Death by fucking ch. 14

Death by fucking ch. 14

The Year Five

Andrew's Story

It's the database that's important. I'd taught the twerps to program starting when they were three. They are a whole lot smarter than I am. Was three years old too young to learn to program? I don't think so. I've done the initial system design, but soon I'll turn that over to them, too. Let's face it, when the brains were passed out in this family, I was last in line.

Anyway their assignment recently was to build me a firewall. I've got a plan. It's a good plan and I'm proud of it. My theory is before long we are going to be under attack. People are going to want to get into my database, find out what we are about, sabotage our operation, even.

We are trouble. Not short term, we are somewhat harmless in the immediate future, except for Em, who might be the most dangerous person on earth. I mean that. But if someone finds out what we really are doing, there must be some h. Sapiens somewhere who will want to take on the next generation.

And we have our dark little secret. The girls are telepaths. I can read them but no one else. So I must have some incipient abilities. Maybe many h. Sapiens are born with that latent talent, but have no one at the other end of the line to link up to, so to speak. I've got my links in place. The eGirls seem to be able to read anyone's thoughts. I don't think anyone else can read their thoughts, though, except for the eBoys, of course and each other.

So we've got to protect ourselves, data-wise at least. I've got some ideas about how to do it, but I'm not good enough to pull it off. I'll let the eGirls wrap their little brains around our problem, then see where they go with it.

Meanwhile I've learned to live with my mind being an open book to a pack of five year olds. I'm used to it. I've got nothing to hide. I'm not like a serial killer or jay walker or anything like that. Mostly I like sex. That's the key to Andrew. The little ones know it, even if the concept of 'sex' is foreign to them. There is no way I can hide it from them, so I figure a relaxed attitude is the only sane way to handle it.

There was a time when I could go for weeks at a time with no sex at all. Some female acquaintance might eventually call me up and suggest getting it on, and that would be that. Otherwise, I was dry. And it didn't bother me that much.

But now I live with two ravishingly beautiful, intelligent women. I'm constantly horny. I can't help it. They are sweet, warm and sexy. Every day I am with them I feel enveloped in warm nurturing love. Thank God the girls decided to quit their jobs not long after their pregnancies were confirmed. I couldn't have handled being away from them.

They manage to keep busy, handling our business, managing the Institute for the Advancement of Mankind. They even finished off their doctorates. They do housework too, occasionally. I mostly raise the little ones and do my programming thing. I do the cooking and grocery shopping too. You see a lot of good looking mothers in a grocery store.

But I figure there is danger lurking. Somewhere in the future, someone is going to come after us. It will probably be the government. After all, one of the points of our movement toward the next generation is to poke a bit of a hole in consumerism. That won't go over well in the most powerful circles of this country. And our present administration likes to be in a position of total control. We are pretty uncontrollable.

And let's face it we are creating a race of geniuses. I'm pretty smart, but I'm a mental midget next to the children of the next generation. I tried giving the eGirls an IQ test a while back. I took the test and scored 155. I felt pretty good about it. Then the munchkins went right off of the charts. Over 200 is the only thing I could confirm. How much over 200 I just don't know.

Right now we are so small as to be invisible. But we are ready for a major breakout if our mating plans work out. Here in our own family, six years ago there were only two women. Now there are six females and three males. That's progress. Besides which, I've had one hundred and eighty-five kids through these informal liaisons with twins on the network that the girls have worked out. I've even had seven boys to accompany my eighty-nine sets of girl twins. As far as we can tell, they are all geniuses. And they all have the telepathy thing going. I do nothing. I know nothing. Suddenly some woman shows up at our house and I'm spending the afternoon valiantly trying to impregnate her. Mostly it works. My life is good.

Multiply that by twenty thousand and we start making some noise. I want to be prepared when that noise is heard. After all, how easy is it going to be to keep a lid on it when I've got a couple of hundred kids all over the stinking country? I'm a very prolific guy.

Donnie's Story

It was so horrible. We were peacefully sleeping in the middle of the night when Andrew was up like a shot. As he ran from our bedroom he yelled "Call 911. We have an intruder."

Dee Dee grabbed for the phone and placed the emergency call while I followed after Andrew. He was running to the girls' room!

He burst into their room with me only a few steps behind. There was a man trying to grab our little girls! Andrew was on him in a flash. He wrapped his arms around the man's waist from behind and fell backwards twisting as he fell. The man went down with him, falling flat on his face.

