The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 10

The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10
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The Way I Dreamed It
Part 1
Chapter 10
After walking a couple of minutes Shikamaru walks up to them.
“Naruto the Hokage needs to speak to you, she said she wants to meet with you right now” said Shikamaru in a lazy tone like always.
“I wonder what she wants?” said Hinata.
“Maybe she wanted to talk about you know” said shikamaru as he nodded towards Hinata’s stomach, Hinata just blushed like always.
“No she already knows about that” said Naruto.
“Really? What did she do?” said Shikamaru.
“Nothing” said Naruto.
“Uh . . . that’s a surprise, well I delivered my message, I’ll see you guys later” said Shikamaru he began to walk away.
“Where you going shikamaru?” asked Naruto.
“I have to go meet up with Ino and Tenten” said shikamaru.
“What for?” asked Hinata.
“I don’t know they just said that I had to meet with them to talk about something” said Shikamaru.
“Wait . . . I think I’ll come with” said Neji as he ran to catch up to him.
“I guess it’s just now us three . . . . . . Well let go see the Hokage” said Naruto.
Konohamaru stood looking down on the beaten Jiraiya who was lying flat on the floor. Since they got to the hot springs all that had been happening was Jiraiya getting beaten up.
After Konohamaru ‘taught’ Jiraiya the genjutsu, Jiraiya kept trying to sneak inside the women’s side of the hot springs, however every time he did he would get chased out and beaten.
What Jiraiya didn’t know was that Konohamaru was purposely getting him caught so that he would get beaten up by the women just so he could entertain himself and man was he entertained.
‘This idiot really thought I would teach him one of my top skills, ha’ thought Konohamaru.
He continued to look at the befallen Jiraiya as he twitched his leg, Konohamaru just laughed.
“Konohamaru” said someone.
He turned around to see Moegi and Udon.
“Hey guys” said Konohamaru.
“Hey were going to go get some ramen wanna come” said Moegi.
‘Well I had my fun’ he thought, “Yeah, lets go” said Konohamaru.
Naruto, Hinata, and Hanabi were walking towards the Hokage tower when they run into Konohamaru and his teammates.
“Konohamaru where you going?” asked Naruto.
“Naruto . . . . . . Were going to go get some ramen . . . . . . Wanna come?” asked Konohamaru.
“No I have to go see the bachan” said Naruto.
“What about you guys” said Konohamaru to Hinata and Hanabi.
“I’m going with Naruto but maybe Hanabi would like to go” said Hinata.
“I . . . don’t know” said Hanabi.
“Come on Hanabi it’s time you make some friends, besides there are good people trust me” Hinata whispered in to Hanabi’s ear.
“Fine I’ll go but we have to go to Naruto’s apartment so we can get Yuki, she’s home all alone” said Hanabi.
“Who’s Yuki?” asked Moegi.
“Our puppy” said Hanabi
“Alright let’s go” said Konohamaru as all four left towards Naruto’s apartment.
“Well it’s down to just you and me Hinata, come on bachan is probably waiting” said Naruto as he took Hinata’s hand and continued walking.
Naruto and Hinata arrived at the tower, they headed towards Tsunade’s offices were Shizune told them that Tsunade was waiting for them.
She opened the door and led them in where Tsunade was sitting by her desk; the two walked up and took a seat.
“Hinata you came too” said Tsunade.
“Of course she came, what ever you have to say you can say it to her as well” said Naruto.
“Ok . . . . . . I’m guessing that Jiraiya already gave you the scroll” said Tsunade.
“Yeah . . . . . but I haven’t read it, but he did tell what it was about” said Naruto.
“So you already know . . . . . . Does she?” asked Tsunade.
“Hinata doesn’t know” said Naruto.
“Know what?” asked Hinata.
“Earlier when Jiraiya wanted to talked to me, what he wanted was to give me a scroll, the scroll contains information about my family” said Naruto.
“Your family?” asked Hinata.
“Yeah, he told me who my parents were” said Naruto.
“So you finally know who your family is?” asked Hinata.
