Nika and her Father

Nika and her Father

Nika came into the bedroom looking for her father. She was worried about him, that he drank a lot of vodka and whiskey. Ever since his brother was killed in an accident, he could barely leave bed to go to work, never left the house except to get more bottles so he could drink away the sorrow. He had suffered through three tragedies, first, his wife was murdered, then his daughter (she, Nika), was raped, and now his brother. Alcohol seemed to be the only way to soothe the pain.

She hurt too, she missed her uncle, but he was beyond help, her dad wasn’t. She cried herself to sleep nights, wondering when he would start living without a bottle in his hand again.

She stood next to the bed and looked down on him, he was on his back, an almost empty pint bottle of whiskey next to him, her pink MacBook rested on his stomach. She moved the computer, put the bottle on the nightstand then started to take his shirt and pants off. He was passed-out drunk and didn’t react to his daughter taking off his clothes so she could tuck him in right. Nika struggled to lift him high enough to remove his shirt before working on the jeans. When the shirt came away, she was startled to see his pants were already open, unzipped, and riding low enough that his private parts were exposed. She’d never seen a penis or testicles before and the sight of them made her pause. She glowed red with embarrassment but couldn’t take her eyes off his genitals, she glanced at his face but he was completely unaware of the situation. The girl paused, she almost left him alone, but he needed to go to bed properly so she stepped to the end of the bed then pulled his pants off. As the pants went down his legs, his shorts came with. For the first time in her life, Nika was looking at a nude male, and that male was her father. As she stared at his penis, she touched a wet spot on his boxers. Thinking he had dribbled pee in his sleep, she looked at the spot, it didn’t look like a pee spot, the wetness was a thick blotch, sticky, not just wet. She didn’t know what she had touched but it concerned her a little, was her dad sick? She dropped his clothes, dragged the blanket over him then fled. On the way out she grabbed her computer, she wanted to update her Facebook page.

She retreated from her drunk, nude father, then after turning off some lights and making sure the doors were locked, went to her bedroom. She didn’t have school the next day so she could stay up late and check her social media pages, to see what her friends were doing and saying.

She changed to a sleeping gown, pulled down the covers then propped up against two pillows, getting ready to surf the internet. When she lifted the top of the computer it woke up. Her eyes grew large, her breath caught, she fidgeted; instantly distressed by what she saw. It had to be pornography. She’d heard about porn but had never dared venture down that path, she was too shy, too reserved. Some of her friends talked about looking at it, but she hadn’t. And now she discovered that not only did her dad look at it, but he used her laptop and fell asleep before he left the porn site.

Nika was looking at a paused video of a girl bent over some guy’s lap. A blowjob? She was looking at a still shot of a blowjob? She’d heard rumors, but never had sex, never done that; in fact, she hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. Her first impulse was to slam the lid on the computer, to block out what her eyes were seeing, but almost as quickly, she became curious. The laptop was already logged on to a porn site, there was a video on the screen so she wouldn’t have to search; it was there, it was paused. She looked around the room to the open door then made the decision. She got off the bed, closed and locked her door then returned, intent on watching the video.

She studied the monitor, looking at the entire scene before she clicked on the arrow in the middle of the picture. There was a time bar under the picture, it showed 4:11 on the left, the right end of the time bar said 9:30. She was aware enough to know the video was about half done. She noticed the sound was muted so she clicked it on, then her eyes went to the header, over the screen. There was a title: ‘Hot Daughter Can’t Get Enough’. When her brain processed what she read, she freaked and slammed the lid of the laptop closed. Her dad had been watching some guy getting a blowjob from his daughter!? Nika threw the computer to the foot of the bed then sat rigid, not knowing what to do. Did her dad think like that, or did he find the video by accident? She sat afraid, even though he was passed out in his bed she was afraid of her father. That he might be watching men fucking around with their daughters sent shivers of dread through her body. She flipped off the bed then went to turn on the light, she felt safer with the lights on.