His head hit the floor so hard he seemed to go out like a light. Andrew was searching the man when Elle said "He has a gun, Daddy. It's in his pants."

Emma said, "Don't worry, Daddy. You knocked him out good."

It was then I started to go into hysterics. I couldn't catch my breath. I was crying. Deirdre came in and she was crying too. Emma was laughing.

Andrew found the gun. It was big and it was loaded. There had never been a gun in our house before. Andrew pulled the man's wallet out of his pants. He opened it and removed several cards.

He said to Edda, "Eddie, go scan these into your computer. Email me a copy, okay?" He handed the cards to her and away she ran.

Andrew backed away and pointed the gun at this big ugly man who had tried to take our babies. I thought he might shoot him. I was still crying. I couldn't help it. I was so scared for the babies.

Dee Dee said, "Please Andrew. Don't shoot him. The police are on their way."

Andrew looked at me for the first time. "Calm down, sweetheart. Everything is going to be alright."

He turned to the girls. "When he wakes up, I'm going to ask him some questions. He won't want to answer. I don't care if he says anything or not. You munchkins listen to what he says in his head. But don't say it out loud. Let me know his answers silently, if you know what I mean."

Edie said "Okay, Daddy. He woke us up when he came into the room. He's a bad man."

Eddie came back into the bedroom and handed Andrew the cards. He put them back into the man's wallet and reinserted the wallet into the man's pants.

The big ugly thing was coming to. He sat up suddenly and reached in his pants as if to go for his gun.

Andrew said, "Too late, asshole. Sit there and don't move, or I'll shoot your child molesting ass."

The man turned and saw Andrew for the first time. It must have been an intimidating sight, seeing my tall strong husband looming over him with his own pistol, cocked and ready.

Andrew asked "What's your name?" The man said nothing.

Andrew said "Who sent you?" The man was silent.

"Who do you work for?" Still nothing.

We heard the police sirens in the distance and knew that Chief McArthur or one of his patrolmen would be here soon.

Andrew asked "What did you want with my children?"

The ugly man refused to talk. Dee Dee ran down to the front door to let in the police.

Then everything was chaos as the young police officer took over, arrested our ugly intruder and took our statements.

He tried questioning the girls but all he got from Emma was "We woke up and saw the big ugly man coming toward us. We called our Daddy and he came and saved us."

The cop took the man away in handcuffs. I was finally calm enough to hug Andrew, saying "Thank you. Thank you. You are so brave and wonderful."

Andrew shook his head. "The girls were in no danger. What do you say, Emmy?"

Emma laughed. She found this whole episode delightful. "Daddy told me not to hurt the ugly man. So I just made him stand there so Daddy could bop him. Daddy bopped him good."

Andrew laughed too. "At least I learned something from little league wrestling."

Deirdre and I gaped at them. It was dawning on us that Andrew had held out on us again!

Dee Dee said to Emma "What do you mean you just made him stand there?"

Emma said, "Whoops! Was I supposed to say that, Daddy?"

Andrew smiled. "It's okay, baby. Your Mommies need to know that you will always be safe." Then he looked at us. At least he had the grace to appear a little embarrassed. "If they have to, the girls can take over a Sapiens' mind. It's a little difficult for them to do individually yet, Emma's the best at it, but four of them together would be overwhelming. They know they aren't allowed to do it unless I say it is okay. And they know that if they harm someone they'll be in deep shit. Don't you girls!"

Eddie said, "We don't want to be in deep shit, Daddy."

Elle said, "Emma does it more than anyone else. She plays jokes on people."

Emma said, "Elle! Shut up you tattletale. I'm going to get you if you don't be quiet!"

Andrew quieted them down. "Girls, tonight I'm not going to be mad no matter what. Please, Em, you know you are supposed to use your powers only for good, just like Spiderman. Cool it with the telepathic control, would ya'?"

I was speechless. I said "Andrew we need to talk; in our bedroom. Now!"

Eddie said, "Daddy's in trouble! You're gonna get it now, Daddy."

Daddy gave the girls a weak grin. "Go to bed, please. Lay off of the mind control for a while, will you? You're making my life miserable."

Emma said, "Don't worry, Daddy. After they yell at you, both of them want to get laid."

The little stinker! She always has to have the last word. I walked over, intending to scold her. Instead I hugged her and started crying again. Each adult took at least one little girl and held her. Eric and Ethan came running in from their bedroom. God, I hadn't even given them a thought! It made me cry even more. Our family was safe.

