Clark and Jens Sexual Conquests pt. 2

Clark and Jens Sexual Conquests pt. 2

Kylie Adams was staring into her locker. She had just finished up her last gym class of high school, and was cleaning out her things. She couldn’t believe her favorite part of high school was over! She loved sitting in the locker room, with half naked girls prancing around, gossiping about who slept with who, who has the biggest cock, and so on. Graduation was just three days away. The bell rang it was time to go home on her last day of school. In a few months, she’d be off to college. As she finished getting dressed she heard a noise. She felt like someone was there, but when she called out, nobody responded. Unbeknownst to her, Jen Sanders was watching her from within her locker. Touching herself, watching Kylie get dressed turned on Jen Sanders. In the month since her sexual adventure with Clark, Jen had become obsessed with Kylie, often finding herself pleasuring herself to images of Kylie. Kylie has short blonde hair, an athletic body, small B cup breasts, big pink nipples, and an almost always shaved pussy. She stood at 5’5”, but was one of the hottest girls in school. Kylie loved talking to her friends about their sexual experiences, even though Kylie had only had sex once. She could be shy, but Jen was certain there was another side to her.
As the bell rang, Clark Hopkins looked up from his desk. Finally he said, summer vacation! His 6th period class didn’t even bother showing up, so he sat at his desk. He had spoken to Jen several times over the month, mainly to keep a status report (excluding her late night visits!) Last he heard, Jen had been involved in one or two conversations about sex with Kylie and some girls, both times trying to change the subject to older men, threesomes or teachers. Whichever one would spark interest in Kylie was good enough for Jen.
As Jen watched Kylie leave, she hopped out, and doubled around to the parking lot, trying to intercept Kylie before she got to her car. Jen had it all planned. She would pretend something was wrong with her car, ask Kylie for help then engage in conversation. As Kylie turned the corner, she saw Jen by her car, looking helpless. Jen and Kylie had been going to school together their entire lives, but never really hung out together. Kylie asked if something was wrong and Jen answered her car was broken, after a few minutes trying to get the car going, Jen made her move. “So Kylie, do you have a boyfriend?” “No, I really don’t have time for one!” “Well so I take it your sex life is a drag?” “Excuse me, Jen?” “Sorry Kylie, it just sucks! Trust me, my sex life was in the pits, then I met the most interesting, older, sexy man!” Kylie sat up, confused, but slightly turned on. “Huh? Older man? But you’re just out of high school, Jen! Not that I care, but who is it? How many times have you two fucked? Details!” “Well, if you must know, you don’t know him, at least I don’t think so. He’s in his mid-twenties, kinda cut, but definitely sexy! Nice package, if you know what I mean!” Kylie could feel her pussy getting wet. Her only sex was with her old flame, who wasn’t well hung. Like Jen Sanders, she longed for sexual satisfaction, but never took the effort to delve into that life. Kylie spoke up, “well how did you meet him? I am kinda interested in a summer fling, you know? I’ve never told anyone, but I’ve never had sex more than once, and I wanted to get some practice in before college. I don’t want to be made fun of!” “I know exactly what you mean,” Jen said with a grin. “Well anyways, I guess I’ll figure out this car thing on my own, thanks for the help! Oh, and by the way, my mom is out of town next weekend, so I am going to have a little get together. Maybe you can drop by and meet him? But don’t tell anybody, I don’t want this to get out of control. Oh, and maybe he can bring a friend?” “Um, well….we’ll see. I don’t know really. I would like sex, but not with a stranger! I want it to be special, you know?” “Well think about it, you have my screename from middle school, right? Awesome, well IM and let me know. Bye!” “See ya Jen. It was nice to talk to you!”
Kylie got into her car and drove away. Jen quickly drove home, ran upstairs, undressed. She began to caress her soft nipples, feeling them grow hard under her touch. Her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation and excitement. She wanted Clark so bad, but she also wanted Kylie. Clark and her had agreed to wait until after graduation to continue their sex adventures, for fear of Clark getting caught. Jen slid her hand into her slit, feeling how warm and wet her snatch was. She began to slowly finger herself, dreaming of eating out Kylie while Clark filled her up from behind. She let out these moans, and began rocking back and forth, feeling the rhythm of her beat, now with three fingers up her pussy. She slowly began to climax, letting out moan after moan during each wave of orgasms that shuddered through her you, teenage body. Mmmn that felt good she thought. She lay in bed naked for an hour or so, slowly exploring her body. Finally she got up, made some supper, left a note for her mom, and drove over to Clarks. She had been over a once or twice, but never for sex. Once they gave each other some hot oral sex, going into a sixty-nine position, with her on top, licking his cock like there was no tomorrow, while he dove tongue first into her pussy.
