Just As He Is - Part 2

Just As He Is - Part 2

Stuie, hastily cleaned himself off and zipped up to be presentable again. Then he thought to himself, "what's the rush." This was embarrassing, but surely Julie was old enough to understand about the circumstance and the way guys were and all. Maybe she just ran off that way from embarrassment. He experienced a moment of panic and thought "surely she is not going to tell Mom about what happened." No, he needed to take some time to think about what he was going to say to her to assuage the embarrassment before he saw her again. But in trying to work out the details of his explanation, all he could think about was how good and hot it felt to have her watching him do that. She had that look on her face. That look of focused hungry fascination as she watched him move his hand over his exposed cock.

He had seen that look before. When he used to join the migrant workers to skinny dip at the swimming hole, someone would always be a lookout at the entrance of the quarry road for a patrolling sheriff's deputy. The dirt road was in such bad condition, the car would only be able to proceed at 5 mph. That would give enough time for the lookout to run back to the swimming hole and notify all the swimmers, whom would then scramble out and grab their clothes to run off bare-assed but not busted into the dark night. In the youth's 15th year, one of the pretty girls about 2 years older ran along side with him all the way back to the house instead of the worker shelters. He dropped his clothes and lay back on the lawn in the nude laughing, softly so as not to disturb his mother and sister inside. But he laughed mirthfully and without a care as the half-Mexican naked girl Lorena sat on the ground next to him, tittered and watched him with interest. After he stopped and dozed for awhile, she spoke in soft tones. "Show me. . . Take your nice 'plantain' in your hands and do what boys do. Show me how you please yourself." He took her by the hand and crept to a more discreet location. By the time they were crouched down and ready for his performance, his young bone was hard, throbbing, and visibly twitching in the bright moonlight. It was the first time he had witnessed that expession on a female. As he stroked himself she had that hypnotic look of total absorption. It was if her attention was so fixed, if they were somehow interrupted, she would erupt into a fit of frenzied outrage. He groaned with complete pleasure when he climaxed. It was an intense turn-on to have her watch him and he probably orgasmed with more force than he ever had up to that point. "Ay yeeee, so much cum shoots from your organ. The woman who marries you will probably have many children."

Of course jack offs were not completely satisfying to the young pair, later that summer she took his cherry. After the 3rd rendezvous "to home base", she mentioned something about "having his bambino." That induced him into trying to convince her to scale back their intimate recreation to blowjobs, eating pussy, and mutual handiwork. She stopped watching his stroking sessions with the same expression, so the teen concluded he would not be able to sustain her interest and ended the love affair. As far as he knew, she never delivered a bambino of his siring.

But his sex life became very active thereafter, and intimacy often did start with masturbation (sometimes never escalating further). Always the female in the activity would observe him with that same fixed stare - that same glassy-eyed expression of drugged wonderment and a sort of strange hunger. Hungry for his cock he hoped. But this young girl who bore that enchanted look that sultry afternoon was his sister. Would not that make a difference? Could it be that she really was seduced and desired him to be her first lover. Maybe she was so conflicted, that was why she ran off. Instead of thinking carefully about what he would say when they next met, he fantasized debauching her and introducing her to a world of carnal gratifications. He was so engrossed in his new excitement of mental fiction, he opened his short denims again for another very satisfying jack off session.

When he finally approached the house, his mother was home and he heard the light clamor of pans and dishes as she and Julie were preparing dinner. "We were wondering where you were. Wash up as dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. . . Julie, didn't you tell me you got a letter from your father, today?"
"I have it in my room. I will get it. It 's not real personal but has some cool ideas about the farm you would like to hear about."

Stuie was washing in the bathroom but stopped his sister as she strolled down the hall. He firmly whispered, "Julie we need to talk about today."

"No we don't. Nothing wrong happened. You weren't expecting me. You are a vital guy doing something that is normal and healthy. Years ago, I remember you told me that we should respect each others' privacy. You were right. I intruded on your privacy by accident, that's all. No big deal, big bro." She proceeded down the hall with a pert smile. For the second time that day, the smart and fit youth was flabbergasted by his kid sister - astounded by a young sibling blessed by such a precocious manner and admirable maturity. Maybe his thougfhtful teenage guidance had a mostly favorable outcome after all.

At dinner he learned that her dentist had to take an emergency case and she was able to get a ride back to the orchards from a neighbor who just happened to be in town that morning. "Mr. Dalton is such a creep."

Their mother retorted. "Mr. Dalton is a generous neighbor who is a lot less creepy than those boys you would hang about with in town in idle hours."


