After the party_(0)

After the party_(0)

The party had been over for me for a long while. I was going fishing in the morning so I had excused myself from my guests and gone to bed. And my wife was an excellent hostess so I thought she could entertain any hangers on. But sleeping wasn’t happening. I could hear the chatter as guests began leaving. Each time laughing and keeping me awake. Amazing how much people have to say in the moments they are leaving. And those stupid horn honks as they speed awayI It finally grew quiet in the house and I expected Mary to come to bed after awhile but instead heard someone in the bathroom, peeing into the toilet so knew it was a guy. I wondered who was still there?

He returned downstairs to the rec room and I began to distinguish the murmur of voices but was unable to discern females. I got up quietly, put my ear to the air duct from the basement and heard murmuring from three voices, One of them my wife Mary. Curious to know who was still down there, but not interested in reviving the party by an appearance, I quietly slid open the door to our deck, and slipped down the rear stairs to where I could stand by a window to see into my basement rec room. I had opened that window earlier as the room heated with so many guests. There was something sneaky about this action of peeking that gave my stomach a lusty turn.

I crept close to the window. Through the slit in the curtains I saw Mary, sitting at the bar, Bill was beside her with Sam leaning across the bar. They were all old friends and Bill was on her bowling team. They were talking quietly over a drink, I thought just having a nightcap before they left yet the conversation seemed flirtatious to me. I watched until Sam decided to go up to the bathroom. Then was stunned at the sight that unfolded.

Bill and Mary started immediately kissing and not a peck either, a sexy long kiss. I watched in amazement! Thinking this was something they both were comfortable with! And Bill started fondling her breasts. My wife is a little plump at 35 and has fabulous big boobs and was letting Bill rove his hands all over them, even sliding up under her blouse. She closed her eyes with his caress and began rubbing his cock through his jeans! I was shocked but strangely full of lust now and could feel my own cock pulsing. I had no feelings of jealousy or anger but only a strange sexual excitement.

She stepped to the doorway and listened a moment for Sam, then returned to Bill and quickly unzipped his pants. Pulled out his already stiff cock. I could not believe it when she leaned forward and took it into her mouth! He sighed and leaned back on the bar stool while she moved up and down on his hard inches! I thought quite a bit larger than mine. But taking it in easily and expertly from my point of view. He was looking down at her with a wide grin and caressing her hair.

I had always known my wife was a flirt, and even enjoyed how she sometimes teased a guy, like while dancing, or sitting close at a party, letting her lusty aura fascinate him. Males were just attracted to her sexiness, but I didn’t suspect this! Instead of being upset I was thrilled with the sexy scene and my erection expanded until I had to free it from my shorts. I couldn’t believe myself how hard I was!

Sam was coming down the stairs and Mary quickly stopped, allowing Bill to zip up, although Sam looked oddly at them as he entered the room. He sort of smirked and Bill grinned back at him and I could see they knew something between them.

Then Mary said she needed to use the bathroom too. Damn! I raced back up the rear stairs and plunged into bed just as she came into our bedroom. I knew she would check on me to see if I was awake. Even lying there with my eyes closed, I was thinking of what she was going to do next! This was a total shock as I had never suspected anything before, but now was running many things through my head! Kept my eyes glued shut as I knew she was watching me. She said my name aloud and I stayed still, only emitting a snort and a snore.

Then feigned a nice even breathing until she went away quietly, shutting the door. I heard her returning to the rec room and quickly retraced my steps to my secreted position outside the rear window, being very careful now to not make a slip and a sound. This was all so new yet I was enjoying a huge vicarious pleasure being a voyeur to my own wife. My heart was pounding with excitement! Now filled with a lust I had no control over but it felt so damned good! This was my own wife cheating on me. I didn’t try to understand my feelings, only wanted to see more. There was something delicious in that she was so sexy with another guy and I wondered what she had done with Bill before when she was supposed to be bowling?

I had told Bill and Sam over the years how sexy Mary really was and that once aroused, she was unable to resist when touched! It was at a bar, the booze had opened my lips. It slipped out in a conversation about wives that Mary loved sucking my cock and they both asked questions, obviously envious of what I had at home. Bill had said, “She sucks you right off? Like you come in her mouth?”

I replied, “Sure she loves to make me come with her tongue.”

Sam joined in, “And she just swallows too?”

Bill only said, “Jeeeze.” I think I saw them both rubbing their crotches.

They knew she was daring and would try sexual things, but I thought only because I had told them those things. Never believing she was allowing her sexuality to emit to other guys. But how could she not know when guys were looking at her great tits?

Bill and Sam had extinguished the light and only a few soft candles still burned. But it was bright enough to catch the look passed between my two friends. Somehow I believed they both had lingered purposely now until everyone else went home. A conspiracy to seduce my wife?. They knew about my fishing day. And that I would sneak off to bed as I had done before.

Mary was sitting back at the bar when Bill now went back up to the bathroom. I thought it was odd because he had just peed. But the moment he left, Sam leaned across the bar and began kissing Mary, who didn’t resist at all! He came around the bar and stood close, kissing her with a lot of tongue and she was responding and finally lowered her hand to his cock and began rubbing it! Gawd who was doing the seducing? She couldn’t keep her hand away from cocks! I had no idea my wife was this horny and realized that Bill and Sam had probably already worked this idea out somehow previously.

