SO's "Vampire" - One - Betraitor

SO's "Vampire" - One - Betraitor

Kevin attack! Prowling monster of the night strikes the hunters from the left and from the right, killing all that try to vampire slay him. They try to vampire slay him, they shoot crossbows and throw holy blessed water urns, but Kevin know better and he block with cape and dodge what he cannot block. Kevin gaze! He vampire gaze his prey with his vampire eyes that make them not themselves and kill each other. One shoot other hunter in the face. He dies. One shoot one in foot making him drop lantern that explodes and catches him on fire to burn. He dies. One shove his own holy blessed water urn in his mouth until it's too much. He dies. Kevin the vampire laughs at his massacre and keeps killing other hunters and soon there are less hunters. The girl he hunts is running away still. She screams and runs for her life. Kevin keeps going after the girl with the pale skin, slender neck, and nice boobies. Hunter try to stop him but he kills them the same as all the other hunters he kills. They die. Soon he finds the girl and she is cornered. She has nowhere to go. There is no escape for the girl who is now trapped. She is scared because she is afraid. Her large and nice boobies are heaving and covered in sweat. That makes them shiny. She pees herself as Kevin gets closer and tries to hold him back but it does nothing. He rips away her clothing and she is naked. She has very nice boobies and a nice virgin vagina with just the right amount of fur. Kevin smiles and gets a horny boner. It tents his pants and sticks straight out towards the girl.

He fuck her.

On a hill high up on the top of the highest hill out of all the hills in the valley there was a very big, old, Victorian style house. It was very large and looked like something out of an old movie like when they just show you a painting and make it look like it's not a painting. Actually it was more like a castle, but it was still like a painting that is not like a painting. Vampire bats were everywhere and they were flying all around the castle in swarms and nobody would go near it because it was scary. Kevin lived in this castle. Kevin and now his perfect boobied bride that he had fucked and gotten pregnant and now there were many, many perfect boobied daughters who were now of legal age and very sexy but also never wore any clothes and were the bats. They were very sexy ladies and none of them were guys except that one but he looks a lot like a lady anyway because sometimes vampire guys are like ladies.

Their names were Elizabeth, Erzsebet, Beelzebae, Dmitria, Catherine, Katherine, Vampira, Batty, Camilla, Carmilla, Daphne, Velma, Victoria, Victoriana, Futana, Snutana, Tempest, Temptress, Sexina, Fuckina, Boobara, Titania, Abby, Erin, Patty, Jillian, Melissa, Kristen, Leslie, Kate, Jennifear, Aphrotitti, Slutvira, Doorknob, Doorbelle, the Great Big Bitch Virginia, Van Hella, Maria, Argentina, Scarlet, Skarlet, Lilith, Rose, Ginger, Ray, Leiyah, Succubusty, Boo, Bubbles, Sugar, Spice, Kevina, Sophie, Cho, Lola, Lorelei, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Aurora, Borealia, Lucy, Aramia, D'Artagnia, Athosia, Portha, Sunshine, Dawn, Dusk, Moonbeam, Luna, Elle, Vira, Ambrosia, Marceline, Erica, Erika, Eureka, Jezebel, Lady, Jun, Contessa, Countessa, Irina, Bessie, Monique, Monica, Monika, Belia, Satanna, Luciphilis, Abaddona, Agamama, Karen, the ever sensual lady's man lady man Juan, and little Sindy Lou who was still a baby. There were also Expendabelle and Forgettabelle.

Kevin had grown into old age. He sat upon his throne with a large, grey beard and wearing the most intricately crafted attire crafted of leather made from human flesh except it was still black so you would never know. In his old age he had not grown weak or feeble but stronger than he had ever been, his muscles bulging from many years of fucking the many big boobied ladies of his castle so hard they would have died if they were not immortal. Except he had grown weak and feeble now, not because of his age but because of illness. An unknown curse afflicted the dark lord Kevin preventing him from flying and since the castle was completely inaccessible without flight he was unable to feed and has become weak and feeble. Beside him sits the impossibly sensual, hypnotically sexy mother of all the vampire children within the castle and bride of Kevin, Gabrielle. Gabrielle had liquid white skin and long, cascading jetblack hair that ran down her back and parted over her shoulders to run down and frame her exquisite, massive boobies that had never stopped making milk. Her lips were black and her eyes a brilliant green, her body dressed in an intricate, nearly painted on black and purple dress. Once more Gabrielle was pregnant, her freshly showing belly only slightly apparently as her sharpened claw-like nails delicately stroked the roundness.

