I was lucky to be young in the 70,s to enjoy sex cinemas.i was 25 my wife was 34 married and divorced with 3 kids by difrent men.she is a blond with black and blue heavey eye make up very tarty.34.24.36..we was in north London shopping one we passed a old closed down cinema that turned into bingo hall then back to cinema for porn films. so instead of shopping she bought a bright yellow tight fiting cotton mini skirt and matching boob a tube.we went home she done her hair make up ect.looked very tarty.she put her new out fit on and red spiked high heel strappy shoes.we went to pic house that was run by turks.wen we went in it was diserpointing as there was 5 old men in there.i got my wifes tits out and started to suck them .wen a pakistarny man sat next to her.he was not intrested.she told me to go to toilet.wen I came back he had his fingers in her cunt and sucking her tit as she watched porn film .he then fucked he came out of no were there was a muscle bound black guy behind him he 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