The New Shed

The New Shed

I was building a new workshop and needed some help. I called four friends who had carpentry skills and were regular meetings for me. We all knew we were sex partners but we kept things discrete since none of our wives knew of our extracurricular activities.

The concrete for the floor had already been poured by two very energetic gentlemen, but that is another story. The lumber had been delivered a few days ago along with all the hardware. The saw station was set up in a shady area so work could go quickly.

The wives took all the children to Michigan Adventure for the day so we men had no distractions, but each other of course. After a couple of hours, we were all in oversized short pants and bare-chested. I had bottled water while working and two cases of beer on completion.

Mike and Mitch were nearly twins. Five feet ten inches tall, broad chests and thick 7" long cocks. I have sucked them both off several times so I should know. Bill was 6' even with a wiry build and 6" of cock that filled me often enough that my daughter thought we were only fishing buddies if she only knew the cock that had her also had her husband while we floated on my pontoon boat.

Sam was a monster of a man standing 6' 6" tall and had a ten-inch cock as thick as my wife's wrist. None of us have been able to take his weapon yet, but we all have tried one time or another. As the day wore on we all slipped a hand up another man's pant leg and squeezed a cock or butt cheek. Tugged on a nut sack or stroked a thigh. By lunchtime, we were all shiny with sweat and ready for a break. We were enjoying some small talk; our favorite sports teams, fishing stories, and when we were going on another " fishing trip", etc.

Without warning, Mitch dropped to his knees and started sucking Mike's cock. We all turned and all conversation stopped. Mike had both his hands on the back of Mitch's head as he moaned in time with the other man's motions. After a few minutes, Mike's grunt as he shot his seed in Mitch's mouth signaled time to finish the shed.

After the lunch show, we all got more touchy. Opening massaging cocks and asses without regard who might see into my backyard. When the last few roofing nails were driven in I declared, "Anyone up for a cold one!"

All of us agreed and beers were passed around the patio. Most of us jumped in the pool as clothes piled on the sides. We were all acting like teeners at a pool party. Playing grab ass, splashing water at each other, and trying to work out the aches and strains of the efforts of the day.

Mitch and Sam were at the end of the pool Sam behind Mitch ramming his cock home while Mitch was obviously enjoying it. A chorus of "fucks" came from his mouth as Sam slammed in him.

I was stroking Bill watching their display and Mike had me balls deep in his mouth. Mitch was kneeling on the step so we all watched his cook jump each time Sam drive deep in him.

I had to ask Mike to stop sucking my cock until we moved closer to the shallow end and Bill sat on the rim of the pool while Mike moved behind me. I moaned into my son-in-law's crotch as Mike forced his way inside me. In seconds the sounds of sex were filling the area around the pool.

Sam roared, slammed his cock deep inside him, and froze in place. The two of them made noises telling us they were done.

Bill was instinctively moving his hips fucking his cock into my throat. I sat on the top pool step, with Mike deep inside my hole. Bill used my mouth like his wife's pussy. My daughter is a nymphomaniac I have been fucking her for years. I waited until she was eighteen years old. But we have been regular lovers since. Bill knows but has never joined us, yet.

Lizzie, my daughter has made repeated comments about Bill being part of our threesome. But I know he is usually fucking my wife, his mother when we are having fun.

Sam sat in a large patio chair with his soft cock lying across one thigh. Mitch was on his back slowly stroking as the three of us churned the pool water into a froth with our motions.

After finishing his beer Sam dropped to his knees and in one motion sucked Mitch's cock in his bottom. He was wildly riding the man under him as his cock slowly stiffened. The thick tool slapped Mich's slight belly, leaving a wet spot of precum as he pumped his massive hips up and down. Both of them echoed their earlier sounds as they fucked to Mitch's orgasm.

I clamped my ass down, adding the friction on Mike's cock. This triggered his release and I felt his warm seed fill me. I moaned and that vibration took Bill over the edge as he dumped his load into the back of my throat. We slowly separated and sat watching Sam and Mitch finishing off. Mitch lay there exhausted while Sam stood, returned to his chair, and sat down cracking another beer as his glistening cock head aimed skyward waiting for someone to suck it.

Bill knelt on a beach towel and slowly licked the clear cream from Sam's massive glans. The liquid continued to pulse from his pee hole and Bill dutifully drank it all. When he finally took the tip in his mouth Sam threw back his head and tried to push more into his mouth. I got behind Bill. I pulled him to his knees and wormed my tongue in his tightly wrinkled hole. In seconds Bill was wiggling his hole across my tongue while bobbing his mouth on Sam's mushroomed head.

I placed the tip of my cock at the spot my tongue had been lubricating. With a push, my cock head entered him. The muffled gasp opened Bill's throat and he gagged a little as Sam's cock moved in deeper.

