Surviving Dawn part 1

Surviving Dawn part 1

Today started just like every other Wednesday in recent memory. I woke up at 2pm, got ready, let the dogs out, and left for work. I arrived at work at my usual 3:11pm, and walked across the parking lot feeling good and soaking up a little sun. When I got to the basement and walked into the maintenance shop; I heard my boss babbling on about the local news report. I started my standard mundane routines when I heard thunder outside. I assumed that now would be the best time to get my chemical readings from the pool, under the impression that a storm was moving in. When I got out of the basement, there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Then I heard jets; one jet is usual since we have a regional airport across the road, but this sounded like several jets. After I finished my readings, I heard sirens coming toward the hotel and decided to go to the roof and see what was happening. When I got there I was in disbelief, the jets I heard were coming back, and they were dropping bombs on the interstate.

I had prepped for this; I called my short list and told them to go to the meeting spot to wait it out. Word was spreading; people were running from both our building and the mall on the other side of the highway. Whoever was behind this was trying to cause mass panic, and they were succeeding. By hitting the highway, they had essentially cut the entire area in half forcing everyone trying to get out onto two other roads neither of which was designed to handle that amount of traffic. I decided to lay low for now and see if anyone else had stayed behind. I walked down all the guest corridors, but they were all deserted. I walked through the basement employee area where a heard one of the showers running, I knocked loud and yelled into the bathroom. I heard whoever was in there reply and the voice sounded very familiar. I told her that she needed to finish up quickly, and that there was some serious stuff going down. When she came out, I realized that it was Stephanie and I explained what was going on. She freaked; but who can blame her, I took her upstairs so that she could try to call her family. I took her to the conference room and told her to stay put, and I would be back soon. I continued on towards the restaurant, where I found one of the waitresses crying. Her name was Amber, we had chatted in the past a few times. I startled her, but she quickly tried to put on a brave face. I talked to her to try to calm her down; but then she told me that when she realized what was happening, she called and talked to her sitter when the line went dead. I took Amber to the conference room to check on Stephanie, who was crying because she couldn’t get through to anyone.

It was two hours after the initial strike, and I was sitting in a board room with two grieving, panic-stricken young women. Every time that I tried to get up and leave they pleaded for me to stay, I finally had to explain that I had an emergency kit in my truck at all times, and needed to retrieve it. I left the building and tried to stay low and run as fast I as I could to the back of the parking lot. I grabbed my pack and my truck gun and began hading back towards the building, trying to ignore the udder chaos all around me. As I reached the doors, I turned back to take it all in. Every direction that I looked had smoke and secondary explosions. We needed to pack quickly and move fast before the primary force started bearing down on the area. I needed to inventory what we have. The girls had nothing more their uniforms and purses. I enough food for the three of us for one day, my .22 rifle, 250 rounds of ammo, first aid kit, and my summer survival kit. Luckily the mall would have most of what we would need to finish our journey. We used the cover of darkness to make our way across the tattered interstate. We kept low and used anything we could to hide ourselves. Closest to the road was the outdoor store, so that’s were we started. I gave my pack to Stephanie, since she was the smallest of the three of us. Then I needed to fit one to Amber, who was just a little thick one of the many things that I liked about her. Once I got her set up I grabbed the largest pack that they had for myself, I’m 5’ 10” and 220 lbs. so I can handle a larger load. I grabbed things we would need for the trip and beyond. The girls would need clothing for the seasons to come so we ran from store to store finishing up the shopping list. One of the last stores that we came to was a popular lingerie shop. Since this would probably be the last bit of normalcy that they would see for while, I let them indulge themselves without hurry. They tried on all sorts of garments, for a short while I felt like I was in heaven watching these two beautiful women trying on manners of lingerie. Amber and Stephanie were complete opposites in terms of body shape. Stephanie was young and firm with slender legs leading up to a small firm ass, flat stomach, and perky b-cup tits. Amber was chubby with nice thick thighs, a big ass, and a great rack with just a hint of sag to them. I grabbed some extra things in case we found someone along the way that no where else to go. We were packed and ready to go, when we heard the distant roar of engines.

We made our way to the highway where it looked like units were heading north towards us from the metro area. I headed back to the hotel, I knew that we could hide in the building and keep out of the elements. I took the girls into a back stairwell that was behind several locked doors, and was high enough that you didn’t readily see it unless you knew it was there. The power was out now; I tried to use my flashlight as little as possible, but without it the girls were startled by every creak in the old building. I finally got the girls to settle down enough to sleep; I threw a blanket over them admiring how tightly their bodies were pulled together. Staring at Stephanie’s body locked tightly into Amber’s curves. I slept only 10 minutes at a time, constantly watching and listening for signs of trouble. At 3:00 am the girls started to stir, they needed to use the bathroom, I helped them down and we quietly made our way around the building which would have been easier with some light. When we finally reached the basement bathrooms, I gave the flashlight to Amber and went to stand outside. She stopped me as I reached the door, and said that they would feel better if I would stay there with them. As I stood there trying not to listen I could hear them going, and it was starting to turn me on so I quickly distracted myself with the creation of a mental list of the trip to come.

