The Auction House

The Auction House

I expected to buy things at the auction, not be apart of it.

It was my 17 birthday. My parents had just gave $300 and told me to have fun. I wanted to head down to the auction as soon as possible. I dressed in a low cut black tank and black skinny jeans that clung to my ass. I had just walked through the door into the auction house and sat towards the front. The auctioneer was running up the price on a old Ford pick up truck. No sooner did the word "SOLD!" echoed through the room a gentleman around the age of late 20's early 30's sat next to me. He was well built and his bright blue eyes seemed to pierce my skin. I wanted to speak to him, but my voice wouldn't work. Good think he spoke first.

"I wish I would have been here sooner. I really wanted that truck." He spoke and smiled warmly in my direction.

"Yeah." I replied. " It sold pretty cheap too."

"So what's a young and fine looking girl like yourself doing here at a auction. Looking to buy some stuff?" He laughed lightly as I smiled and giggled softly.

"Just looking around to be honest. Not sure if I will bid or not." I said focusing on the iteam up for bid.

"I'm Nick." He extend his hand smiling. " And you are?"

"I'm Nicole." I took his hand smiling. His grip was strong I almost thought he would snap my hand in half.

We talked and bidded against each other laughing and having a good time til they were selling the last iteam of the night. It was a huge tent worth almost $300. It was between me and Nick. I looked at him begging for the iteam. He dropped his bid rewarding me with the tent for $26.50. I thanked him as he whispered in my ear, " I rather own you than that tent any day."

I blew it off as a joke, but little did I know he wasn't.

As the people flooded out I was making my way towards the exit when everything went black. When I woke up I was ass naked, gagged, and chained to metal table spread eagel. My body shook from fear and the cold drifting on my body. I began hearing foot steps and decided to act as if I was still out cold.

" The stupid bitch is still out cold." A man's voice called out. I knew the voice but I couldn't think of from where. Then it hit me. It was Nick.

"She's going up for sale in 20 minutes! Get her up and wet! I want her to be the big one tonight!" Another voice rang out from another room.

I was scared. I didn't know where I was or why I was being put through this. While my mind was trying to processe everything I felt the cold rough sting of his whip. It burned my skin as I cried out in pain. He repeatedly this across my body.

" She's up!" He yelled as I groaned my body stinging and burning.

His hands soon began to roam my body as he whispered softly into my ear " I told you I would rather own you and I think tonight I just might." I shook as he forced his fingers into my pussy rubbing my clit with his thumb. I was only a virgin I just prayed he didn't know.

I heard a vibrator turn on in the distance. It was hard to see over my large breasts, but I struggled to catch a glance none the less. I felt the vibrator be forced against my clit buzzing as I moaned. Trying to surpress them was not a option.I was wet in a matter of minutes between Nick fingering my pussy roughly and the vibrator being forced against my clit.

"You dirty little slut." I heard him laughing forcing his fingers into my mouth. "Suck them bitch." He barked. I did as demanded.

The torture contuined. Everytime I would need to cum he would stop. I would whine and beg, but everytime I was not permitted. Soon enough I was lined up with at least 20 other girls. They all were naked and chained by a collar around their neck and forced to crawl on all fours like dogs being led by a male owner. I was going to be presented differently. I was dressed in a tight corset and black choker used for a collar and lace panties with a vibrator in my ass and pussy. I was gagged because I could not surpress my moans. They all proceeded forward as did I.

When I presented I was walked in like all the other girls. On all fours with a leash attached to a collar being led by a owner. The bidding began at $70.00. It soon was raised to $130.00 in a matter of seconds. Several people demanded my clothing be removed, but that only gave the auctioneer an idea.

He smirked and spoke into the mic " The highest bidder not only gets to own this lovely whore but also put on a little show for all of us at the auction house."

I began to shake. If I wasn't scared before I sure as hell was now as the bid rose higher and higher.


Nick looked down at me and smirked a devilish grin. He stopped me mid walk and took out his 8 inch cock. I was stunned and shocked. My face began to heat up as a dark red tint gained to them.

"Suck it whore!" he demanded. I was still in so much shock I didn't respond. So, he did it for me. He shoved his whole cock down my throat. I gagged instantly. He held my head as he forced his cock in and out of my mouth deeper and deeper down my throat. Finally he stopped I thought it was all over as a blast of hot cum exploded into my mouth. My throat became coated in the stickey hot substances. I had no choice but to swallow. It slowly dripped down my throat as he pulled his cock from my mouth my salvia and his cum dripped from his cock.

I was still in shock from it all I hadn't relized how high the bidding had went until the auctioneer rang out, " SOLD! For $990.00"

Had the bidding really gone up that high? What is going to happen to me now? Can I make a escape for it before it is to late? As all these questions were running through my mind a male figure made his way toward the stage. I couldn't see his face only his figure. I could tell he was buff though. He had to be mid 30's because that was the main amount of men left in the audience.

After I saw him making his way toward the stage I remembered only feeling my panites being ripped from my skin and his cock forcing all into my pussy. Then I blacked out.

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