Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used?

Shared with Sperm: Amanda Used?

Chapter 1“Cumslut Revealed"

Anyone who meets Amanda thinks she is a very beautiful, intelligent woman with high personal standards and a serious attitude to life. And she is that, but only outside the bedroom! Of medium height, with fine, tightly curled brown hair, Amanda has an attractive, well-proportioned body created by a childhood of competitive swimming and track and field, and maintained by an adult interest in dancing and netball. Her legs are proportioned and well-toned, her hips shapely, her waist narrow with a smooth tummy and her breasts are firm, sitting high and pert with responsive, tasty nipples. Her eyes are almond shaped and a soft milk-chocolate brown, set in a face of stunning beauty with high cheekbones and a strong chin. Her wide full-lipped mouth would appear to have been custom-made for cock-sucking. Now, if you think I’m just rattling off an outline of Julia Roberts in my description of Amanda, well think instead of a young Katherine Hepburn. Amanda has that rare classic beauty that would stop hearts and stir groins in anything from a bear skin to a spacesuit. The kind of beauty the Greeks would have carved into marble and Romantic painters committed to canvas. I never really understood how I was ever lucky enough to be with her, even though I pulled out all the stops to achieve my goal! On a scale of 1 to 10 she is seriously a 15!!

But the thing I was amazed to discover about this stunner was her dark side when it came to sex. She is a typical "Princess" in that she really loves to play the "Whore". She also loves to be "used" sexually, especially without her initial knowledge or consent and prefers to be "taken" by stealth in her sleep. The longer I spent with Amanda the more she revealed to me her hard desires and sexual tastes. She loved having as many fingers as possible ramming into her beautiful cunt and I was often nearly fisting her to satisfy her hunger to be filled. Amanda also demanded that her nipples be twisted, bitten and sucked hard, (so hard that sometimes I could taste blood afterwards), as she rode on top of me, grinding herself hard against my pelvic bone to orgasm. In many aspects her approach to sex was unique but contradictory. She swung between being totally compliant and passive to being athletically dominant and proactive. She also really enjoyed being fucked in the ass, especially when I told her what a dirty slut she was for letting me do it.
“You know that I'm just preparing your ass so that when I share you with another man we can both fuck you at the same time?” I'd taunt,
“Would you really do that?” she’d ask huskily, pushing her self back to meet my thrusts.
As I was cumming deep into her bowels she would always orgasm, her cunt gaping wetly as she writhed, helplessly impaled, with my cock buried up to the hilt in her hot little anus, our fluids oozing from around it!

But what made Amanda, without doubt, the greatest lover of my entire experience was her incredible talent for cocksucking partnered with a voracious appetite for sperm. After kissing and licking my cock to full attention, Amanda would plunge it deep into her throat until her nose touched my stomach and hold it there, her throat muscles clenching around my rigid dick. After several of these stunts she would look up at me and ask, "Can I drink you now?" This would always tip me over and, gripping the back of her head, I would pump spurt after spurt of cum into her eager mouth. She would clamp her lips tightly around my twitching cock and I would listen to the wonderful sound of her swallowing as she greedily gulped down all my warm sperm the moment it erupted from me. When I was spent she would look up at me and with a smile say, "I caught every drop, baby."
Sometimes Amanda would hold out her tongue for me to coat with cum, other times she would just lay back and have me roughly fuck her mouth until I came, but rarely, if ever, did she waste a drop of the precious white fluid that she so expertly coaxed from my willing cock. What didn't go up her ass, into her pussy or onto her face almost certainly went into her stomach! All up, over the 5 years we were together, I swear, if she had swallowed a drop, Amanda would have swallowed at least a bucketful of my semen! For some reason I felt I was the luckiest man on Earth. What a fool.