She sat upright against the end of the bed and tried to block out the image of the girl sucking the man’s dick but she couldn’t shake it. After a few minutes of doing absolutely nothing, Nika opened her laptop again, the picture of the naked girl came up. Nika closed the web page, closed the computer then laid down to try to sleep.

The damn lights were still on, she couldn’t sleep that way so she got up to turn them off. As she stood, she had to move the computer so she picked it up. With it in hand, she turned off the lights then returned to bed. Since her nerves had settled some she propped back on the pillows, lifted the top of the computer, and signed on to Facebook. After a few minutes of social media updates, Nika had overcome the shock of what she discovered. An hour later, she messaged goodnight to her friends, intending to finally get some rest. She laid back on the pillow but the vision of the porn page came back to taunt her. She took a couple of minutes to make the decision, if she ignored the title, if she ignored that the girl was supposed to be the daughter, she could watch the video. As she matured through puberty, Nika was building a strong curiosity about boys and girls; the facts of life, and she had in her lap the opportunity to learn about what men and women do. Nika lifted the lid then went to the history files. She was mildly surprised to see the history listed several pages; she counted the ones she had not created, seventeen. Assuming the father/daughter was the top file under her list, the girl clicked on that one. The scene on the monitor came up and Nika started on a path of discovery. Discovery about her father, herself, and her burgeoning sexuality.

It started with the teen girl crying, sobbing in her bedroom, her father heard and came in to see what was wrong. “Some girls in my school say I’m not sexy dad, they are bullies and tell a lot of girls we aren’t sexy. Am I sexy dad, do boys look at me and want to have sex with me?” Her father assured her she was sexy, her ass, tits, and body were hot, she was very sexy and most men would fuck her. The girl admitted, “I never got fucked dad, I never let any boy put his hard cock in me.” Nika was skeptical that a girl would say things like that to her father, but this was a staged video, there was probably a written dialogue. The father took the girl in his arms, rubbed her butt and promised her that her ass was as firm, sexy, and hot as any teen girl. She wondered out loud how he could tell, she had clothes on. He suggested she strip for him, show him her body then he could make a proper evaluation of her tits and ass.

Three minutes into the video the daughter was nude and posing boldly for her father who was pulling on his prick while telling her how good it would feel to fuck her. She smiled brightly then put both her hands on his erection and offered to let him, so she would know how it feels to have sex. “Before I put it in you, you should suck on it, that way it will be hard enough to fuck with.” She didn’t hesitate, she dropped to her knees in front of him, licked the head of his cock then started blowing him. Even the inexperienced Nika could tell the action was acted, faked. No girl in the world could suck cock like that the first time. The video ran another few minutes; the entire time the view was a closeup of her mouth on the big, long cock. Around the eight-minute mark, the man grabbed the girl’s hair and forced her head against his groin, his prick had to be in her stomach. He groaned, Nika could see him pulsing as he gushed deep into the girl’s mouth.

The daughter lifted her face off her father’s hard-on then stuck out her tongue, it was coated with the gooey juice from his nuts. Nika’s eyes went wide, she began to gag then vaulted from the bed to her bathroom and vomited in the bathtub. Never in her life had she ever seen anything so fucking gross! ‘My fucking god’, she thought, ‘do girls actually do shit like that!?’ Nika crept back to bed, horrified to look at her computer screen, again wary that her dad had watched the same crap. Did he think of her that way, did he want to squirt his stuff in her mouth? She quailed at the idea. She sat in the dark and stared at the stopped video; the message “Go to Part Two, ‘Hot Daughter Can’t Get Enough’, at” was superimposed over the daughter’s mouth full of cum.

Not wanting to see any more of that girl, she opened the history and clicked at the bottom of the list. The web page changed to another video, Nika quickly looked at the title. ‘Step-brother loves his Step-sister’. She cringed and frowned, then quickly closed the video.

