Brief College Encounter

Brief College Encounter

Steve’s New Year’s Eve bash…

…had an even number of blokes to girls, but somehow I knew if I ended up with anybody it would be Ann. Don’t get me wrong – she wasn’t ugly, Just a bit plain and mousy. She was a bit shorter than me and quite skinny although she did have a nice pert bum. Sure enough when the slow dances came along, Ann and I sort of drifted together and she looked at me expectantly.

"Fancy a dance then Ann?"

"Yes please!" she replied and I wrapped my arms around her as she smiled up at me. Ray was convinced that she fancied me and I reluctantly agreed. She circled her hands around my neck and laid her head on my chest.

I must admit that the warm closeness of her body was very pleasant. We weren't talking and she seemed to be snuggling her head into my shoulder, so I decided to risk all by sliding my hands down her back and cupping the cheeks of her bum through her skirt.

"Sorry I was forgetting myself!" and I pulled my hands back up again.

"No that's all right… I don't mind…" whispered Ann so I slid my hands down again and this time gently massaged the cheeks of her bum through the soft thin material. I must confess I was starting to get turned on by this, and I began to think that perhaps just for tonight I could “get off” with her. After a couple of dances I opened my eyes which had been closed up until then and noticed people drifting off to the lounge.

“We’re being abandoned!” I joked to Ann, who looked around and then said,

“God so we are – quick lets bag a chair!”

We quickly went through to the lounge and were able to grab a large soft armchair in the corner of the room. Steve had already turned the lights down, so we could hardly see the other couples, and I felt a bit nervous as to what Ann and I would get up to – or not. I had the impression that she was a bit of a prude.

Ann told me to sit on the chair, and then she sat on my lap, sliding her arm behind my head and snuggling down into my shoulder once again. It occurred to me that from the angle we were sat, and being in the corner of the room, no one else could see what we were up to, but it also occurred to me that as far as I was aware, Ann had no interest in anything other than chatting. However this thought was soon put out of my mind when she started to slide her hand up and down my chest and looked up at me expectantly.

"Are you going to kiss me then?" she asked. I was surprised and delighted at this request and gently kissed her on the lips. She pulled my head closer to her and we kissed quite passionately for several seconds. Then suddenly her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out into my mouth.

I responded in kind and soon Ann was writhing around on my lap as we wrestled our tongues. I quickly glanced around but everyone else was so involved in their own activities that we were attracting no attention. Whilst we were kissing, although my left arm was trapped under Ann's body, my right arm was free and I carefully slid it up to and chest and gently rested it on her left breast. This seemed to spur Ann on as she kissed me even more passionately, and I took this as a hint!

I gently squeezed Ann's breasts through the thin white cotton of her blouse, and then she whispered to me,

"You can undo the buttons if you like…"

I was of course delighted to accept this invitation and felt for the top button of her blouse which I was able to undo quite easily. I then undid the second button and was now able to slide my hand inside her blouse. I felt the lacy material of her bra in my hand, and then carefully slid a finger under the material. Ann then pulled away and glanced down and I thought for a moment she was going to stop me.

"Not much there I'm afraid!" She whispered to me.

"I am sure they’re wonderful!" I whispered back and slid my hand further into her bra. She was right insofar as they were only a small handful, but her left boob fitted snugly in my palm and I felt the nipple hardening beneath my touch. Ann once again laid her head on my shoulder as I gently massaged her breast. I glanced down and suddenly realised that there was a button at the front of her bra.

"Shall I undo this?"

"It would make things a lot easier wouldn't it?" whispered Ann grinning at me. I carefully unhooked the button and pulled away the material exposing her small breasts. Despite the size they were beautiful to look at and I stroked the soft skin, allowing my thumb to gently rub across the nipples. Ann's breathing became harder as I did this, and then glancing up to make sure we were not being watched, I leaned forward and gently nuzzled my head into her chest. Ann pulled my head tight into her breasts, and encouraged by this I kissed the soft smooth skin of her breasts and flicked my tongue across her nipples. Suddenly Ann squeaked and I was worried that someone would hear us, but on glancing up, the other couples in the room seemed to be similarly occupied!