I enjoy fucking Bill with the same gusto I put into his wife. They are both young and energetic, so their enthusiasm always triggered my endless well of lust. I exploded into Bill in a few minutes and returned to my seat as Bill continued sucking Sam to completion.

All five of us were naked. The Sun was going down. The mosquitoes drove us into the house for dinner. By the time dinner arrived all the wives had been called and explanations were woven so all of us would be spending the night together. I called my favorite Deli and had a ***********ion of meats, cheeses, and condiments, along with a mix of rolls, were delivered.

I slipped the delivery boy an extra-large tip when my robe opened and his jaw nearly hit the floor. He stared at my cock and balls as they swung in front of me.

I piled the food on the kitchen counter and told all the men to help themselves. Corned beef, swiss, and stone-ground mustard on a rye roll and a cold beer we're added to the protein already in my stomach.

We ate our dinner and watched TV for an hour or so before we started looking at all the naked bodies filling the room.

I grabbed a ***********ion of bisexual porn and started a DVD in which family members males and females were mixing and matching in an orgy of family fun. The mother and sister spent as much time playing with each other as they did cooking food. Racey questions filled the air as we asked about our wife's sexual proclivities. I know my wife is bisexual as well. Her best friend has been a regular sex partner for years. I have caught the scent of pussy on my wife many times over the years. And yes, I know how her friend's pussy tastes.

The other guys had a few experiences about watching their wives getting frisky after a few drinks or when the wife didn't know the hubby was watching.

As the movie played on hands began sliding over other men's bodies. I took the hint and told all of them the basement had three finished bedrooms. We could all sleep down there. I was putting away food when Sam came into the kitchen.

"The guys are in the middle of the basement floor sucking each other." I had been in a few of those in the past so I took Sam by the cock and slowly stroked him.

"Mmmmm. You know how to make a man feel needed. Thanks, bud!" Sam propped himself up with the counter as I threw dirty dishes in the dishwasher, put away food, and grabbed his cock, and started stroking again.

When Sam was fully hard I dropped my robe and bent over the table with my elbows on the edge. offering my hole up to his beautiful, thick snake. Sam saw some olive oil on the Lazy Susan. He drizzled a small amount in my butt crack. I wiggled my ass on his large fingers until my wrinkled hole was well lubed.

I felt his head against my hole and I released a breath so I was relaxed as the thickness of Sam's cock opened my hole. I groaned as he slid in deeper and deeper until half of his appendage had found itself inside me.

I didn't realize that I was holding my breath until Sam stopped pushing and I released the air pent up in my lungs. He groaned like a wild beast over me as I rhythmically flexed my butthole. Squeezing then releasing his shaft buried inside me. We forgot the three men in the basement and Sam started abusing my man pussy. He worked his cock in and out, the tip tugging my sphincter on the outstroke and my guts feeling like they were being pushed out of the way as he bottomed out deep in me. I was gripping the sides of the table as Sam's pace increased. My precum coated my cock and balls as my rock hard cock tapped the underside of the table each time Sam rammed his cock into me. Slapping our nuts together adding that sensation to the wonderful feeling of him filling me. The faster he rammed in me the more we both moaned. As I felt my orgasm growing from his masterful use of angle, speed, and force the louder his groans became. His final thrust ended in him filling me with a huge load that had me panting with a cock so hard I turned and rubbed my cock under his balls and shot my load with a gasp of release.

I dropped to my knees and licked all my discharge from his sack and taint. He was holding my head in place as I slowly stroked his semi-hard cock as I rimmed his tight, wrinkled hole. We walked downstairs to find Bill on his back with Mitch's cock deep in his bottom and Mike had his balls in his face and fucking his mouth with the same force Mitch was applying to his butt. Sam stepped over Bill and Mitch aimed Bill's cock into Sam as he joined the festivities, I lay on the couch and watched the whole event slowly stroking my spent cock.

All four men were enjoying themselves as I slowly tugged my cock back to life. When they had shot their loads all over each other I took my son-in-law to bed. While the other three men threw pillows and blankets on the floor.

Bill and I got into bed. Laying head to toe we started cleaning each other. Lapping strange, sticky cream from each other as our cocks both started to firm up. By the time we had all the secretions, we started to sixty-nine each other.

I rolled Bill on top so he could fuck my mouth while his head bobbed up and down on my cock. We were so engrossed in our activities we didn't hear Mike enter the room and start tonguing Bill's butt. Bill shot his seed into my mouth. Mike buried his tongue into his hole. I wrapped my legs around Bill's head. Forcing him to continue sucking my cock until I came as well.

We arranged ourselves in the bed and the exhaustion of all the day's activities brought to sleep in seconds.

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