The Jeff and Ellie Archives . . . Episodes 1 & 2

The Jeff and Ellie Archives . . . Episodes 1 & 2

Episode #1-Backrub for Sister & Much More

So my name is Jeff and I'm 16. My little sister Ellie is 14. We're pretty close since it's just us and our mom and she works nights a lot.

Like most guys I know I'm really horny a lot. Anyway, lately I've been noticing how sexy Ellie is getting. She's always been a lot of fun and pretty . . . but lately I've noticed that she's getting a really hot body too. She's only about 5 foot 2 but she's got really long legs for her height and she's into soccer and cross-country at school so she's in great shape. She's blonde with blue eyes and I know the guys in her grade . . . all have a crush on her.

So the other night we were watching TV and mom was working. We were watching America's Got Talent and this really bad singer was on. I said there was no way he'd get through, but Ellie bet me that he would. He did . . . so I asked what her reward was going to be. She said I had to give her a backrub. No big deal . . . since we are always doing stuff like that for each other . . . so I said sure.

She grabbed a pillow and laid down on the carpet in front of the couch. She was wearing little yoga shorts under her t-shirt and I couldn't help checking out her ass as she got settled. I got off the couch and straddled her and started giving her the backrub she was owed. She was on her elbows so she could watch TV and had pulled her hair over to one side so it was out of the way.

Well after a few minutes of rubbing, a commercial came on and she lay down flat and put her arms at her sides. "Rub harder . . . I'm really stiff from soccer the last couple of days," she remarked as she lay her head on the pillow. I repositioned a bit so I could get more strength and really give her a good massage. When I was working her shoulders, I realized my cock was pretty much right against her tight little ass. For a second, I thought I was going to get a hardon . . . so I moved down a bit . . . to do her lower back for a while.

After a few minutes she said, "Hold on. I have a better idea." She got up (giving me another great look at her round ass in her yoga shorts and those long legs) and went to the other room. She came back a moment later . . . with a bottle of lotion.

She lay down again but this time pulled the back of her t-shirt up so I could put the lotion on her back. I noticed no bra was visible . . . since she probably took it off in the other room. I was suddenly frozen . . . looking at the perfect skin on her back and at her tight little ass that was no longer half hidden by her t-shirt. When she said "help me" it sort of broke the trance I was in and I moved over and helped her get the t-shirt up over her shoulders so her full back was now exposed and the front of her shirt was barely still covering her small tits as she lay back down.

I took some lotion on my hands and rubbed them together and then started to massage her again. "Ooooh . . . yeah," she said, "that's soooo much better". I was really enjoying putting my hands all over the soft naked skin of her back and shoulders. There was no avoiding what was happening to my growing shaft . . . getting rock hard at this point, so I was careful to prevent any contact. My cock was straining against my boxers and I pulled my own t-shirt down to try to cover it a bit . . . in case she turned around.

In this position, it was hard to get to her shoulders so I moved down to do her lower back. This of course made it easier to keep my cock from pressing against her ass but it also meant I was staring right at that cute, round little ass as I rubbed the lotion into her lower back. I was getting so turned on I could barely stand it. She had her head on the pillow so I felt sure she couldn't see me without moving a lot, so I took full advantage and got a really close look at her perfect little bum, her thighs, and the glistening skin on her back . . . trying to take mental pictures.

After a little while, she said, "Can you come up and do my shoulders some more?” This is really the best massage ever!" I was nervous but so horny I couldn't think straight anymore. I moved up to her shoulders and at first was able to sort of hover just barely over her ass, so she couldn't feel my hardon. I looked down and could see how close my cock was to her perfect behind, in those tight yoga shorts. Not even half an inch . . . plus the thin fabric of her yoga shorts and the thickness of my boxers.

"Mmmmm. Harder please? If you can. I know you've already been rubbing for a while, but just a little more okay?"

I moved a little further up and as I pushed down on her shoulders with more strength, I felt my cock brush against her ass for the first time. At that exact moment, she let out the biggest moan yet: "Oooooh, wow that feels amazing Jeff!" I was pretty sure she meant the massage, but part of me wished she had meant my cock rubbing against her backside. I kept working her shoulders harder and harder and each time my cock would brush up against her bottom.

Sometimes just barely, my stiff cock would be pressed against her for a second or two . . . hard enough that she HAD to notice. But she didn't let on and I was way too horny to stop doing it. After a minute or two, it seemed like she was moving in rhythm to my massage. Each time I would press against her . . . my hands on her upper back and shoulders, and my cock pressed up against her ass . . . she would rock a little bit and it seemed like she was pushing her ass back into me.