"That is so nice…" whispered Ann and I bent my head down again to continue kissing her boobs. I took one nipple in my mouth and ran up my tongue around it, then letting it fall out with a soft 'plop'. By this time Ann was squirming on my lap and I was starting to find it uncomfortable as of course by now I had an erection which was threatening to burst out of my trousers. I eased myself away from Ann and said,

"I’m getting a bit uncomfortable here…"

"Oh God sorry are you getting a hard on?" Ann looked down at my lap where the evidence was all too obvious! “Gosh I see you are!" She whispered and to my amazement she placed her hand over the bulge in my trousers and squeezed it. "Quite a big one too, by the looks of it!" I closed my eyes as Ann began to squeeze and rub my cock through the material of my trousers.

It was then Ann's turn to glance around the room before carefully undoing the top button of my trousers and sliding down the zip. She whispered to me,

"You keep a lookout…" and she burrowed her hand into my pants and carefully pulled out my now fully erect cock. I looked around the room not quite believing what was happening to me. This girl who had seemed so quiet and innocent at college was now sat on my lap, almost topless, with her small hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

"No one’s paying any attention to us!" I whispered

"Cool!" replied Ann who then proceeded to slide the foreskin of my cock up and down the shaft. It appeared she knew what to do! I could hardly keep my eyes open as the feelings engulfed me, and Ann continued to wank me, her face a picture of studied concentration.

"You know what’s going to happen in a minute don't you?" I whispered to Ann.

"You're going to make a mess all over my skirt!" Ann whispered and grinned up at me. "Have you got anything we can use?"

"Well I've got a hanky…" I muttered.

"Tell you what…if you want to cum in my hand I can nip off to the loo and wash them." Once again she had astounded me - Ann was offering to bring me to a climax in her hands! I nodded in agreement and laid my head back. I felt myself twitch as my orgasm approached and reminded myself not to make any noise. As her hands were unfamiliar to me the orgasm was very close without quite being there, but then suddenly I felt it. I jerked and Ann carefully cupped the head of my cock in her hands as I suddenly came, spurting warm juice into Ann's hands. After two or three spurts I finished, and lay back exhausted.

"There, was that nice…?" Ann whispered in my ear and I looked down at her.

"That was just fantastic!"

"Quick do my top up" said Ann looking down at her exposed breasts, as of course her hands were full. I did so whereupon Ann carefully stood up and casually strolled off to the loo. I suddenly realized that my cock was still in full view and quickly put it away.

A couple of minutes later and she returned and once again sat in my lap. We resumed kissing with a new passion and intimacy, and I felt very close to this girl after what she had done for me. Although normally once I have an orgasm I lose interest in sex, I was getting aroused again and I felt that I should return the compliment. Ann was wearing a long black skirt, as was the style at the time, and it had a long slit up the front. I reached into the slit and stroked the inside of Ann's thighs. She sighed softly and gently eased her legs apart so I was able to slide my hand right to the top of her thighs. I was expecting to find her panties but was astonished to suddenly find my fingers meeting a soft pad of hair!

I looked up and met Ann's grinning face. She had obviously removed her knickers when she had gone to wash her hands! She whispered to me,

"They're in my handbag…!" I grinned back at her as my fingers gently stroked the soft hair of her pubic mound. Ann closed her eyes and laid her head back on to my shoulder as I continued to stroke her and then I slid my fingers further between her legs, gently inserting my middle finger along the soft, warm furrow of her pussy. Ann wrapped her hands tightly around my neck as I slid my finger gently back and forth between her moist lips, feeling her pussy getting wetter by the second. Ann began to gently move her hips to meet my finger and then whispered to me,

"Put it in… slide it into me…"

I did so, allowing the full length of my middle finger to slip deep into her pussy.

"Oh yes… that’s gorgeous…" Ann muttered to me as I began to slide my finger in and out of her pussy. Suddenly she clutched me closer to her, and jerked once, twice, three times as she came, biting down on my shoulder to stop herself from crying out. The muscles of her pussy were clenched around my finger and I could feel her juices on my hand. Then she relaxed and eased herself away from me. She grinned up at me.

"Your turn to go to the loo I think!"


A few days later Ann invited me round to her house for the evening as her parents were going out. I arrived at 8.00, just after her parents had left, and Ann informed me that they were out all night, as they were going to stay with friends of theirs after a party. This meant we had the place to ourselves for as long as we wanted!

