Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter_12

Always Pull Your Curtains - Chapter_12

Hailey looked at Deepti and said, “Now are you sure it will be OK for you to sleep in the little studio apartment over the kennels, after all we do have space up at the house if you want.”

Deepti smiled serenely as she replied, “It will be fine Miss Hailey and it will leave me close to the dogs making it easier for them to fuck me regularly.” On saying the last words her face lit up with the thought of training the 20 intact dogs that had been collected together with a view to training and shipping over to Perro Mundo as community dogs.


Craig had waited two days for the chance to be alone and examine the flash drive in more depth. From the evening he had found it after it had fallen out of Hailey’s bag it had burnt a hole in his pocket. He knew there was something worth looking at on the drive by the way Hailey had frantically turned the room upside down searching for something, though when questioned flustered a bit claiming it was a silly gift given to her by a friend and she wasn’t that worried. The last part was clearly a lie as Craig could see she was close to tears as she lifted the cushions on the couch to see if it had miraculously appeared after the last time she had checked 30 seconds before.

He knew that she was done in the kennels where the new dogs were, an area she had told Craig was off limits as the dogs there were still in quarantine and being cared for by the Indian woman who had appeared a few weeks ago. Recalling her name, he thought about her a second and felt his cock twitch as he imagined her naked instead of being concealed in the sari which although it covered her lower half allowed a good deal of bare midriff and did nothing to hide her ample breasts. Putting the thought to the back of his mind he carefully inserted the flash drive into the computer and clicked on the icon.

“Fuck,” Craig exclaimed to the empty room as the words appeared on screen telling him that a password was required. For the next 20 minutes Craig put in everything he could think of ranging from the kid’s names though to Hailey's birthday, but all with no success. Ejecting the drive, he sat back and muttered to himself deciding he would need to search further for the password to the dam drive.


Hailey led in the fifth dog, a cross breed that had the look of a collie about him and made sure the socks were firmly attached to his font paws.

“Are you sure you are OK to carry on,” said Hailey hoping that Deepti would allow her the chance to lie across the breeding bench for a while. It had been intensely frustrating watching dog after dog mount Deepti with varying degrees of success and fuck her senseless.

They had devised a training plan where they would break the dogs into groups of five and with Hailey’s help each would mount Deepti for the first time and with encouragement and help mate with her. For the rest of the week, and the following week, Deepti would then spend time with those five dogs letting them fuck her as often as they wanted until at the end of the fortnight, they were very used to mating with a human. The next stage was that Michelle would arrive at the weekend and test the dogs out before shipping four of them back to Perro Mundo as community dogs and the process would begin again. The fifth dog would remain and become available for use at the cottage once they started taking guests who wanted to try in the UK before committing to a holiday. This process would carry on until there were 16 dogs on the island and 4 in the cottage, effectively a two-month plan.

The first batch had left the day before and Hailey could still hear in her mind the cries of pleasure from Michelle as each dog had knotted with her and pumped her full of cum and although the system seemed to work well it was a little frustrating for Hailey as she was just watching most of the time. Hailey recalled how wonderful Michelle pussy had looked, open and oozing with cum as the forth dog had pulled out, before Deepti had knelt and licked her clean as she had done with the dogs before. ‘Maybe’ Hailey thought to herself she could test out the stunning English Mastiff that had been the ‘fifth’ dog of the first batch, after all it had to be comfortable around her. Hailey felt herself getting wet as she recalled seeing the mastiff in action for the first time.


Hailey led the mastiff to Deepti and watched as it sniffed a couple of times, smelling the other dogs that had been before him. The mastiff was a huge dog and as Hailey watched his cock started to emerge and it was clearly in proportion to his body. ‘I do hope he is the dog they leave here,’ Hailey though to herself as the almost horse like cock grew bigger and bigger before her eyes and Hailey started preparing her to say to Michelle as to why the mastiff should stay.

