Hot Little Sister for Summer

Hot Little Sister for Summer

I have always been extremely close with my younger sister, Kristy. She was a year younger than me but we
both were treated like boys meaning we both caused the same amount of trouble. We took showers
together until we were about 10 and slept in the same hotel bed until I hit puberty. Even though we were
extremely close, we fought a lot and it was usually about silly things but we were still very close together.

My sister did everything I did and followed me friends and me wherever we would go. She was quite the
tomboy; wrestling with us, playing sports, doing gross and disgusting things. The only thing I hated my
sister for was she was taller than me almost 5’6 but before the end of my puberty I was 6’2.

After puberty, she completely changed. Even though she was very close to me she started hanging out with
her own group of friends. Her blonde hair was longer and ended at her mid back but her blue eyes still
sparkled whenever I would challenge her to do anything. She had long slender legs and a huge set of
breasts which go perfectly with her athletic body. She was extremely athletic like me and loves spending
her time at the beach. She has a beautiful tan very similar to mine but she was a shade darker making her
look like a model.

At home we dressed modestly, I usually had my boxers and wife beater which showed my muscular upper
body. She usually dresses in a pair of panties and tight shirts with no bra beneath them. Whenever I would
see her showing off her body at the house, I would wolf-whistle at her and she would tell me to shut up.
She always assumed that I was just teasing her but little did she know how hot she was.

Throughout high-school, I moved from one girl to another never staying with one girl for longer and before
the end of my junior year I dated every single of her friends. She hates it whenever I would flirt with her
friends knowing that they had huge crush on me. I was pretty sexually active and fucked all kinds of girls
but was horny over my sister.

After high-school, my dad decided my future for me and sent me to one of the top business schools in
Europe so I only visited her at summer, I still remember the day when I had to leave; both my mom and my
sister were crying like babies and my dad tried to act all manly.


“Hi Blake…this is mom…hey listen I know you are excited about coming home and spending time with us
but…” She trailed off and I sighed.

“What is it mom?” I asked her

“We won’t be home…it will just be your sister…because Aunt Linda had a stroke and your dad and I are
going to visit her…” My mom said. She was clearly upset that she wouldn’t be able to spend much time
with me but I was excited as fuck. A whole summer with my sexy little sister!

“It’s okay mom…” I tried to act upset as I picked up my luggage. “But why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“We thought you wouldn’t agree to come home so…” She trailed off and I laughed.

“Why would I refuse to come home?” I said as I made sure I had my entire luggage and went out the
airport. “Anyways…bye”

I shut my phone and went through the door automatic doors. There were quite a lot of people there and I
tried to find my sister. She was standing there with her friend, Mandy. She had sweatpants and a skintight
white sweater which showed her amazing cleavage. As soon as Kristy saw me, she ran up to me and
threw herself at me.

“Blake!” She said hysterically happy to see me. I hugged her warm body tightly against mine and planted a
big kiss on her lips. I stroked her long silky hair and inhaled the sweet perfume she put on. After a good 5
minutes, she reluctantly let go of me. “You remember Mandy right Blake?”

“Of course…” I said. She was the only friend of hers I didn’t date. I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips somewhat longer than a friendly peck. Mandy was just as gorgeous as Kristy but she had slightly
smaller breasts and brown hair. She blushed as I broke the kiss and winked at her.

“Blake!” Kristy punched me on the arm playfully. I laughed and put my arm around her. It was about 9:30
when we got back from the airport and we had to drop Mandy off at her house. “What do you wannna do?
Let’s watch a movie!”

“Sure…” I told her dropping my bag next to the couch and plopping down on the couch.

“Get up lazy asshole and make some popcorn while I go change…” She teased and skipped up the stairs.
I laughed and went to the kitchen and grabbed some beer from the fridge and put the popcorn in the
microwave. I waited for the popcorn and returned to the living room with a large bowl full of popcorn and sat
down. I waited for her to come down stairs and my jaw literally hit the floor when I saw her.

She had a skin tight T-shirt and a pair of small black panties. Her panties formed downward into V under
her belly button and had little red bow directly in the middle. They weren't quite as small as a thong but she
looked sexy regardless. They went up into a thin band at the waste, then back into enough material to
barely cover her gorgeous ass. She bounced across the room while I watched her braless tits stretch the
thin material for all it was worth. I jokingly whistled and she just looked at me and winked.

“What movie do you wanna watch hunk?” She asked me and I shrugged. “Umm…how about inception?”

