Tricked My Girlfriend 3

Tricked My Girlfriend 3

It was a Saturday night, and my girlfriend was over.
We had had sex earlier that day and she had decided to take a shower
while i made dinner. After she got out, she came to the kitchen and sat with me.
She wanted to know more about my fetish.
The Dos and Don'ts, and all that other crap.
She asked me if i needed to be there while people fucked her.
I asked her the same question, do you feel i need to be there?
Well, the only reason i fucked K on your bed was because i knew you'd hear and find us fucking, she said. I get so horny when i think it's cheating but you're okay with it. I mean, i don't wanna cheat on you, but the thought of you finding me cheating on you and getting hard over it excites me, she continued.
So you're like an exhibitionist? i asked.
What's that? she smirked.
Its when you like people seeing you get fucked, i said.
Oh! then yes, it does turn me on.
But what if i fuck someone else while you're not there? she questioned me.
I dunno. would you?
Nobody would be watching, so it wouldn't be hot, she confessed.
But would you?
No, unless you found out or were right there. Otherwise its not appealing to me.
I mean if you want to, we can try it, later on. I assured her.
Okay, she said.
Wow! what if i were to get raped?
What about it? i asked.
Would that be a turn on?
I dunno. If i was there, i'd probably get hard but i would feel the need to stop it.
She smile shyly, and said You do love me.
Ofcourse i do, i laughed.
After washing the dishes i headed to the room to play some videogames.
She said she felt fat so she was gonna go for a light jog and got changed into some tiny shorts and a tank top.
I told her to just go jogging tomorrow morning because it was already midnight. She said she'd feel really fat if she didn't go now.
I gave in and told her to be very careful, jog around the apartment complex area and that i'd go outside and look for her later.
With that, she left and went out jogging.
I played my videogame for like 3 minutes before i thought of following her, and not telling her.
I doubted she had gone outside for sex, but what if?
After all, we had just had a talk about boundaries and such, not to mention how fucking hot she looked.
I put on shoes and a hoodie and left to follow her.
Being sneaky was hard but i could pull it off.
I caught with her, well i caught sight of her. She was all the way over there jogging and minding her own business.
Shit, i thought, i got dressed for nothing.
I followed her patiently, and staying hidden among parked cars, but she did not seem to have anything in mind other than jogging.
She was reaching a curb when i saw it.
2 black guys standing there, and she was about to jog pass them.
I felt my cock harden.
They looked at her and said something but i couldn't quite hear what it was.
My girlfriend looked back and smile, but kept jogging.
They started to follow her and calling to her, making her slow down and match their pace.
She was now walking with 2 guys on each side of her.
She was giggling and smiling, i could tell they were probably flirting with her.
She stopped completely and they looked at her up and down.
Turning around she showed her ass to them.
My girlfriend was really loving the attention.
I could tell they were trying to get her to hang with them or something, they wouldn't stop checking her out, so obviously they wanted a piece of that ass.
She giggled and touch one of the guy's arm, possibly saying "Not Today" or "I Have a Boyfriend".
Just then, one of them put his arm around her waist and pulled her close, grabbing her ass.
She didn't object to it.
They talked longer and eventually my girlfriend started walking with them.
They took a shortcut and headed to a darkened area behind the apartments.
I followed, curious of what was about to happen.
There she was! walking with them to the woods.
Finally stopping at an area i was familiar with: the place where me and K had fucked her.
Black guy A, lets call him that for now, pull out what seem like a joint and begin to light it up, and so did Black guy B.
My girlfriend just stood there.
My guessing was that maybe they had asked her to hang with them, begged her, and she had agreed.
Black guy B passed the joint to my girlfriend and she hit it.
Coughing and almost choking, it was obvious she had no idea how to do it.
They then tried to be friendly and help her, coaching her on her smoke it.
A minute later, she was almost as perfect at it as them.
For what seemed like 10 minutes, they just talked and smoked, occasionally putting one hand on my girl.
She could tell it was getting late, so she tried to excuse herself.
They groaned and whined loudly, for they didn't want her gone yet,
They got her to smoke some more and then one of them said something and she stood there dumbfounded.
I made an attempt to get closer but the rustling of the leaves made it hard.
Maybe i had moved 5 feet closer through bushes when i heard "Cock".
My eyes widened and i tried to adjust my hearing so i could probably catch what they were talking about... and i did.
You seem like pretty cool chick, very sexy too, Black guy A said.
I got you some good time right?
Yeeahh, my girlfriend said.
Then why don't you return the favor?
