Taking Sarah,Part Two

Taking Sarah,Part Two

Taking Sarah, Part two
Help from a friend.

Over the few weeks since I had taped Sarah in the bathroom, I tried numerous times to view her again, to no avail. I did have one opportunity to view her close-up quickly.
She had fallen asleep on her bed, the top bunk after school one day and Anne called upstairs that dinner was ready and would i wake Sarah. Entering her room i saw that indeed she was fast asleep. As i approached her I saw that her shorts were very loose on her. I knew that if i just moved them slightly i would be able to see her sweet little pussy. Placing one hand on her waist ready to shake her if she showed signs of waking. With the other i slowly moved the material of her shorts sideways ad saw she had on her normal lil girl white panties. Hooking a finger under her panties i pulled them down and away and there in front of me was her little pink slit. I stood there entranced by the site of her wanting to touch more when I felt her stir slightly. Removing my fingers her panties slipped back into place and i shook her with my other hand and said "Time to wake up dinner is ready". She awoke none the wiser of what i had seen and i left her room.
A few days later the whole situation took a turn that would prove to be the key to taking Sarah.

That evening the house phone rang and when i answered it, it was Cindy the female part of a couple that Anne and I were friends with. It seems that she and her bf had broken up and she had been told by Anne that if she ever needed a place to just call. As she was doing, she was in town and wanted to make sure the invite still stood. I gave her directions to the house and about ten mins later she knocked at the door.
Now i could write a whole story or two about Cindy, But suffice to say for now, That Cindy was a very good looking blond with a nice tight body, whose sexual tastes were extremely varied. She was Bi and had been with Anne and I once in a very erotic encounter. Thus I was in no way opposed to putting her up for as long as she needed. In fact that first nite after we had her things put into the spare room and the kids had been asleep for an hr or so, we again welcomed her into our bed i had a very satisfying time with her.

In the middle of the week when i came home for lunch i had finished my sandwich and was sitting on the couch drinking the last of my milk. Cindy was sitting at the other end and we were just engaged in idle chatter. She asked how work was going and how long I had for lunch. I told her i had another 20 mins before i had to be back. She turned to me and said. "You know if Anne didn't find out we could go upstairs if you have time" Hell I didn't need another invite. I stood up and she followed me up the stairs to my bedroom and i had one of the nicest nooners ever. Over the next week, it became a regular thing. If Anne was working I came home for lunch , ate quickly, then took Cindy upstairs for a great fuck, if she wasn't already up there waiting for me when I got home.
One day I stopped by the house on my way back from the lumber yard and Cindy was just coming out of the shower. I followed her into her room and unzipped my pants and took out my cock. Thats all it took as she dropped to her knees and began to suck me. As I stood there holding her head as she engulfed my cock i saw a picture of a very cute girl on her dresser. "Is that your daughter" I asked her she looked to the dresser and said yes it was. She's a cutie isn't she? I said yes she is, she looks alot like her mom. She told me that she was 16 and already had breasts bigger then her own. I said, "I am sure they are beautifull". I wouldn't know, Cindy said, I have been trying to see them for years now , but she is very shy and I have never had the chance and i can tell you it has frustrated me to no end. My mind was racing, Hmm she wanted to see her daughter naked. I saw my opening and took it. Well if you'd like to invite her down sometime i can gaurentee you see her. She stopped what she was doing, though i hardly noticed as i had a raging hard-on at this point. "What do you mean, how can I do that"? Oh I have my ways I told her. Now was the time to drop the question I really wanted to ask. I said Cindy, "Do young girls turn you on"?
Hell yes she said, I had one of the neighbor girls when i lived up north, she was so sweet i did everything to her , before she and her folks moved away. The next question, "Cindy, How old was she"? She was 13, it was heaven. Cindy I said you have two sweet things right here, If you are up for it. I will make you a deal. You help me with them or at least one of them and I will get you what you want with your daughter. If you can do that, she said , you definatly have a deal. Now tell me how you can do that?
I told her,"Finish what your doing" and i will lay it all out for you. She began to suck me again and it took just about 30 secs for me to empty my load into her hungry mouth.
As it was fri and I wasn't working the weekend I told her that we would have to find some time alone over the weekend and it would all be made clear for her. I left, going back to work, but I can tell you my mind was on everything , but work for the rest of the day.

Saturday dawned and I was up early as usual. Anne got up about an hr later and went to shower. Just for kicks i flipped on the recorder and watched as she undressed and and got in and out of the shower. Turning it off before she finished drying and returned to the room, none the wiser. She told me that she and the girls were headed out to a friends to go shopping as soon as she could get them up and showered and would be back around 2PM. I told her I had nothing really planned for the day and was going to finish my e-mails on the computer and then probably just hang for the day. She offered me the option of joining them, to which I gave her a No-thanks reply to her laugh.
She went downstairs after yelling into the girls room for them to get showered so they could get going. Hm, moving to the bedroom door and keeping watch i heard the bathroom door close and knowing Anne was downstairs I flipped the record button to see Chrissy walk into the bath and begin to strip, to my amazement she was nearly as developed as Sarah, though being a year younger. I turned off the monitor, but kept recording and listening to make sure Anne wasn't coming upstairs. Then did the same as Chrissy left and Sarah entered. Amazing how things just fall into place some times.
After Anne and the girls left i cued up the tapes, leaving the first one of Sarah for last and went to grab a fresh cup of coffee and wake Cindy.

Waking Cindy I gave her a cup of fresh coffee and said come with me. Slipping on her robe she followed me to my bedroom. I sat next to her on the bed and said to her, "Ok, I told you that I could get you a good look at your daughter naked" Yes she said, "Alright I am going to show you how" and your going to help me, right! Yes she said. I stood up and walked to the monitor and turned on the tape. Moving to the bed I layed down behind Cindy as the monitor showed Anne walking into the bathroom, disrobing and getting into the shower. Cindy turned to look at me and said."OMG you have a camera in the bathroom" I just nodded and slipped her robe off her shoulders and motioned her to lie in front of me. We watched together as first Anne , then Chrissy and Sarah each got undressed and showered. Cindy said wow, both girls have sweet body's. I am not sure which I want to do. Just wait I told her. Reaching into the night stand i grabbed the lube we kept there and began to rub it on Cindy's ass as the first tape of Sarah began. Watch this one I told her, As Sarah got out of the shower and went to the cabinet i slowly slipped my cock into Cindys ass. As she realised what she was watching she began to push back against me and i began to pump into her. As Sarah rubbed herself i increased my pace and as she reached orgasm, I began to unload into Cindy's ass as she moaned and pushed back against me.

What do you think, I asked Cindy. I think i know which one we are going to do first and I am inviting my daughter down ASAP.


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