“Sure…” She got on all fours, since the VCR was beneath the T.V, and began to set up the movie. She was
in a perfect doggie style position. Her ass was angled up into the air, her back was arched, and she was resting on her elbows. Her panties began to creep into her little ass crack, but she slowly reached behind
her and pulled them out. She did it slowly enough that she pulled them from her ass and held them 2
inches from her ass. I was about 6 feet away, but I could easily make out her fuzzy little pussy. I was
tempted to shove my cock into her pussy and fuck her so hard till my dick falls off.

“There we go…” She said and sat down next to me. She rested her head on my arm so I wrapped my arm
around her and pulled her closer into me. She smelled so good and looked so damn beautiful I could feel
my erection growing hard. “ I missed you Blake…”

“I missed you too sweetheart…” I said and she looked up at me with her large blue eyes. I leaned down so
our lips were practically touching. I felt her hot breath on my lips and locked my lips with hers. She kissed
softly but passionately and it wasn’t long before I got into the kiss. Shit! What the fuck am I doing?” I gently
broke the kiss but she looked disappointed. She wrapped her hand around my waist and pressed her
breast toward my side.

“So how was college or how is college?” She asked me

“It is amazing…European chicks are so hot and they play rugby there…” I told her about my friends and my
daily life “Hey Kristy…even though they are hot…they are sluts only few girls are as beautiful as you”

Her eyes sparkled when I said that and she hugged me tightly. We watched the movie in silence after that
and I gulped down couple of beers. She refused to have any beer and put another movie on after Inception
but I was too tired so I rested my head on top of hers and dozed off.

“Blake?” Kristy said softly but I didn’t open my eyes or say anything. “Blake?”

She put her hand on top of my crotch and rubbed my dick through my pants “Blake?” After I didn’t say
anything and she assumed that I fell asleep. I was usually a deep sleeper so this probably convinced her
to keep going. I felt her hand unzip my pants and I literally stopped breathing. She slowly pulled my cock
out of the underwear and I felt her hot breath on the head of my cock driving me crazy. I cock instantly
hardened but I still pretended to be asleep and she bought it. My dick was about 7 ½ in and 3 ½ in around.

“Blake?” She called my name out one more time and I decided to react

“Huh? What is it?” I looked at her face and then her hand which was holding my erection. She blushed
deeply and immediately let go of my cock.

“Please don’t tell anyone Blake…I am so sorry I don’t know why I did that” She said as she stood up. I also
stood up and held her by her shoulders and tried to look angry.

“Kristy how could you? I am your brother…” I said trying to sound upset. She was at the brink of tears so I
pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. She seemed shocked by it but hugged me tightly as
well. “Let me see your breasts…”

“Huh?” She looked at me confused and a smirk formed at her lips. She pushed me on the couch and then
did a little tease with her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head as she performed a sexy dance. I pulled
my shorts down and stroked my erection. They were two perfectly round, grapefruits sized melons that
stayed perfectly in place. Her nipples were perfect just like I imagined them to be. “Like them?”

“Hell yeah…” I whispered stroking my cock. She glanced at my cock and her eyes grew at the size. She
moved towards me and sat on my cock as she pressed her knees towards my sides. My hands
immediately went to her breasts as I softly massaged them with my hands. She looked at me lustfully and
attacked my lips with hers. She immediately pushed her tongue into my mouth and wrestled with mine. I
moaned in delight as she began rocking her hips rubbing my erection with her soft panties.

We were consumed with lust as our tongues danced in a never-ending battle of dominance. I felt the heat
radiating from her hot cunt and couldn’t wait to shove it deep into her pussy. She finally broke the kiss and
gasped. She hurriedly took of my shirt and gazed at my hairless chest. She pressed her body tightly
against mine crushing her breasts as we got back to our kiss. I ran my hands over her smooth thighs and
teased her pussy through her panties.

“Fuck me” She panted and removed her now soaked panties. Just as she was about to throw them behind
her back, I stopped her and took them n my hands. I licked her panties trying to get a hint of how she would
taste. She tasted so delicious; I immediately pushed her on the couch and buried my face in her lovehole.
She gasped and let out a tortured moan.

“Oh my god! Yessss lick my pussy!” She screamed as I sucked on her clit furiously flicking it with the tip of
my tongue. She ran her hands over my hair as she pushed my head further into her honeycomb. I sucked
on her outer lips and sucked them into my mouth as I massaged them with my tongue. She was going
nuts by now buckling her hips towards my face. I spread her puffy pussylips with my fingers and shoved
my tongue deep into her tunnel and explored every inch of her cunt. She gasped as I pushed my thumb
into her asshole and I got just the reaction I was hoping for.

“Ahhhh!Ohhhhhhhh!” She screamed in delight as her juices flooded my face. I swallowed all of her juices
and continued sucking her clit until she pushed me away with her feet. “Oh my god…fuck me now!”