Nika never knew her mother, when Nika was six months old her mother was carjacked and murdered. Her father had married twice more, the first lasted two years, Nika barely remembered her first step-mother. The second woman her dad married had a son four years older than Nika. They got on well as a family until the night he attacked her. She woke up with her step-brother in her bed. Even as she was waking up, he ripped her panties off then rolled up and over her. She tried to fight him off but he was much bigger and held her down while he forced her legs apart then stabbed at her pussy with his hard prick. He thrust against her then she felt him break through her virginity. It hurt bad, she was scared and started yelling and crying. Seconds later her bedroom door slammed open and her dad grabbed the boy by the hair and dragged him off her. He pulled him out of the room, Nika heard a lot of yelling and fighting then the house went quiet. Her father came in, bundled up his crying, bleeding, daughter and took her to the hospital. The doctors confirmed that the boy had penetrated her completely, but did not ejaculate. Her father called the police and reported the rape but the step-mother and her son had disappeared, never to be seen again. Since then her father had some girlfriends, but none permanent.

Having such a bad personal history, Nika knew she couldn’t watch anything that hinted at a step-sister, -mother,- brother, -father relationship. But she could continue to look at other videos, so she opened the next in line. It was a man-woman video with no family relationship involved. The teen girl sat back on her pillows and for the next fourteen minutes watched a man and woman doing oral sex and fucking in several different positions. The end of the video was a very close shot of his cock slamming her pussy while she cried for him to cum in her. The last nine seconds was the view between her legs, her pussy hole open and dripping cum. Nika decided the video wasn’t gross, but was educational. She continued up in the history file.

Nika watched eight of the seventeen videos, five were some form of daddy/daughter involvement. She saw two more girls sucking daddy’s cock but no more cum dripping from mouths. Each of the five showed explicitly how the girl fucked, and got fucked by her ‘father’. By the time she laid the computer aside, Nika had been exposed to some pretty raw porn, about half of it was incest. She had a lot to think about.

She spent the next day with her friends but her mind was still processing what she had seen the night before. She wanted to ask Sonia and Delly if they ever looked at incest porn but didn’t think the question would be prudent. She did ask if they ever looked at porn, she left the word ‘incest’ out of the question. It took almost no time at all before Delly had her laptop open then the three girls spent damn near two hours watching eating, sucking, and fucking over the internet. The few times a guy came in a girl’s mouth, Nika did gag a little, her friends didn’t notice and she managed to suppress the urge to puke again.

She was hooked. Hooked on porn. Nika didn’t have a boyfriend and didn’t feel she needed one, but she sort of liked what she and her friends had watched. In her bed that night, after she made sure her father was tucked in securely, Nika went surfing for more pornography. She opened the history files and started where she left off the night before.

Father and daughter on vacation, at a nude beach. At first, the girl, who was about the same age as Nika, was embarrassed to be naked in public but quickly overcame her modesty. Her dad let her drink wine then later in the hotel, he seduced her. For the rest of the vacation father and daughter fucked like newlyweds, he went down on her, she sucked him, he came in her pussy, then her mouth; she swallowed. Nika did not choke, vomit, or feel revulsion, she was getting used to watching blowjobs to the end.

The last video she watched that night was another incest, one about three cousins, two brothers with their girl cousin. Nika didn’t have a boy cousin, but the illicit aspect of the video kept her interest. That one ended with the two cuming all over the girl’s face while she smiled and laughed. That night, for the first time in her life, Nika had a hot fucking dream about getting fucked. She woke up breathing hard, her body was jerking lightly with orgasmic convulsions. She’d fingered herself to climax many times, but that was the first-ever when she was sleeping. She drifted on a soft cloud of internal bliss and wondered if sex really felt that good.

For two months the girl watched pornography almost every night, even when she had school the next day. She began to play with herself while watching, she was getting off several times a week but still did not feel compelled to find a boyfriend. She was content to watch porn and finger her pussy. She always waited until her father was asleep, she didn’t want him to know what she was doing.