Hailey stood there open mouthed and actually trembled as she reached out to hold the heavy cock that had emerged from its furry sheath. Hailey could hardly get her hand round it and lifted it to her lips and went to lick the blunt tip that was oozing pre-cum. The cock was actually throbbing in her hand and Hailey wondered how Deepti was going to manage to take such a wonderous cock. Slurping on the end Hailey tasted the pre-cum and felt the urge rising inside that only a dog could satisfy.

The mastiff was a big heavy dog and didn’t have to rise far to position himself on Deepti’s small frame. Hailey could hear the grunt from Deepti as she tried to get used to the weight and the big dog vainly tried to thrust his cock into her. Hailey reached under and lifted the cock to position and then quickly withdrew her hand before it was trapped as the heavy dog thrust forward burying itself into Deepti’s open cum filled pussy with a splash. The noise that erupted from Deepti sent shivers though Hailey as Deepti literally whimpered was the huge dog cock slammed inside her. The dog used Deepti like a rag doll beneath it as he fucked her, driving her against the bench that if hadn’t been there Deepti would have surely been smashed to the floor.

Hailey could see the massive knot swelling and there was no way it was going to get that inside but was doing its best as it smashed it against Deepti’s pussy lips. Deepti had passed out from the brutal fucking which wasn’t abating and Hailey was just considering trying to pull the animal off when it clearly erupted inside Deepti's ravaged pussy. Hailey could tell the dog was spurting as she could see quite clearly that Deepti’s belly was swelling, though with no knot inside the dog was able to pull away quickly after it had shot what it felt was sufficient.

Hailey stared at Deepti’s inert form and could see her pussy was wide open and gaping with the dog seed now pouring out and onto the floor below. Hailey reached out to check for blood and any injuries but heard Deepti whimper as she started to come round. “Oh... my... goodness,” said Deepti breathlessly, “that was totally amazing. It is something you must try Miss Hailey … once he is fully trained.”


Deepti’s voice dragged Hailey from her daydream as Deepti said, “Yes Miss Hailey I am fine, as Miss Julie said, I am to train the dogs, Miss Michelle is to test the dogs and transport them, you are to look after the cottage and the guests when they start arriving.” That settled it in Hailey’s mind as soon as Deepti was set up she would take the mastiff down to the cottage and enjoy him fully.

“Now please Miss Hailey could you get the dog to mount me so he may breed me.” said Deepti in her sing song voice.

With hands that had become expert at handling dog cock Hailey reached under the collie and started to gently manipulate the furry sheath. At the same time, she pushed two fingers deep into Deepti and coated them with a copious amount of juices & previous dog seed and offered them to the collie. The collie stood quite still as he licked Hailey’s fingers clean and when they were clean, he followed his nose and began to lick Deepti’s flowing pussy. His angry red cock was showing and although not the largest they had in the kennels it was a decent size with a promise of it getting bigger.

Hailey’s manual stimulation had the desired effect and with encouragement the collie mounted and started to thrust. Grasping the slimy cock firmly Hailey guided it towards Deepti’s pussy and couldn’t help but tease he a little by keeping hold and rubbing the tip along Deepti’s pussy lips. “Oh, please Miss,” Deepti cried with frustration as the collie tried to jerk forward and in an act of devilment just as the collie gave a tremendous heave, she pointed it Deepti’s anal star and let got a little. Deepti screamed with pleasure as a few inches of the cock penetrated her ass but before the dog could fully bury itself Hailey redirected the aim to Deepti’s pussy and let the dog sink in there.

Hailey watched as the collie went off at a tremendous pace ramming Deepti against the breeding bench as the dog slammed its cock in deeper. Because Deepti was open from the previous four dogs the collie’s knot slipped in with ease and her pussy lips clamped round it sealing it in. The collie’s knot swelled to an even larger size so making the fit even tighter and as he started to throb and pump Deepti threw back her head and howled in orgasm.

