Courting A Vampire 7

Courting A Vampire 7

By: StormHerald

Chapter 7

I danced most of the night, only taking a break for water or fresh air
with the three Lycans. They passed me to each other, and Damien
stepped in only twice more before they monopolized me entirely. It
was after midnight when I waved the flag of surrender and told them
that I was exhausted.

They laughed and passed coins to William before letting me know that
they were camping out in the forest and would be back towards
tomorrow afternoon. I thanked them and watched them bound out of
the ball room and right off the balcony. My aunt was at my elbow the
moment they disappeared.

"You seemed to be having fun."

I nodded, "They look worse than they are, or at least their hiding the
worst of their natures around me."

My aunt narrowed her eyes at the night sky, "I don't like how the big
one and the bouncy little one stare at you."

I nodded, "They are the only two serious about courting and the darker
one isn't interested. It’s funny you say that though, because that's,
more or less, what Damien said."

"Oh really?" My aunt smiled a very evil smile and I looked at her warily,
"What are you planning."

She shook her head, "It’s my concern, you go sit down and wait for me,
I have something to work out."

And with that she grabbed her skirt and marched over to the four
council members seemingly furious. She waved her arms and pointed
to me more often than I would like and finally the council members
nodded and she beamed at me in victory. I was quickly grabbed by my
aunt and pulled through the halls and into the room.

She had me strip and put on very revealing white silk lingerie, the
length of which barely covered my ass. Pulled dark blue stockings up to
my thighs and then wrapped a robe around me and pulled me out and
shoved me protesting into Damien's room. I sighed as she closed the
door and looked around spotting a familiar blanket waiting for me on
the couch.

I didn't know how long Damien would be at the ball but vampires could
party all night so I picked out a funny romantic comedy and put the
movie in watching as the familiar characters began to fall in love. Half
way through the movie I fell asleep, exhausted from the evening of
dancing. I woke up to the feeling of being lifted and looked into now
familiar grey eyes and snuggled into him.

He chuckled, "You should have slept in the bed. You will get too cold
out here."

"Sorry." He chuckled again as he laid me on the bed and pulled the
blanket off of me only to wrap me in the blankets on his bed.
I stretched and watched him slowly undress changing into the loose
fitting pair of black sweats before crawling into bed with me. I slowly
got out of bed and used the restroom, and walked back to the bed,
catching the silver look in Damien's eyes as he looked at me.

"You’re killing me Lilly."

I looked down at myself and blushed, "Sorry, my aunt."

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into the bed, pulling the
covers back over me, "Yes, I'm well aware of your aunt’s motives."
I smiled and snuggled in noticing the purposeful distance between
Damien and I. I sighed and lifted my head on my arm to look at him,
"You’re making the Lycan sleep outside?"
He snorted, "No, they prefer it out there. You seemed to be having a
good time though."

I nodded, "Yeah, they are really funny about certain things."

"For example?" I ignored the hard edge to his eyes and shrugged.
"Women rule over them mostly. Like there are seven brothers and four
sisters, but the ones who dominate the place are their sisters. And then
they were talking about where they are from. They said it was right on
the ocean."

I flipped over onto my stomach and rested my head on my arms looking
at Damien, "I have never seen the ocean except on an airplane. They
said they would have no problem showing it to me, and they described
how green it gets when its spring."

I look had drifted and when I looked at Damien I saw the hard steel look
in his eyes and I frowned at him, "What's the matter?"

"It sounds like they will make you happy."

I winced at the cold tone and flung the blankets off and got up, "I'm
trying to make the best of a not so great situation. What do you want
from me?"

He sat up slowly and glared at me, the muscle in his cheek straining, "I
don't want anything Lilly."

I sighed and turned around crossing my arms over my body and I stood
looking into his closet. I had to try and squish the feeling I had for him,
the possessiveness, the need to see him, being happy when I pleasure
him. I needed all of that to go away, I had deluded myself into thinking
that I could have him, but his plan was solid. Desmond would be his
wife in six months and I would be bartered off to the Lycans.

I felt his hands on my waist and he turned me to face him, but I refused
to look at him and he dropped his hands, "I'm obligated in many ways
Lilly. It would be nice to say that you have as equal a chance as the
other three of being my wife and queen, but it would be a lie. At the
end of the day you are still human."

I looked down at him feeling the pain as he said what I just knew all
along, "You know, the three Lycans say that vampires are idiots. There
hasn't been a human born between two vampires in almost a thousand
years, that's better than your century. And that if you really prized rare
things, I wouldn't be competing for what should rightfully be mine."

He stood up and I turned and walked out of the bedroom grabbing my
robe and putting it on, "Maybe I’ll at least be valued there, with them."
I heard a loud crunch and turned to see very dark steely eyed, Vampire
Prince stalking angrily towards me. I took a step back and in a breath he
had me by the waist and was flinging me, hard, onto the bed.
He loomed over me, "Where are you going?"

"It’s none of your business."

He's ground his teeth and knelt onto the bed, "Were you going to

I hid my surprise by the leap he had made from simply leaving and
going to my room, to jumping to the Lycans. But I was angry and
hurting and I wanted to see him hurt, even a little bit.
"Again, none of your business."

He grabbed my hands and yanked them over my head pinning them
and leaning down over me our noses almost touching, "Would you go
to them dressed like this?"

I gasped as held onto both my wrists with one hand and grabbed a
hand full of the white satin in the other, "What do you care what I do?"
He hand tightened onto the fabric and I listened to the material rip and
he slowly yanked it from me. He stopped and looked down at my body
running his hands down my side and down the middle of my chest,
stopping at the dark lace panties.

"Would you let them touch you?"