We went through into the lounge and watched TV for a couple of hours, generally chatting and cuddling on the sofa. We kissed a few times and I was wondering if we were going to go any further, bearing in mind what had happened on New Year's Eve. When the film finished, Ann said to me,

"What time do you have to be home?" I explained that my parents would not be back until the early hours of the morning, but in any event they were never worried what time I returned, as long as I give them some idea. We then hatched up a plan whereby I would ring my parents and explained that I was staying with a friend overnight, although not saying it was a female friend, and I could then stay with Ann overnight. This sounded a great idea and I rang my parents who were quite happy with the arrangements.

"So it must be about time for bed then?" Ann grinned at me and took me by the hand. It was only 10.30 but I was more than happy to accept her invitation! She led me upstairs into her bedroom. It was a typical teenage girl's bedroom with a large bed, covered by a quilt, and built in wardrobes with mirrors. Ann then turned off the main light, flicked on a bedside light and pulled the curtains. She looked at me expectantly.

"I thought it would be rather nice to actually get into bed, especially as it is going to be a cold night."

"Sounds a great idea to me!" With that Ann started to unbutton her blouse. She was wearing a white lacy bra under her blouse and after dropping her blouse on the floor she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled these down over her hips. She stepped out of her jeans and glanced up at me.
"Sorry I was distracted by your gorgeous little body!" Ann laughed and said

"I hope you like it, it's a bit small but perfectly formed!" I chuckled.

"Looks great to me…!" As I said this Ann reached behind her and unhooked her bra, eased the straps off her shoulders and allowed her pert breasts to fall free. They were as wonderful as I remembered and I could not help but stare as Ann hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white panties and drew these down. She stepped out of them and stood before me, naked and gorgeous.

"For heaven's sake David you've still got your clothes on!" and she walked over to me, calmly took the hem of my T shirt and pulled it over my head. She dropped it on the floor and then ran her hands over my chest. I was quite proud of my body at that age - I had a firm chest and stomach and a good tan. Ann put her arms around me and pulled me to her, so I could feel the soft flesh of her breasts against my chest. I did the same and tilted her head up at me so I could kiss her firmly on the lips. My hands slid down her back to cup the cheeks of her bum, and the small mounds fitted snugly into the palms of my hands. I squeezed them to me as we kissed more passionately, our tongues entwining and our lips pressed hard together.

Ann pulled away and then knelt before me, before unbuttoning the waistband of my jeans and pulling them down. I stepped out of them and Ann gazed intently at the bulge in my cotton briefs. I was almost fully erect by now and my cock was poking the front of my pants. Ann reached up and placed her hand over the bulge, gently squeezing it and stroking the firm mound. I closed my eyes in pleasure as Ann continued to massage the bulge in my pants with her right hand and with her left hand she squeezed the cheeks of my bum. Then she quickly grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled them down, so that my cock sprung into view. Ann giggled as it gently poked the side of her face.

"Wow…he’s lovely!" and to my amazement she kissed it gently on the tip before standing up. I drew her to me again and we kissed, our bodies enveloping each other, and my erection digging into her tummy. Ann then pulled away and went over to the bed, pulled back the quilt and climbed inside. She looked up at me and patted the other side of the bed,

"It's much warmer in here David!" I walked over and climbed into bed, pulling the quilt up until it covered both of us. We then cuddled together and lying on our sides kissed and embraced passionately. I slid my right hand down to Ann's bum and pulled her leg up until it was wrapped around my hips. Her arms were around my neck and I found myself nuzzling the tops of her breasts. She slid further up until her breasts were in front of my face and I kissed each nipple in turn. I then began to kiss and nibble at her breasts, flicking my tongue across the firm nipples as my right hand continued to squeeze and stroke her bum.

Ann was breathing more heavily now as I continued to work on her boobs, and I suddenly realized that the fingers of my right hand were actually stroking the opening to her bum. I then worked them further round until I was almost able to reach her pussy, and Ann helped by sliding even further up my body until my hand was able to reach right round to her pussy lips.