“Yeah . . . . . . My mother was a kunoich, her name is Uzumaki Kushina, right now that all I know about her and my father . . . . . . My father was Namikaze Minato the fourth Hokage” said Naruto.
“Naruto . . . I’m so happy for you” said Hinata.
“Why?” asked Naruto.
“Because you finally found your family, you know were you come from” she said as she hugged him.
At this moment Jiraiya appeared.
“HU . . . Looks like I got here just in time” said Jiraiya as he saw Naruto and Hinata hugging.
“Shut up” said Tsunade.
“What happened to you?” asked Naruto as he saw all the bruises on Jiraiya.
“Nothing” replied Jiraiya.
“Well back to the reason why you’re here” said Tsunade.
“Naruto I was think that now that you know the truth perhaps it’s also time that every one else knew the truth as well, we could make---” Naruto cut her off.
“What . . . . . . Why not?” asked Tsunade.
“I don’t want people to know, at least not yet” said Naruto.
“Till when?” asked Jiraiya.
“At least till I become Hokage” said Naruto.
“Naruto that’s crazy why; do you want to wait” said Tsunade.
Hinata looked at Naruto and she could see it in his face, there was a reason why he didn’t want to tell people yet. She gave his hand a squeeze almost asking him to share his reason.
“Naruto you said that you wanted people to respect you and acknowledge you this will definitely do it, once people know that you are the son of the fourth Hokage things will change” said Tsunade.
“That is the reason” said Naruto.
“What do you mean” said Jiraiya who also looked confused.
“Yes if we tell people they will treated me different. Yes, I do want to be acknowledged and respected but not like this, I always loathed Sasuke because he would always get everything he wanted just because he was an Uchiha, it was like the village just handed him everything he wanted on a silver platter just because of who he was with out even earning any of it. If we tell people that’s the way they will probably treat me and the seventeen years of my life in which I worked so hard to get any type of respect would just go to waste. I do want to be respected but I want to earn their respect and not just have it handed to me” said Naruto.
“I see, and that’s why you want to tell them when you become Hokage, because by then you would probably already have their respect” said Tsunade.
‘Naruto you have definitely matured’ thought Jiraiya.
After hearing what Naruto had to say Hinata began to fidget on her seat a little.
“Hinata are you alright?” asked Naruto.
“Uhm yeah, I’m fine” said Hinata with a blush on her face.
“Hinata what do you think about what Naruto said” asked Tsunade.
“I agree with Naruto-kun, even if I didn’t I don’t think I would be able to change his mind” said Hinata.
The door open and in came Shizune. At this time Naruto looked over at Hinata, she continued to fidget on her seat and the blush still present on her face.
“Hokage-same this came for you” said Shizune as she handed Tsunade a scroll.
Tsunade took the scroll; she opened it and read it.
“NARUTO WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” asked Tsunade really angry.
“Uh I don’t know, what is it?” asked Naruto.
Jiraiya took the scroll from Tsunade and read it.
“Uh a battle contract . . . . . . Man I haven’t seen one of these in ages” said Jiraiya.
“Oh that” said Naruto.
“Well” said Tsunade.
“Well it kind of just happened” said Naruto.
“Do you even know what your getting in to . . . What am I saying . . . Do you even know what you got yourself in to, this is Hyuga Hiashi” said Tsunade.
“I know who he is, it’s time that he answers for every bad thing he’s done to Hinata and Hanabi, it’s time that some one taught him a lesson or two” said Naruto angry.
Jiraiya just stood there without saying a word looking at both of them talk.
“Do you really think that your at his level, he’ll kill you” said Tsunade.
“HINATA IS MY FIANCE AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF I LET HIASHI GET AWAY WITH THE WAY HE TREATED HER” yelled Naruto, Hinata looked at Naruto with wide eyes.
‘Naruto-kun’ thought Hinata as she fidgeted again.
“Tsunade there is no point, both sides have already signed the contract, there is nothing you can do, this battle will happen no matter what” said Jiraiya.
“YOU IDIOT” yelled Tsunade at Naruto again.