I don't know what was more shocking: catching an intruder in our little girls' room, or finding out our children have the powers of some super hero. We were shocked either way. And Andrew hadn't told us. He knew and he hadn't told us.

We marched him back to our bedroom. I must admit that Emma was right. Seeing Andrew act in so manly a fashion certainly made me horny. Maybe it was the aftermath of the whole thing, but I really needed him inside of me.

We got into the room and made Andrew sit on our bed. It's a huge king-sized bed that fits all three of us comfortably. Andrew was in his pajama bottoms. He never wears a top. He was gorgeous. It's very difficult being angry with him.

Deirdre said, "Well Andrew, what do you have to say for yourself?"

He said, "Do you really want to get laid?"

What could we do? We had to laugh. Then we attacked him. We even let our one-on-one rule slide a little just for the evening. We both wanted him now!

Deirdre's Story

Andrew seems so staid, so set in his ways. He's comfortable in a routine that is unchanging. Perhaps it's because he has so many things to do that he has little choice but to do them according to a schedule.

But an outside observer might consider our Andrew a boring stick in the mud. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon he can be found in front of the tube with his football games, his Big Mac and his beer. During the week it is programming, child rearing and not much else.

He is the most dedicated of fathers. He's never far from our six children, playing with them, teaching them or just babysitting – working on his programs as they do their own thing. It's so easy to forget that our Andrew may be unique in all the world.

Donnie and I are the businesspersons in our family. Andrew's regards business matters with ignorance and apathy. He doesn't know and he doesn't care. And yet from a standing start he has built a programming business that supports us comfortably. We allow him to do his programming thing: after all it is the engine that drives the business. And we handle everything else: sales, accounting, etc.

He has fathered almost two hundred children. And he's only thirty-two. How many more will he have? Each of his children is a super-genius. Each of his children is telepathic. And now it appears that each of his children may have some kind of incredible power to control minds.

Yet Andrew goes along as if nothing is out of the ordinary, the world is going according to plan. He refuses to have his head turned by his accomplishments, no matter how extraordinary.

Tonight he captured that intruder, bandit, or kidnapper, whatever he was. He threw the man to the ground and knocked him out in a single move. Then he calmly lifted the man's wallet, had one of the girls scan the pertinent information into our network, and then replaced it without the man's knowledge.

Then at gunpoint he questioned the man, who I am sure gave his answers silently without even knowing that he did it. Andrew must be the most special boring person on earth.

A couple of years ago our cousin Danny was the first woman to take advantage of another of Andrew's unique talents, the ability to impregnate the IAM twins. A year and a half later she called us again, wanting a chance at another child or children.

I asked her "What does your significant other think about that?"

She said, "After being with Andrew, I found out that Artie is my insignificant other. Oh! I suppose I shouldn't have said that! Sorry." I think all the girls that Andrew has been with feel that way.

We have invited all of these women in to Andrew's bed for the sake of IAM. Andrew doesn't complain about his use as our resident stud. It doesn't matter whether the woman who comes is beautiful, plain, older, younger, white, black, or whatever. He does his duty. He does his duty so well that we've gotten many a request for a return engagement just like Danny's, with or without the goal of procreation.

But Andrew only cares about Donnie and me. After each of his encounters he is always eager to have one of us join him for a second round of lovemaking. He says it cleanses his soul. I think he's just a horny little devil who adores making love to us.

Andrew doesn't see us as we are. He sees us with his heart. We are the idealized version of ourselves to Andrew. We are two forty-one year old women, trying to maintain a relationship with our thirty-one year old man. And it's easy.

Andrew loves us! He thinks we are beautiful, warm, sexy, smart. He sees us with the eyes of love. We have no illusions about ourselves but are glad that Andrew's illusions remain intact.

We were in our bedroom after Andrew had dispatched the villain in our children's bedroom. I must admit, after I had calmed down from the shock of it all, my reaction was one of intense arousal. I was so horny for our sweet beautiful boy. He is such a man.

We were somewhat upset with him for not telling us about the girls' powers. He seems to shepherd his knowledge of what the children can do, as if it were some deeply guarded secret. Perhaps it should be.

Yet Andrew defused the situation with a single sentence: 'Do you really want to get laid?'

