Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Seeing my dad on the porch, having previously sent him to his friends house to leave me with my mom and sister to experiment with was definitely a hand in the cookie jar moment, but once I remembered I could control everything, I quickly froze both him, my mother and sister. I have to admit, getting caught was quite thrilling, and in any other situation I would be shitting myself! As it was, I had full control here.

But I was curious.

My dad and I had never been overly close, we got on well enough for sure, but we weren't exactly playing catch every day, in fact his constant moanings that I should 'get out' more was getting quite annoying. But I must have gotten my high sex drive from somewhere, I wondered what his idea of "kinky fun" was...

"Reset" I thought to myself as my mother and sister lost their respective cocks and their bellies shrank from over cum inflation.

"Clean up" as I watched the cum almost evaporate instantly from all the coverings it had been splattered over.


As his gaze turned to face me.

"You will reply honestly and openly to me, you will tell me everything I ask to know without hesitation or restraint.

He nodded in approval.

"Sit by me and tell me your sexual desires"

Feeling like the devil in this particular moment, about to grant his own father his inner most desires in exchange for his soul and eternal damnation.

"I have always wanted to have a three-way with your mother and sister"

Blinking for a moment, I couldn't believe my ears, but given what I'd already done, I could hardly be one to talk, but just hearing those words leave my own fathers mouth I was slightly taken aback! He fantasied about fucking my sister, his own daughter with my mother. Well, at least now I know I'm not alone in my incestuous thoughts, but my thoughts had only come recently, I wondered how long he'd harboured these thoughts for. Frankly I didn't want to know.

"So, in what scenario would you fuck Jenny and Sandra??" Watching his eyes for a reaction.

Dad replied.

"I'd always hoped that Sandra would role play a scenario where she would call me 'daddy' which would eventually lead to a situation where she would allow me to be more "playful" with Jenny".

Almost bursting out laughing at the sheer perverseness of what just came out of his mouth, I had to smile. 'Well, at least I know where I get it from' I smiled.

Thinking for a moment, I decided to put dads fantasy in to action.

"Dad, once I unfreeze everything, you will not remember the events of this morning, the changes I made to mom and Jenny's bodies will still seem perfectly normal. You will not recognise me as being present, so far as you are concerned, I am invisible. Your sexual desire for Jenny will be heightened, more so than it already is. At any given opportunity, you will do all you can to put your plan to fuck her and mom together in to action.

Moving over to mom and Jenny, I eyed their beautiful bodies once more, remembering what they looked like full of my cum as it glistened on their skin as well.

'Bikini's' I thought as they magically appeared on both of them. I moved to Jenny first.

"Jenny, you will have forgotten everything that happened this morning and the changes I made to you will still seem perfectly normal. You will assume your position on the sunbed on the far side of the pool. You will have a heightened sexual desire for both mom and dad. You will have an inkling in your mind that dad wants you and you will take every opportunity to tease him. But you will also be aware that mother holds his heart and thus, the key to allowing him to fuck you. When I unfreeze everything, you will not see me, so far as you are concerned, I am invisible.

After telling her to lay on the sunbed and bathe on the other side of the pool I moved to mother.

"Mom, you will have forgotten everything from this morning and the changes I made to you will still seem perfectly normal. When I unfreeze everything, you will assume a position on the sunbed here and insist that dad does the same with you. You will now be aware that dad has been eyeing up Jenny and this turns you on, the idea of them both fucking will make your pussy tingle and you will want to share in this experience. So far as you are concerned, I am invisible, but you will still fester a desire for me, and your experience here now will only increase your desire to fuck me as well".

Stepping back and surveying the scene I smiled to myself, my cock twitching at the idea that my family might fuck at some point today.

"Unfreeze" I spoke out loud.

The scene played out as I had described, my sister was on the other side of the pool about to lay down as mother was doing the same on this side. Dad looked out on the back yard, seeing my mother and sister in their bikini's as the sun glistened down upon their beautiful bodies. I grinned as I could tell he was thinking about Jenny, dreaming of driving his hard cock in to her.

"Baby?" mom spoke, "you gonna stare all day or are you going to join us?" she said smiling.

Dad replied sheepishly, "umm no, no, it's fine I've urr, I've got things I need to do in the garage"

Mom quipped, "Oh, so you tell our son he needs to get out in the sunshine and play, but it's perfectly ok for you to be in your garage all day tinkering with your car?"

