, trying to catch my breath before finally moving off her. She scrambles up to find her clothes and cover herself in the small protection her clothes could offer her. As she got dressed I called my body guard to escort Lu to her room.

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