My cock was throbbing by now and I could feel that if I didn't stop soon, I'd cum right in my shorts! I was so horny that I didn't even stop to think about what might happen if I did. My eyes were racing all over her sweet little body. The soft, silky skin of her back, her long, slender legs, her sides and the tiny hint of her stomach and small tits . . . I could imagine so clearly. Not to mention, her tiny, tight, round little ass in those skimpy yoga shorts.

I wasn't even trying to keep her from noticing now. With each stroke of my hands up her back, I was thrusting my cock against her upper thighs and ass. She was moaning with each one and I closed my eyes and imagined that I was actually fucking her. I pictured us in the same position but instead those little yoga shorts were down around her knees and my boxers were long gone. I imagined my cock disappearing between her thighs and pushing against her hot, wet little pussy. I imagined what it might feel like to have my cock inside that warm . . . tight . . . love tunnel.

I ground my hips into her ass . . . one last time . . . and despite my best efforts to keep us separated by the cloth of my boxers . . . my stiff cock quickly snuck through the fly opening, leaving my glans at the mercy of her bare skin and just as quickly, I felt an explosion as I shot my load all over her back. My cock was throbbing as I shot, load after load of hot cum over every inch of the area I was massaging. Accidentally I reached for the outer sides of her back to get up and momentarily my hands captured her developing titties, suddenly making me in heaven. How surprised I was that both nipples were similar in texture to jelly beans as they slipped temporarily between my fingers.

Immediately I was aware of how stupid it was. There was no way she wouldn't realize what I had just done. I still tried to play it cool and rolled off her right away. I jumped up and quickly headed out of the room saying "Okay that's all you get . . . my hands are tired and really greasy." I made it out of the room before she'd even had a chance to look up and hoped that she wouldn't figure out what had happened. I was fortunate that she remained in place, because my shrinking cock was still out in the open as I raced for the bathroom. I mean, do 14-year-old girls . . . even really know about what happens when a boy cums? When she washed up, would she look at her back and see the streams of my sticky hot cum in every direction?

I washed up in the bathroom and stuffed my boxers to the bottom of the hamper and put on clean ones. I tried to act cool when I came back into the living room. Ellie was curled up on the corner of the couch looking relaxed but normal. I half expected she'd be staring at me or calling the cops or something. LOL. I grabbed a pop from the fridge and brought her one too. She took and said, "Thanks" with a little smile and I relaxed a bit. At the next commercial she said, "Jeff that was the best massage ever! You give such great backrubs!"

I looked at her to see if she was teasing me or about to say something else (like "...and you're a total pervert!" but she didn't. I relaxed a little bit after that. I can't wait to see what happens next time I lose a bet to Ellie! Actually, I hope I win the next bet . . . because I have some ideas on what I'd want for my winnings.

Episode 2 Owing Him “Big Time” for Staying Up Past Her Bedtime

Think of Episode 1 as an appetizer. It turns out . . . I did not have to wait very long. I was babysitting Ellie the next week. Well . . . not really babysitting like when we were younger, but I was still "in charge" I guess. It was just past 10, Ellie's regular bed time, so I told her to go get ready for bed. She gave me a bit of a pout, but I didn't give in . . . so off she went. A few minutes later she came back into the living room . . . looking cute as hell. She now had her hair up in pigtails (she often has her blonde hair in a ponytail, but rarely shows mom and me the pigtail look), had on a baby blue t-shirt and I swear she had put on some lip gloss. In my mind, she was hot!

The shirt came down to the middle of her tush and I could see she was wearing white, boy-cut panties. Her long and slender legs are my favorite feature and I couldn't help looking them over. She has very small breasts, but even so, I could see her nipples pushing at the fabric . . . of her thin t-shirt. She walked over and sat on the other end of the couch from me. She pulled her knees up to her chest and pulled the shirt over her legs. She stretched the shirt down . . . so that just her manicured toes were peeking out.

After a few minutes, it was pretty clear she wasn't going to volunteer to go to bed, so I told her it was time for her to “hit the hay”. She scooted across the couch and grabbed my arm. "Please let me stay up. I'm not tired or anything. Just another half hour??" She gave me her best pout with those sweet, soft, shiny lips and batted her eyelashes at me. I glanced down at her toned legs and then back at her sweet young face.

My hesitation must have given her hope as she went for broke. She threw her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder. "You'd be the bestest brother in the whole world . . . if you’d just say yes. And you'd make your little sister so happy and thankful!" She smelled so good and as she nuzzled into me, I could feel the warmth of her lips and breath on my neck.

"Okay, another half hour . . . but you owe me BIG time," I warned, my mind already racing . . . to what I wanted from her.

"Thank you Jeff! You're the greatest big brother ever!" she squealed as she gave me another big hug, this time also giving me a big kiss on my cheek. She curled up beside me and settled in to watch the rest of her show. I looked down on her sweet young face . . . as I considered my options. In the summer months, she gets the faintest hint of freckles on her cheeks and nose. She has long eyelashes that make her blue eyes adorable.