'Ha! I could hardly believe my ears, I have to admit it did feel good to hear my own mother use my dads own words against him.

He gave her a reluctant smile of approval as he turned towards the house. "Fine, I'll go get my shorts on" as he headed in to the house.

I kept an eye on my mom and sister as they tanned themselves in the sun, watching as my mothers large breasts heave up and down in a rather constricted bikini, her nipples just poking through. It took all I had not to slide in behind her and grope those luscious globes for myself.

Returning a few minutes later, my dad appeared from the house in his bathing shorts as he took up a seat next to my mother.

"Here he is" my mother gleamed as she patted the sunbed next to her.

Laying back on the sunbed, my dad put down a book and a glass of beer on the table next to him as he sighed, relaxing on the bed. My mother took his hand in hers as they absorbed the suns rays.

On the other side of the pool, my sister rolled over on to her front as she removed her bikini, letting it drop to the floor beside her. Her perfect, rounded ass now on show to both my parents as she parted her legs just a little, revealing a cute little camel-toe between her legs.

I watched my parents reaction. My mother smirked while my dad dad inhaled, a slight twitch in his bathing shorts as his cock reacted to his daughters shapely curves.

"Everything alright dear?" my mother asked, knowing full well what affect my sisters ass was having on her father.

"Yes, I'm fine dear" my father replied.

My mothers hand moved to his thigh. "You sure? Only....I couldn't help notice little mister here seems to have woken up" she grinned, running her hand lightly over my dads crotch.

"Well obviously now somethings up with you doing that" he cheekily smiled back. "You know our daughter is right there right?" both their gazes moving back to my sisters shapely ass.

My mothers hand gently caressed his cock over his shorts as they both watched her.

"Yup, there she is" my mother responded, still stroking my dads hardening cock. "She's grown in to quite a woman now hasn't she? Do you remember when my ass was that tight and round?" she grinned.

"Yeah, such a long time ago now" my father joked.

My mother gave his cock a hard, unpleasant squeeze. "Cheeky sod" as my father grimaced.

"Remember, when you used grab my ass at every opportunity, no matter where we were, sometimes even in full show of my family at our re-unions?" mother reminisced.

"Not my fault you had such a perfect ass, besides, I don't recall you complaining, especially when I used grind myself into you from behind where no one could see" he chuckled. "Remember your sisters wedding photo and I'm standing right behind you with my cock in-between your ass cheeks?" my father grinned once more.

"Haha, how could I forget?! I think if you'd have been a bit bolder, you'd have poked that steel rod through my pants and fucked my ass right there!"

I couldn't believe my parents words, talking so candidly about their sexual history and what they'd done. At least know I now why my mother had an odd expression in that photo!

"She certainly is a little cock tease isn't she?" Mother mother observed, watching my sisters ass.

"Say's the woman who's currently stroking my cock to life while watching her?" my dad quipped.

"I don't think it was me that started it though was it darling? you were already rising before my hand got there" my mother teased.

"I'm only male at the end of the day dear, I can't control what my cock see's, besides, you admitted yourself she had a nice ass" dad replied.

"Of course dear, but I'm her mother, we're allowed to say such things, you on the other hand are turning into a dirty pervy father!" my mother chuckled.

"Oh it's like that is it?!" my father sarcastically replied. "You can lay there in your bikini, that barely fits by the way, while caressing my cock, talking about our daughters ass....but I'm the pervert?!" my father joked.

"Pretty much! " my mother replied.

Couldn't argue with her logic though I thought, it does seem to be the way. Even just the other day at work, I heard some mothers joking about how cute their son's ass's were! Couldn't see that going down well with a group of fathers.

A few moments passed as my mother continued to caress my fathers now rock hard cock while watching my sister sunbathe. Then I noticed my mothers hand slide under his shorts and grab his cock at the base, stroking his full length.

"Mmmmm such a big hard cock you've got daddy" my mother whispered, teasing. My dad could only inhale as his breathing increased.

"You wanna slide that big, thick meat deep in to my ass don't you daddy hmmmm? Wanna fuck my tight, round ass don't you daddy?" my mother continued, pulling his cock out of his shorts now as she masturbated him in front of my sister.