She gasped as my fingers found her pussy and I slid my fingers up and down her lips which were by now very wet. By this time Ann was almost kneeling astride me and the tip of my cock was rubbing against the inside of her thighs. Then suddenly Ann snaked her hand between our bodies, took hold of my cock and a guided between her legs until the tip of it was nuzzling against the lips of her pussy. Then with one smooth movement she slid her body down and my cock slid into her pussy like a warm knife into butter.

"Oh my God that is so nice…" I muttered and looked up at Ann as she gazed down at me. She grinned at me and said,

"I don't suppose you brought any protection with you?" I felt my face drop. It had not occurred to me that we would go this far, and although I had some condoms at home I had not thought to bring one with me. Ann could obviously see my expression.

"Don't panic… I'm on the pill!" Ann grinned at me mischievously.

"You little beauty!" I smiled broadly at her and putting my arms around her pulled her head down to me so I could kiss her again. We continued kissing as my cock nestled in Ann's pussy, and I felt the muscles squeezing my cock although we had not yet actually started screwing. I moved my hips up to pushed my cock deeper into Ann's pussy and she responded by thrusting her hips back at me. I grabbed her hips with my hands and began to push harder, knowing that it would not be long before I came.

Ann started to moan and nuzzled her face into the pillow beside my head. Our rhythm increased as I thrust my cock up into her and Ann bounced on top of my body, moaning rhythmically as I fucked her.

“I’m coming… I'm coming… I'm coming…" Ann muttered into my ear as she ground her hips into my cock. Suddenly she cried out and squeezed her pussy muscles around my cock, buried her head into the pillow and came in three or four deep spasms. This set me off and I clutched the cheeks of her bum and rammed my cock deep into her cunt as I too came, spurting juice into her warm, wet pussy.

We both lay for a few minutes breathing deeply until eventually Ann eased herself off of me and slumped down next to me. I turned to look at her and was greeted by her smiling face. Her cheeks were a red with exertion and beads of sweat dotted her forehead.

"That was fucking brilliant!" gasped Ann. The language surprised me but in the circumstances it was a real turn-on and I replied,

"I love it when you talk dirty!"

Ann laughed and said to me, “Well, bearing in mind that we are going to spend the rest of the night together I'm looking forward to sucking your cock, then you can suck my pussy, and finally we can fuck ourselves to a standstill until dawn!" I laughed and pulled Ann to me, enjoying the warmth of her body.

We carried on chatting for a short while, neither of us particularly tired, knowing that we had the whole night ahead of us. Then Ann leaned forward and snuggled her head into the crook of my neck, gently kissing and nibbling my shoulder, then working her way down across my chest.

I eased myself on to my back as Ann continued to kiss her way down my body, sliding under the duvet as she did so. Then I felt Ann's hand slip between my legs and cup my balls, which soon had my cock springing to attention. I felt Ann's lips kiss the tip of my cock and her tongue twirl around the head. The feeling was exquisite. I carefully lifted up the duvet and glanced down, but all I could see was the top of Ann's head moving around at my groin. She seemed quite happy down there so I let the quilt fall and lost myself in the glorious feelings of Ann's tongue working at the head of my cock. Then I felt her lips covering my cock and suddenly the whole length slipped into her mouth. I gasped as the warmth of her mouth enveloped me and Ann began to slide her lips and tongue up and down the shaft.

I was a little concerned that Ann might have problems breathing so I lifted the duvet up and threw it back uncovering the both of us. Ann glanced up at me and winked but carried on sucking hungrily at my cock. She then wriggled around until she was lying between my legs and held my gaze as she slowed her movements, teasing my cock with her tongue and teeth. I tried to hold her gaze myself, but then had to give in and throw my head back as with a gasp I came. I had not thought to warn Ann of my impending orgasm, but she gamely continued to suck at my cock as I came, gently squeezing my balls. When I had finished she knelt up, and grinned at me with her lips clamped together.

Ann then carefully parted her lips, tipped her head forward and allowed a stream of cum to dribble down her chin and drip on to her breasts. I must confess it was one of the most erotic sights I had seen. She then licked her lips, before quickly jumping off the bed and fetched a tissue from the dressing table to mop herself up.

I thanked Ann profusely but did not like to ask where she had learned such a technique. It was starting to dawn on me that perhaps Ann was not as innocent as I had originally thought and perhaps I was flattering myself in thinking that I was her first sexual partner. She looked at me in an odd way, as if she could almost sense what I was thinking.

