My cousin's not a kid

My cousin's not a kid

I was watching You Tube videos with my Cousin Jordan, we were 14. I was slim and kinda tall. I had a 6 inch cock when hard.

"Hey looked at what just popped up"

It was a video of a girl touching her boobs while a guy sucked her pussy.

"i'm gonna jack off" he said

The thought of him, masturbating next to me turned me on. But I played the innocent.

"What!?" I said "Here? Next to me?"

"Ha! You wish."

"What is your dick too small"

He laughed "Please, I bet mine is two times yours" he said

There was a part of me that wanted to see his cock... Wait. i'm a guy. I like girls. It was just curiosity, i decided.

"Prove it" I said

"I'll just embarrass you" he said

"You scared" I asked him

"You asked for it" he said and unzipped his jeans and pulled them off. I could see a big bulge under his boxers. Jordan started rubbing it, and it quickly grew. And it doubled in size. My dick was growing. He finally after what seemed years pulled off his boxers. And a 10 incher was released. It was a huge, strong, veiny, beautiful cock. I wanted to touch it

"Hell that IS big" I said

"Now you're up, lets see what you got there"

He was right, he was almost twice my size, i bet my cock was as long hard as his was soft. I didn't want to show it to him, he would just laugh at me.

I turned towards the bed. I'd just ignore him and go to sleep. Yes, that was the best option. After I turned around, he grabbed me with his strong arms and knocked me in his bed,

He grabbed my pants and boxers and pulled them off. Unluckily for me, they were pants and not jeans. Jeans would have held.

He saw my dick "HAHAHAHHAHAHA!" He laughed and laughed, then stopped. "Well, don't know about you but i'm gonna jack off now" he said. i didn't answer "After a minute he said "Well? Am I doing this alone?" I shook my head "Ok" he said

He put the video and he started stroking his big cock. I did the same. After sometime, he changed the video and put a lesbian one. I lost interest and started stealing glimpses at his cock with pre-cum oozing out. For some reason I wanted to taste it. Now i wasn't jacking off to the video, now it was to his huge strong cock.

I think he caught me looking a few times.

"Hey Jake, have you ever sucked cock" he asked me, a hunger in his eyes

"No, never" I said

"Well, once I was playing to save the world with a friend like you and I used to. And throughout the plot for some reason we decided that we had to suck each other's cock to save the world. It feels awesome"

What!? Did he really believe I was that stupid to believe that? (I SWEAR, HE DID SAY THAT) but I wanted to suck him. Just for curiosity, or was it?

"How'd it feel?" I asked

"Like I was in heaven" he said almost moaning "Here's the deal, I'll suck your cock if you suck mine"

I was really nervous and turned on, I could here my heart beating 5000000 per minute. "Okay" is all I managed to say with a knot in my throat.

"Well c'mon suck my cock"


"Yes now"

He stood up and I got to my knees. His cock stood proud in front of me, the foreskin rested just behind the beautiful, soft, purple head which was, itself, quite large. The entire thing jutted straight out of his body and then curved down a bit. My cock was softer now, I didn't want to be turned on by this. But watching the ore-cum ooze out of it, made my cock grow against my will

"Kiss the head"


"Kiss the head" he said "you know you want to, go on, feel what a real man's cock feels like in between your lips"

Tentatively, i reached out and wrapped my fingers around the huge cock just a few inches from my face. My fingers couldn't go all the way around it. It was extremely thick.

My lips wrapped around his huge head, and I tasted the pre-cum, it tasted salty and sweet at the same time. I wanted more I wanted to drink all that cum that was still on his huge balls.

"Oooooh yeah" he moaned "that feels good Jake, now suck it"

Using my tongue i flicked the tip and his dick twitched inside my mouth. Going for the next I opened my mouth wider and took the large head in, slowly I went down, and down, and down, i thought it would't end and finally it hit the back of my throat, making me gag. Just as I wanted out. He put his hand in the back of my head and pushed in, then harder. It slid a bit down my throat.

"Oh God" he moaned " you like my cock don't you?... Oh yes just like that"

Then he let go, and i took my cousins cock out of my mouth to breathe. Then out of the blue he put his hand on the back of my head again and shoved his dick inside my mouth. He gasped.

"Move your tongue around the head" he said

I did as I was told. I flicked my tongue around the head and his cock twitched once again. And pre-cum oozed out. I liked it.

"Oh yes, you like my cum, don't you?" He said "you like your cousin's cum in your mouth"

"Yes" i tried to say, tho nothing really came out with the huge cock in my mouth

I wanted real cum, the real thing, so I accelerated my pace, going up and down, up and down, up and down. Jordan just moaned and kept his hand on the back of my head pushing in when I couldn't go further. He soon realized that was as far as it was going to go, so he changed tactics and started face fucking me. I

It hurt as he rammed his dick into me. I still tried to caress his dick with my tongue and suck un it, but it was hard due to his fast movements

"Oh god!" He moaned "if only Katherine was this good... Oh that feels good" he slapped me "oh yeah you slut"

I liked how he called me names and the way he moaned, i liked how he was enjoying my mouth.

Eventually his trusts started to get more ragged, his breathing shallower, and his huge cock to get bigger. He was getting closer. The head hardened. I looked up at him, our eyes met. "I'm coming Jake, and you are swallowing my cum"

Innocently I looked up at him again "I want to see your eyes as I fill your mouth up with my cum"

He started trusting faster and faster

"Oh god yeah!"

And then he stopped. He rested the head of his cock on my tongue, and started jacking off. He moaned and I felt his dick start to pulse

"Oh yes! Drink my cum. Drink your cousin's hot cum"

The first shot hit me on the back of the throat and went straight down, The second one was just as powerful and a bit bigger. It was very hot, and it tasted salty and sweet. Mine always tasted bitter. I was drinking all that his big cock erupted into me like it was nectar. He shot into me 8 hot blasts and I enjoyed them all.

Then we heard a knock on the door as his softened cock slid out of my mouth. I quickly put my pants on and laid on bed.

Jordan but his jeans on and opened the door

"Oh hey mom"

"What's all that noise, and why are you still awake?"

"I don't know mom, you woke me up"

"Oh I'm sorry, where's Jake?"

"He's on the bed, he's asleep mom"

"Oh ok, now go get some rest, you've got school tomorrow"

"Yes mom"

I heard the door close and then a click

"You heard her, get some sleep. You'll need it for what's coming tomorrow"

He got in top of me and put his now hard cock in between my butt cheeks. And he pushed, and pushed, harder and harder. Until the fabric touched my anus. Then he let go and laid in bed next to me. He wrapped his strong arms around me and pressed his cock against my butt again.

End of Chapter 1

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