What?! she exclaimed.
I have a boyfriend.
...but he's not here and he won't find out about this.
Come on, baby, i just wanna feel those hands, Black guy B said.
Just my hands, my girlfriend asked?
Yeah little babe, just a small, couple secs handjob.
I don't know, she continued.
Don't you feel happy and mellow, now that we shared our candy with ya, Black guy A, tried to persuade.
Plus you know you're a little horny, Black guy B interrupted.
My girlfriend giggled and looked around nervously.
Black guy A began undoing his pants and took his semi hard cock out, while B leaned against a tree.
I really can't, she stuttered and attempted to leave. Black guy A, grabbed her arm and stopped her.
Are you really gonna leave now?, after you smoked my weed and got me all horny. Fucking tease.
I'm not a tease, she snapped at him.
Pulling and pushing her down on her knees, he told her to finish the job.
Do it! He said in an angry tone.
Shaking her hand, my Girlfriend reached for his cock and mouthed wow, so did i, that guy seemed a little bigger than my semi hard cock.
She began stroking him, while looking at him.
See, you want that cock don't you?
But you just don't wanna admit it.
Maybe, she smiled a little bit.
You're big, she said with a devilish smile on her face.
He was fully hard now and it was obvious he was bigger than me. Thicker too.
Have you had anything this big?
Nope, my girlfriend answered still stroking his cock.
Wanna have something this big?
Hell no! I have a boyfriend, remember?
Moaning he said, but that didn't stop you from getting on your knees and playing with my dick.
That's cuz you push me on my knees! She squealed.
What's else was i supposed to do?
Walk away, said black guy B.
Yeah, said his partner, you could of left, but you didn't.
And you didn't because you want to have a good time here with us. Admit it!
That's not true.!
Fine. Keep denying it, but what if i push my dick in your mouth?
What if? She looked straight into his eyes.
Would you suck it?
No, admiring his cock, she was caught off guard by him pushing his member against her lips.
She tried moving her head away.
Stop, it won't fit.
Make it fit, he pushed himself into her mouth again.
She was right, it was too big for her mouth, too thick.
Come on, what else are you supposed to do with my dick in your lips, he rubbed it on her pretty lips.
She tried to hide her smile and finally gave in. Opening wide and taking part of his cock in.
You little cocksucker, he groaned victorious.
I couldn't believe this, she had her lips wrapped around someone else's junk, both hands on it.
She was going at it slowly, taking his thick cock bit by bit.
Slurping and stroking it, and doing for seconds to breath.
You're really big, she told him.
And you're really good at sucking cock.
Keep going, he motioned her.
Mmmm was all that would come out her mouth.
She was using both her hands with him, licking the tip and giggling all while doing so.
My mouth is getting tired, taking the cock out her mouth.
How about you try putting my dick in another hole?, stroking her hair he told her.
I can't, she went back to blowing him.
You're already on your knees sucking my dick, might as well let me Fuck you.
I have a boyfriend, stroking his cock and licking it like a lollipop.
I have my dick in your mouth!, he laughed.
I can't, i really can't, please i already gave you a handjob and a blowjob.
But baby, I'm not satisfied, grabbing his own cock.
You don't even have condom!
So i can't without a condom.
It looked like she had best him.
What if i get one right now?
Right now?
Yes, I'll go home, look for one or go to the store and buy one.
Anything it takes for me to taste that sweet pussy.
It's gonna take a long time though...And i should already be home, she looked down as if scheming something.
Alright, ill be right back he said and took off running.
Black guy B stayed there with her.
He shouldn't take long, he assured her.
You seem pretty laid back and not interested in fucking me, she sat on the ground.
I ain't gonna lie, you're a sexy ass bitch, the legs and that ass.
I would fuck you in an instant, if i could, i mean.
I would also be patient and wait for my chance, if i need to.
You think you have a chance? she giggled.
Well, seeing as how you were on your knees with Lamar's cock in your mouth..
And seeing how now he's gone and you're here alone with me in the woods, he walked towards her.
At that point i realized the big cock guy, Lamar, was not as much of a threat as this guy.
He wasn't just a walking cock waiting to fuck anything, he was a cunning player.. and worst of all,
he seemed to be playing my girl right into his hands.
I guess.. it wouldn't be fair..
Not it wouldn't, Lamar got a BJ out of this and the weed wasn't even his.
She laughed and dropped on her knees in front of him, quickly taking his cock out of his pants.
I'm not as big as my buddy, but i'm still pretty thick, he leaned back on a tree.