"Mmmmm oh yes, yes daddy just like that, oh god fuck my little ass hole with your big, hard cock mmmmm, ohhhhh yeahh".

My own cock hardened hearing my mothers words, but it shocked me even more when she leaned over and took dads cock head in to her mouth and began to suck, her lips enveloping his head fully as she bobbed lightly up and down. My dad could only inhale deeply as he tried to keep his composure and not alert Jenny as to what was going on.

"Ohhh god yes baby mmmmm, suck daddys cock, just like that, ohhhh yessssss" my dad cooed, his hands on my mothers head as he pushed her head down further on to his hard cock. My dad sighed deeply as my mothers recently relaxed throat muscles took him all the way to his base.

"Jesus baby, when did you become such a good cock sucker?!" he breathed deeply.

I watched closely as my mothers throat expanded and contracted as my fathers cock slipped down her throat, breathing through her nose to maintain suction on his cock. I stroked my own hard cock as I watched mom deep-throat dad, while pretending to be Jenny. Dirty fuckers I thought, remembering it was my doing that caused it, and while I knew my dad wanted this, I did wonder if my mother harboured any incestuous thoughts before I put them there.

Jenny began to stir.

"shit, stop!" my father whispered, tucking his cock back in to his shorts and raising his knees to hide his massive erection.

My mother leaned back up slowly, her lips glistening with my fathers pre-cum as she smiled, looking over at Jenny as she rolled over on to her back. For a brief moment, Jenny's breasts were exposed until she covered them with her one arm. Jenny looked over at mom and dad as she grabbed a bottle of sun lotion and waved it in the air, signalling mother to come over.

Mom leaned over and gave dad a kiss on the cheek as she continued to smile. She got up and walked over to my sister on the far side of the pool as I followed, wanting to hear their conversation.

Mom took the bottle from Jenny. "Roll over on to your front dear, before you give your father a heart attack".

"What??" Jenny asked inquisitively as she rolled over.

"I'm talking about giving us all a show with your boobs a moment a go" my mother joked.

"Oh" Jenny chuckled. "Sorry, I couldn't remember which side I put my top on, then I remembered I hadn't put any lotion on".

"It's fine, you just got to remember we live in a house with horny males" my mother joked once more. "One flash of boob or ass and that's it!" she commented as she began to rub the lotion on to Jenny's bare back.

I resented my mothers instincts, but only because she was right on the money. The slightest hint of curve, flirting or suggestion and I was ready to pull out my cock and wank it off as I stood there with a full erection watching my mother rub lotion on my sisters back.

After a few moments, my mother piped up. "Look at this ass" she complimented, giving Jenny's ass a light pat. I looked over at my dad, who was clearly watching.

"I used to have an ass like this you know, used to drive your father crazy" my mother recalled as she began to move her hands lower and lower until they were gently massaging my sisters ass.

"What you talking about mom, you still do" Jenny complimented. "I'd love to still have an ass like yours when I'm your age".

"You think so?" mom replied. "Your father doesn't seem to pay much attention to it any more, used to be he couldn't keep his hands off it, always grabbing and squeezing at any given moment. Not like this ass here" my mother spoke as she gave Jenny another, slightly louder spank on the ass.

"What? you saying dad's being eyeing up my ass??" Jenny quizzed.

"Wouldn't surprise me" mom replied. "I'll bet he's loving watching me rub this lotion in to your ass cheeks baby" mom smirked as she gazed over at dad, who's hand was now stroking his once again hard cock.

"Don't be daft mom, he's dad, he wouldn't think about doing anything". Jenny mused.

"What? you think that just because he's family, he doesn't have moments of lust for his daughter?" mother implied.

"You know how your brothers room stinks all the time?" Jenny chuckled, "Yeah". "Well, he masturbates profusely! I'm talking several times a day. One time, I caught him looking at me in the shower!"

Jenny gasped. As did I! I thought I'd gotten away with that!

"Oh yeah" mother replied, "but it's only natural, boys will be boys as they say"

Jenny replied, "And that didn't disgust you? your own son, my apparently pervy brother wanking himself off to you in the shower?"

"Not really" mother replied. "Well, at first it did, but then I thought what a compliment it was, here I am at my age and I can still get the men hard, even my own son!" she chuckled.