Gabrielle's perfect lips, both good for sucking necks and sucking penises, parted as she heavy breathed soft moans, her legs spread wide for her daughter Luna to kneel as she ravenously ate her mother's pussy, sucking the lips and sliding her tongue inside before driving it in like a corkscrew and softly nipping with her fangs. Luna was a beautiful girl with large, pale boobs and a plump butt. Her skin was as white and pale as her mother. She loved licking her mother's pussy more than any of her sisters, it just tasted better and she loved the sounds her mother made. Luna had white hair like the moon that ended at her shoulders and blue eyes like the night sky. Sunshine was to her mother's side, bent down to embrace her and suck on her large, perfect boob and drink heavily of her milk, so much so that it poured through her lips and down her chin, dripping on her own cleavage. Sunshine had sunkissed tan skin and cute freckles on her rosy cheeks and her perky boobs, with fiery red hair and brilliant, bright yellow eyes. Nobody loved Gabrielle's boob milk more than Sunshine, and it was scarce when she would not be deeply sucking upon one of her mother's delicious, dark nipples to extract the orgasmic fluid.

Kevin sat in his throne tired, with a tired and drawn look on his face as he watched his bride get tongue punched by his daughter in her queef hole. He was tired, too tired to do anything. Too tired to even get a stiffy. His penis was raging hard but he could do nothing with it because he could not stand. He wanted to have sex with his daughter Sunshine while she fed from her mother, it was one of his favorite sex things that would get him turned on and he missed her plump, swollen mound and her glistening, sopping wet pink pussy that he use to fuck regularly. As she leaned down to feed from her mother she would shake her ass at Kevin, ensuring her prominent mound and moist slit pushed through her gown directly at her father to tease and tempt him, knowing he could do nothing in his weak and feeble state. Summoning all his strength to stand, Kevin rose to his feet, causing his fifteen inch penis to flop in its hardened state and drip Forgettabelle's fluids to the ground. He had forgotten she was currently bouncing on him and taking his manhood to her lungs and now she laid on the floor discarded. He sniffed the air, his primal desires taking control and too much for him to handle, the intense longing and his extremely raging hard penis far worse than struggling through his weak and feeble state. As he stepped down on Forgettabelle her bones cracked from his hefty weight, her ribs partially collapsing and puncturing her lungs, causing her to spew blood forth and cry out in agony, her sobs of deep suffering and sorrow. Continuining onward he growled, approaching sunshine and tearing away her gown to reveal her plump, swollen mound and her glistening, sopping wet pink pussy. Grabbing his daughter by the hips he lifted her entire lower body and plunged his swollen manhood furiously within her down to the base. Sunshine bit her mother's nipple so hard it bled into the milk, causing her to moan as Sunshine also moaned deeply from her father's throbbing cock tearing and puncturing her insides.

Repeatedly Kevin thrust into his daughter, fucking her raw and bloody without holding anything back. Sunshine sucked hungrily upon her mother's infinite supply of milk, the milk pleasuring her and satisfying her hunger while also giving her the strength to endure her father. Every ten or so thrusts, maybe eleven or twelve or so, she would grow weak and almost collapse, her body giving out and nearly dying from the intense ravaging, but then the milk would restore her and she would find a new spark of life to continue. Sunshine died five hundred and eighty six times during her session of being fucked by her father the way a blue whale would fuck a bug, and each time she came back for more. Finally as Kevin drew to a finish he finished, shooting gallons of thick seed into his daughter so heavily it gushed out so hard it ruptured her insides and split her vagina open, blood rushing out and mixing with the spunk into a pink swirl that kind of looked like icing. Sunshine finally collapsed, succumbing to her horrific mutilation before regenerating and returning to life.

A bolt swooshed through the air in the direction of the dark lord Kevin, its razor tip aimed directly for his heart as it moved silently through the air in a loud whooshing sound too quiet for even a vampire to hear. Just then Expendabelle flew down before her father, transforming into her vampire form to speak with him about something just in time for the bolt to strike her instead, directly through the heart. Expendabelle screamed in twisted agony, her eyes so wide they cried blood and her mouth agape so far the corners of her lips split and her jaw cracking. Intense surges of pain coursed through her delicate figure from the bolt, the pulsing bolt directly piercing her heart agony as her heart tried to pump around it, only to continually tear itself apart. Inch by inch Expendabelle's flesh began to rot and shred, falling to the ground in heaps of gore and decay. Her eyes cried blood and tears and bile until the very eyeballs themselves melted into blood and ooze, melting the flesh beneath like boiling acid that dripped onto her body and reduced it all to sludge in a heap on the floor. The heap exploded into boiling acid that slathered Forgettabelle and burned her horrifically, making her scream and cry in agony as she was still suffering from her only partially regenerated broken bones and torn lung.