“Hokage-same Naruto will not loose, he’ll win I know he will” said Hinata.
“Naruto, Hinata you two can go now” said Tsunade with a sad tone of voice.
Both Naruto and Hinata stood to leave and as they were half way out the door Jiraiya called Naruto.
“Naruto . . . . . . The battle is in the afternoon tomorrow, be ready” said Jiraiya.
“Um Hokage-sama . . . . . . I was wondering if I could speak to you alone” said Hinata, she turned to look at Naruto and nodded.
“I’ll wait for you outside” said Naruto.
Tsunade turned to look at Jiraiya.
“Oh right . . . I’ll be back” said Jiraiya.
Hinata and Tsunade were now alone in the office; Naruto waited for Hinata outside, he waited about ten minutes till Hinata came out with a full blush across her face. Naruto took her hand and left.
After both Naruto and Hinata left Tsunade’s office Jiraiya came back and was quickly met by an angry Tsunade.
“What’s wrong with you why didn’t you say anything” said Tsunade.
“I did, I said there was not point—”
“Not that, I mean why didn’t you say something like why he sign the contract and why was he such an idiot, you just stood their like it was no big deal” said Tsunade.
“Well didn’t you hear Hinata say that he was going to win” said Jiraiya.
“You can’t take her word for it” said Tsunade.
“Then whose words should I take in to consideration . . . . . . Yours . . . . . . Tell me Tsunade what do you think is going to happen?” asked Jiraiya.
“I . . . . . . I don’t know” she replied.
“Thought so . . . . . . The reason I didn’t say anything is because I took in to consideration everything that I know about Naruto” said Jiraiya.
“Jiraiya what do you know about him that I don’t?” asked Tsunade.
“Oh . . . That is something I can’t discuses with you” said Jiraiya as turned to look a Tsunade and smirked.
“I’ll see you later” he said as he disappeared.
“Wait “’what do you know?’ thought Tsunade.
Jiraiya was jumping through the rooftops of building making his way towards the hot springs yet again while he was deep in thoughts.
Naruto could barely stand, he was in an open field or at least it was now. Naruto’s clothes were all worn out and ripped. He himself was worn out; his body was full of bruises, cuts, holes in his body, and broken bones in many parts. He was complete drained of chakra, well maybe not complete, he still had enough to stand and stay conscience. He’s breathing was heavy all he wanted to do was rest, so he just let his body drop to the floor.
“Naruto?” asked Jiraiya who was also lying flat on the ground.
“Yeah” replied Naruto.
“Oh you’re still alive” said Jiraiya.
“Of course” replied Naruto.
“When you hit the ground I thought you were done” said Jiraiya.
“I thought the same thing about you” said Naruto as he looked over at Jiraiya who was in worst conditions than Naruto, he barely had enough chakra to stay conscience, he couldn’t stand, he had many broken bones, he had plenty of holes made by kunais all over his body, he had deep cuts that still had not stop bleeding, bruises ever where and ripped clothes.
“Naruto I’m proud of you, for a minute there I didn’t think you were going to be able to pull it off” said Jiraiya.
“I’m just glad we got that over with, now we can finally go back home” said Naruto.
“What do you mean we?” said Jiraiya.
“What you’re not coming home with me?” asked Naruto.
“No I mean the first part, you did this on your own kid, that’s why I’m proud of you” said Jiraiya.
“Thanks” replied Naruto.
“This is really ganna be a hassle having to report all of this to Tsunade once we get back” said Jiraiya.
“Don’t,” said Naruto.
“Uh?” was all Jiraiya said.
“Don’t tell her about this, just give her the report on my training and that’s it, I don’t want her to know about his at least not yet” said Naruto.
“Well it would save me a lot of explaining to do, so I guess its fine” said Jiraiya.
“Good, we just need to rest then we can head back” said Naruto as he stretched out his arm and grabbed a ring that was lying on the ground, he took a small pouch and put the ring inside, when the ring fell inside ‘ping’ noises could be heard almost as if the ring had hit other objects of the same kind.
“Amen to that” replied Jiraiya.
