The Rosetta girls nightmare part 1

The Rosetta girls nightmare part 1

The Rosetta family is now living a very comfortable home with a great view after winning the lottery jackpot in September. Mike and Linda Rosetta invested most of what left of he 208 million dollar payoff after paying a lot of taxes and contributed about 4 million dollars to various charities and purchased a 4,400 square foot home in the hills over looking the Pacific Ocean for 2.9 million dollars. The children 17 year-old Alexia and 16 year-old Lynda have transferred into a nearby private high school less than half of mile from home. The two girls can walk to school in just under 20 minutes less than the time they used to wait for a bus to school. Their father Mike continues to work his job in Hollywood selling advertising for local radio station. Their mother Linda quit her job as a teacher to become a homemaker and take better care of the children and has signed up for volunteer work with the local Red Cross.

The girls love the school because the classes are much smaller and they get more academic help from their teacher. They also love their new home and have made new friends at the school.

As winner of the lottery they were exposed to considerable press coverage of their newfound wealth. What they failed to realize is the danger of others to find ways to share in that wealth.

Alexia her sister Lynda were walking to school one day when they were asked directions from someone driving by. The two girls tried to be healthful but told the driver they had little knowledge of this area because they recently moved here. While they were talking to the driver, two other men pulled up in van and two men got out and gabbed the two girls and forced them into the van. They knew the names of the teenagers and restrained both of them with handcuffs and duct tape over their mouths and eyes. The two vehicles departed with no one noticing them. The girls were frightened but unable to do anything to prevent their abduction. One of the kidnappers said to the girls that they were “headed for a place where nobody could find them.” He was honest with them when he told them “you girls will be hostages for the purpose of getting a couple million dollars from your parents.” “Your blindfolds are because we do not want to be seen by you.” They were driven to another building in West Hollywood and forced into the door of this windowless room. What they didn’t tell them is the fact the kidnappers had found a way to listen to the home phone and every cell phone no longer worked because kidnappers had a program for billing that caused the cell providers to discontinue to service because of overdue bills. When any of the Rosetta cell phones were used they would soon not be able to work because of this. The two girls were told by one of the kidnappers: “We have invested a considerable amount of money to disable the cell phones for family and are able to monitor the home telephone of the family and you both hope the police are not called or you girls will pay the price.” “One of you will loose her head and it will be delivered to your parents.

The girls were stripped of their clothes and their bound and naked bodies were photographed with a digital still and movie camera. The image of two naked females would serve frighten the parents to do what they needed to do to get these two girls home. As the camera recorded, a rope was tied to each of their wrists and their hands were pulled up so their feet were off the floor. There was guillotine was filmed as Alexia was removed and she was forced to put her head under the blade and a man was posed as if he was ready to chop off the head of the frightened young nude. Lynda had her knees spread and one of the men spread open her pussy to photograph of her hymen was taken to give a threat to deflower this young woman if the demands of the kidnappers were not quickly complied with. A note was made to indicate the first and second threats. The note made the threat of sending the head of one the teenagers if the police were call. They made it clear that they would spare nothing to get the two million dollars of cash demanded by the kidnappers.

The first call intercepted by the kidnappers was a call to the residence from their school to tell them that Alexia and Lynda were not at school today. Linda told them “They walked to school today and she knew no reason for them to not be there. The phone call ended. Linda began to be worried about her daughters.
Later in the mail was a DVD that was placed in their mailbox. With it was a note telling her that her phone was being monitored and to not call law enforcement. A demand was made for two million dollars and they would be given instructions later. Linda picked up her cell phone and was surprised to find that it no longer worked. She put the DVD in her player and was surprised to see pictures of her daughters naked and in bondage. She saw her oldest daughter with her head about to be chopped off and panicked what to do now. There was also and image of some female vagina spread to reveal her hymen that she assumed to belong to one of her daughters. The next photograph was zoomed back and revealed it was her daughter Lynda. The DVD also had an image of today’s Los Angeles Times and some text threatening they may be receiving a box in the mail containing the severed head of one of your daughters if forthcoming instructions are not complied to and if law enforcement is called. It also said that Mike is not to go to work until after the money is paid. It recalled that they had received the huge lottery jackpot and 2 million dollars is not much considering what they had to loose.