Clark had taken his seat in front of the tube, pondering his summer plans, not looking forward to his job at a local store. He was broken out his trance with a knock on the door. He opened it up to the surprise of Jen. “Hey babe! Great news! I think we got her!” “Holy shit, are you serious? She wants a threesome?!” “No sweetie, but I told her about you, without saying your name, and she seemed interested for a sex partner this summer. My mom is out of town next weekend on business, so I told her I was having a little party at my place and invited her. Only it will be us three. If she shows up, leave the rest to me. Ok?” “You got it, just stop by after graduation and we’re all set!” “Ok, bye babe!” Before Jen took off, she gave Clark a kiss on his pecker, feeling how hard it had grown. Jen wanted him there right then, but she knew she had to hold off for the best sex of her life next week.
Graduation came and went, and before Clark knew it, he had 6 days of pure bliss with Jen. They had arranged for Jen to stop by after work, and re-activate their sexual encounter. For six straight nights, Jen just causally walked in to a naked Clark on the bed, stroking his cock. Jen would strip down, get on top of him, and just start riding his cock. Her pussy felt so damn good, so warm and much tighter this time around. Jen loved taking him inch by inch until he was good and buried in her cunt. After being on top, they would roll over and Jen would get fucked like there was no tomorrow. Clark and Jen were heaven, feeling this odd connection between the two of them. After pounding her pussy, Clark would finish her off by laying her on her stomach, then fucking her from behind. Sometimes he would pull out and cum on her ass, other times he would blow his load all over the inside of her pussy.
Finally the day of breaking down Kylie Adams arrived. Jen was worried when she woke up, she had not only not spoken to Kylie since, but she hadn’t heard from her either. Jen’s pussy was still tingling from her orgasms from the previous night. Jen checked her messages, and behold! Kylie sent one saying “is your party still on tonight? I am getting pretty antsy!”, although Kylie was away, Jen responded saying “Hell yes! Be here by 9! See you then! And remember, don’t tell anyone, please?” After that she dialed Clark, who was still recovering from the hot ass, and was ecstatic to learn the good news. He decided to head over around 8, fool around and get ready. The plan called for him to hide upstairs in the bathroom, and Jen would do the rest until it was his turn.
During the week since graduation, Kylie Adams often found herself pondering the situation. She was constantly masturbating just to cure her horniness. The guys at the post grad parties were assholes, constantly trying to fuck her and leave. She wanted a good man, not some high school boy. Finally she awoke on Friday and decided to trust Jen Sanders. Jen was not known as a bad girl. Quiet, but never had a bad rep for being a slut, etc.. She IM’d Jen and was thrilled, although a little nervous to learn later that day the party was on. After a light dinner, she got dressed, unsure of whether or not she should wear panties. She finally said goodbye to her parents, and drove off to Jens. She arrived to a seemingly empty house, and rang the door bell. Hmmn, she thought, must be the first one here. Jen answered the door in her bathrobe, completely naked underneath, faking like she was running late and was about to hop in the shower. She told Kylie that nobody was hear yet, except her boy-toy (Clark, who was in the bathroom wearing his gym shorts, waiting), and that she could come upstairs to chill. As Kylie walked behind Jen, she began to tremble, not knowing what to expect. She quietly followed Jen into Jens room, only to find nobody there. Odd she thought, what was Jen playing at. Kylie heard the door open, and turned around to the biggest shock of her young, innocent life…
Standing nearly naked in the doorway was her 3rd period history teacher, Clark Hopkins. With a ghostly look on her face, Kylie turned back to Jen for an explanation, only to find Jen naked, and lightly massaging her tit. “Jen?! What the fuck is going on?! He is your boyfriend?! This is too fucked up! You’re fucked up! I am leaving!” As Kylie turned to leave, Jen reached out and stopped her. “Wait, Kylie, I can explain. Look, in a very unfortunate circumstance, Clark blackmailed me for doing something sexual. We eventually fucked and it’s been the most amazing sex ever.” Kylie was not amused and tears began to fill up her eyes. It was like a dream she couldn’t escape, yet, deep within her, she could feel a slight arousal to the situation. She wasn’t sure if it was Jen or Clark, but she was getting horny, and she couldn’t stop it. Finally snapping out this erotic trance, Kylie spoke up. “Look, is he going to sleep with me? Or does he have some friend? Is Mr. Perry (another teacher) under the bed? What is this?” “Ok babe, look, there is no easy way to say this, but Mr. Hopkins…Clark…and I want…well we want to…you know…experiment with you.” “WHAT?” “Ok, look, we both have these sexual fantasies we’re trying to fulfill through one another, and believe it or not, a threesome with you was one of them. And judging by your chest, you are getting turned on.” Kylie and Jen looked down at Kylie’s now erect nipples. Shit, they were right, Kylie was getting turned on, but she couldn’t help herself! Jen looked damn fine, with her D cup tits, and Clark’s big looking cock.