Over time her father slowed down the drinking, he was drunk less often, he stayed sober for days at a time. He hadn’t recovered fully from the death of his brother, but he was healing. One Saturday her father invited Nika to the zoo. They spent the day, father and child, having a pleasant family outing, he drank nothing but sodas, she had the same. They had a good running conversation over a good Italian dinner then he took her to an early evening movie. For the first time in months, he wasn’t mourning his brother. That night, around ten, her father got up to go to bed, kissed her on the cheek, said goodnight, that he loved her, then went to his room. Nika was happy, she was delighted how they spent the day.

Lying in her bed she thought of the poor mental state her dad had been in for months and was glad he was coming back to the father she’d known her entire life. She felt a closeness for him, a closeness she hadn’t felt in almost a year. Nika got out of her bed then went to her parent. He was asleep but she wanted to be near him so his slumber did not deter her; she would lie next to him and bask in contented security. She pulled the blanket down then stopped cold. She didn’t move. He was naked, on his back, with his legs slightly spread, his balls resting between them, his cock lying to the left, across the top of his thigh. Nika had seen enough pictures and videos of men, soft and aroused, to judge her father as ‘well hung’. Her heart thudded, she felt herself shiver with a flush of hot blood. Nika had seen him naked only that once before, and that night she hurried from him. This time she stood staring and her knees went weak, she had to move or fall over, so she stepped to the bed and sat on the very edge. Even as warm as she felt, she could feel the warmth of his nearness, Nika’s heart was slamming, her breasts were tingling, the nerve endings between her legs were firing off messages of lust and desire. The girl sat next to the slumbering man for only a few moments then fled back to her room. She was terrified of the feelings inside her, she was shaken by the absolute need to get onto the bed with him, to be with him like she watched in the videos.

She couldn’t sleep, even closed, her eyes were focused on the shape and form of her father’s member. After thirty minutes of restlessness, she rose shakily from her bed, dropped her night shift to the floor then returned to his room. The girl stood next to him, her heart pounding, she was fevered with sexual tension. She put two fingers to work between her legs then rubbed herself to a stunning orgasm as she stared at his long, hefty prick.

Nika didn’t get any sleep that night, her mind was a tornado of thoughts, desires, and dreams. Of everything that was going on in her head, one idea, one thought was prominent. She wanted to have sex with her father. The question was, how should it start? No matter what she felt, what she wanted, she was too timid to boldly approach and seduce him. As morning dawned, the sleepless girl settled on a plan, a course of action that she hoped would get him to notice her, to want her as she wanted him. The plan centered on the password to her father’s laptop. The first thing she did that morning was to log onto her father’s computer and check his files.

YES!! In the bookmark files were his fantasies about her. Well, maybe not her directly, but about fathers and daughters. Encouraged, Nika set her plan in motion.

“Nika,” asked her father, “can I use your laptop? I can’t get mine to open, it won’t accept my password.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t know, it won’t open, I’ll have to take it somewhere to see if they can hack into it. But right now, I need to edit a couple of papers for my work.”

Nike knew damn well what was wrong with her dad’s computer. She knew his desktop password; she also knew how to change it. There was nothing wrong with it, she had changed the password so he would have to borrow her MacBook. “Let me have it dad, maybe my Media Arts teacher can get into it, he claims to be a hacker and that will save you money. I’ll get mine for you.”

“Thank you, sweetheart, you’re a lifesaver.” She felt faint when he started her computer then opened the word processor, not because of anything he might find in her files, but because she had spent the night before choosing pornographic videos, videos that conveyed what she felt. She picked some father/daughter sex videos that made her hot, then purposely did not clear them from her internet history. She was trembling with a mixture of dread and anticipation when she left her father alone with her pink MacBook.

Two nights later she was in her bed just dozing off when her father came into her room, “Nika, are you awake?”

“Mm? Yeah, kind of.” She opened her eyes and directly before her was her father’s large cock, he was naked, he was erect. He put his arms under his daughter, plucked her from the bed then carried her to his room. He gently set her on the bed then tugged on her nightgown, she lifted her arms, he pulled it off. Nika’s heart was crashing wildly, her blood was racing, her pussy swelling with heat when she lay back. He put a hand on her thigh then pulled her legs apart then went to his knees between them. Nika watched her father’s erection hover over the junction of her legs then looked up into his eyes, she whispered to him, “I’m ready daddy.”