Chapter 2“Dirty Angel"

As well as being such a hot-looking cumslut, Amanda was blessed with dark fantasies. I felt that was what made us so well matched! In total contradiction to her classic beauty, sharp intellect and elegant demeanor, or maybe perhaps to balance those things, Amanda harbored the desire to be brutally used and abused by ignorant, rough-mannered men; submitting to all sorts of degradation just to satisfy their overwhelming sexual lust for her. This I discovered while pursuing my own favorite fetish of somnomania; the preference for taking sexual advantage of a sleeping woman. Amanda was well aware of this kink of mine and actively encouraged it. Rather than have sex when we first went to bed, some nights she would kiss me goodnight and say,
“Just take me later in the night; I know that’s what you prefer anyhow.”
So, I would wait until the middle of the night when I felt sure she was fast asleep, then I'd gently start to kiss and tease her nipples till they were erect and hard, taking care not to wake her. Then, as she lay there, I would carefully part her beautiful legs and slowly ease my cock into her tight, but always moist, pussy. Sometimes I would wake to find her ass pressed up against my groin. It would only take the minimum of effort, to position the head of my cock exactly against the entrance to her beautiful cunt, and the slightest pressure would find me sinking into her warm wetness. After a few slow strokes I would slide my cock completely out again and return to gently sucking and pinching her gorgeous nipples. Slipping my cock back again into her increasingly wetter cunt for more slow fucking, I would repeat this pattern until I could hold back no longer. Then, grabbing her behind the knees, I'd spread her legs high and wide and fuck her hard until I was shooting my hot sperm deep into her perfect pussy. Amanda would usually wake up by then, and after a moment’s confusion, grind herself hard against me until she too came. After only the second time I did this, Amanda admitted to me she had been dreaming that she was being pack-raped by a large group of filthy soldiers who were taking turns restraining her arms and legs while their comrades were sticking their dirty cocks into her. Each one had dumped a load of thick, smelly semen into her before moving aside for the next man to use her. She had dreamt her pussy had become red and swollen and she felt their combined loads slowly flowing out and down her inner thighs. Amanda begged me to fuck her in her sleep more often as she had loved the dream. Of course, I did my best to comply with my Lover's request!

To satisfy my own voyeuristic fantasies, I had only to wait for summer. On the really hot nights I would often wake to find Amanda lying naked next to me, a light sheen of perspiration covering her stunning body. By quietly getting out of bed and going to the window, I could adjust the blinds to let in just enough light to see her clearly without waking her. I would then stand next to the bed admiring every fine detail of her stunning figure while quietly stroking my stiffening cock. Amanda would lie there peacefully sleeping as I surveyed her beautiful body from every angle, unaware of my straining cock oozing pre-cum sometimes only millimeters from her fuckable mouth. Soon the sight of her gorgeous face, perfect tits, toned legs and delectable pussy would become too much and I would aim my swollen cock at her as she lay there, ignorant of the flood of semen about to be released onto her sleeping form! Amanda would usually wake up as the long spurts of my hot, sticky sperm splashed onto her beautiful, supine body. No matter what the hour, she would never complain, just lay there sleepily as I wiped the mess from her gorgeous body. I’d then kiss her and climb back into bed satisfied. Afterwards, if I lay with my back to her pretending to be asleep, I would sometimes hear a change in her breathing and a barely perceptible rhythmic rubbing that would build in intensity causing the bed to gently shake. It would end suddenly with a sharp intake of breath and a shudder as Amanda would climax after “secretly” masturbating whilst lying next to me.
Occasionally, especially if we’d been out and she’d had a couple of drinks or a smoke, she wouldn’t wake up even when I came on her. I would leave the results of my handiwork as they fell; thick droplets spattered on her tits and tummy; long streamers of cum matting her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair; or musky pools of sticky semen gathered in her navel or the nape of her neck. She would wake in the morning encrusted with these remnants of my night’s pleasure and be amazed that she hadn’t woken up! That would seem to set her mood switch to “horny” for the day and I knew I’d be in for an afternoon or evening of hot sex!