-End of Flashback-
‘Naruto, telling the people that you’re the son of the fourth Hokage might come almost as soon as if you just told every one right out like Tsunade wanted’ thought Jiraiya.
It was a bit late and the gang was done doing what ever it was that they were doing; now they were just walking thought the streets.
“Ino don’t you think it’s bit to early for that” asked Chouji to Ino who was holding two baby size shirts, each one had a teddy bear and said I love my mommy and daddy, one was light orange and the other was lavender.
“Of course not, I just know Hinata’s going to love these” said Ino.
“Why did you get two?” asked Shikamaru.
“Because one is in case if the baby is a girls and the other one is just in case if the baby is a boy” said Ino.
“But Naruto said that is was going to be a girl” said Tenten.
“Is that why you bought a gift only for a girl?” asked Neji.
“Yep” said Tenten who bought a pair of lavender baby boots. ‘Awwww there so cute’ thought Tenten when she saw her gift.
“What about you guys, did you get her anything?” asked Tenten.
“I’m with Chouji, I think it’s a little early” said Neji.
“Yeah right, I saw you buy something Neji, now show us what you got her” said Tenten.
“I’m not going to show you” said Neji.
“So you did buy her something” said Shikamaru.
Neji didn’t say anything, but that was all they needed to know.
“Awww Neji is going soft, he bought his sweet little cousin a gift for her baby” said Ino teasing Neji.
“Shut up Ino, at least he got her something unlike these other two idiots” said Tenten referring to Chouji and Shikamaru.
The gang stopped walked as they reach the part where they would all separate and go their own way.
“So remember guys tomorrow at noon” said Neji.
“Don’t worry we’ll be there to support Naruto and Hinata” said Tenten.
Neji had informed them about the battle between Naruto and Hiashi, they were all shocked but they were able to put it aside and go shopping.
Naruto and Hinata arrived at their apartment, when they entered they noticed that Hanabi and Yuki were still out.
“Looks like Hanabi is still out, when you think she’ll be back?” asked Naruto.
“I don’t know but I hope she’s having fun” said Hinata.
“I’m sure she is otherwise she’d probably would have been home already” said Naruto.
They both went and sat on the couch to rest for a while. They sat there holding each other.
Naruto couldn’t help but look Hinata up and down; he had to admit that he wanted to take Hinata right now, and with the fact that Hinata was carrying his child only made him want her more and more by the second.
Hinata noticed Naruto checking her out.
“You know Naruto lately I’ve been getting more and more needy and hearing you in Tsunade’s office the way you spoke up for what you believe in and what you want, your determination it-- ” Hinata didn’t get to finish.
“Needy?” said Naruto a bit confused.
I looked like she was ganna have to use the other word in order to make him understand what she wanted to say.
“I’ve been getting more and more . . . ho . . . ho-horny” said Hinata.
“Say that again” said Naruto, a bit surprised at what she said.
“I’m horny” said Hinata with a huge blush.
“Again” said Naruto, now it was him who was getting horny just hearing her say that.
“I’m horny Naruto” said Hinata.
“God I want you so bad right now Hinata” said Naruto.
“Then take me” said Hinata.
“But is it ok” said Naruto as he looked down to her belly.
“I talked to Tsunade she said it was fine, she said that we can have sex at least up until the end of the first trimester” said Hinata.
“So we still have a month left, right” said Naruto.
“Right” she replied.
“Did she say anything else” asked Naruto.
“She said that to be safe it’s best that you don’t go down there” said Hinata.
“You mean I can’t taste you” said Naruto, Hinata just blush the way he said it.
“Right” she said.
Naruto picks up Hinata bridal style and takes her to their room. He leans in and begins to kiss her slowly but romantically, he brought his hands up and began to unzip her sweater, and once it was off he rapidly took of her shirt realizing the kiss for a mere second. He quickly did the same with her pant leaving her only on her bra and panties.
Naruto help Hinata lie down on the bed, and then he began to undress him self, and once he was fully naked her got on top of her and began to kiss along her jaw line and moving down her neck to her chest. Naruto supported himself with one hand while the other one roam over Hinata body feeling every inch of her glorious body. He took off her bra and then began to cares her breast with his free hand.