She had one hand on my shoulder and I noticed how her titties had grown, although still on the small side. She's a little over 5 feet now but still not too curvy yet at all. If you looked at her chest or her face you'd think she was still younger but her legs and tush might make you think she was 15 or 16. Though sometimes when she's got makeup on . . . and has her nails done, you can tell she's going to break a lot of hearts when she's older.

After the show ended and her extra half hour was up, I could tell she was just waiting for me to send her to bed, probably hoping I'd forget . . . so she could stay up longer. I had my plan ready to go though . . . so I said:

"Your extra half hour is up kiddo." She reluctantly stood up and despite her earlier claims I could tell she was getting sleepy. She slowly started to shuffle across the room and I watched her cute little ass, as she did so. Just as she got to the door, I stopped her.

"Wait one second," I insisted. She turned around and looked at me quizzically.

"Remember I said ‘you'd owe me’?" She nodded, looking a little less sleepy suddenly.

"Come over here," I said. She made her way over to the couch and stood beside me. I stood up beside her. She's quite a bit shorter than me and she looked so adorable looking upwards. I took her by the wrist and she tensed up a little bit. I gently turned her hand and put it up against the front of my boxers . . . where I was already starting to get hard with anticipation of what I hoped would come next. She let out a little gasp of surprise as she looked down at her hand . . . now cupping my cock through my shorts.

She looked up with wide eyes but said nothing. I guided her hand to begin gently rubbing the outside of my boxers. At first her hand was mostly limp but as I guided her, she would squeeze gently as she started stroking my rising cock. I let go of her hand and let her continue on her own, watching . . . as her tentative hand massaged my cock . . . until it was completely hard and straining inside my boxers. I lifted her hand away and she looked up at me and smiled that cute, crooked smile of hers.

I'm not sure if she thought she was done, but she looked very surprised when I slowly pulled my boxers down . . . first past my bellybutton . . . then my pubic hair and finally my long shaft . . . that bounced back towards her . . . and stepped out of them. Her eyes flitted between my hard cock and my eyes as she waited to see what was next. I took her hand in mine and at first she resisted but after a second, let me guide it towards my fully stiff shaft. When her hand was less than an inch from my exposed cock, I could see her fingers stretching a little towards it.

She clearly was eager to know how it felt, even if she was mostly scared of what we were doing. I stopped her hand before she could touch my cock . . . and she looked up at me in surprise. There was a tiny bit of relief in her eyes, but I saw plenty of desire as well.

"You have to be very gentle," I said. She nodded at me as I let go of her hand. She looked back down . . . and slowly let her fingertips . . . each make contact with the purple head of my cock. She looked up at me for approval . . . and I nodded for her to continue.

She moved her fingertips up and down the shaft . . . each time wrapping them around a bit more . . . until she had her fingers completely wrapped around and was stroking my cock from base to tip. I was watching my little sister's hand move up and down and watching her blue eyes follow the motion of her hand as she did so. Her mouth was slightly open . . . and I caught a quick glimpse of her tongue . . . as she wet her lips slightly.

"Okay . . . now get on your knees," I said. She looked up at me with her eyes wide with surprise.

"It's okay Ellie," I said, "you owe me remember?" She nodded slowly and then I guided her around . . . in front of me. She slowly got down on her knees so that she was at eye level with my throbbing cock. "Now stay still," I said and she nodded slightly, moving her eyes back and forth between my eyes and the throbbing long shaft . . . barely an inch away.

I took my cock in my hand by the base and directed the tip of it to her face. She flinched a little bit . . . as the hot skin of my cock head . . . made contact with her left cheek. She righted herself and didn't flinch as I touched my cock to her face on the right side. I gently caressed her face . . . all around . . . with my cock as she looked up at me. I couldn't believe how excited I was . . . as I kept rubbing my hard cock from one cheek to another of my little sister's sweet face. Then I took the head of my cock and very gently drew it across her slightly parted lips. Her lower lip quivered a little bit at my gesture . . . I wasn't sure if it was excitement or nervousness as I could see some of both in her eyes.

"Lick your lips," I said and she complied immediately. I moved the head of my cock across her now very moist lips, this time pushing against them a bit more. I had to control my breathing as I wanted this to last for a while, though I was so excited I was pretty sure I could have cum right then and there. I moved my cock back and forth over her mouth, sometimes pressing the head against her lips, sometimes letting the head touch the tip of her nose as I moved the shaft across her now slippery mouth.

After a moment or two, she had relaxed her mouth and was getting into the rhythm with me, applying a little pressure with her lips at each pass and keeping them wet. A couple of times her tongue would touch my shaft as she wet her lips and each time . . . my cock would throb with pleasure. She must have noticed this as she clearly tried a few times to lick her lips a bit extra . . . to watch my reaction as her tongue ran over the tip of my cock.