Soon Amanda started to talk about other men, strangers and friends, also admiring her body and being turned on by her. After some gentle coaxing she let me take photographs of her in some lingerie and by the end of the session she was naked and fucked, the last shot in the roll showing her spread out on the floor, my sperm sprayed up her belly and over her tits. We naturally progressed to her posing sucking my cock and with my jizz on her face, other photos showing it collected in her mouth. After I had them developed she began to fantasize out loud as we fucked about other men seeing her photos. This soon developed into them masturbating and actually cumming on her in person and she would ask me if I would mind this, all the time grinding her dripping wet pussy onto my cock. I would tell her that I loved the idea of it and she could do whatever she wanted. This would soon have her convulsing in an intense, torrid orgasm. As far as I know, she never ever knew it, but I had scanned her photos into my computer and one day, on a horny whim, posted some pics on the Voyeurweb site. I was stunned by the positive reaction her images received, she was the 14th most voted for contribution for the month, and then featured on the Voyeurweb main page when I posted some pics in Redclouds. I started to post her on any relevant site I found. Soon Amanda was popular wanking fodder across the ‘net. As time went on I compiled a large folder of "shooter" pics and vids from web wankers all over the globe, all beating off over computer screens and printouts of my beautiful Amanda, actually fulfilling part of her/our fantasy! Before I knew it I had become obsessed with the idea of seeing other men desiring her and I constantly toyed with the fantasy of acting it out in real life. This became the central recurring theme in mine and Amanda’s sexlife and I gradually convinced myself it would be good to actually do something about it, for her as well as me! The chance came sooner than I expected.

Chapter 3“Cum Target”

A good friend from my student days, Matt, who had moved interstate to work, came back to visit his family and called in on us to catch up. Amanda asked him to stay for dinner as he'd not been over for quite a while. After dinner I opened a second bottle of good red wine. Matt was about to stop drinking and drive back to where he was staying, but I suggested he could stay on the couch. He agreed so we had a smoke and sat back. As we talked, Amanda asked Matt if he'd been seeing anyone since he had moved away and she seemed surprised when he said no. She made a laughing comment about having to help him out with it and gave me a sideways look. I took it as slightly drunken flirting as she’d had a few glasses by then and the pot was starting to work on her. I could see her out of the corner of my eye fidgeting with her dress and I knew her well enough to see she wasn’t going to stay up much longer. Sure enough, she soon said she wanted to go to bed and, after organizing a pillow and sheets for Matt she kissed us both goodnight and went off to have a shower.
“See you soon!” she smiled to Matt.

After Amanda had gone Matt turned to me.
“Man, you are so fucking lucky!”
Realizing it was probably now or never, I got up and grabbed our photo album from the bookshelf.
"Check these out Matt," I said, and turned to the pages where I had added the pics of Amanda in lingerie. While not actually nudes, the photos were tastefully erotic and showed off Amanda's beauty and stunning physique to great effect. Also, because the album was in our lounge room where any visitors could access it, the photos I had picked were subtle but, under closer examination, revealed more than just a hint of nipple and pussy hair visible through the flimsy fabric of her lingerie. Matt's jaw dropped,
"Shit, lucky is an understatement!" he gasped, angling the album into the light to get a better view of the pics.
"She's hotter than I ever imagined." He smiled awkwardly at his statement and continued scrutinizing the pictures.
"Well, if you can wait until later, I'll let you see a lot more of her, if you like?" I probed.
Matt's looked up with an excited expression on his face.
"What? You've got more of these?" he asked. I could see I had aroused his interest so I explained just what I had in mind.
“As soon as I think Amanda is deeply asleep I’ll come out and get you.”
I looked straight at him, trying to gauge how he would react.
“You can’t touch her, but I’ll make sure you get a good look at her sleeping naked. In fact, I’m gonna let you join me as I jerk off onto her. That is, if you want to.”
Matt stared back me wide eyed.
“Are you serious?”
"Oh man! For sure!" he said, "I'm sorry, but I've fantasized about her for years!" he admitted.
I told him it was OK and that all I wanted was to see someone enjoying her too, but I wasn't sure whether Amanda would be into it or perhaps just get really mad and leave me for suggesting it.
"This way you get to see her and get off on her, I get to see someone else cum on her and she'll probably be none the wiser. She’s a bit drunk and she usually sleeps through anything after having a smoke, so we should be OK...if we're careful!"
Matt shook his head and smiled at me.
"I'm so glad I decided to come back over for a visit!" he mused.
We finished the last of the wine bottle and I left him waiting excitedly on the couch, eyes glued to the pages of our Photo Album.