Mike got home early today and Linda told him all about the call from the school telling her Alexia and Lynda had not been to school today and they hoped they would get well fast. She told her husband “Check your cell phone and call home to test it.” He did that and found he had no service on it. He checked his home phone for a dial tone and it was OK. Linda showed him the DVD she got out of the mail Mike watched it with his wife and told her of a dream he had about winning the lottery and having something like this happen. Mike was fearful for his daughters when the phone rang. He picked it up and voice on the phone asked if had seen the DVD that was delivered to you. He said: “had seen it and assured that the police would not be called. The voice on the phone repeated that they “were able too hear every thing said on your phone.” If we expect you do anything to contact law enforcement we will know it and you will be mailed the head of one of your daughters. Mike asked about what they needed and was told: “we want 2 million in non-sequential numbered 10, 20 and 100 dollar bills with no markings.” “We will monitor the call to your bank and follow you to make sure you go only there.” “Your bank is opened until 6 this evening and you are to take the money home and we will call you on what to do with it tomorrow morning.” “You will see others in the bank and we will be able to hear you if you try to tell them anything about why you need the money or leave any message to contact the police.” “Make the call to your bank now.” “Remember we hear every word you say.” The call ended. Mike called his bank and told them about his need certain denominations of cash, he said: “ I will be biding on an auction on an expensive boat that I would like to own and I need the cash and I want it badly and intend to win the bidding.” The woman at the bank asked when he needed the money and he said: “I would like to be able to pick it up before you close today. I will have a cashier’s check to give you” She said: “I will have to check if we have that much money.” She knew he had a lot of money from the lottery and told him she would call him back in a few minutes.

Mike called his stockbroker and expressed a “need for a certified check made out to his bank and he would be there in 20 minutes.” He was told OK and hung up the phone. His phone rang again and it was from the bank tell him they had the money and would accept a certified check from his stockbroker.
Mike got in his car and drove to his stockbroker who had the certified check ready and said asked Mike for his permission to sell some of the shares in mutual funds to cover the check. Mike gave his OK to sell what was needed and took the certified check to his bank. He looked in his rearview mirror being sure he was followed. He was surprised to find how heavy all of that money was had to make two trips to his car. He then drove home and looked at the cash to make sure he didn’t see any marks. Most of it was larger denomination currency and a few of them were sequentially numbered new bills. He made an effort to predict what he would hear from the kidnappers.

At about 7:30 he got another call from the kidnappers telling him to put the money in specific trash containers. He was again reminded not to call the police. What he didn’t know was his bank had already contacted law enforcement because they had concerns about the story he gave them.

A member of the Los Angeles County sheriffs had gone to his home in a UPS delivery van deputy dressed as a UPS driver with a package containing a cell phone and instructions on how to call them without raising any concern from anyone watching the house. It also contained a money counter for them to use to verify that all the money was there. The driver walked away after getting a signature for the delivery and walked back to his van and drove away after scanning thee area for anyone that may be watching.

There was a monitor that called the kidnappers at their hiding place and told them of the UPS package. The Kidnappers realized they had no control of what and when someone to send them something they may have ordered days ago.

The kidnapper wore a mask to hide his identity and took Lynda and tied her to a mattress with her legs spread. He told her: “I am here to pop your cherry.” “It may hurt a little but you will enjoy this sex a lot.” Lynda felt she was helpless to do anything and accepted that she would be raped. The man put on a rubber condom to conceal his DNA from being revealed. He finger fucked her first to make she was ready and used some baby oil to lubricate himself. He then took a piece of duct tape and put it over her eyes. He then could remove the mask he was wearing. He then put his erect penis into her vagina and she screamed as he broke her hymen and thrust in again. Lynda cried for a minute and then was quiet as she was being fucked for the first time. Lynda had small firm breasts and she and her sister still had pubic hair. She was only 16 and was upset she could not give the person to remove her virginity later and it by someone she loved. She never dreamed, to be deflowered, by some stranger.

He fucked her for about 20 minutes and was she just lay there like she was dead. She gave no indication that she was getting any enjoyment from this sex. He about to cum inside the condom, he withdrew his penis from her and removed the condom. He stroked his cock and spread his cum all over her face and breasts. The other kidnapper came over with a rag and cleaned her face and body of the semen that was on it. He told his companion that not one bit of this eventually be traced back to him. He is told: you must take some soap and water to her and clean anywhere he touched her. He noticed the blood on her and told him to remove that as well. The rapist spent an hour with soap and water to make sure she was cleaned of all signs of him.

He then untied her from the bed and handcuffed her hands behind her back to sit next to her sister.

A few minutes later, Alexia was asked to spread her legs and a broomstick was used to fuck her and deflower her virginity. Alexia could not see or say anything to express her distaste for this treatment. Someone reached behind each or girls to spread their pussy to indicate the lack of any hymen in them.

Now both young women were arms up with their eyes covered and unable to see or talk. They shivered from the cold as they were photographed with the digital camera.