Hailey was beside herself with her own needs and leaving Deepti to enjoy her pleasures left the kennel and headed to where she hoped the mastiff was with the intention of taking him to the cottage.


Craig had finished poking round Hailey’s office desperately searching for some clue as to what the password for the flash drive might be. He had managed to avoid the little Frenchman and his two apes that followed him everywhere, not wanting to bump into them in case they remembered him from the night of the dog sex show. Trying to think where else his wife might keep the password, he heard a scream coming from the direction of the quarantine kennels. Moving to the door he listened again and this time the yell was much more like the sound of an orgasm and Craig decided to investigate.

Standing outside the door Craig found a wooden box and climbing up peered through the high window onto the scene below. There below was the Indian woman Deepti and on her back was a collie that was either fucking or had been fucking her. Craig felt his cock twitch in his trousers as the dog turned so that it was ass to ass and by the sounds coming from Deepti something was clearly happening. With a quick glance round to check the coast was clear, Craig fished his now very hard cock out of his trousers and began to fist himself slowly as he watched.

The moans coming from Deepti were music to Craig’s ears and he closed his eyes as he had a mental picture of his Hailey in that position. Deciding that he needed more than just a quick hand job Craig got down from the box and boldly went into the stables.

Deepti looked up as the door opened thinking that Miss Hailey had returned and found herself looking directly into the face of Miss Hailey’s husband Craig. His face was alight with lust and as she watched he tore his clothes off leaving just his trainers on and held his very large erection in his hand.

“Oh please Master Craig,“ Deepti begged, "Please don't tell Miss Hailey.”

“So my wife doesn’t know,” Craig thought to himself as he felt his cock strain in his hand and then spoke out loud, “Well the price of my silence is I need to empty my balls so what are you going to do about it?” Hoping that Deepti would at least offer him a blowjob.

“I am very sorry Master Craig, “Deepti said with disappointment in her voice, “this naughty doggy is locked inside this slut’s pussy,” She paused before she went on, "but you can always use this slut’s ass if you wish.”

Craig almost shot his load at the words as he couldn’t believe his luck and then calming himself looked at the most practical way of doing this. Sensing he wasn’t sure Deepti said, “If Sir straddles my back facing forward then you can penetrate that way, though Sir will need to push very hard as I am extremely full.”

Craig lifted his leg over Deepti’s back and could see below him the dog was very firmly embedded in Deepti’s pussy with a small amount of juice and seed mixture oozing out. Taking some with his fingers he used it as lube working a finger in and out with difficulty. As he pushed his finger in he could feel the dog knot throbbing and the desire to feel that against his cock was intense. Placing the tip at Deepti’s anal star he pushed as hard as he could but couldn’t penetrate. “Really hard Sir,” Deepti shouted and then that dissolved into a guttural moan of pleasure as Craig thrust and finally entered her ass.

The feeling was incredible for Craig, his cock felt like it was trapped in a warm clamp and as he increased the weight and sank deeper, he could feel the dog pulsing alongside his cock. Craig tried to pull back but had to stop as it felt like he would tear his cock off if he pulled too hard. Contenting himself with little thrusts Craig bounced up and down fucking Deepti’s ass as the dog filled her pussy. The stimulation was too much for Craig and with a cry he shot his load deep into Deepti’s bowels just as the dog pulled away from her pussy with a loud gush of cum. This sudden release of pressure allowed Craig to pull his cock free and he nearly fell as he tried to keep his balance.

As he stood on unsteady feet Deepti turned and quickly sucked his semi hard cock into her mouth uttering the words as she did, “girl must keep Sir’s cock clean.”

“I suppose you fuck the dogs when Hailey isn’t around?” said Craig as he felt like his cock was in a warm wet vacuum cleaner. Deepti mad a noise which Craig assumed was an agreement. As he looked down on the dark hair bobbing on his cock and could see the puddle of cum dripping down between her thighs, he knew this wasn’t the last time this was going to happen.

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