They cum back

They cum back

Debbie was sitting at a table nursing a drink in the Halfway House Bar when she heard "Cripes Deb, its been a long time." The owner of the voice dropped into the seat next to her. He was someone Debbie had not seen or heard in a long time, nor had she wanted to. His name was Mick and he was a "friend" of her son.

When growing up Debbie had been pretty much of a nympho. If you had dope and a dick, you had Debbie. This had resulted in Debbie having a son and dropping out of school. She had met her husband right after the birth of her son. After she recovered from the pregnancy she had tried to remain faithful with as much fucking as her husband could handle, extensive masturbation and an occasional night out with the "Girls." About seven years ago she had a serious lapse in judgement with Mick. They were alone in the house together and ended up using the pool table for a sexual joust. Just when they finished her husband had come home with a friend and her and Mick had to scramble for clothes. Luckily her husband did not notice that she was not wearing underwear. Mick did not want the affair to end and after several dates with Mick and a couple of gangbangs with Mick and three of her son's other "friends' she realized it would not stop. Debbie finally thought of an excuse for her family to move to another town to end the affair. Today she thought that just stopping at her old hangout bar for a quick one would be OK.

The other friends (Louie, George and Larry) dropped into other chairs. "We thought that you didn't like us anymore Deb," Mick said with mumbled agreement from the rest. "I have to leave, my husband is expecting me," Debbie said. "Well, he will just have to wait," Mick replied, "We have quite an interesting set of pictures to remember you by. In fact, we could set up a very extensive picture web site for you. Why don't we go outside and talk about it? Maybe we could be convinced not to do it?" Debbie agreed, knowing full well what was about to happen.

They escorted her through the gravel parking lot to a vacant house next door. Tall bushes shielded the back yard and there were a couple of picnic tables and some yard chairs scattered around. "Now here is what is going to happen," Mick said, "You do whatever we want and don't give us any trouble and we will let you go when we are done and there will be no web site. Any trouble or resistance from you and anyone who wanders over this way will be invited to participate and the website happens." He pulled Debbie down on the bench of the picnic table and he then grabbed her shirt and pulled it open ripping off the buttons. Debbie was forty and still had a good body. She had really huge breasts, at least 44DD. She was only five foot three and a hundred and twenty pounds. Mick the pulled down her bra and buried his face between the huge mounds. He pulled both her shirt and bra off of her then. He bit down on her nipples and also pinched them with his fingers. Louie and George came over and grabbed her shorts and pulled them off and then ripped off her underwear. Debbie was naked except for her sandals. Mick then pulled her face into his lap and shoved his nine-inch dick into her mouth. Debbie immediately started sucking on it and running her tongue around its two inch thickness. Larry then sat behind her and started runing his fingers into her cunt. Debbie immediately got wet and started squirming her ass. Larry lifted her up and placed her ass in his lap. He the lifted her and pushed his eight-inch cock into her pussy. He was ramming it up her cunt and Mick was jamming it down her throat. Debbie felt her juices flowing in her vagina. Larry also was rubbing her nipples and pinching her breasts. Mick felt himself begin to release and he pulled out his dick and shot his cum all over Debbie's face and breasts. He picked up her tattered shirt and wiped himself off. Louie immediately took his place. But he did not want a blowjob. He grabbed Debbie's tits and started to rub her nipples. Larry felt himself beginning to cum so he grabbed Debbie by her waist and started to really slam his dick into her. Even with Louie trying to hold her breasts, they were jerking to Larry's movements. Finally Larry could not hold back any longer and he rammed his prick a far into Debbie as he could. Debbie felt his repeated loads of cum shoot into her vagina. Louie then forced Debbie onto the picnic tabletop. He sat across her stomach with a knee on each side of her holding his weight. Louie grabbed a tit with each hand and slid his ten-inch dick between Debbie's breasts tit-fucking her. Louie knew he would not last long the first time and so he repeatedly pulled and pushed Debbie's tits back and forth across his dick. He felt his prick start to timgle and pushed and pulled her tits faster. He finally exploded and his sperm hit Debbie in the chin and splattered up across her face and into her hair. Finally George stepped up. He pulled Debbie to the end of the picnic table and flipped her over so her ass and legs were hanging off the table. Her ass was at the perfect position for him. He wiped his hand across one of Debbie's tits and used the cum that he had rubbed off to lubricate the head of his dick. George only had a seven-incher but it was three inches around. It had been several years since he had fucked Debbie like this and he wanted to make up for lost time. He forced his organ into Debbie's ass and did not stop until his groin met her ass. Debbie only grunted when George filled her anus. As he slid in and out she felt a familiar stirring in her groin. She started to move in time with George's thrusts. She felt her first orgasm rush through her stomach and her juices sprayed out of her cunt. She kept right on thrusting with George. Finally he ripped loose and his cum jetted into her ass.

Debbie tried to get them to stop so she could clean up but they did not listen to her. Mick laid Debbie on her back crossways on the picnic table. He knelt on the bench and slammed his dick into her wet pussy. Larry knelt on the bench at Debbie's head and pushed the head of his dick at Debbie's lips. Debbie opened her mouth and Larry slid the full length of his member in. Debbie choked a bit so he pulled back a little. He would be deep throating her before he was through. Debbie lay across the table getting jammed at both ends. He pussy was flying and her thighs met Mick thrust for thrust. Debbie was into a nymphomania heaven. All she felt were the thrusts into her mouth and pussy. Waves of orgasm ran through her body. If they stopped now she would beg them to continue. Larry came first and he pushed his dick as far down Debbie's throat as he could get it. Debbie felt Larry's juices fill her throat and she swallowed greedily while still jamming her thighs to meet Mick's. Mick felt himself getting ready to cum so he started putting his cock to Debbie as hard and fast as he could. He finally shot his wad into Debbie's cunt and filled her up. Debbie moaned as no one was now quenching the fire she felt in her groin. She started using her fingers to keep herself satisfied. Louie then the approached Debbie and pulled her off of the table and onto the ground. He opened her legs and ran his prick up into her pussy. She took his full ten inches. Louie pounded his member into Debbie. Debbie just moaned in ecstasy. The faster and harder his thrusts got the more Debbie moaned and thrust back. Finally Louie came and drained his cock into Debbie's vagina. George then came over and flipped Debbie onto her stomach. He still wanted more of her ass. Debbie felt the grass, dirt and old leaves scratch her breasts as her body moved with George's thrusts into her butt. George kept on slamming into her, ske kept on jerking along the ground, and her orgasms kept coming. Finally George spewed into Debbie's ass and he collapsed across her back.

"Okay, we're done," Mick said. He noticed two teenaged boys peeking through the bushes. "Come here," he said and the two boys came out of the bushes. "Do you want to fuck this slut?" Mick asked them. They nodded yes. "Alright you can have her if you clean her up after you are done," He finished. He then walked over to Debbie and pushed a piece of paper into her hand. "Here is an address, be there tomorrow morning at ten AM."

As Debbie lay there with the paper in her hand, she felt the cum and grass and leaves on her body. She felt the first of the boys lower himself onto and into her and her legs wrap around him. She knew she would be at the address on time.

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