“You’re not the first you know…" she said looking quite serious for a moment, which of course made me feel guilty for thinking that perhaps it was me who had broadened her horizons.

“There was a cousin of mine who is a few years older than me, and he came on holiday with us last summer. My parents thought we would get on well together and we could entertain each other while they went to the beach. That's exactly what we did!" Ann grinned at me but it was obvious that she was not going to say any more and I did not want to delve any deeper into her relationship.

Ann came back and sat next to be on the bed and I placed my hand lightly on her cheek and kissed her on the lips. I then eased her back on to the bed and she shuffled around until her head was on the pillow and she was lying out flat. I crawled over towards her and started to kiss her boobs, flicking my tongue across her nipples. Taking each breast in turn, I sucked at them gently and then worked my way down her tummy, kissing her as I did so. I reached the line of Ann's pubic hair and nuzzled my lips around the vee of her groin before gently running my tongue along the inside of her thighs. Ann spread her legs even further at this and I was able to shuffle around and lay on my tummy between her legs, my hand curled around her thighs.

This meant that not only was I able to give her pussy my full attention with my tongue, but I was also able to use my fingers. I gently parted the lips of her pussy and ran my tongue experimentally up and down each side. I felt Ann twitch and guessed I must be doing something right! I continued to run up my tongue up and down the entrance to her pussy and then searched for her clitoris.

I soon found the small pink bud and I gently rubbed at it with my finger bringing a gasp from Ann. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue across her clitoris, gently kissing it with my lips and carefully running my teeth over it. This seemed to set Ann off as she cried out and grabbed my head with hands, pulling my face into her groin and jerking rhythmically. This had the effect of clamping my mouth around Ann's pussy and I could taste her juices as she came for what seemed like minutes, rather than seconds. She suddenly collapsed with a sigh.

I moved up to lie next to her in the bed and pulled the duvet back over us again. Ann turned and smiled at me saying,

“You’re certainly better at that than my cousin!"

“I’m glad about that, I hate competition!" Ann laughed.

Not long after that we both fell asleep in each other's arms and I can remember waking up once or twice, a little startled at finding someone else in the bed with me, before remembering where I was. We eventually got up at about eight and had breakfast, neither of us saying much about our activities during the night, but I felt very comfortable in Ann’s company. I appreciated now that she was not short, she was petite. She was not plain, but next-door-girl pretty. Although it’s a corny line, I felt that this could be the start of a beautiful relationship!

However I could tell that Ann was preoccupied and I assumed that she was conscious of the fact that her parents would be home soon and wanted to make sure I was out of the house before then. As we strolled to the front door I asked Ann if I could see her again that evening. She paused, her hand on the latch of the door, and looked at her feet briefly before looking up to face me.

“David, I am not sure that we will be seeing each other again except at college.” I was aghast at this and was about to argue when Ann put her hand up. “I have been thinking about this since we woke up so please let me say my piece.” This sounded ominous.

Ann gazed at me.

“Don’t get me wrong, I had a fabulous time last night and also on New Year’s Eve at the party. I really enjoyed what we did but I’ve known you for nearly a year now, and we shared a French class all through that period. You showed no interest in me before, and I wonder why you’re suddenly interested now?” She looked at me quizzically and I went to speak.

“No, David let me finish. I like you very much – you’re a sweet guy – but let’s face it I was the last girl available at Steve’s party and I remember the look on your face when you asked me to dance. You had no intention of asking me until I stood in front of you, and I hate to think that you only want to go out with me for the physical side of the relationship. I am happy for us to stay friends at college but I think I wanted to stay that way – just friends.”

I could not immediately think of anything to say but felt bereft. Unfortunately she and I both knew that what she had said was absolutely right. Before the incident on New Year’s Eve I had not fancied Ann in the slightest, and it was only the activities of that night and tonight we had just spent together that made me think I wanted to spend time with her.

I felt that are saying nothing was better than saying something I might later regret so I grinned at Ann ruefully and kissed her on the cheek as she opened the door. I stepped out into the morning sunshine, turned to look at Ann and said,

“See you in class then?”

Ann smiled back at me and closed the door.

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