Chapter 4“Sleeping Beauty Revisited”

Amanda seemed well asleep when I finished my shower. I sat down opposite our bed, listening to her breathing deep and slow. It was another hot night and the bed sheet was down around her waist exposing her firm breasts and flat tummy. I gently opened the curtains and the streetlight streamed across the bed. Carefully, I eased the sheet down her body and off her until she was completely uncovered. She looked beautiful laying there and my already hard cock strained against the towel around my waist. I snuck out, quietly pulling the bedroom door closed behind me. Matt was there waiting, the photo album sitting open on the table next to the couch. I knew he’d been closely scrutinizing Amanda’s photos while he waited for me to come and get him. He stood up quickly and looked at me, unable to disguise his eagerness. “Now?”
“Yeah, just be really quiet. Stay on the door side of the bed and if she looks like waking up, just get out as quickly and quietly as you can.”
“You sure she won’t wake up?” he asked nervously.
“I doubt it. She’s away in dreamland now. Are you sure you want to do this?”
Matt nodded fervently so I held my finger to my lips and beckoned him to follow me. I stopped at the bedroom door and carefully turning the handle, opened it a small way and peeked in.

The light from the streetlamp outside was really quite good; I could see every fine detail of my beautiful Amanda, and very soon, so would Matt! Amanda had moved since I had left. She was still on her back, but now her left hand was up on the pillow beside her head and her right arm was also raised, her hand tucked under the pillow beneath her head. Her face was turned slightly towards where we stood at the door, her beautiful breasts rising and falling slowly with her breathing. What was odd was that her right leg was now half off the edge of the bed, bent at the knee with her foot flat on the floor. This had the effect of spreading her legs, clearly exposing her pussy and accentuating her pubic mound with its neatly trimmed triangle of dark brown pubic hair. I stood back to let Matt take a look and he carefully peeked through the doorway. I wasn't at all surprised to see his hand grab at the growing bulge in his shorts!

After a moment I tapped his shoulder and he stepped back. I slowly swung open the door, watching Amanda's face intently. She didn’t stir, so I motioned Matt into the room. He crept over to her and stood next to her head clutching his cock through his shorts. Walking to the foot of the bed I saw that Amanda's pussy lips showed clearly between her smooth, spread thighs and I could see a hint of moisture there. I motioned Matt to come and look and he reacted, carefully avoiding Amanda’s right knee, and joining me at the foot of the bed for a good view. Matt carefully moved forward and leant close to examine Amanda's pussy and feast his hungry eyes. I realized Matt probably felt a bit self-conscious so I moved around to the other side of the bed and dropped my towel. I stood there and slowly stroked my cock at the sight of Amanda lying there in blissful ignorance of Matt gazing lustfully at the most intimate part of her body. Matt released his cock too and was soon stroking it too, eyes traversing between Amanda’s cunt and her face. I’d never been naked around other men with an erection before, being neither gay nor a pornstar, and it was a little unnerving standing in a room with another guy, both of us pulling our dicks, but I had been fantasizing about this situation for so long, I wasn’t going to stop now. After a while Matt moved quietly back around the edge of the bed, up past Amanda’s leg until he was as close as he could be to the top of her open thighs and directly next to her hips. She looked beautiful laying there and I would probably have been standing right where he was and dumping my load on Amanda, had I been alone that night. He leaned carefully across her right thigh and brought his face within a few centimeters of her spread cunt. The sight, I knew, was truly stunning and Matt really started to work his large erection. It was exciting to watch how much he was into Amanda and I started wanking harder too. For a moment I thought we were both going to cum there and then.

Just at that moment Amanda let out a deep sigh. We both froze and I held my finger up to my lips and indicated for Matt stay put. As we watched, Amanda brought her left arm down from on the pillow and rested it across her torso, her left hand sliding under and cupping her right breast. She squirmed a little on the bed, moving her left leg across towards my side of the bed. This had the effect of spreading her pussy open even further. Matt stepped back just in time as Amanda moved her right hand out from under the pillow and straight down onto her pussy. Her hips arched up slightly and her hand slipped naturally down between her legs and began kneading her cunt. I looked at Amanda’s face and she still had her eyes shut, but her body was undulating in response to her rubbing and she was breathing heavily in obvious pleasure. I looked up and Matt had moved back in and was standing next to Amanda's right shoulder pulling his prick and watching her masturbate. I just stood stroking my cock as Matt crouched and held his large, swollen member directly in front of Amanda's sleeping face. Amanda’s breasts lifted, she let out another sigh and her lips parted slightly. Matt mustn’t have been able to resist the temptation and before I could stop him he lightly touched the straining head of his cock against Amanda's bottom lip. As it came up I could see it trailing a fine thread of pre-cum which glistened in the light streaming in through the window. Amanda's tongue flicked out and licked the pre-cum from her lip. Before Matt or I could move, her eyes opened and she looked up at Matt's surprised face. “Give that to me”, she demanded and reaching across, grabbed his cock with her left hand. Raising herself up on her right elbow she directed his cock into her open mouth!