He was about my size, a tad bit thicker.
I tried to look away but i couldn't help getting turned on and looking back at the show happening in front of me.
No more porn, this was the real deal.
My girlfriend on her knees sucking a black guy in the middle of darkness.
His groans and moans grew louder and louder till he stood her up and pushed her against a tree.
What are you doing?
What do you think? pulling down her shorts and underwear.
You don't have a condom!
Do i need one? Look at you, all fucking wet, didn't even resist.
You want this dick.
i.. ugh..
Fuck me, she gave in and he impale her in one swift motion.
Oh god, she held tightly to the tree.
It's all in now! Pretty thick huh?
I love it, she moaned and he started rocking his body.
Oooh, she would moan over and over.
He was stretching her pussy with each thrust, going balls deep.
Without realizing it, i started playing with my cock... but i wouldn't have..
I was angry, and humiliated.
My girlfriend was cheating on me and this was different than before.
Her moans echoed through my mind,
Each thrust would cause her to let a loud moan, followed by a Ooooh or ahh.
He got her on all fours and started ramming into her harder and faster, and she ofcourse, got louder.
Her skinny and tiny frame would shake every single thrust, i honestly thought he was gonna break her from all the slamming.
I wanted it to stop, i couldn't keep watching much as liked it.
I couldn't take it, anymore.
I got up and decided i was heading home, but the moans would echo through my head.
i turned around and started heading home.
No longer looking, i stopped just to hear my girlfriend moan and grunt with lust.
I wasn't gonna stay here and watch her get double penetrated by two black cocks, i thought to myself.
Obviously that wasn't happening yet... but if Lamar came back.. it could.
In that instant i heard someone yelled Is Someone There?! and flashed a light around.
It was a neighbor!
He had come all the way over here, because he probably saw or heard something.
I, scared for my own good tried my best to hide and hope he wouldn't see me.
My girl and her black friend thought the same.
They quickly stopped the fucking and scrambled like crazed monkeys trying to get their clothes on.
He saw them and yelled What Are Yall Doing Out This Late?! flashing his light at them.
Black guy B ran away and left my girl there standing in just her tanktop and underwear.
She wasn't running and i didn't know why.
My guess was she probably froze with fear.
The guy walked up to her still flashing his light at her.
Now i could see him clearer.
Old, white hair and wrinkly.
You Shouldn't Be Out Here Wearing Those Clothes he said.
She Apologized in an awkward manner.
It's Alright, he grabbed her hand and led her out the woods.
He was questioning her about the guy that ran away and where she lived.
God, i wanted to go shake this guy's hand.
He had just stopped a really morbid fantasy/nightmare from continuing.
..till i noticed him checking her out.
I guess it was normal after all.
A girl in underwear.
I followed him closely, leading her to his apartment.
asking if he wanted to come in.
She refused and said she needed to go home, which was my cue to get the fuck back home.
He put his hand on her waist assuring her it was no trouble, that she could even spend the night on his sofa.
She apologized and said she was thankful but really had to get home.
He then followed to tell her, she could come by anytime.. that she was welcome in his house.
She nodded and started walking home.
He kept a close eye on her ass, moving side to side.
I sighted and headed home too.
My little overnight adventure had ended.
My girlfriend had blow two guys, fucked one and been offered another fuck by some old guy.
I had just witnessed all of this too, which made me feel exhausted.
My plan was to wait outside my apartment and make it seem like i was about to go look for her.
To my surprise, i was already outside my front door and she was still nowhere to be seen.
I waited a bit more, then i saw here on the hallway, but she wasn't heading towards my apartment.
She knocked lightly on K's door.
Was she out of her mind? she could wake up K's mother and the way she was dressing..
But it wasn't K's mother that answered the door.
K, himself did.
He looked at her, then proceeded to grab that sweet ass of her.
I had to assumed she probably had asked him if he could spend the night.
An absurd idea, seeing how K didn't live by himself...
They both walked in...
Was she for reals?
I headed home.
Inside, i made my way to my bed.
I couldn't believe she had decided to spend the night at some kid's house.
Then i heard the front door opened and giggling.
Hah.. i laughed.
I heard more noises, rustling of clothes, then smacking sounds and Fucking.
She had gone and gotten K to come over and fuck her.
Moaning could be heard all the way to my room.
I got up quietly and cracked my door open, just enough to see the living room.
There she was!
On all fours getting pounded by K.
ooooohh, i needed a good fuck, she moaned.
I got back on my bed and slowly fell asleep to her moans.
I was glad she was home.

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