While taking a moment to think about this, Kylie was interrupted by the taste of Jen’s lips on hers. Holy crap she thought, she feels so good! Kylie had kissed a few boys, but never a girl, and the feel of a girl, a naked girl to be exact, felt amazing. She was so sensual, so soft, and so tasty. It didn’t take long for Kylie to kiss back, and she soon felt herself feeling Jens body. While this hot kiss was taking place, Clark stood in the doorway, rubbing his cock, getting ready for what should be a great night. First he found it easy to fuck Jen, and now it was easier to take advantage of Kylie. The possibilities of girls to fuck was endless for Clark. While he continued to fantasize, Jen slowly began to strip off Kylie’s shirt. Soon she was down to her skimpy pink panties and her matching bra. Jen could make out the outline of Kylies erect nipples. As she kissed down Kylies neck, the now helpless Kylie felt her bra unclip, and watched in awe as Jen took in a nipple. Jen began to slowly lick it, then suck on it a little, then bite it, causing waves of pleasure to ripple all down Kylies body. Like a kiss, a girl sucking her nipple felt better than any mans touch. After exploring her nipples, Jen moved down, kissing her naval area, while slowing sliding down her panties, exposing her smooth, shaved pussy. Kylie almost collapsed, she could feel her knees getting so weak the second Jen’s tongue made contact. Having her pussy licked was the most amazing feeling ever. Jen, like a pro, found her clit and began to bite on it, causing Kylie to burst with an orgasm. “Mmmmmmn yes, ohhh God Jen that feels soooo good. Don’t stop, I’m going to cum. Mmmnnnn yessssssssssssssss ohhhh God I’m cumming!”
As Kylie recovered, Jen licked her inner thighs, taking in the sweet aroma of her cunt, licking the remaining cum off her. Kylie had her pleasure, now she wanted to return the favor. Without warning she pushed Jen on the bed. She spread her legs open and began to slowly kiss down her thigh, getting closer and closer, driving Jen wild. As she dove into her pussy, Kylie began to rub Jen’s tits for support. Having never licked a pussy, Kylie was taken back by how good it tasted. It didn’t take long for Clark to enter. He sat on the bed, making out with Jen. Soon he sat up, and Jen took in his cock. While eating out Jen, Kylie looked up to see her mouth slowly disappear over Clark’s erect cock. More waves of pleasure shot through her body, and she wanted the cock. Kylie withdrew, and sat up, gazing with intent at the massive cock. She slowly began to lick Clarks balls, also driving Clark wild. Jen noticed this too, and said “Here babe, you try.” Kylie slowly slid the member into her mouth, massaging his shaft with her tongue. She did this very, very slowly. Clark could feel his load rising, as this was clearly the best blowjob he’d ever gotten. In an instant he shot his load inside her mouth, pumping it down her throat. “Oh God Kylie I am cumming. Mnnnnn yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh you are so fucking good, mmnmnnn yea”.