Standing where the bolt started was a beautiful, pale girl with long, blonde hair wearing a cloak that covered most of her body but allowed her perky breasts to be exposed within her corset-like top. She held a crossbow that had fired the bolt. She smirked her beautiful pink lips as she saw her sister die and the other sister suffering, and she went to load a new bolt; this time meant for her father. Just then two bats flew out of nowhere and transformed, Doorknob and Doorbelle taking their vampire forms to strike out at Van Hella with mighty, muscular blows. Doorknob and Doorbelle were twins who were exceptionally burly for women and towered over even their father. Even though they were muscular and powerful they were still pretty, their bulky figures still maintaining a sense of femininity. They struck out at Van Hella with great fury, but she was too swift for them and transformed into a bat, only to transform back just beyond them and drive a bolt through each of their arms, causing intense burning and pain to tear through them but not enough to kill. They were both heavily wounded, but that did not stop them. But as the three continued to battle the two hulking sisters grew ever slower and weaker, each bolt and strike from Van Hella taking their toll ever greater than the one before it and compounding on the previous wounds. Soon Doorbelle and Doorknob were left helpless in an immobile heap on the ground, barely breathing and completely incapable of fighting any longer. Van Hella was not so much as wounded, and seemed to have plenty of stamina left as she dashed straight for her father, who had now collapsed from his recent fucking and was incapable of moving at all. Gabrielle and her daughters were too busy blissfully fucking and sucking one another to notice what was happening. That's when the next bat flew down.

With a mighty eruption of rage and shattering stone floor Titania emerged from bat form, the floor beneath her in ruin as her massive frame towered over Van Hella. Titania was not like her fellow muscular sisters. Titania was stronger, she had even greater strength and towered higher, yet you would not know her to be stronger just by looking at her. Her bulk was more feminine, less hulking and more delicate in appearance, and her face was absolutely gorgeous, almost complimented by its ever so subtle strong features. Though her muscle was visible it was less obvious and did not hulk as much as her sisters', but it was instead compact. It was like a swimmer or some kind of comic book super heroine that does not look like a hulking monster but instead sexy and feminine but still strong. Titania was incredibly tall and powerful, her stature tall and proud, extremely rigid and ready for anything. She was so powerful it seemed as if the air had exploded around her when she transformed. Van Hella seemed unsure but remained confident opposed to her new opposition, but as she attempted to attack she was met with a swift, horrifyingly fast backhand from Titania, her colossal hand broad enough to strike Van Hella's face, shoulder, and torso in a single blow and shatter many bones. Van Hella went flying so fast the naked eye would miss it, her limp body directly colliding with the wall so hard the stone shattered and embedded her within it. Before she could recover and make sense of what had happened Van Hella felt her ankle being filled with burning pressure as Titania grabbed it, yanking her from the wall and slamming her full force against the ground, her face shattering and exploding into blood and gore.

Van Hella could not move, her every nerve engulfed in a horrific inferno of agony, her face completely destroyed and struggling to regenerate. Titania stood over her with a stoic gaze, and the first sign of so much as a twitch and the titan of a woman drove her heel directly into the beaten vampire girl's spine, completely severing it and shattering several organs in the process, blood and innards spewing out of either side of her ruptured body. Van Hella could not cry. Not because she was too strong or too stubborn, but her tear ducts had become shattered and dusted. She would have cried if she could. She would have screamed if she had a jaw. She would have cried and screamed when Titania plunged her fingers into Van Hella's back, wedging themselves between her ribs to curl around her spine and lift her upward, squeezing until the spine cracked and dissolved like sand. Titania told her she was lucky. The only senses she had left were her hearing and her sense of pain. Titania told her she was lucky that nobody had gotten hurt, or else she would kill her. Van Hella was thrown deep into the dungeons of the castle to be forgotten, but over the next several years as Van Hella's body slowly pulled itself back together her pain would grow into anger and hatred, and she knew she would one day escape and kill her family for the monsters they were.

In the throne room Titania lifted her weak father from the ground and placed him back in his chair, her hulking weight crushing down on Forgettabelle's skull and obliterating it so absolutely it merged with the crushed stone beneath. As soon as Van Hella had been throne into the dungeon and her magic had been taken away the curse had left the dark lord. Titania ensured her father was alright, and encouraged him to drink of his wife's milk. For many days Kevin would nurse from his wife's engorged boob, drinking down the milk he was once too proud to feed from. After many days of boob sucking he felt himself return to full strength, and he was so enraptured that he embraced his powerful daughter, pulling her close to kiss her passionately.

Kevin and Titania viciously and passionately made love for a solid year straight, their powerful, near god-like bodies ramming into each other and ravaging one another so powerfully and mightily it broke every surface and piece of furniture they came near. Titania fucked her father so hard and so vigorously it shook the entire castle, and Kevin fucked his daughter so savagely that if she had been anyone else she would have died beyond a vampire's regeneration threshold. For an entire year, nourished only by Gabrielle joining in and boob feeding the both of them once every few weeks, Kevin and Titania fucked each other with so much raw power and aggression that just standing near them would kill a mortal. Not a single room, by the end of that year, was left unshattered or clean of blood and other bodily fluids, and not even the many servants could keep up with the absolute carnage. On numerous occasions the two of them even made their way into Van Hella's cell only to fuck each other directly ontop of the gore that she was, making sure each powerful thrust and pound of their bodies broke and shattered anything that had begun to heal.

But Van Hella had stolen the key?

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