Nightly Sins Pt. 5

Nightly Sins Pt. 5

Part 5

Authors note: This is from the Fathers perspective the day of Part 4. Not much sex in here, felt it would have been too forced, but it does progress the story. Enjoy! and remember to vote and leave a comment on what you would like to see.

I had woken up too early this morning, it was 5AM, and Lori didn't have to get up until 7 so I figured I'd scan the overnight video files of Loris room. I started from just before Lori went to her room. I noticed that night she was at the desktop some and might have to install another camera pointed in that direction as well and notice she points her body towards the back wall. I quickly scan thru the first few hours before dinner happened, nothing really going on she's doing her homework and such. But after dinner is where it gets interesting.

I watch Lori getting undressed, and checking her self out in the mirror before slipping into bed, first she's under her covers then she slides them down and spreads her legs, the quality of the video is excellent, as I can easily double the size of it and still not distort the video too much. I see her sweet pussy clearly, my eyes fixate on her almost hairless cunt then catch her pulling out what looks to be a black dildo then realize it's a vibe as I watch her twist the bottom of it and slowly drag it down to her pussy and slide it in.

I watch her writhe and twist as she fucks her self with the dildo I turn up the sound and can hear the buzzing of the vibe and her moans of pleasure. I lean back in my chair rubbing my crotch feeling it stir as I watch my little girl fuck herself. Soon it's over and I hear her calling out to me, “oh daddy fuck me!” after the last few days I'm not too surprised hearing her say that. I resist the urge to stroke myself and by the time she is finished it's 6AM so I decide to start breakfast get my mind off of the erotic and shameful thoughts I'm having about my daughter.

As 7:15 rolls around I hear Lori coming down the stairs in her uniform and we do our morning pleasantries. Then I catch her eye as she looks at me with a seductive and devilish smile as I watch her take her sausage link and suck on the syrupy end, my cock lurches and the idea of her wrapping those lips around it. I can't help but shift in my seat a little bit, watching her blatantly try to seduce me then she sucks in the entire link and swallows it whole and I manage to suppress a groan of longing. Then she bounces up and kisses my cheek then runs out to school, leaving me stunned in my chair, and with a hard cock. A minute or two after that I shake my head and finish my breakfast and clean up then decided to call up a buddy for lunch.

I called George up, he was Loris friend Jennys father, and when I met him we hit it off, he too was in the IT and computer field. I met him for lunch at some place and explained what was going on.

“George, she's my daughter and she's 12.”

“Hank, calm down. She's just trying to explore her sexual side seeing what she can get away with. Honestly, let her do her thing. Let her learn what she is capable of.” George calmly said to me. Then in a low whisper, “when Jenny was her age, hell even younger she seduced me” I lean back “you mean tried to right?” He just shakes his head no and I blinked at that “You mean you and Jenny...” I let the question hang in the air and he just nods to affirm that he and his daughter have been fucking, or have some kind of sexual relationship. I flag down our waitress “check please!” then turn back to George. “I think we should talk in a more private area, meet me back at my place.”

A half hour later George and I get back to my place and I fix us a drink, a double for me considering the recent events. “So you and Jenny have been fucking? How long?” I fall into my recliner in the living room. “since she was 11, but she seduced me when she was 10, she was very persuasive and determined, and well Angie hadn't let me fuck her for over a year at that point and I was aching for sexual relief from a woman.” he gulped down his drink as he began his story.

“Jenny was 10, Angie had just started her year of night shifts. So we didn't have much time together, and when we were together she'd be too tired or have a headache. So it just became routine for me to jack off at the computer, reliving the times she and I had with the videos we had done. One night Jenny caught me, and asked why I was masturbating, She used that exact word, 'masturbating', and we were always honest, no matter how embarrassing or if they should know according to society. So I told her what I was doing, and of course the next question was 'Why?' and I told her since her mother has gone onto her night shift we haven't had been able to have sex and that a guy at times needs to relive his sexual needs. She had this look of understanding then what shocked me next was her grabbing my cock and stroke her little hand up and down it, I hadn't bothered to cover up or anything. Then she said 'since mamma won't take care of you, I will care for you daddy'. I let it happen, I was already on the edge when she caught me, and I came right there all over her hand.”

“You had to have told her then it wasn't right though, right George?” I got up and fixed him another drink, it looked like he could use another, and this time a double. I handed it to him and he downed it faster then I could blink.

“Of course I did Hank, but she seemed to have gotten it into her head if Angie didn't take care of me, she would. She started to wear skimpier and skimpier clotheswhen her mom wasn't around, then finally after about 4 months my resolve broke. She was wearing this black, semi-transparent nightie, no bra, she had on a black thong and bent over to pick out a DVD to watch. It was like a switch in me was flipped and I couldn't resist as I came up behind her and pressed against her and asked her if she wanted to help daddy with his sexual needs. She of course said yes and I laid her down on the couch, and made love to her Hank. Made love to my 10 year old daughter, just oral at first then for her 11th birthday I took her cherry, she told me she busted it for me so she would be better able to take me.” he sighed as he leaned back in his seat.

“What's more incredible is that I know she's fucking John as well, started early this year, I think around his birthday. Although I could be wrong.” I leaned back in my seat taking this all in, George fucking his daughter, and now John fucking his sister, the same girl.

“So what of Angie?” I had to ask that question as he looks at me and shakes his head.

“She doesn't know she's too busy with her career, or if she does she hasn't made any attempts to tell me about it. Although I wouldn't care if she did at this point.”

“Don't be to sure on that if she found out you are fucking Jenny since she was 10 then it could be big trouble for you” I warned “I know Hank, I know. It's just Jenny has given me more passion and pleasure in 4 years than Angie has in 20.” “Well George...” I think this carefully. “if you need a room for you and Jenny...” I let it hang for him to contemplate, and for me to let it sink into my own mind that I'm letting George have a place to fuck his underage daughter, making me an accomplice to what some would see as deviant behavior. “to be together.” “Thanks Hank, might need it during the weekends when I take her shopping now that her mother is home on a temp layoff.” I had almost forgotten about that guess I'll be getting a weekend visitor for a while if he takes me up on it.

George and I talk for a bit longer, although I”m a bit distracted, pondering on if I should let Lori seduce me, after all she is older then when Jenny seduced George, and Lori does look like her mother, and I terribly miss her so.

After George leaves I go back to the computer in my office and pull up the conversation we had and delete that portion of the video using a 7-pass eraser program, got to make sure it's really erased, if not damn near impossible to recover, just incase. Lori comes home about an hour later and I look at her and wonder what is going on in that mind of hers. Just what is she going to do next to try and seduce me. I decided with Georges story telling I am going to let her seduce me, I just won't let it be too easy for her.

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