Part 5 - Sue becomes a star_(0)

Part 5 - Sue becomes a star_(0)

Part 5 contined from part 4…

Her head hung in shame, her tit throbbed and ached and was now almost black, then to her horror the guy said. Well if you didn't keep it down, the balls go back in. He put all of the balls in the bag and then began to swing it like a pendulum. Sue let out a gutterall scream and said no stop, please them off. Can we fuck you in the ass the guy said, 'Yes, Yes just get it off. 'Are you sure’. ‘Yes get it off.’

Slowly he removed the bag and the rope around her right tit and undid the wire. Her tits were destroyed. The left nipple was 4 inches long, the right tit was deep purple and the nipple hung down like a deflated balloon. Don't worry the girl said, they will heal, eventually...

In the meantime go to the bathroom, and get cleaned up, cos this party just getting started.

Sue prepared herself as best as she good, she showered, applied lube to her ass, did her hair and make up and walked out. The room was dark with all the guys in the centre of the room surrounding a square leather flat sofa with no back. As she walked into the group all she could see were black youths and hard ons, and despite her apprehension, her pussy betrayed her.

She then heard a voice. Hi Sue, one of the guys said, with a film camera behind him. We are going to give you a chance to make this as easy and painless as possible.

You can pick any five guys. You tell them what to do, as long as one is always buried in your ass. If you can make all 5 cum within 30 minutes then you are free to leave. If not then you have to pick another 5. Same rules except if the next 5 don't cum in 30 minutes then they can all do what the fuck they like until they are done.

We will also keep our ass stained Cocks out of your mouth as long as you keep it off the bed when your on your back and eyes forward when you're on your knees.

Got it?

Yes she said.

So get the cameras going and pick your 5.

Sue looked around and found the 5 smallest Cocks in the room. She then asked them to come over and then pointed at one. You first, she said. ‘To do what’ he replied. The bastards were going to make her say it. ‘I want you to fuck me in the ass’. She then knealt doggie style on the bed and held her head up, which meant looking straight into the camera. It caught every moment of her agony as the smallest cock in the room worked its way inch by inch into her asshole. She winced as it worked its way in feeling like a hammer being driven inside her, but soon the pain subsided and the guy got into his rhythm.

Luckily he didn't take long in her tight ass, and came inside her ass, then stood back. Sue pointed at the next one and said. You next, please fuck me in the ass. He was much rougher, jamming his cock in and began pummelling her ass. This went on for a good 10 minutes and her neck muscles were struggling to keep her head up. Eventually his pummelling won and her head dipped. ‘Oh dear’ the girl said. Mouth is open for business. The guy in her ass withdrew and walked up to her head. He pulled her hair up and stuck his cock from her ass to her mouth. As he pummelled her face she pointed at one of the guys to fuck her ass and he duly obliged. With a cock in her throat and another in her ass her pussy ached , but she knew they were all more interested in her ass. Quickly both guys came, filling her from both ends and she decided to take the last two on her back.

The next guy walked up and held her legs in a wide v and slowly drilled his cock into her ass. '. He was going to enjoy it so was slow and easy. Sue realised her time was running out so tried to excite him. 'Hmm oh yeah, fuck me baby, stick that big cock into me. He just grinned and grabbed her sore elongated nipples and began to pull them away from her body. Her nipples were in agony but she couldn't allow him to be distracted. Oh yeah that's it, fuck that ass, pull my big titties.... make me yours.. but he just grinned and get plowing away. Conscious of the time she said to him... tell me what you want baby, tell me how I can make you cum. How about you lie your head back so I can fuck your throat while my buddy fucks your ass?

These were the last 2 and there was only 8 minutes left. Ok she said and lowered her head off the back of the bed, and said to the last guy. Will you please fuck me in the ass, while he fucks my face?

He didn't take long to fill the void left by his buddy whilst the first guy took his ass cock and stuck it down Sue's throats. Her pussy ached and needed to be filled but she did her best her make the last 2 guys cum, but she then heard the timer go off and then all hell broke loose.

Both guys stepped back and all she felt were hands on her body flipping her over onto all fours. The guy that was fucking her ass slid under her and buried his cock in her pussy that was soaking wet. Sue began to grind on the cock, but within seconds her hair was pulled back and a cock was buried in her throat. Still working on the cock in her pussy she didn't feel the third cock at her anus until it was too late. It took some work but before long she had 3 Cocks balls deep in her three holes.

She was in extacy and agony her body being pummelled in 3 directions her body betraying her and her orgasm beginning to build. She then felt her hands being pulled onto two more Cocks and the camera caught this stunning sight of this size 8 brunette with 3 Cocks inside her, with one cock in each hand. The camera then saw the girl walk up with 2 crocodile clips with metal serrated teach and she clipped one roughly onto each nipple. Sue exploded. An orgasm ripped through her body she screAmed sending the cock in her mouth over the edge filling her mouth with cum and after a full 2 minutes of shaking she fell face down on the bed, unable to move, unable to speak.

