This is the true story of how I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen.


"Do you have your sunscreen on?" my Dad asked me.
"No, I'll put it on at the party," I replied.
We were in the car to a party at my friends house. Her name was Genna and we had been going to school together for the past several years. I was excited for this party for one purpose. As I thought of the reason, my mind flashed back to the conversation I had online with one of the girls in my grade.
(Made up screen-names)
D-Rock16: Hey
BeccaP69: Hey, watsup Gabe
D-Rock: You know that game we played last time
BeccaP69: truth
D-Rock: yea, u wanna play that
The conversation went on like this until I started to get hornier and hornier with each answer she typed in. I had a woody and I couldn't hold back my curiosity.
D-Rock: so, what is your sexual fantasy?
BeccaP69: what?... I guess it would be to have a guy give me face.
D-Rock: cool, your turn
BeccaP69: I don't have a question
D-Rock: I'll go again… would you ever masturbate in front of a guy
BeccaP69: depends on the guy…
D-Rock: me???
BeccaP69: maybe
We continued to ask questions, we backed down the sexual intensity for a few questions, until I called the game off.
D-Rock: Becca, at the party on Sunday, would you like face?
BeccaP69: I would like that. Would you do that for me
D-Rock: for a favor from you
BeccaP69: sure, what favor
D-Rock: two parts: 1) you send me a nude pic of you now, and 2) I get a bj from you…also can I bring my camera with me and shoot a short video to remember you by
BeccaP69: you can have everything except the nude pic of me now, I don't have a camera.
D-Rock: fair enough
My mom walked down the stairs so I had to turn off my computer. I was looking forward to the party.
"Gabe? Gabriel? Have you been listening to me?" asked my dad.
"Oh, sorry, I spaced out for a second."
"Whatever, I'll see you at five alright?"
I looked at the clock, it said 11
"Sure, see ya."
I left the car and my dad drove away. I turned to see my friend Genna waiting at the door to let me in. She said hello and I took off my shoes at the door.
Genna's house is on Geist lake in Indiana. She has a pool in her backyard as well as having a clear view of the lake from her back yard.
I went down to the basement which had access to the backyard of her house. I opened the screen door leading outside and immediately Sarah, an ex-girlfriend now good friend, came up and gave me a big hug.
I took a towel offered to me by TJ, a big guy who was a good friend with me. I started to strip out of my everyday clothing and into my bathing suit, which was under my jeans. The plan for the party was to swim for the first four hours and then dance for the last two. Some of my friends, Tom and Daniel were DJing the dancing part and hanging out for the swimming part.
I got in the pool and after a few minutes I heard the screen door screech as Becca walked in. She was easily the pretties girl in the grade. She had a tanned complexion, blonde hair, and decent sized juggs. Even with all that, her best feature was her smile, it was perfect. I thought how that mouth would soon be around my cock and I started to get a boner in the pool. I noticed the swelling in my pants and started to think about old nuns and dead kittens to try and bring it down. It helped. After a while of pool games we started to eat some pizza. Becca had yet to strip down to her bathing suit. She, and some of the other girls had been setting up the dancing part of the party early. I saw her eyeing me and looking at my chest and abs for a while, so I had to say hello. I went up to her and gave her a hug. We chatted for a while about our summer's and I stared at her chest the whole time, not listening to a word she was saying.
She noticed that I wasn't listening and said, "easy tiger, you don't get to see these yet."
After we ate pizza about two-thirds of the group went out on the lake to do some inner-tubing. Becca and I stayed, she had finally got in her bathing suit, it was a purple two piece with pink polka dots. She looked really hot. Really hot.
Becca got in the pool and I joined her, JP and his girlfriend Jackie, a tall blonde who had an amazing body, but had some issues in other places. She was a total prude, she had an awkward smile, and had a bit of acne. There were some other characters in the pool, such as the DJ's, and their girlfriends, and a few other people. I was getting cold in the unheated pool, and apparently so was JP. He and Jackie started to hug to heat and I decided that this was a good time to fondle Becca. Both girls were chatting as JP and I hugged them from behind. I let my hands drift down a bit, searching for Becca's ass. I reached it and gave it a squeeze, Jackie and Becca chatted on. My hands traveled around Becca's behind and to her front. I felt her pussy, I could feel her lips and her ass hole. It was really turning me on.
Becca's breathing got a bit heavier, so I backed down a bit. I pressed my hard-on into her back and she seemed surprised but continued to talk with Jackie. JP said he was hungry and Jackie decided to join him in searching for some food. Becca said she had to go to the bathroom, and she winked at me. My woody had subsided, so I got out of the pool.
Becca had gone into the bathroom and locked the door, but I knew that the bathroom had two entrances, I took the other one and entered. Becca was busy undressing, I saw her pussy, completely bald, and then she looked up and undid her top. She let it fall sexily to the ground. I saw her nice, full breasts and her lovely snatch. I started to approach her but she backed away and started to get dressed. I whispered, "Why are you dressing?" She said, "This is only a preview, we aren't going to do anything until we go out on the lake.
I was confused, but I agreed. So I let the time pass away before the boat returned with ten tired teens. They had been tubing for an hour and they were looking forward to relaxing in the pool.
Becca, JP, Jackie, and I piled into the speedboat with a couple of other kids. We went out on the lake. JP and Jackie volunteered to go tubing first. They both sat in a large tube which seated both of them comfortably. The tube was sitting mostly in the water. It was designed to look like a coke can that had been sawed in two parts. I suddenly realized what Becca was talking about. We were going to do it in the tube.
After about twenty minutes JP and Jackie both jumped out of the tube and into the water to go for a swim. The boat turned around to pick them up. Becca and I volunteered to go next. We got in to tube, situated to that no one could see any part of us. Becca rolled to face me and we started to make out, after a while she started to grab onto my crotch so I grabbed onto her tits. I fondled them for a while and then took off her top. A wave hit us and we started to bounce up and down, Becca's breasts moving in sync with the waves. She took off my swim trunks and my larger than average dick came out. I looked down at her thong bottom and took it off. For the second time I saw her pretty pussy. I could tell that she had shaved that morning because of the complete lack of hair. I licked her nipples and then gave her kisses all the way down her body until I smelled the musty scent of her pussy. I began to lick it. I concentrated on the area where her lips were, tongue-fucking her occasionally until she started to moan very hard. She was close to orgasm. I moved my tongue up and began to lick her clit. She started to buck and cry out at she was sent through the most powerful orgasm of her life.
Becca had lost her hymen to a toy so she wouldn't be in pain her first time. But, she remained a beautiful virgin. After she settled down some, I began to finger her. First sticking one finger in, then two. I felt her g-spot, I had watched a lot of porn where women squirted from g-spot stimulation. I began to rub it and before long, Becca began to shriek in delight. She was very close, I continued to give her the g-spot treatment and I bent down and licked her clit. I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum. She had squirted. I was ecstatic, but I still wanted my favor.
Becca had other plans. She told me she was on birth control, and she wanted me to fuck her in the pussy. I about jazzed my pants after hearing that.
She took my cock in her mouth and gave it some lube to slide in her pussy easily. I entered her slowly, savoring each stroke with a moan. I was sweating in the heat. I frenched Becca while fondling her tits and pumping her pussy. It didn't take long for me to cum, because I was so horny from the strip show. I came in her pussy over and over. It felt like I weighed less after cumming so hard.
The rest of the party we danced and grinded in Genna's basement. I was elated the whole time because I just got laid, and I had not been caught.
That is how I lost my virginity.

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