"So has dad really been eyeing me up?" Jenny asked, feeling her pussy tingle as mom rubbed her ass.

"Oh I know he has" mom replied. "In fact, I reckon he's looking at us right now getting all hard watching me rub lotion on you" mom chuckled. Jenny chuckled back. "Maybe we should give him a good show then" Jenny replied. "What do you have in mind?" mom asked.

Hearing the girls talk made me more stiff than I've ever been as they made their plan. They began to drag Jenny's sun bed over to where mom and dad's sunbeds were.

"Everything ok girls?" Dad asked, trying his best to cover up his enormous erection.

"Yeah, its just that the suns going to go behind that tree soon on the other side and I want a few more hours tanning before I go back in". Jenny replied as she made every effort to wiggle her ass as close to my dads face as they positioned the sunbed so that dad was in between my mom and sister on the patio. A convenient 'accident' had Jenny fall backwards on to dad as she tried to pull the sunbed closer to him. I watched as Jenny fell backwards in to dads arms. He managed to grab a hand full of boob as Jenny fell, her ass crashing squarely on to dads hard cock. She made a meal of getting up too, pretending she couldn't get up as she raised her hands to mom to give her a hand.

Dad was clearly aroused and horrified at the same time as Jenny clumsily managed to finally get back up. Giggling all the while, the girls got the sunbed in place as mom made her way around the back of dads bed and gave him a light kiss on the cheek before laying back on her bed smiling, head up, sunglasses on and pretending to look at the sky.

After a few moments Jenny whispered to dad. "Dad....dad!" as my dad looked over. "Could you put some sun-lotion on me please?" she smiled with a cheeky/sheepish grin.

"Your mom just put some on you?" Dad observed, whispering back.

"Yeah but now I want to lay on my back"

I saw my mother grin. My dads cock twitched at the thought, but he still was a little un-sure if he should, especially with Sandra right next to him.

Jenny rolled over, exposing her breasts to her dad properly this time. I almost laughed out loud as dad froze, getting an eyeful of his daughters boobs. But he remained professional, I guess he must have wanted this so bad as he gave another glance over to mom to see if she was looking. Satisfied he could continue, dad squirted some lotion on to his hands and began massaging Jenny's legs.

"Mmmmm" Jenny cooed as dad worked his hands up and down her silky long legs, each stroke bringing his fingers closer and closer to her moistening pussy. Realising he was getting closer, Jenny opened her legs a little more each time until dad could properly get his hands on the inside of her thigh. His erection was very apparent now as he stroked his hands all over his daughters smooth legs.

"Dad" Jenny smiled before pointing to her chest to indicate she wanted her chest doing now. "Really??" dad whispered back, looking over at Sandra to see if she was looking. Mom played very well, she must have been cracking up inside but she didn't show it, excellent poker face I thought. Jenny just smiled "Yes!" as she whispered back in earnest.

Dad let out a breath as he squirted some more lotion on to his hands and reached up to her belly, rubbing the lotion around, carefully trying to avoid her breasts. Jenny's chest heaved up and down as her breathing intensified, desperately wanting dad to caress her boobs.

Feeling he needed a hand, Jenny's hand caught dads as was on the up stroke and pulled his hand on to her breasts. Dad froze for a moment, checking both mom and Jenny for the all clear, until finally his hands ran over Jenny's breasts. A sigh of relief from Jenny as dad finally started to massage her boobs, pressing and kneading them as he cupped them fully before rubbing his slick hands around them, forgetting she had other parts to be covered, dad became transfixed with caressing Jenny's boobs.

Jenny was breathing more heavily now, her legs spread as dad now had one knee between her legs while the other supported him on the ground. Jenny was watching dad through her sunglasses, her whole body twitching and groaning for release. She desperately wanted dad to just rip of her bikini bottoms and fuck her right there in front of mom.

Moms loins were tingling as she watched her husband caress their daughter at the corner of her eye through her sunglasses. Not wanting to give the game away just yet, she had to sit still and just let her husband molest their daughter. Every bone in her body wanted to reach between her legs and start furiously rubbing her clit that was now burning with lust.

