Richboy love 56

Richboy love 56

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"answer me harvey do you think it is funny now?" "yes i do becuase your playing with peoples emmotions" "pack your shit up harvey and get out of MY apartment remember you dont have a leg to stand on this place is under my name" "fine but before i go did you ever really love me?" "of course i love you harvey i took a vow for you and only you. have i ever broken that vow?" "no you havent until now becuase your breaking my heart" "harvey listen to me I LOVE YOU and only you. what do i always say you are?" "your prince charming and your true love" "thats right you need to deside if that is good enough for you like i said kyle was a big part of my life feeling like that dont just go away we had are first exsperiences together i would have thought you would have understood the emmtional feeling to loosing your virginity to a person you love" "i do understand it i remember every little detail of the first time we had sex and i lost my virginity to you" "then why have you blown up at me?" "because you went behind my back and you went to see him, you talked to him and you think he looks better than before" "harvey im not taking this go to your moms for the night and we will talk tomorrow i think the distance will be good for us" so harvey packed an over night bag and left

as soon as harvey left i got showered and changed and went to my mom law firm in downtown la. when i got there i was greeted by my god mom she said "hey Leonardo how are you sweety?" "i could be better helen. is my mom in her office?" "she is darling but she is with a client. is there anything i can help with?" "no thank you i just need to speak to my mom" so helen said "okay darling ive got to go bye" and i said "bye" back and waited for my mom to finish with her client when she walked out her office she shock the clients hand and waved him off then she turned to face me and said "hello son what are you doing here" "can we talk in your office?" "sure but it will have to be quick im repasenting in a hour" so we walked into her office and i said "i would like you to draw up some devorce papers please" my mom looked taken back and said "are you sure this is the way you want to go leon?" "yes im sure. could you drop them off tonight on your way home please" my mom gave a faint smile and said "of course i will im sorry it ended up this way" so i left my moms office and went home

at home it was weird not having harvey around telling me off for not talking my shoes off and small things like that anyway i went into the kitchen and looked at the tablets the doctor had given me and thought to my self that would be a easy way out i unpoped 8 of them and lined them up i took one and then picked up a second and thought to my self should i do it and i really thought about it for a good 20 minutes before i binned the remaining 7 tablets and sat in the living room a few hours later i heard a key go into the lock of my apartment door so i went to go see who it was my mom was coming thought the door and said "i kept a copy i hope you dont mind" "its not a problem mom" she handed me the papers i asked her for and exsplained them to me and where we both need to sign so me and my mom had a hot drink and talk about everything and when she left i called harvey on my cell and said "come over to the apartment we need to talk about something" "okay im on my way i will be about half an hour" this half an hour was the longest 30 minutes of my life i kept thinking what is he going to say how is he going to react

when harvey arrived he came though the door and said "hey" i said "hey come and have a seat" so harvey sat down and i put the papers infront of him i said "these are devorce papers i have already signed them. if you think ive betrayed you strongly enought to hurt you or you are second guessing my love for you then you should sign the papers" i picked up my packed bag and left harvey in the apartment and i went to my parents house

we all sat down to a nice dinner and my dad said to me "so how did it go with harvey today leonardo?" i took a deep breath and said "i got mom to draw up some devorce papers and i signed then before giving then to harvey to decide if he loves me enought to stay with me" anyway are meal went on and we all left the dinner table room and went to do are own things i walked past the living room becuase i was going to get a drink and i heard my dad on the phone he was saying "i know you love my son harvey and i know he loves you so why are you to letting kyle get in the way of that yet again" then harvey said something and my dad said "i understand you feel hurt but 4 years is a long time put your self in leons position imagain how you would feel if a guy was asking you to forget about leon after many years" so there call ended and harvey messaged me and said "ive made my desision maybe you should come round you should be the first one to know what i have desided" so i drove to my apartment again knowing i was going to be getting devorced or im going to be keeping my hustband

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