Of course we did. He's so funny in his single-minded desire to have sex with us. Any occasion warrants a lovemaking session as far as Andrew is concerned. How did we survive for thirty-five years with so little sex?

It's like we are addicted to it. Every day we look forward to our time together, and it is always wonderful, varied, exciting, mind-blowing. I firmly believe it is good for the circulation. We should never have heart problems or Alzheimer's. That's a theory I'm working on (to paraphrase Andrew).

Donnie and I were in our flimsy nighties, Andrew in his pajama bottoms. We had responded to his question by jumping on him and pulling off his bottoms, laughing and kissing him, rubbing our bodies on his. It feels so good to rub against him. Skin to skin contact is my favorite.

He helped us remove our nighties, but then we were confronted with our eternal problem, two girls and only one penis. We usually solve this problem by making love in shifts. But neither of us wanted to wait tonight.

Andrew instinctively knew how to handle our shortage of penises by bringing his other wonderful sex organ into play. He lay back onto the bed, drawing the two of us towards him.

We caressed him as he fondled each of us, giving one then the other long and loving kisses. His hand fondled my breast just the way I love it. He does things to those small breasts of mine. They are so sensitive to his touch. Every other lover I'd had seemed to think they were too small to bother with, but Andrew can spend hours on just my breasts.

I don't know how he can be so patient, sometimes. The only time he is impatient is when we've been apart for a few days, or after our periods. Then he takes us like he did the first time he had us, demanding and domineering.

But tonight it is we girls who are demanding. Neither of us can wait, we have to share. Sometimes I think that Donnie and I are telepathic or perhaps telempathic as Andrew would say. We feel each other's emotions. Perhaps we did contribute some genes to that special talent so well developed in our children.

We pushed Andrew onto his back. His magnificent erection pointed straight up in the air. Donnie grabbed hold of it and climbed aboard. I straddled his head and brought my center down so he could reach it with his tongue.

Oh, that magnificent tongue slid up my thighs and found my pussy lips. I moaned in my passion. His tongue parted my lips and it was inside me. My head flew back and my eyes closed. I was in heaven.

He brought a hand to bear and suddenly there was a finger inside me instead. His tongue made its way to my clitoris. It touched and I screamed! My hips began to rotate on Andrew's face, humping, helping those long lovely fingers to find their way deeper into my pussy.

I could hear Donnie behind me bouncing on Andrew's cock, groaning, working her way to a peak. We were both so hot, we couldn't last too long. His tongue was worrying my clit. I felt dizzy with the passion. His finger searched until it found my G-spot. I screamed again. I felt the spasms take over in my pussy.

Donnie was screaming too. Here in our bedroom, two identical twins were riding our lover to our orgasms. We do everything together. This was a first though. We've never cum in unison before.

Donnie was laughing and crying at the same time. Was I? My emotions were out of control. Our hero husband was servicing us, filling us.

I heard Donnie say, "Yessss! Fill me up! Fuck me Andrew. Fill me with your cum! I love you!"

I love him too. I was just too crazed to say it. My climax finally ended and I collapsed beside Andrew. I kissed him deeply, my female wetness on his lips, in his mouth, covering his chin.

Donnie fell forward on his chest. He held her with his right arm while holding my with his left.

Andrew said "Are you still mad at me?"

We laughed. We hugged him. Thank God for this man. Where would we be without him?

Andrew's Story

I woke up with two gorgeous things trying to swallow me whole. They were gloriously naked and beautiful. These girls have a serious self-esteem problem, because they seem to feel that they are old and plain.

Believe me, they are anything but plain. If they were old, would they be wanting to get laid every day of their lives? They remain soft, warm, round, and beautiful; their skin satiny, velvety soft; their curves in all the right places; their beautiful faces retain the soft glow that turns heads wherever they go.

They think I'm crazy, but I know that I'm the envy of every man who sees them. They are wonderful. Their personalities are soft and warm, too. Donnie is more humorous, Dee Dee more romantic. But they are both soft nurturing and funny. They are patient with my immaturity, don't mind my strangeness, love me for me. That's one I've never figured out. What the hell do they see in me?

And they have a particular talent that is, I feel, rare at best. They've learned to give coordinated blow jobs. It is indescribable having two warm wet mouths loving your dick. It's so hot I can hardly last. I want to ride it out, experience it. I just can't. Within a few minutes they have me spurting into one of their mouths.

