Never a Dull Moment with my Girls

Never a Dull Moment with my Girls

Never a Dull Moment with my Girls

I never thought of my daughters as my lovers, but then I didn’t get fucked by them either. I’m a 45-year-old man widower, with 2 daughters who are Lizzy 19 and Beth 21 years old. My wife died about 3 years ago, and I’ve been single ever since, throwing myself into work.

I live alone and my daughters had moved out some time ago and live at they’re house, which is on the other side of the city. One night, I stayed back late checking the work of my employees and getting a little antsy, because of silly mistakes. I receive a message on my phone from Lizzy asking me to come over for dinner. Well how can I refuse my daughter, so I messaged back that I’d be over after work.

A short time later, I finished and went to my car and drove to the girl’s place which is closer than my place. As I got out of the car I noticed that the house was dark and I wondered if I got the message right. So, as I started to walk to the front door, I reread the message saying to come over ‘tonight’ for dinner. I reached the front door and knocked. Then, I knocked again and still no movement.
So, I tried the front door handle, it turned and opened. I walked in calling out Lizzy and Beth’s names, but no one answered. I was about to leave when I heard a noise from the back. So, I started moving that way when something jump out at me and I stumbled backwards, hitting my head on something and knocking myself out.

The next thing I remembered was someone kissing my head and saying there, there. When I could open my eyes, I looked up and saw Beth kissing me on the head and then on the lips. I lay there for a few minuted when I noticed a weight on my groin. I looked past Beth and saw Lizzy naked and riding my cock. I also saw myself naked.

It was erotic to see my cock hard, sliding in and out of Lizzy’s pussy, I noticed the shine of Lizzy’s juices as my member entering and then exiting fast from Lizzy’s pussy. As I watched her riding, I could hear her say “Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me daddy, yessss.” Then I felt myself come to the boil and shoot my seed into her waiting womb. Lizzy had pushed down hard and clamped her cunt with my cock. I realised what was happening and I said, ‘Nooo’ but no one listened.

Lizzy sat there a moment. I watched as her muscles in her abdomen tightened and relaxed. She was milking my cock for all it had. As she relaxed I could see she was tired. Then she laid on top of me panting. I said, frantic, “What are you doing? Were you protected? I could get you pregnant!” Lizzy laid there and I could feel my cock wilt as she kissed my chest. As we laid there, I didn’t know what to say, when I felt some of my semen drip down onto my cock as she nuzzled into me. I turned my head and looked at Beth who was naked also. She looked sheepish and said, “I had my turn with you. I didn’t know you were so big daddy.”

I was astounded that Beth and Lizzy had raped me, after I was knocked out. I was astounded to find my daughters naked and sharing me. I noticed now that my head was still hurting, and I was laying on their lounge. I shook Lizzy and she looked at me and said, “After Beth fucked you I had to suck your big cock, to get you hard again.” I was shocked again hearing this from my youngest daughter. And me thinking that she was little princess. No little princess anymore.

I sat up and Lizzy got off me as I rose. I looked at my daughters and said,” Why?” It was Lizzy’s turn to say something which was, “Ahhh…well… Beth and I, always wanted to see how big you were. She use to say that she sometimes showered with you when she was little and couldn’t remember how big you were.” She paused and turned her head towards Beth who looked back and gave a small nod as if to say go on.

Lizzy then said, “I want a baby, daddy. And none of the boys we see want any type of relationship. And there was you who we depend on. Who loves us no matter what. Who still looks fantastic. And who I love. I love you daddy.” Beth was just nodding the whole time, when she said, “I’ve always loved you and wanted your baby, daddy”. I looked at both my daughters now and saw incredibly beautiful women.

I got up and went to the fridge and got out a beer. I opened it, still naked, and drank half the contents. I turned and looked back at my daughters and said,” What happened when I’m old and grey and can’t get it up any more or whatever” Lizzy smiled looked at Beth and said, “We’d still love you and now there’s those little blue pills you can take.

I was getting horny just looking at these two girls, when I said, “Ok, but I’m not changing nappies ok.” Both chirped” OK” and then ran over to me with their breasts jiggling as they moved. They both hugged me and I told them to sit down. I looked at both and I told them that I would sleep with one every even night and the other on the odd night. This was until we figured that they were pregnant and the girls both agreed. So, I asked who wanted to go first when Beth said, “I’m going first daddy. I’m the eldest. Lizzy had her turn” So, I nodded and I noted Lizzy just smiled. I now said, “Well what’s for dinner?” and we all laughed.