The guys decided to let her recover before they moved on to the next part of their devilish plan

When she had recovered she was given something to eat and drink and then told to read a mini script they had prepared. She was going to be their star in a porn movie starring supergirl and the evil lex Luther. She was given a skin tight outfit to wear with red boots and a cape. She was sickened by what they had planned but she had no alternative, there was no way out and she knew saying no would be pointless. They had told her that this was the last thing after which she would be released.

She would be passed the lines she had to say through a mini earpiece, and then had to leave everything up to them. With one final warning. If she stepped out of character they would post everything they had on her on social media and spend every second until dawn working on her ass until they were fisting it with two hands.

Before the Sue walked out the girl gave her a vial of creamy liquid, a combination of pain relief, aphrodisiac and muscle relaxant and made her drink it. When Sue walked into the empty building in her supergirl suit and red boots she looked stunning with her small waist and big tits and as she looked around it looked like a professional set, with a range of props laid around the room. In her ear she hear the words she had to say and called them out.' Out you come Luther I know your here. From behind a curtain walked out a tall muscular black man, surrounded by several more. These weren't the youths anymore, they were real men and a shiver went down Sue's spine. Hello supergirl he said smiling. ‘You're coming with me Lex, it's jail for you’. ‘Hmm’ he said, I don't think so. You have disrupted my plans for too long, your have attacked my team, my operation, and you threw my brother off a building. ‘That was an accident!’ Sue said. ‘Don't give a shit’, he said time to pay the price. Sue followed her lines and approached lex, knowing what she had to do.

She grabbed lex's throat but then he grabbed hers. She looked confused as he smiled and said, oh yes, cryptonite, your only weakness. He then opened a bag and took out a green dog collar and fixed it around Sue's neck, Sue dropped to her knees. then his boys walked over to her and she was told to take off her outfit. Through her ear she heard the words. ‘Never lex, you will never win’. He just smiled.

The boys tore her suit from her body and then attached two green rings around the base of her tits that had ratchets to help tighten them she fell to the floor made powerless by the cryptonite and lex took the biggest cock she had ever seen from his pants. Come over here and suck it, or I will slice those tits off and feed you to my dogs. She crawled over slowly and looked up at him. He used her hair to drop her mouth onto his monster cock.

She worked it as best as she could, but her throat just wasn't big enough, Lex looked down at supergirl and laughed. Don't worry bitch we get it in there soon. He clicked his fingers and she was set upon by his men. They opened up a cupboard and pulled out a scaffold contraption with a leather plank at the bottom. Supergirl was strapped in on her back, her legs spread, arms immobilised and unable to move. Lex walked in and tightened the ratchets on her tits. She begged him to stop, still acting defiant from the lines being fed to her, but it was no use. He attached two metal clips to each of her tits and then went down to her pussy where he clamped another clip on her engorged clit. Sue screamed, her eyes wide in terror, unable to see what was causing the searing pain. Lex got one of his guys to tilt her head up and she could see the clamps and his big cock at the head of her pussy. He drove in slow and deep and filled her pussy with his monster cock, despite the pain in her tits Sue was loving the feeling of being full, that was until he turned a dial on a box next to him which sent electricity through her tits and clit. She let out a guttural scream but he just carried on, fucking and shocking. He then stepped back and two of his guys stepped in, filling her cunt and mouth. She was being fucked from both ends whilst being randomly shocked causing her body to convulse. He then clipped clamps onto her nipples, causing another scream as he tied them to wires above her which pulled her up and away from the table she was strapped to. He then sat back as man after man filled her cunt and mouth, he would randomly shock her and then extend the clamps on her tits as her nipples were almost ripped from her body. After an hour Sue was limp and lifeless despite still being pounded. Cum was dribbling from her mouth and pussy and so Lex decided to move to phase 2. He took a bucket of cold water and threw it over her, shocking her back into life he removed the clips from her body and the cryptonite bands from her battered tits. He then started to gently caress her body, wiping it clean, and applying a soothing gel to her tits and pussy. After all of the abuse it felt incredible and as he walked over to her head and released her from her bonds he carried her over to a sumptuous bed. He then climbed on and said 'what do u say?' Thank you. Thank you what. Thank you master. Good girl. Now make me cum and hold it in your mouth.

Sue slid down and knealt in between his legs. She lifted up his cock and worked her tongue all over his balls, taking one then the other into his mouth whilst her hands stroked his long thick shaft. She then ran her tongue along the underside of his cock and took him into her mouth. Her two hands were twisting up and down on his cock as she worked him deeper into her mouth and eventually into her throat. Lex laid back and admired how this girl was now his been transformed. After a few minutes she was able to take all of his cock into her throat and as she did so she kept her eyes locked on his. When he came he filled her mouth, which she kept sealed around the head of his cock, she then tilted her head back, keeping his cum in her mouth and laid next to him. Would you like to swallow it? Sue nodded and then she gulped it down.

Cut, said the director. And the lights came up and the room full of people applauded Sue's efforts as supergirl. She felt a strange combination of shame and pride...

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