Dee Dee has this way of looking into my eyes as she swallows my cum. I want to throw her down on the bed and fuck her senseless.

I can't do it this morning. We have too much to do. Still as she cleans my shrinking dick with her tongue I whisper to her, "You're next."

Donnie smiles as Dee Dee starts to turn red. After all this time it's still easy to get to her. She is so easy to turn on.

But I say to them, "It's time we talk about last night. I've got to admit I was holding out on you ladies a little bit."

Donnie said, "A little bit! You were holding out on us a little bit? What do you consider holding out on us a lot?"

I put my hands up as if to stop the onslaught. "It was just a figure of speech, Donnie. Don't get your panties in a wad."

Donnie stated the obvious. "Tell us Andrew. Tell us what we don't know."

I shrugged my shoulders. "There's not much to tell. If you ever see somebody do something foolish, spill something on themselves, whatever, there's a better than even chance that Em's involved."

Deirdre remembered. "We stopped at a restaurant in town the other day. I had taken the girls shopping and we wanted some lunch. The woman at the table next to us was reading a newspaper as she ate. She reached for her glass to take a drink and grabbed the ketchup by mistake. She didn't notice until the ketchup was already in her mouth. You should have seen her spit it out! The girls were laughing hysterically."

I said, "Em. That's an Em trick if I ever heard of one. The other eGirls are too timid to try anything, but they are her collaborators. They always find whatever she does funny. She feeds off of that. Hell, she is funny in a five year old kind of way."

Donnie asked "But how do they do it? Why haven't we noticed?"

"As soon as I realized they had some sort of telepathic control, I read them the riot act. I made them promise to never try to do anything to you two or to me. If I caught them trying it, I would come down on them hard."

Dee Dee laughed and said, "That's the emptiest threat I've ever heard! They have you wrapped around their little fingers. You don't know the meaning of the word discipline."

I objected. "I certainly do! It was a Word Wealth word in tenth grade. I know what it means. I'm just not very good at it."

Donnie said, "Well I don't remember us doing anything out of the ordinary. Andrew makes a fool of himself regularly, but no more than he did before the girls were born."

I said "Hey! Hey! Hey! This is not supposed to be about me. We're discussing the children here. We've got to talk about last night. That man, that Joseph Williams according to his driver's license, who broke in and tried to take one of the girls."

Deirdre looked appalled. "What did he want with one of the girls? You called him a child molester. Was he really?"

I shook my head. "No, things are not as they seem. His name isn't Joseph Williams. His papers were false. His real name is Ralph Morris and he works for the government, specifically he's a special operative working for the Attorney General."

They looked aghast. "What does the Attorney General want with our children? And why would they go to this extreme? How do you know all this?"

"I think they went to this extreme because they couldn't break into our system. A while back I started the eGirls programming a firewall to end all firewalls. Actually we ended up with a multi-layered system. It was really Em's idea, even though Edie and Eddie did most of the actual programming. It requires a sick mind like Emmy's to come up with something like this."

"Instead of making it impossible to break in, we gave them a few cracks that would let a good hacker slide through. We let them see information after they broke through. It was reasonable information but it was all false."

"Depending on how thorough our hackers were, they might leave it at that. But once they found their info was garbage, they would probably come back and try to dig deeper. We gave them three more walls to break through, each one with plenty of information behind it, all of it false. We had a ball coming up with the mis-information, by the way."

"Each wall was progressively harder to break through. If some enterprising hacker made it through all four walls we gave him a reward."

Dee Dee asked, "A reward? What kind of reward?"

I think I may have looked a little guilty. "It's a naked picture of Donnie. Anyone good enough to break through four firewalls programmed by our little girls deserves something special."

Donnie hit me on the shoulder. "You are awful! You didn't let the girls see that picture, did you? You know that picture was just for you!"

I said, "Baby, the girls see everything. They know everything. There isn't any way to avoid it, so you might as well get used to it. These little things are a different species from us. We may as well accept it. Hey if some poor sap goes to all the trouble of breaking into our server, the least we can do for him is give him a thrill. I guarantee you, he'll be happy."

Donnie blushed but looked mollified.

Dee Dee asked "But what about our real information? Won't that be compromised?"

Andrew laughed. "It will take another super-genius to come close to it. Heck, we don't even keep it on the server. We don't even keep it in the computer room. They can come and confiscate all our hardware and they wouldn't get our database. I've got the smartest programmers on earth working on this, honey. It's a done deal."