Hinata began to moan; Naruto could only think about how much more amazing her breast looked then last time. Naruto position himself in a way so that his dick was touching her pussy, and as he continued to please her he could feel Hinata begin to lubricate as he could feel her juices leaking out of her pussy.
Naruto release the kiss and leaned in to her ear, “You know Hinata I’ve heard that the hornier the girl is the more wet she gets . . . .” Naruto came up and looked down on Hinata and with one hand he took a swipe at Hinata’s pussy, “I guess it’s true” he said as he looked at all the juice on his hand then he proceeded to put it in his mouth.
After Naruto finished tasting Hinata he came down and took her in a kiss, and continued to rub his dick on her pussy and with a hand he played with her breast. All Hinata could do was moan from pleasure, but she was getting restless she wanted more. Naruto was happy that he at least got to taste some of Hinata.
“Naru uhhhhn Naruto-kun put it in” she said.
Naruto didn’t want to upset her so he complied. He grabbed his dick and he put it in position, then all he did was thrust it in. Hinata didn’t wait for Naruto as she began to thrust her hips in to his moaning with each thrust.
“Aggghhhh . . . Naruto . . . that feels so good” said Hinata lightly.
After about ten minutes Naruto stopped a bit as he stood by the side of the bed, he then brought Hinata to the edge of the bed he grabbed her legs and brought them up and held them in place as he wrapped his arms around her thighs, he then thrusted his dick inside of her again as he continued what he was doing before.
Being pregnant limited Hinata’s movements so she just let Naruto dominate her and do what he wanted to her, besides all Hinata wanted was for him to continue to make her a woman over and over again. Ever since Naruto had left on his mission she has been eagerly waiting for him to have sex, every day that pass only made her more and more horny, and now he was finally ganna relieve her of her urges.
“Ohhhhh god” moaned Hinata light, but Naruto could still hear her, it continued like that for about two minutes.
Naruto saw that Hinata was biting down on her lip trying to hold in her moans and screams, so Naruto began to thrust a bit harder and faster to try and get her to scream, but her moans continued the same, now Naruto really wanted to make her moan really loud and scream like she did the first time so he began to pound his dick in to her pussy even harder and faster but this time he release one of her thighs and brought his hand to her clitoris and began to rub it as fast as he was pounding her pussy.
Hinata had not been screaming like before cuz she thought that the neighbor would hear, but she really did want to, she wanted to let Naruto know how much she was loving the way he was thrusting in to her pussy, but when Naruto began to pound her pussy and rub her clitoris it got to be to much for her.
“OHHHHHH my god, Naruto do-don’t . . . Uuhhhhn stop aaagggghh” screamed Hinata in a loud moan.
Naruto smiled and continued to work on her pussy as well as her clitoris.
“Uhhh you like uuuhhhn you like the job I’m doing on your cock” moaned Hinata, Naruto only nodded.
“God I love the way you talk . . . And the way you feel . . . I love everything about you” said Naruto looking at Hinata with so much passion.
“Ohh god agggggghhh more then ramen?” asked Hinata in between moans.
“Of course . . . you even taste better” replied Naruto.
“Uhhhnnn more more more more . . . . . . Uhnn I’m almost there aaaaghhh your cock feels amazing ohh god . . . Harder” moaned Hinata.
The pleasure from her clitoris and her pussy was starting to finally get Hinata closer and closer to her climax, and when Naruto thrusted in even harder on Hinata’s demand Hinata felt herself explode.
“Aaagggghh Naruto uhhhh I’m going to cum” screamed Hinata as she came; Naruto could feel her cum as he continued to thrust his dick in to her pussy.
Naruto could feel her walls clamp down on his dick, it got harder for him to thrust but continued, both Naruto and Hinata could feel that he was getting closer to his climax. They both began to moan each others names loudly as they both continued to receive pleasure from each other.