I pulled my cock back and moved a little back from her. She had clearly gotten more comfortable with this new assignment . . . because as I pulled back . . . she followed me a little bit . . . before opening her eyes to look up at me.

"You need to take off your shirt, right now,” I ordered. She barely hesitated this time (always a bit of an exhibitionist in the past) and pulled her shirt off over her head. I drank in her naked body . . . into my perverted mind. As I mentioned, her tits are very small but her nipples are very pronounced and were hard as little rocks. Her stomach is flat and toned, her shoulders soft and tan as the tips of her pigtails tickled at them. She settled back to her half crouched position . . . and looked up at me while she wetted her lips.

"Now," I said, "you have to be very careful not to let your teeth . . . touch my cock. Just cover them with your lips. " She swallowed noticeably and her eyes were wide again with surprise . . . though I think she had anticipated this as she nodded, licking her lips again and opened her mouth.

I rested the head of my cock on her lower lip and slowly moved it up so that it was touching her top lip. She kept her mouth still as I pressed my cock against her parted lips. I moved it back and forth a few times, allowing her wet lips to get my shaft nice and wet . . . and then very gently pushed the head of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue on the tip of my cock as the head disappeared between her lips. I pulled my cock back out and she took a deep breath and licked her lips again as she looked up at me with those sweet, innocent blue eyes. This whole event was even more special as I looked at her blonde hair in pigtails. I wondered what she was thinking . . . ‘have any of my friends ever done this to a guy before’?

I could tell that she was in conflict. Part of her was scared about the idea of sitting in just her very thin panties (almost naked) while her brother pushed his hard cock in her mouth. But the other part of her . . . was clearly excited about doing something . . . so very naughty. Whatever she did next would dictate my next move. I held my cock still, just an inch from her mouth while she looked up at me. Her eyes dropped to my cock and my heart seemed to have stopped . . . as I waited for the longest two seconds of my life. Then she leaned forward and took the head of my cock . . . back between her young lips.

I rested one hand on her shoulder and the other very gently on the top of her head. She rested one hand on my hip and wrapped the other around the base of my cock. She mostly kept her head still . . . while I moved my hips back and forth gently, but after a moment she began to move in rhythm with me. She couldn't take much more than the head of my cock into her mouth before I could feel her tongue against the tip. I could feel my balls tightening . . . and a huge orgasm building . . . as my little sister continued to suck me off.

She paused for a minute to catch her breath and I guided her hand to the head of my cock which was wet with her saliva. I closed my hand around hers and guided it from the head of my cock to the shaft and back a few times until my entire cock was now very slippery and moist. She continued stroking my shaft as she took the head of my cock in her mouth again. She let her lips move back and forth over the ridge of my cockhead, applying more pressure each time. Her eyes kept moving between my cock and looking up at me . . . for my approval.

I could feel my orgasm building . . . so I took one hand and held the base of my cock and my other hand held the back of her head so I could dictate the pace and what was going to happen. She put both hands on my hips as I built towards a huge climax. My breathing was getting faster and I was groaning at this point . . . as I imagined cumming in my little sister's mouth. Ellie looked up at me . . . with her sweet blue eyes . . . as her wet lips moved over the head of my cock.

Seeing her sweet, pink lips sliding over the ridge of my shaft set me over the edge and I shot a huge spurt deep into her mouth. She instinctively pulled back but I held her head close . . . as the second stream of cum shot out, leaving a white streak of hot goo on the side of her face. She was breathing heavily and her face showed so many emotions. She was clearly nervous still, but she was also amazed at what she was seeing and also very clearly turned on. She looked back down at my cock as a third explosion erupted from it, hitting first her shoulder and chest . . . as I aimed and stroked out the last few drops onto her . . . running my hot, throbbing cock twice around the closest nipple.

I fell back onto the couch exhausted and trembling but with a huge smile on my face. Ellie sat back and looked at my cock as it slowly lost its hardness, then wiped the cum off her face and inspected it with her fingers. She giggled as she rubbed the cum all over her other nipple. She looked up at me . . . while rubbing both nipples gently . . . in my hot goo and smiled.

"Wow, I dunno what would have happened if I asked for an extra hour,” she specified. She got up and as she did so . . . I noticed that she had to pull her panties back up a bit from the middle of her thighs where they had somehow ended up. Had I missed her rubbing her clit . . . while giving her brother her first blowjob? She turned and I watched her tight little bum as she walked out of the room. I pulled on my boxers and picked her t-shirt up off the floor. As I took a deep inhale of her scent from her shirt, I heard her turning on the shower upstairs as she cleaned up before going to bed. She didn’t know it yet, but I was going to keep that shirt and rub it against my cock . . . many times in the future . . . as a reminder of what just happened.

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