Dee Dee kept up. "So how do you know all this?"

"I told the girls to listen to Morris's mind's answers to my questions, remember? He didn't hold anything back. He couldn't. I let Emmy know that she was to flog it out of him, if necessary. She twisted his brain and hung him out to dry. In the few minutes we had with him, he gave it all up."

Donnie asked, "Well is the government going to get him off? Will he just walk away free after trying to kidnap our babies?"

I responded in the negative. "We are among the biggest political contributors in Bullock County. We helped elect the sheriff. We helped elect the mayor. We helped elect the judges. We helped elect the County Commissioners. It's time we called in some markers."

Dee Dee was puzzled. "I always wondered why you gave so much money. You hate politicians."

"Hey, the local politicians do good work. Most local governments I've dealt with work hard for their constituency. They do so here too. They are good people. It's state-wide and national politicians I despise, regardless of party. They are almost all whores. I don't blame them. We created this fucked up political system. They are playing the hand that was dealt them. I don't blame them but I still despise them."

Donnie said, "Dee Dee you've set Andrew off again. We were talking about this guy, what's his name, Morris?"

I continued, "This guy is going down for breaking and entering and attempted kidnapping. That's a big time felony. We'll make sure that he knows that he's doing major hard time unless he talks and tells the truth. It will be easy if we can just get one of the kids, Em preferably, to be close to the action when he is in open court. She'll make him talk."

Dee Dee asked "What does the Attorney General want with us? We're not making any waves, are we?"

I nodded in the affirmative. "Honey, I have almost two hundred children and they are all telepaths. There is no way information like that isn't going to make it back to the powers that be. We told all the mothers to keep everything quiet, but who ever saw ninety women who could keep their mouths shut."

Donnie wasn't taking that. "Let he who is without sin, Andrew. You talk more than any ten women I know. Stop with the sexism and continue with your latest theory."

"Well there are two reasons we might be wanted. First, we aren't real popular with the religious right. I have all of these kids; it is general knowledge that I have two wives. Even without the telepathy angle, I'll bet there are some religious extremists who would love to move me to the top of their hate list. They would be applying pressure to the current administration, and there are a lot of religious whackos in positions of power in that group. But the fact that they went after the girls indicates they know something. Maybe it's just their IQ's. They might be interesting in grabbing a super-genius and seeing what makes her tick. But maybe it's the telepathy. Morris really didn't know the why. So I'm guessing on this."

Dee Dee asked, "What are we going to do?"

I smiled. "My little league coach always taught me the best defense is a good offense. They've got the IRS and napalm bombs on their side. But I've got Emma on my side. I think it's about time we set her loose."

-- to be continued

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Ellen sat at her desk working on the Company’s Profit and Loss report. Ellen started as a temp 6 years ago and worked up the ladder to the position she is in now, administrative assistant to the COO. She had worked very hard in and out of the office to get to where she was at. As she worked on the report, she is buzzed. “Yes sir.” “Ellen can you please come in here, and lock the door when you enter?” “Be right there” Ellen looked around the office as she turned around in her chair. She shifted in her chair...


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At the age of 13 I had an operation to remove a tumor at the back of my brain. After the operation I was left blind. It was a great shock and it took me months to come to terms with it. Sometimes I still rebel against the fact, but what the hell, I am enjoying my life and it is why I am writing this. I stayed at home for almost a year, but then I was sent to a school for blind children. It was far from where we live so I had to stay in the school’s boarding...


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My buddies Mom

This is about Russell’s Mom. To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Russell and I had planned. So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the...


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Queen of Dragons

I started writing it ages ago and recently found it on my harddrive. It's a work in progress, let me know if you like it. *** Dana, the huntmistress of the Serpent King, she who was known in the land as Dragon Queen, blew down the dusty corridor in a powerful stride. Servants scuttled to corners to allow her passage, their heads jerking low in subservience. Guards snapped to attention and prayed she did not have time to notice any minor lapse in protocol. “Lady Dana! Truly a pleasure to catch you – might I trouble you for a moment of...


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This is the true story of how I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have your sunscreen on? my Dad asked me. No, I'll put it on at the party, I replied. We were in the car to a party at my friends house. Her name was Genna and we had been going to school together for the past several years. I was excited for this party for one purpose. As I thought of the reason, my mind flashed back to the conversation I had online with one of the girls in my grade. (Made up...


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