“Agghhh NARUTO”
This was it, “HINATA . . . . . . I’m cumming” Naruto came inside of her, “AAAGGGHHHH” moaned Hinata as she was delighted of having Naruto cum inside of her; now that she was pregnant it really didn’t matter.
They fell on the bed exhausted, and then Naruto kissed Hinata then spoke.
“Hinata you are . . . amazing in bed” said Naruto.
“I’m glad you like it” she said.
It was weird while they were having sex they both felt a pair of eyes watching them, they knew who it was the weird part was that neither of them really cared, it didn’t bother them, they were still comfortable and continued to have sex.
“Yeah Hinata?”
“Be careful tomorrow”
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine”
Hinata just nodded.
Naruto covered them with the sheet as they began to doze of till they fell asleep.
Hanabi was walking down the street toward the apartment with Yuki beside her; she had already departed from Konohamaru and his teammates.
They had indeed been good people, she was glad she had some friends now. Even though they had their flaw she still liked them.
Hanabi realized it was late so she hurried back home.
When she got home she thought that the others were still not home since she didn’t see them, she walked to the kitchen and gave Yuki some food. Then she began to hear some noises she went to check it out and see what it was.
“It’s coming from Hinata and Naruto’s room” she said as she walked towards it, the door was crack open just a bit. She peeked through the crack and in that instant she realized what those noises were.
Through the crack Hanabi could see Naruto and Hinata having sex, she could hear Hinata’s pleasurable moans, and she could see how their bodies would rock back and forward. Hanabi could see all of them, she could Hinata’s expose breast and Naruto’s dick going in and out of Hinata’s pussy, and she instantly went wide eyes, but she just couldn’t tear away her eyes away from the scene.
‘Is it hot in here or is it just me?’ Hanabi thought, however it was definitely her. Hanabi’s body was reacting to the scene in front of her, her boy was heating up as she watch the way Naruto was pleasuring her sister and how much Hinata was loving it.
Hanabi’s heart was now beating faster, her body was burning, and she could now feel some wetness soaking through her pants, she slipped a hand in to her pant and panties to check were the wetness was coming from, as she was slipping her hand out she rub her clitoris by accident feeling the pleasure from it she rubbed it again only to get the same sensation.
Hanabi looked up at the scene, she wanted to keep looking, all of it was eye catching to her and being a girl what caught her eyes the most was Naruto’s dick. With a blush on her face Hanabi continued to rub her clitoris as she looks at Naruto thrust his dick in to Hinata’s pussy, she then imagined it was she that Naruto was thrusting his dick in to, Hanabi moan inwardly to herself so they wouldn’t hear her.
Hanabi could feel pressure building inside of her, just before she reach the point of no return she heard Hinata cumming, she continued to rub when finally she came, her body felt exhausted, she felt more exhausted then she did after training. She heard Naruto cum, and after that they both went under the cover.
Now that the show was over Hanabi went to her room, she changed to her pj’s and fell on her bed tired. She couldn’t believe what had happened, she couldn’t believe what she did, but it felt so damn good. With what was on her mind it took some time for Hanabi to finally fall asleep.
-End Flashback-
With the events that occur last night all the occupants of the apartment were still asleep.
Naruto began to stir, when he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was the clock on his night stand next to his bed, it was ten.
“Holy crap it’s ten, only two hours till the battle” said Naruto as he got up, waking Hinata in the process.
“What’s wrong Naruto” asked Hinata.
“We have to get ready so we can leave” he replied.
“What time is it?” she asked.
“It’s ten . . . . . . You take a shower while I go make some breakfast, I’ll take a shower after we eat ok” said Naruto, Hinata just nodded as she headed towards the bath room.
Naruto went to the kitchen and began to prepare some breakfast for the three of them, as he was doing this Hanabi came in to the kitchen, they looked at each other, Naruto saw a blush form on her face he smiled and continued what he was doing like if nothing happened, Hanabi then did the same.
Once Naruto was done he set everything up and in the instant Hinata came in, they sat down and ate their breakfast.
“Did you sleep well Hanabi?” asked Hinata.
“Yeah . . . I did” said Hanabi with a blush as she thought about the reason why she slept so good last night.