Later that night, after showering, Beth and I retired to her room. She was standing at the end of her bed, with her hands behind her back. She had that little naughty look. I looked her over. Beth had a small curved waist and she stood about 5’8” with smallish breasts. Her blond hair came down to where he breasts started. Her lips were pouty but in a smile and her nose was smallish too. Her blue eyes sparkled as I looked at her.

I walked over to her and placed my arms around her waist. I looked down into her blue eyes and lowered my mouth until I met hers. Our lips locked together and our tongues started to intertwine. I felt her encircle me and took hold, squeezing us together. I felt my cock swell and push up. Our kiss lasted a while when we broke apart. I looked down and lowered myself. I lifted Beth and took her around to the side of the bed and placed her into the centre of the bed.

I laid down next to her and resumed our kiss. I started to let my hand sweep over her body, not staying more than a second to touch her. My fingers took hold of her left nipple and twist it until, I heard and felt the moan. I allowed my fingers to trace her breast then sweep down to her navel. Where I slightly scratched her abdomen. The pleasure was again felt in her moan. I brushed my fingers down to her mons where I scratched her pubic hair.

I traced my route back to her left nipple again where I started to pluck it, bring grasps to her breath. All this time my kiss was invading, probing, getting to know her mouth and twist with her tongue. My daughter responded to my every touch groaning into my mouth. I finished kissing her mouth when I moved to her left ear. Beth turned her to the right so I had easy access.

I nipped her left ear lobe again and again. This brought more moaning and groaning from Beth. I moved down to her neck and nipped her throat, then sucked hard on her neck. Again, this brought the desired response from her. I moved down to her left breast and nipped her around her breast until I took her nipple between my teeth and I sucked hard. I felt Beth push her fingers through my hair as she urged to go down lower. But, I resisted as I wanted her truly to desire me.

I now moved to her taunt abdomen where I stopped long enough to rim her navel, with just the tip of my tongue. I could feel Beth wanting me to move further down to her vagina, but again I resisted. I used my finger nails to scratch the inside of her right leg going up to her vagina then scratch away down her left leg. Beth was beside her self has she moaned deep and hard at each step that I used to get her to the edge.

I moved to her mons where I could breathe in and be intoxicated by her womanly scent. I used my right index finger to trace the outside of her labia until I found her clitoris hood. I then proceeded to trace her clitoris, knowing that she was starting to pant. I placed myself between her legs and within three inches from her vagina I breathed in her womanly scent.

I placed each of my respective arms around each leg, so I could hold open this sexual treasure. I turned and started to nibble on the inside of one leg then the other. Beth was now trying to force me to take hold of clitoris, by drawing my head into her folds. But, I resisted. As I nibble on each leg I moved down until I was nibbling on the flesh beside her labia. This was drawing more moans and panting from my lovely daughter.

Myself, my cock was more rigid than ever before, causing me to move around so that it wasn’t placed into a painful position. I really wanted to place my cock between Beth’s labia and force it inwards. But, this would defeat the purpose of my agreeing to make love to Beth. I wanted not only Beth to love what I was doing to her. But, to be dependent on it. To long for my cock. To be my slave for my cock.

I could hear Beth panting more and more. I could tell that she was coming close to her climax. And that to keep on teasing her would make her mine from this day forth. I now rimmed her vagina which now was well lubricated from all my efforts. I looked up at Beth and her mouth was open, trying to get more air into her lungs. I was fascinated that her eyes were closed at this point. I assumed that she was waiting for the inevitable conclusion.

I again rimmed her vagina touching the labia with my tongue, lapping at the fragrance and lubrication that her body gave. Then I stopped at the top of her cunt, where the little hood and clitoris where. I rimmed the clitoris and heard more panting now Beth was almost close to climax.

So, I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked hard, using my tongue against the little hard flesh. With that Beth went rigid, her legs locked behind my head. My head was forced against her cunt and Beth heard yelled, “Yea, Yea, Yea, yessssss.”. My face and mouth were being covered by the juices that was flowing from within her, she kept on going and going and going. We seemed bound together for a long time. But, then she relaxed her body. I was able to lift my head up and she looked exhausted.