Kylie cleaned herself up, and went back to work on Jen, who came just moments later. With all three of them cumming once, they decided to spice it up. Jen, having her fill of Clark all week, decided Kylie needed some cock in her pussy, but Jen had another plan for Clarks massive meat. Jen whispered into Clarks ear to fuck Kylie, and Clark didn’t need to be told twice. He sat Kylie up on his lap and began to kiss her, while caressing her small tits. Kylie was being turned on so much by this older man, and her pussy was getting wet again. Clark obviously felt the same way, and he could feel his member growing. While still locked in a deep kiss, Clark slid Kylie on his cock, moving her slowly down his shaft. Kylie almost came on the spot. A cock never felt so good in her life! “Mmmmnn Mr. Hopkins you feel so good. Mmmmn yes, fuck me harder, I want it harder!” Clark began to fuck her harder and harder, increasing the speed of his thrusts with each one, tearing apart Kylies innocent pussy. Her cunt just swallowed his cock, driving both them into ecstasy. Kylie began cumming so hard and she burst out screaming “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” as she just came all over the place. Clark could feel his member get all wet with her juices. Not wanting to come quite yet, he got on his back, with her on top, sending her into ANOTHER orgasm. As Kylie came yet again, Clark couldn’t hold it anymore. The thought of fucking another girl in front of his Goddess turned him on too much, and he shot his load all over the inside of Jens pussy. Kylie fell onto Clark, and they began to engage into a deep kiss again. While exploring her tongue, Clark felt this tingling sensation on his ass. Jen had begun to tickle it, and even lick it a little. Clarks already worn out cock was ready for round 3, and he began to get hard in Kylie. Kylie noticed and pulled out. “Now Mr. Hopkins, what about poor little Jen? Doesn’t she get some attention too?” Kylie said in a seductive voice. “You’re right Kylie, she does.” Jen took over at this point and said “Well Clark, I want it, but not where you think I do. Do me up the ass, will ya?” Holy shit, Clark had never done anal, but was always curious. He leaned in and began to rub her cunt juices to lube it up. He slowly fingered her, adding finger after finger, making sure it was good and loose. When he was satisfied, she was on all fours, and he began to slide it in. At first she was a little tight, but he surely was able to advance a little with each thrust until he was all the way in. “Mmmmmn baby your ass is so good!” Jen let out a yelp when he dove all the way in, but it felt much better than she had dreamed! “Oh God Clark fuck my asshole now! Do it baby!” As Clark pounded away, Kylie didn’t want to be left out. She slid under Jen and began to lick her pussy, while rubbing Clarks nuts. Jen was in a world she never imagined before and leaned in to kiss Kylies pussy. Clark was loving every moment, watching Jens asshole spread for his cock, while Kylie fondled his balls. Jen was screaming so loud you could probably hear her across the street! “Mmmm yea Clark fuck me harder you bitch! Fuck me so fucking hard! Oh God, oh…my …God I am going to cum so fucking hard!!!!” Kylie could feel and taste the sweetness of the orgasm, as Jen let loose all over Kylies face. As Jen was coming Clark felt his third load shoot out. “Oh Jen I am going to cum inside your little ass!”
After all was said and done, Clark pulled out, and they all cuddled in bed. Feeling the warmth of two hot little numbers on each side was enough to get Clark going again, but not yet. They all drifted off into a little nap. Kylie woke up a few of hours later. Shit, she had to be home soon! “Mr. H, Jen? I have to go!” “Awww not yet babe, we were just gettin’ started!” “Jen, I have to, I could be in serious shit.” Kylie paused. “Can we do this again sometime?” “You don’t have to ask twice sweetie. In fact, what if we could do this with more people. Would you maybe be interested?!” Kylie responded with an astounding yes, and Jen couldn’t be happier. Neither could Clark who was listening in, pretending to be asleep. “But how? You seduced me into this, remember? Haha” “Well sweetie, you leave that to me, ok? Clark here has some big fantasy of 4-5 girls going at it at once, while he watches or something. Don’t worry, next time it’ll be just us girls.” “Sounds awesome!” Kylies pussy was dripping wet, and she couldn’t wait to get home and fantasize about fucking multiple girls. “Well I should get going. You want to meet up tomorrow and discuss this?” And by discuss, Kylie meant fuck. “Sure I would!” “Can he come?” “No, sorry! He’s got some stupid part time job to make money this summer. But don’t you worry. It’ll be fun with just us two!” Kylie got up and got dressed, kissed Jen goodbye, and left. The drive home without panties was fun, rubbing her pussy, dreaming of the possibilities…

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