Unable to believe what I was seeing, I watched mesmerized as Matt's cock disappeared in and out of Amanda’s open mouth, her left hand performing short, fast strokes in the middle of his shaft as her lips and tongue alternately danced over and engulfed the head. It wasn't long before Amanda's magic produced results and Matt suddenly trembled and began unloading his sperm in long hot spurts. Amanda was doing her best to direct the streams into her waiting mouth, though some of the sticky white fluid began spilling out over her lips and dribbling down her neck and chin before Matt had finished cumming. Amanda made a small gagging sound as her tongue briefly appeared from within the huge pool of fresh sperm in her mouth, then she carefully brought her lips together and swallowed down the huge load. She looked a little disoriented, cleared her throat and swallowed again. She then started scooping up the excess from her chin and cheeks and licking it from her fingers. I couldn't hold back anymore and climbed onto the bed from behind her and emptied thick streamers of cum across her, soaking her neck, tits and tummy. Matt pressed up close to Amanda and squeezed out the last drops of his cum onto her proffered tongue, then stepped back from the bedside.

Amanda sat up and ran her hands through the huge slimy mass of sperm that glistened all over her neck, breasts and tummy and was dribbling down either side of her body, droplets gathering on her thighs. The musky scent of our combined loads was filling the air as she looked down at her semen-soaked torso.
“Oh my God” she laughed looking at me, “there’s so much of it!”
Sitting up she ran her hands up her sides to her breasts, cupping them, making her nipples poke out, then, looking me right in the eyes, slowly inserted her dripping fingers into her mouth.
“Look what you guys have done to me!” she purred through the film of sperm over her tongue.
“You obviously don't mind!” I scolded climbing off the bed to join Matt standing, “How long have you been awake?”
Amanda didn't answer straight away, but carefully scooping up more of the semen, used her hot little tongue to capture all the pungent fluid as it slowly dribbled from her fingers. She looked really slutty.
“I've been waiting for you two since I came to bed!” she pouted. “I just couldn’t bear to lie there any longer without touching myself. Also I was a little curious.” She stole a quick glance across to Matt who smiled back. I felt a pang of jealousy but then realised it was stupid; I’d instigated this situation for fuck’s sake! Amanda moved back onto the bed and rolled over onto her tummy. She drew her right leg up, exposed her pussy and ass to us. Her cunt was flushed and full lipped below her neat little asshole and I could see traces of her excitement glistening between her labia. Looking back at us over this most inviting of sights, Amanda coyly asked, “So guys, were you gonna fuck me as well, or were you just going to leave the job half done?”
For a moment I didn't know what to say. This had already gone miles beyond anything I had planned; we were in uncharted territory here. Looking carefully at her I asked,
“Is that what you want Mandy?”
Amanda looked across at Matt who stood there embarrassed near the door, obviously eyeing his thick, half-erect cock. She nodded slowly, biting her thumb nervously.
I also looked across at Matt.
“D'ya have any condoms man?” He just shook his head,
“No!” he replied distracted, and I noticed his cock beginning to swell in size again as he continued to stare at Amanda's blatantly exposed ass and pussy.
“Well, perhaps we should rethink this?” I said unconvincingly and looked back to Amanda.
Amanda sat up again and moved to the edge of the bed. She tipped her head to one side and looked at a spot somewhere on the floor between us.
“I don't care about condoms; you know I hate the things! I just want you guys to fuck me and I want to feel you both cumming inside me!”
I knew then that it was too late to stop. In no time Matt was over in front of Amanda as she sat on the edge of our bed, her legs spread wide to allow him close to her. In the clear light from the streetlamp outside I could see the last smears of wet jizz glistening on her torso.

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