After a half hour of eating an MRE breakfast, I decided that it was time to set out on our journey. It was beginning to lighten as the sun tried to break the horizon, and I led us towards a lightly wooded neighborhood. The first leg would be one of the shortest point to point, but it’s going to take lots of work to make sure we had enough cover. After an hour of walking we came to the small dairy farm that I was looking for, and I decided to give the girls a much deserved break. I gave the girls a pair of socks each and told them to check their feet and swap socks. I stepped out in search of some clean water, and found a rain bucket that looked clear and smelled fresh so I filled up our water bottles and headed back. As I walked in I watched the girls massage each other feet, before putting their socks and shoes back on, at which point we hit the road again.

This time we were able to follow close to the road, since the large oak trees provided enough aerial cover. Up ahead I saw a suv flipped on its side, I had the girls wait in the tree line until I could check it out. When I got close enough I could see a bloodied body in the driver seat. I checked for vitals, but couldn’t get a pulse so I moved on to see if there was anything worth but I didn’t find anything. I took the girls on a very wide circle around the accident; they’ve been through enough trauma in the past 24 hours. After another two hours of walking we reached our next checkpoint, an old stable that I did some work with in the past. The business went under a couple years back, and the building had been vacant except for some wandering game. We were halfway through our journey now; we could stop and rest until the next morning. I knew that there was an old hand pumped well in the south barn that we could get water from. As we approached the barn something caught my attention, the sound of someone scrambling. I had the girls stay back, and raised my weapon as I began to clear the building. In the third stall, there was a pile of old hay that looked like a likely hiding place, so began to clear the rest of the building keeping an eye and ear on that stall, when I finished I returned to the stall and made myself and my intentions well known. Two hands popped out of the hay, slowly followed by the dainty figure of a teenage girl with red hair flowing down over her shoulders covering her breasts. She was wearing only a small tattered pair of underwear. I lowered my weapon and called Amber and Stephanie into the barn Amber began digging through her pack looking for any clothing that might fit the poor girl. I left the girls alone with a meal looking for anything that I might be able to feed myself with. I found a few areas that looked good for setting rabbit snares; as I continued on I nearly stepped on a copperhead just off the path. I slowly pulled out my entrenching tool and dispatched the snake. As I returned to the barn Amber met me at the door asking to go for a walk, so we walked far enough from the barn that we wouldn’t be heard. I made a small fire at the base of an oak tree, while Amber filled me in on the young girl’s plight. Her name was Elle, after the initial strike people ran away from the interstate right into the arms of the invading army. Everyone was sorted and searched, women had the clothes torn from their back and were thrown into a truck. The army was trucking everyone into the city and holding them inside the buildings. She had managed to get loose from one of her captors and they just watched her run away assuming she would die from exposure or starvation. Since Amber was the one that I knew and trusted the most, I filled her in on my plan. I needed to get home to my supplies, and then we could either wait this out or try to find others. This had brought back memories of what things were before yesterday, the two us going out for drinks and shooting pool at the local tavern this spring, kids running through the hotel, and entire days spent at the mall. All of this was gone now; she began to weep as all of these mixed feelings hit her at once. I held her, rocked her, and tried to comfort her. She was exhausted and scared, and then she looked up at me and kissed me with passion in her eyes. As I kissed her deeply I ran my fingers through her as my other hand started to snake slowly down her back. She squirmed to reposition herself straddling me, holding my face in her soft hands. I broke free from her lips, to kiss her neck while she moaned and began to grind her hips against me. A soft ‘ahem’ sent the two of us scrambling to compose ourselves; behind us Stephanie and Elle had been watching waiting for the proper moment to reveal their presence. The girls all had a good laugh as I stoked the small fire back to life in order to cook my meal. As darkness settled I was finally able to eat, as the girls began to chat idly by the fire. I warmed a few gallons of water by the fire so that the girls could wash up. I left the girls with a little extra room while I stood watch. I watched them strip off their clothing as they began to wash each other. I watched the fire reflect off of their glistening nude bodies it was a sight to behold. Even after the world got so fucked up, there was beauty right in front of me. Stephanie and Elle began to dress, when they headed back to the barn Amber motioned for me. I slowly walked to her watching the fire dance off of her body. As I reached her she stood and pressed her lips to mine, I could feel her breasts heaving as tried to catch her breath. I lifted her and set her down in the soft grass. I began to kiss my way down her neck to her sternum, and then I slowly made my way past her navel on my way down to her beautifully trimmed pussy. I began to gently kiss up and down her sweet slit before I parted her slit; she whimpered and moaned while I caressed her with my tongue. Before long she gave my hair a tug, pulling me into another kiss while she fumbled with my pants. She guided me into her as she sighed and bit her lip. She pushed her hips into me until I bottomed out inside of her. She held onto me with everything she had while I set a slow steady rhythm for us, she started clenching and I picked up my pace pounding deeper and harder. We climaxed together; I filled her with my seed as her body convulsed. Contented, she gathered herself and headed back to the barn while I put out the fire. The girls were sleeping together in the back barn so I covered them and headed towards the door to sleep at the ready.

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