He grabbed one of my breasts and began to massage it flicking and
pinching the nipple until it became a pink pebble.

"You wouldn't care if they did." I gasped as he pinched my nipple,
sending electricity directly to the center of my body.

"You will not go to them like this." I was writhing on the bed as his hand
switched to my other nipple and began twisting and pinching it.

"What do you care?" He brought his mouth down to the nipple and
sucked on it, nipping sharply at it.

I moaned and he whispered in my ear, "That's none of your concern."
I arched my back slightly as he sucked onto the other nipple, heat
building inside of me, my slit drenching in response, "You have
Desmond, and you made that...very...clear."

He continued to suck on my nipple and I felt his free hand begin to rub
on my lace covered mound. I was losing my train of thought and when I
looked into his eyes, they were turning more silver than steel.

He released my nipple and hands and began to kiss down my body, "I'm
glad you are clear, because I'm not so sure."

I laced my hands into his hair and writhed against his soft mouth as it
kissed all along the line of my panties, "Why are you not sure?" I gasped

He pulled up leaving me feeling cold and I looked at him, seeing silver
had completely replaced any other color in his eyes, "Because of this."
His hand slipped into my panties and gently ran his finger up my slit
causing me to moan loudly.

"And this."

His lips locked onto mine, his passion making him ravenous as he
devoured my mouth and I moaned into his mouth as his hands both
grabbed my breast and massaged them again.

"Tell me to stop Lilly."

I looked into his eyes, his beautiful, silver, glowing eyes and shook my
head, "Tell me to stop, because I won’t. I will make you mine, even if I
can’t keep you."

I pulled his hair free and wrapped his silky black hair into my fingers and
grabbed him to me, "No, don't stop."

He groaned and recaptured my mouth, his body pressing against mine
and his hands wandered down my curves hooking the edge of my
panties and ripping them off. He released me and grabbed a hold of my
leg and moving down until he could throw it over his shoulder.

I looked at him and he smiled briefly before locking his mouth onto my
dripping sex, licking at the juices and the flesh, daftly avoiding the spot
that would bring me to an explosion. He continued to suck and lick. I
arched my back trying to get him to focus on my release.

He chuckled and kept refusing until finally I leaned forward and said
throatily, "Dear Hades Damien, please stop tormenting me."

He licked the entire length of my slit before finally locking onto the
small bud and working it quickly. I cried out and arched my back the
explosion causing me to tense up and moan deeply, he continued to
attack the small part until I went limp, and he returned to suckling the
juices from me.

When he finished he kissed back up my body to the nape of my neck
where he began to nip at the sensitive area. I felt the heat begin to
build again as he kept kissing my body and pinching my nipples.
All too soon I was arching into him again, the burning need back with a
vengeance. I realized that it wasn't just his mouth I wanted on me, I
wanted him inside me, I wanted him to scar me as his for the rest of my
life and to feel as close to him as I could possibly be.

I grabbed him and pulled him to me kissing him deeply, tasting the
slight tang to his mouth. I looked into his silver eyes and whispered to

"Please Damien...please...I need to feel you inside of me."
A look of concern filled his eyes, "I can’t Lilly."

I kissed him and caressed his face, "Please Damien...I need you."

He caressed my face, running his thumb across my lower lip, "It will

I nodded kissing his thumb, "I know...but I need you, I trust you."
He stood up and peeled his pants off, his beautiful member springing to
attention. I couldn't help myself and I sat up and wrapped my hand
around it, licking the sweet liquid pooling at the tip before wrapping my
lips around it and swallowing him whole. He moaned and grabbed my
hair holding me to him, keeping me from moving. I reached up and
cupped his balls, fondling them gaining a gasp from Damien.

"Stop Lilly..."

I released him from my mouth and he pushed me back down and
pushed my thighs apart with one of his. He reached down and ran a
finger down my slit and I moaned and arched against him.
He grabbed his cock and began to grind the head against me. I gasped
at how hot it was and then he positioned it at my entrance. He grabbed
my hand and laced his fingers with mine and we locked eyes as he
slowly entered.

I felt myself stretch as the head entered and once it was in Damien
kissed the palm of my hand and then began to inch slowly forward until
he reached the resistance of my virginity. He grabbed my hand tightly
and thrust. I felt a rip and then an unbearable pain. I gasped out and
turned my head trying to hide the pain from Damien.
He grabbed my face and gently forced me to look at him, "Don't hide
from me."

I nodded and felt a tear drip down to my hair. He kissed me gently then
inched further until he had filled me. My pussy walls clenched and
unclenched trying to adjust to the size and feeling of him inside of me.
He didn't move until I quit convulsing on him and then he pulled out
only slightly and thrust back in slightly.
I gasped at the feeling, it hurt and I wanted him to stop moving but he
kissed my neck and whispered softly, "Just relax, it hurts but I promise
it will feel better."

I nodded trusting him and stared into his eyes as he took small, soft
thrusts into me. A deeper kind of heat began to replace the pain and I
released a moan as he thrust once more. He smiled and began to
lengthen his strokes.

Soon I was moaning with each stroke, every movement feeling like
molten heat being poured along every inch of me. I began to meet his
strokes and he was soon moaning in unison with me. I moaned his
name and pulled his lips to mine, kissing him with the same passion
that I was feeling with every thrust of him.

He moaned into my mouth and I gasped into his until the building heat
exploded and I arched my back and dug my fingers into his back,
screaming his name. He cried out just as I did and we both convulsed
our passions together until I laid back exhausted. He buried himself to
the hilt in me and smiled down at me kissing me, "I hope your stamina

I purred a half conscious response to him and fell asleep.

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