In the early morning hours, Stuie awoke with a start. Was there someone in the room or had he just been dreaming? His eyes adjusted to the darkness. The unmistable silhouette of his petite kid sister was standing at the end of her bed in her over sized tee shirt she wore at night. "What the fuck are you doing here at this hour, Julie. Are you alright? You still aren't freaked out about yesterday are you?"

She let out a sigh and finally spoke. "Well, . . . . I want you to show me. I want you to do it again."

"Whoao, sis! Now let's think this over. What about all your sensible rectitude about privacy and all?"

"Fuck privacy. I've been thinking about this since before we went to bed. Fuck thinking about it anymore."

Without his realizing it, she had gotten a grip of his bed clothes and she was able to pull them back quickly to expose his uncovered nudity. Whatever reservations he had rationally about acceding to her nocturnal demand, his available male part was responding affirmatively by stiffening in a way that was very visible to her.

"Don't tell me you don't want to, because that well hung dick of yours is getting hard and ready to give me a show."

The tone of her brother's voice turned from one of concern to sly coyness. It was further stimulation for her. "Are you sure you want me to do this?

She had not noticed that he had reached over to turn on his bedside lamp. The sudden clarity of light was a welcome surprise. She nodded enthusiastically with that expression of unrelenting mesmerized focus as he grasped his turgid manhood in one of his manly hands. He started to stroke sensually and slowly, but suddenly stopped.

"Wait up, little sister. This isn't really fair now, is it? It has been so long since I washed your cute little naked self in the bath tub. How about showing your big brother what you got now that you have grown up so much."

He thought this might snap her out of her swoon of lust but he was completely mistaken. She pulled up her tee shirt, peeled it off, and tossed it aside not the least bit reserved to show off all her nakedness to him. Her bright eyes were still trained to her brother's midsection and the way his pumping action had suddenly started to pick up pace.

"Whoao, what have we here? You have become quite the foxy little butterfly now that I have finally been able to get a good close look at you. Look how nicely your little titties are budding. Nice perky hard nipples already. And what's that I see down there? A nice little muff is sprouting. Wasn't your brother the one who told you you just had to be patient?" But what he observed closely next caused the prick in his hand to pulse in hot throbs against his hand and he picked up the pace of gripping strokes to full throttle. He was speechless for seconds. Her pubescent little puss was dripping wet, swelling red, and the rosy little lips were parted slightly by the excitement of the moment. He moved part way off the bed to get a better look never releasing his enlivened steaming sausage. "What have we here? We got one hot turned on little sis." With his free hand he reached back to grab a bare ass cheek to move her in even closer so he could get a better look. She was enthralled by the feel of his fat condident fingers on her little rump, but still never took her eyes off his handiwork. He could now see the syrup covered opening of his sister's little virginal fuck hole.

He moved his head and face within inches of his sister's sex and inhaled a deep long sniff. "Oh jeeeezzz, I'm going to cum a hot fucker load." The pubescent naked girl dropped to her knees and moved in just in time for the first spurt to shoot from the climaxing youth's swollen wide open piss slit to strike her cheek in a wet warm fragrant dollop of yellow tinged pearly guy spooge. For a few seconds, he could actually feel her hot breath on the head of his spasming cock. She heard her brother's deep groan of pleasure as the throbbing at the end of his functioning male sex outlet sputtered little spurts of his cum to flow down the fingers of his still clenching hand. Impulsively, she wiped some of the cum off her cheek and stuck her finger with the creamy vaguely congealed sauce into her mouth, drinking in fresh guy fruit for the first time. The effect was immediate. Without having to touch any of the needy aching parts of herself, she arched her back and squealed her explosive hot climax on the spot.

Stuie watched in some stupefaction as his sister's naked rigidness on the floor next to him slowly relaxed and she calmly picked herself up. She picked up her night shirt off the floor before stepping to exit the cramped little bedroom. She opened the door and turned full frontal as if she was going to say something to her naked brother on the disheveled bed. But she must have thought otherwise, for she closed the door behind her.

Stuie did not turn out his bed side light right away, but thought about what had happened for many long minutes in some astonishment. Did his sister really feel a strong physical attraction to him for having caught him in very sexual activity, or had she just satisfied some deep curiosities that had started long before her hormones kicked in? He would probably find out in a matter of days, if not hours. He hardly noticed that his bladder had reached the bursting point. He poured himself out of bed, without bothering to cover himself, nearly stumbled out into the dimly lit hall in his nightly nudity to take a long pee into their bathroom toilet. He shuffled back to his room and fell instantly to sleep after throwing himself on the bed.

to be continued. . . .

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