Dad moved his leg from between Jenny's legs to her side now as his hands worked all over her body, moving from the bottom of her leg, to her inner thigh, brushing her pussy lips, up over her belly before finally grabbing a handful of her boobs before moving back down again. Each time dad came back up, he would become more and more bold as he was now blatantly rubbing Jenny's clit each time his past it. And each time Jenny would breathe in sharply and smile.

A few more moments and Jenny decided to fully let dad know she wanted him. She reached out as dad was caressing her breasts and slid her hand over his hard cock.

Dad froze for a second, looking down to see Jenny's hand on his cock. She smiled at him as she moved her hand over his massive erection. Dad smiled back before continuing to massage her body, this time, making no effort to conceal his attempts to rub her pussy, stopping each return upwards to slide a few fingers in her pussy as she gasped.

Mom was making sleeping sounds now, breathing heavily as though she was asleep.

But she wasn't.

Jenny looked over at mom and then back at dad, placing her finger over her mouth as she sat up carefully taking dads hand as she led him in to the house.

Following them in, I couldn't help but be excited, I heard the plan between Jenny and our mother and I was excited to see it play out beautifully.

Jenny led dad upstairs and in to her room as I followed inside with them. Jenny immediately began to kiss dad hard on the lips, crashing their faces together as if some carnal lust had finally been released. Dad picked Jenny up and thrust her hard against the wall, mashing his hard cock against her pussy as he began to thrust into her, humping her through his shorts as they continued to snog one another.

I started to stroke my cock as I watched my dad and sister hump each other like rabbits. Soon, Jenny wanted the real thing and slipped her hand between them and grabbed a hold of dads cock. Dad took the hint and pulled down his shorts to his knees as he spread Jenny's legs wide, his huge cock pressing firmly at her clit as they gazed in each others eyes.

"You sure baby?" Dad asked.

"Yessss, oh god yes, fuck me daddy, fuck me hard and cum inside me!"

I almost came right then, that wasn't part of the plan!

Smashing their lips together once more, dad held Jenny's ass as he rammed his 8 inch, throbbing hard cock all the way to the hilt. Jenny lent forward and bit dad on the shoulder to keep from crying out. Dad was like a machine! He kept thrusting up in to Jenny so hard and fast, his balls were swinging all over the place. Faster and faster as dad kept pounding Jenny's pussy hard, stroking his full length in to her as he fucked her up against the wall. A few minutes of that and dad turned around, walking over to the bed and placing Jenny down gently in his arms as he resumed driving his full cock length in to her.

Dad was an animal, I'd never seen such carnal lust before. He was fucking her like he had seconds left to live! Jenny's hands and legs were wrapped around dad like he was going to leave any second, and dad was holding on to Jenny for life as he rammed his cock in and out so fast his ass was a blur.

"Daddy I'm gonna cum! Ohhh god daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!!"

Dad grunted hard, his face in the duvet sheets, focusing on nothing but thrusting his cock in and out of his daughter fast enough to make himself cum before his wife wondered where they'd gone.

"Cum inside me daddy, do it! fill me with all your cum daddy, I want it! cum inside me! breed me!"

That was a new one, I thought. Wow, what a slut sister I have! chuckling to myself as I was approaching my own orgasm, wanking off to this site before me.

Dad's breathes became laboured as Jenny's teeth once again found dad's shoulder and bit hard as she climaxed. I could hear her muffled screams as she came, she didn't even cum that hard when I was fucking her with my foot long cock!

Finally dad began to pump long, slow strokes in to Jenny as he came inside her. Wave after wave of orgasms hit dad like a punch to the face, he'd never cum that hard before ever, not even in his wife. The blood was racing to dads back as jenny had dug her nails and teeth in to his neck and shoulders from fucking her so hard.

"Arrrghhhhhh, oh god, oh god, oh Jesus, ohhhhh" my dad panted as he finished unloading his cum in to his daughter. "Oh my god Jenny, oh wow"

They both lay there for about a minute as my dad softened inside her dripping wet pussy filled with incestuous cum, panting hard as he tried to regain his composure. Another minute passed by as dad and Jenny kissed like passionate lovers held in arms embrace. Then, from the door came a "ahem" from my mother who had planned with jenny to watch them from the start.

Pushing the door open, my beautiful mother stood there in all her naked glory after my tweaks to her body previously.

My mother raised an eyebrow. "Room for one more?" she smirked...

Part 2 coming soon.

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