Sam reached under Mary’s blouse and fumbled a minute but she reached behind and unhooked her bra for him until her heavy breasts were free. He raised her blouse up and I could almost see the gleam in his eyes as he looked at their wonderful shape, then began sucking her nipples, holding one breast in both hands. If I even touched my cock it would explode in an orgasm! I knew that nice feeling he was having at their weight and how sexy her nipples were. Her eyes were closed with pleasure and she stroked his head, eliciting a tiny whimper sometimes.

I was trying to recall times when Mary said the bowling team went for a beer after and wondering about other guys from the bowling alley or just Bill and if she even went for a beer at all? What about guys she worked with? How many had been cast under her sexy spell? And how easily she leaned down to get a cock in her mouth, so casual as though she wanted it and knew the guy expected it? But why? Was she known for sucking guys off? I knew a girl in school once who got that reputation that other girls said was bad and that she was a slut, but she enjoyed all the attentions of the best males in school! If Mary was like that she certainly would have all the sex she wanted. Why had I missed all this? I was very excited by this new Mary I had not known before.

Now I noticed Bill standing around the corner where Sam and Mary couldn’t see him. Mary had her eyes closed pulling Sam’s head to her other breast! I could tell she was breathing a little harder I was now stroking my own throbbing cock and came without hardly doing any touching. Shuddering throughout my body with the thrill of it. The scene was so lusty! I had so many sexy thoughts running through my brain because of this newfound pleasure!

Bill was watching them while Sam undid his own pants and freed his cock, Mary glanced down at it and then slid off the bar stool and onto her knees, taking it deep into her mouth, began sucking it slowly, using her whole head. Taking it all into her mouth. Bill inched forward until he was standing right behind her. Sam just grinned. Bill took out his cock too and pressed it against Mary. Who leaped up startled! She didn’t know what to do at first but they both just stood there grinning at her with their cocks out, hard and ready.

Mary smiled and then took one in each had. I heard her say something about them liking what she was doing. And then she led them over to the sofa and sat down, leaving Bill and Sam standing in front of her. She proceeded to suck both their cocks alternately! I was transfixed! I was hard again even though I had just come. This was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! My wife giving ultimate pleasure to my two friends. I was a loving cuckold!

Sam finally undid her blouse while Bill pulled her bra off. They both seemed to say Wow at the same time at the sight of Mary’s sexy big breasts. In my side view of her I said wow too! Mary seemed to be feasting on their cocks, sucking each in turn, slowly at first, then faster until she went over to the other one, all the time making slurping noises. Then she’d hold only the head in her mouth and suck it slowly. I heard Sam say, “Oh my god, what a sexy woman!” Bill replied with, “I told you didn’t I?” Now I knew they had planned to stay behind just for the chance to have sex with my wonderful woman.

They finally took off all of Mary’s clothing, and as she continued to suck Sam’s cock, she knelt on the sofa raising her rear up for Bill, he licked at her for a few minutes and then entered her from behind. I knew that Bill had fucked her before because he did exactly what Mary likes, fucked her very very slowly at first pushing his cock well into her and then holding it there until she squirmed with delight with his hands on her hips. She moaned aloud in a quick orgasm, in a husky whisper said, “I am coming. Right now.” pushing back against his long cock. She elicited a series of trembles and whimpers. Sam started to come and Mary only moved faster, taking the whole length of his cock in steady strokes. And sucking on the head until he grunted in pleasure. “Oh my god!” was all he said. I knew she knew just how to work her tongue under the head for maximum feeling. She slowly stopped and leaned forward, making her rear higher as Bill stroked at her from behind. Sam played with her breasts while watching Bill fuck her. Finally Bill came too and Mary was writhing over his cock, shaking and moaning aloud without trying to suppress it now. She was so turned on to the illicit sex and her orgasms!

She fell into the sofa, turned and just stared up and them, smiling. “Thank you, guys.” I heard her say. She looked divine laying there with her great breasts and little hairy bush. They should have been thanking her! Sam said he’d like more of that, but he had to get home. He left quickly.

Mary then started sucking Bill’s cock again until it was hard, then she lay back as Bill fucked her slowly again. She gripped his waist with her legs and dug her heels into him to get him all inside her. He was just smiling as she tried to muffle her cries of ecstasy into a pillow as she came over and over again until he did too. The sight and especially the sounds of my wife coming again and again with abandon were too much and I stroked my own cock off in seconds too. If I could have I would have dived my face into her pussy and sucked it to make her cum more. Those little reverberations and shudders were the greatest turn on. I would advise every guy to watch his wife fucking.

I have never seen such a lusty thing in my life and had no real idea that my wife was like that! Cheating on me and driving me insane with lust. But not a bad insane, only a great feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was immediately addicted to! My only regret was that I had to pretend to be sleeping when she finally came up to bed and couldn’t get horny with her for fear of raising her suspicions that I might know something. I wanted to eat her pussy and see what it felt like after another guy just fucked her but couldn’t explore than one. Yet.

Well now I did know just how sexy my lovely wife was! I resolved to make sure we put on another party soon. And in one night I had now become addicted to a thrill I never knew existed! I wanted more. I now actually wanted her to cheat on me. It was just too fucking exciting not to pursue. I started to think of scenarios where I could even set up something so I could get a view of this lust again! I tried to remember guys who showed interest when I told them how sexy she was. But I didn’t want to just suggest it or mutually arrange something. I loved that feeling that she was so licentious and was enjoying the secret of her cheating while I could vicariously share it without her knowing.

And I wondered how many more there were out there who she might be fucking? I can’t say she neglected me. And I read once where if a woman is getting lots of fucking outside her marriage, she gives out more at home to her husband. I was ready for this new chapter of sex for all!

end Pt 1

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