I lifted myself up from between her legs and started to move up her body, kissing different parts until I was face to face with Beth. I saw the look on her face and the smile on her lips, which said it all. I rolled to lay beside her and I kissed her lips and she licked them at the same time. She said, “I like the taste of me.” With that, I kissed her hard and long. Then we broke apart and lay side by side.
Beth turned her head to me and smiled. Nothing was said or needed to be said. We lay next to each other for a while when Beth leaned over, and using her tongue, rimmed my left nipple. Now I would see how my daughter knew how to pleasure another. Shen started to nip my as she reached down and grasped my cock, which needed no real stimuli to come to the full attention position.

Beth started pumping my cock as she kissed her way down my body. When she arrived at my straining member, she quickly kissed head, then proceed to tongue my cock. I was loving every feeling that she did, like running her tongue up and down sucking each of my balls and pumping. Then opened her mouth and started to suck my cock into the back of her mouth. My cock is about 8 inches when she sucked all of it to the back of her mouth, with her lips at the base of my cock. I was in heaven.

As she sucked she let mouth to pump my cock. I could see that she enjoyed it till the part where I started to spew my seed into her mouth. Now she clamped her mouth down hard against the base sucking hard using my cock like a straw. My seed emptied into this waiting mouth. I could see that it was making it hard to hold my load in mouth, when she gulped and my seed went into her stomach. Only a little drop escaping the end but when she let go of my stalk she used her tongue to scrap up anything left over.

I laid back on the bed when Beth laid down next to me. I looked at her face a a couple of sweat beads rolled from her forehead. I brushed the hair that started to cover her face and kissed her on the lips, tasting the salty seed that was in her mouth. We stayed there for a little when I fell asleep.

I woke up after I was startled, feeling someone next to. I looked over and saw my pretty daughter with her eyes closed. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips letting my tongue to flick over here lips. As I started to lay back down Beth opened her eyes and smiled, saying, “I love you daddy.’ For some unknown reason, probably being close to her now, I became erect immediately and I said, “I love you too.”
We lay on our side considering each other’s eyes. I started to ask her why she wanted a baby and she told me about no decent boys around and she always wanted to be my wife after mum died. I smiled at her and she asked me I hadn’t gone after someone else and I said that I love her mother and I loved my daughters. This brought a very lovely smile to her lips.

As we talked I started playing with her nipples and she took y cock and started to pump it slowly. But soon that part of the fore play was over and I wanted to feel my cock enter her vagina. Beth also knew what was happening as she laid down on her back and opened her legs. I slowly positioned my head at her entrance and start to suck hard on her clitoris to get her juices flowing again.

Soon, I realised that she was wet from my attention I moved up body and using my right hand, I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed slowly. I had eaten my daughter out and though I would easily slide in, but, I was wrong. I found her vagina tight around the head of my cock. So, I forced myself into tight tunnel. I could feel the velvety slickness of her walls when Beth gasped and held her breath.

I asked her if she ever had sex and she said, “Not real sex, just my fingers.” I realised that she was still a virgin of sort, so I started to pump my cock slowly until was pushing far into her. Beth gasped several times more but soon those gasps sound like before, those of pleasure. Now I was pushing as far as my cock could go, when I felt Beth’s legs slip around my waist. I was now pumping into her quite freely, and hitting her clitoris with my pelvic bone.

Beth was really enjoying herself as she started to say, “Yea, Yea, Yea.” And then “Yessss.” I felt her legs tighten around my waits I felt the muscles around her cunt tighten. I found it hard to push forward, but I did. Then I came and I sent a large load of seed in my daughter’s womb, hoping one my swimmers would catch her egg and impregnate her.

I laid there on top of her panting knowing now I needed to start to exercise if I was going to service my daughters. When I had enough strength, I rolled off Beth and laid down next to her. Now I saw my daughter fiddling around and I was intrigued. I saw my daughter reach down beside the bed and bring two pillows up. She placed one on top of the other, then placed her bum on the top pillow. Then I got it, she wanted every chance to fall pregnant. I just laid there and went back to sleep.

End of part 1

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