She told him she was ready but the only other time she experienced an erection, she was frightened, crying, and it hurt like hell. Nika wasn’t scared, but there was a shadow of uneasiness that her father might hurt her, was she ready for that? She needn’t have worried, the girl swooned when he held the head of his erection against her body then gently moved it up and down, preparing to penetrate her. The touch on the lips of her pussy caused her to quiver, she moaned softly. She moved her legs even wider then lifted her hands to his waist and pulled on him. She was snug and felt every inch of his cock as it slid through the opening between her legs and she warmed even more with the realization that it didn’t hurt, it felt fantastic.

His balls expanded with lust, his cock expanded with semen, his heart expanded with love as he looked down on the girl beneath him. His first few thrusts were tentative, carefully slow, but after feeling how his daughter’s body accepted him, he began fuck her with the fever he had suffered for months. It began after his brother died when Nika was so attentive to him. The more she cared for him, the more he saw her as a woman, a helpmate. One night he was drunk and looking at porn and accidentally ventured into incest; dad and daughter incest. What he watched intrigued him, and he began to watch Nika with the eyes of a male, not her father. He didn’t act on the fantasies caused by the incest videos, but did use them as inspiration to jack-off while thinking about his daughter. The second night after he borrowed her laptop, he discovered her internet history; Nika was watching daddy/daughter porn too, as recently as two days before. At first, he was shocked, his girl was looking at pornography, but by the time two videos were done, he knew. He knew she had sent him a message; she had left her history for him to find. He got horny for Nika then went to her room.

He fucked his daughter for several minutes, her body filled with warmth, her mind filled with pleasure, her womb was filling with ecstasy. He watched her as her sexuality came alive but he knew he had to pause. He stopped moving, holding himself deep in her for a moment then withdrew to get off the bed. “Dad?” Nika questioned.

“I have to get something.”

“Wait, stop.” Nika sat up and looked at his erection, she gripped it firmly, looked into his eyes then bent to kiss the head of his cock. She kissed it, flicked her tongue across it then sat back up, “Don’t be gone long” she said with a grin to her astonished father. He went to his dresser and picked a condom from his drawer of socks. She watched avidly as he opened the packet then rolled the latex the length of his erection. He came back to her and urged her to her side, he lay behind her then fucked her spoon fashion. Her father was fondling her tits as they coupled, she was beginning to sigh sounds of passion.

She was unaware of time, she doesn’t to this day know how long her first sexual encounter lasted, but she knows for sure when and how it ended. Her father started huffing, groaning “Oh my god Nika, I never thought I could feel like this!” He slammed hard against her ass then held her by the waist while his cock pumped, filling the condom with semen, overfilling her womb with passion. She convulsed, she couldn’t breathe, she began to wail the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. Nika and her father rode a tidal wave of climaxes together until both were limp and exhausted.

Neither moved, Nika could feel him still lodged in her body and she loved it. She put a hand on his and squeezed his fingers and puffed, “Can I stay here dad, all night?”

She smiled delightfully and wriggled her ass against him when he kissed the back of her neck and said, “All night.” She pulled off his prick, rolled to face him, put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her, they bonded from face to legs, skin on skin, and she felt another shiver of lust in her womb. Nika pulled her head back, searched her father’s eyes for a moment. When she saw what she wanted to see, love and contentment, she kissed him tenderly. He sat up, pulled the rubber off, he wasn’t completely hard, but still half inflamed with desire, it would not take much encouragement to be ready for the girl again. When he dropped the condom to the floor Nika moved around until she was lying across his thighs, she held his cock in her fingers then licked it from base to head, tasting the cum that coated it.

She didn’t gag as her lips formed a seal over the head of her father’s cock.

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