Once they were finished Naruto took a shower, and Hanabi followed afterwards.
“Eleven thirty . . . . . . That gives us only thirty minutes to go to the arena” said Naruto.
The three headed towards their location, Hinata and Naruto were hand in hand and Hanabi and Yuki beside them. Now and then Hanabi would turn to look at both of them, when they neared their destination they saw all their friends out side along with Tsunade and Jiraiya.
“Hey what are you guys doing out here?” asked Naruto.
“Naruto in this battle only certain people will be allowed to enter and watch it, that is why they are out here they can’t go inside” said Tsunade.
“Well except for Neji” said Tenten.
“Is that true Neji?” asked Naruto.
“Yeah . . . I’ll be watching along with the Hyuga council” said Neji.
“I really wanted to watch” said Kiba.
“We’ll be cheering for you from out here Naruto” said Tenten.
“We’ll be waiting for you, so make sure you do come out alive” said Shikamaru.
“We should go . . . . . . Their waiting inside . . . . . . Hinata, Hanabi you two will watch with me from the balcony” said Tsunade and the other began to walk away when Ino called Hinata.
“Wait we wanted to give you these . . . There gifts” said Ino as Tenten, Neji, and herself handed her small bags with the gifts they got her.
Hinata grabbed the bags and was quickly dragged by Tsunade of to the area.
“Let’s go Hinata we don’t have time” said Tsunade.
Tsunade, Jiraiya, Naruto, Hinata, and Hanabi walked through the hall of the arena; they came to a stop in an intersection.
“Naruto you have to go that way, it will lead you to the battle field were Hiashi is waiting for you, we will go this way, like I said before we will be watching from the balcony . . . . . . Good luck” said Tsunade, Naruto began to walk in one direction while the other walked in the other direction.
After about eight minutes Tsunade and the other reached the balcony, when they arrived they noticed that Naruto was already standing face to face, and to the side of them stood an ANBU.
“I thought you side there wasn’t going to be a proctor” said Naruto.
“I’m not a proctor” said dragon masked ANBU.
“Then why are you here?” asked Naruto.
“I will explain in about five minutes when every one is seated” said the ANBU.
Naruto nodded and stood silently waiting for the five minutes to go by.
In the balcony Hinata and the other were sitting next to the Hokage. Hinata took the bags she received from the other and began opening them. She opened Tenten’s present and took out the little boots, she smiled and giggled a little at how cute they were, she then opened Ino’s gift again she smile at what the shirts then, she opened Neji’s gift, like Tenten he had only bought one thing and it too was for a girl. When Hinata saw the gift it really brought back many good memories. Neji had bought her a small jacket identical to the one she wore when she was younger; the jacket was for a kid and not for a baby so she would have to wait till her little girl could wear it. She loved the present it was her favorite one it nearly brought her to tears.
The ANBU cleared his throat signaling that he was about to start.
“You all know why we are here so I will not waste your time” the ANBU said as he extended hands, one to Naruto and one to Hiashi he then opened his palms. Both Naruto and Hiashi took out a scroll and each handed the scroll to the ANBU.
“After reading the battle contract scroll both opponents know the rules to the battle, and according to the rules both opponents will make 3 requests, and according to the rules of the battle and laws of Konoha these requests must be met. Since both opponents have already sign the battle contract that means that they automatically agree to all the requests of the opponent . . . . . .” said the ANBU.
The ANBU then took one of the scroll that was handed to him and opened it, “I will now read the request, these are the requests of Hyuga Hiashi, one: Hinata and Hanabi will be reemitted to the Hyuuga clan, on the branch house and will also be branded with the cage bird seal, two: the unborn child of Hinata will be disposed of, three: Uzumaki Naruto will be executed if he is not dead after the battle” said the ANBU.
“WHAT?” yelled Naruto as he heard all of Hiashi’s requests.

--- On the next chapter – Naruto v. Hiashi the battle begins.
--- So there you go the story is getting close to its end, so tell me what you think, COME ON REVIEW anything you have to say just say it.

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