She grabbed my thick cock and lined it up with her sizzling cunt and as soon as my cock came in contact with her warm pussy, shivers shot down my spine. I slowly pushed my cock into her awaiting pussy
savoring the feeling. “Take me to the bedroom…”

I picked her off the couch as she wrapped herself around my body. I grabbed her ass tightly as I climbed
up the stairs and just as I was about to take her to her bedroom she stopped me. “Take me to our

I kissed her roughly as I brought her to our parent’s room, she pushed me on the bed. She was absolutely
crazy in bed, fucking my cock so hard, I could feel my hips beginning to bruise. I grabbed her large breasts
and pulled on her long nipples enjoying the expression on her face. She gasped as she began to jackhammer my cock with her pussy. She held on to my chest for support and squeezed her vaginal
muscles tightly as she came down.

“I am cumming!” She screamed in pleasure as her soft asscheeks pressed into my thighs. I pushed my
fingers into her mouth and she immediately sucked them with fervor. She suddenly rolled her eyes behind
her head as she bit down hard on my fingers. The pain shot through my arm but it turned me on incredibly
as her hot juices tried to squeeze past my dick giving me amazing sensations.

“I want to fuck you doggy-style…” I gasped and she immediately obeyed me and got in position. Her lovely
ass hanging in the air and her breasts hanging perfectly in the air. I smacked her ass roughly and
squeezed her breasts rolling her nipples in my hands. She moaned in pleasure and pushed her ass in
front of me. I lined up my cock against her pussy and shoved it roughly into her cunt.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed as I held on to her hips and pounded my dick into her tight cunt. I
grabbed her blonde hair and pulled it back so her breasts jutted forward. I used my other hand as I rubbed
her clit furiously giving her amazing sensations. It felt like my dick was melting into her velvety walls and I
moaned as I felt my balls churning. “Oh god oh god I am cumming again!”

I pulled her hair back and kissed her passionately while still fucking her. I milked her breasts as I pounded
her pussy relentlessly. Her pussy convulsed around my cock and I felt her juices flowing past my dick.

“I am going to cum!” I gasped increasing my pace hammering her juicy cunt..

“Don’t cum in me…I am not on the pill” She warned me and I immediately pulled out of her pussy and
shoved it into her mouth. She kept looking at me with a big smile on her face while she licked my cock. It
took no time at all for me to cum. She licked my balls, my shaft, my head, then she took then she began to
deep-throat me. She was fantastic, not even one scrape. When I began to cum she pulled my dick out of
her mouth and began jacking me off with my dick pointed upwards. She watched in awe as I came all over
my stomach and chest. When I finished she ran her hand through the cum then took her cum covered
hand and licked it all off. God, you can only imagine how hot she looked. She then proceeded to lick it all off
my leaving me without a drop of mess

Then we both collapsed in bed cuddling in our parents bed. I closed my eyes in pure exhaustion hoping
what just happened wasn’t a dream. She rested her head on my chest and smiled.

I woke up the next morning wondering if what happened last night was a dream. I looked down to see that I was completely naked so I went downstairs following the amazing smell which led me to the kitchen.
There stood Kristy, completely naked and her blonde hair in a ponytail. I took a minute to drink in her
beauty before hugging her tightly from behind.

“Hi Blake…have a goodnights sleep?” She asked me turning around. Before I could respond, she grabbed
my head and kissed me passionately, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

“Yeah…amazing night…” I told her caressing her soft asscheeks. She pushed me on the couch and
stroked my cock quickly bringing it to its full size. I moaned as she jacked me off like a pro while licking my
balls. I stroked her beautiful long hair and enjoyed the warm feeling she gave me.

“Oh god…” I moaned as she took my head into her warm and moist mouth. She looked up at me with her
big blue eyes and twirled her tongue around my head before licking the shaft. I loved the way she was
making eye-contact with me and she pushed her tongue into my slit before taking me deep into my mouth

“Just like that baby…” I gasped as my dick hit the back of her throat. She didn’t stop and took me deeper
into throat and choked my dick with her throat muscles. She sucked as hard as she could while coming
back up and I almost lost it right then and there.

“Baby I will cum if you keep that up” I warned her as she tickled my balls with small hands. She didn’t stop
and sucked on my head furiously. She tickled the underside of my shaft and took me deep in her mouth
once more pressing her face into my stomach. I couldn’t take it any longer so I grabbed her head tightly as
I shot load after load of hot cum deep into her throat. I pulled her up and kissed her deeply tasting my own
cum, which I didn’t mind.

“You taste good…” She commented but I wasn’t looking at her. I was looking at Mandy who watched our
whole encounter standing at the doorway. Kristy followed my gaze and gasped when she saw Mandy.

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