Mike took the money to the trashcan indicated and put it inside. Early the next day a garbage truck came by and emptied the two bags of money. They this was the first and last job for this truck. The kidnappers spent all night counting the money. It seemed to be all there. They took both of the girls and guided them back to the van. They were still nude and they were dropped off late that night at their school.

The kidnappers used their disposable cell phone to call the parents of the girls and told them where to find their daughters.

The two sisters were cold and still handcuffed and blindfolded. They held hands and they felt a hedge on their left side and could hear traffic going by on the street behind the hedge. They got face to face and used their teeth to remove the blindfold and the tape from over their mouth. They still had the handcuffs and it was becoming warmer as the sun came up. They were embarrassed because of their nudity but decide to walk home using a rout that would not expose them to traffic. They walked into their backyard and noticed the police cars in the street in front of house. They could hear their father yelling at the police but were unable to understand what was being said.

They were still embarrassed from being naked and backed into the woods behind the house to not be seen by anyone other their parents. They were both surprised when someone behind them had cut duct tape that was put over their eyes and mouths. They were taken through the trees to several houses down and again forced into the same van that they rode in before. After about 25 minutes they were both taken into the same building they remembered from the smell of the place and the voice of one of the guys there. They remembered the tape was removed from their eyes and the gazed upon a guillotine like the pictures they remembered from French history. A digital photo of both of them and the guillotine was taken. A color print was made of this and using a motorcycle it was dropped off in the mailbox of their home.

Linda and her husband were still fearful of their daughters when she went out to the mailbox to pick up the mail. The picture of her daughters standing next to this guillotine got her instant attention. With it was a note printed on the back “”Which daughter to want to keep and which one do you want us to loose her head She will feel no pain but will be dead.” “Remember what we said about police?” “We will call you to get your decision.” Linda called for her husband and showed him the picture what was printed behind it. They both panicked from the prospect of loosing one their children. Not long afterward the phone rang and it was the kidnapper asking that same question Mike picked up the phone and turned on the answering machine to tape the call. “Would you rather keep Lynda or Alexia you will receive her head in a box.” “If you don’t answer this we will behead your first born. Mike was silent because he was unable to choose. The phone went dead and he began to sob and cry for the first time in since his childhood. He played the recording back to his wife and told her: “I never called the police about this but there were several police cars out front early this morning.” “Did you call the police about this?” he said in an accusatory tone. Linda repeated that she:“ had nothing to do the police being out here.” Mike called the County Sheriff office and asked about why the police were out here this morning. There was a pause before his question could be answered and he said: ”Somebody at your bank was suspious about the cash you demanded and called us about this.” Mike turned and apologized to his wife. And told them about a picture of his daughters standing facing a Guillotine and read them the printing on the back. He then told them of the phone call he got asking him to choose between what daughter will die. Mike was angry about having police cars in front this morning and the kidnappers know about this. The deputy told him: “there was a wire placed on your telephone input box that was connected to a transmitter ” “It was removed and we got a judge to allow us to bug your phone.”

He said: “The kidnappers no longer can hear any thing from this phone call and we have heard all of the call you got from the bad guys.” “We were able to follow the source of the call via the cell towers and are following up with determining where the call came from.” Mike was confused and concerned and said good -by and hung up the phone.

Alexia was told “she would feel only a breeze on her neck and her head would fall this basket.” She was taken and placed face-up on a platform where she was tied. She was told to close her eyes and she felt something warm on her face for 5 minutes or so and it was removed. She noticed that her hair was much shorter all of a sudden. The platform was pushed forward so her head was under the blade as her sister looked on. The slotted top was placed over her neck Alexia said a silent prayer as she expected to die soon. One of the kidnappers told her: “you will be face-up so you can see the blade coming down that will remove your head.” “I will give you a few minutes to look at this to contemplate your death before it comes down and you will die.” “You will feel little pain but you will be dead instantly.” Lynda watched all of this and heard every word. She shouted at her sister and said; “I am sorry Alexia, I wish I could do something.” Good-by Alexia, I will miss you.” After contemplating her hear death for 10 minutes, she saw the blade going up and several seconds later Alexia could see the blade coming down and closed her eyes expecting to be dead. Instead the blade came down. The blade retracted into the housing it crashed loudly. I head, fashioned to resemble her, fell into basket looking bloody from the neck.

Lynda was sure her sister was dead now. That what she was expected to feel, the angle she saw it was made to deceive her. She saw her sister die. The kidnapper told her:” it was because the police were called.” Lynda remembered the police cars. She was told: Your father decided you were to live and your sister to die today. “We will deliver her head to your parents home to teach them a lesson about contacting the police.”

Lynda was put in the van and after few minutes was given a DVD that they told her to give to her father.
She was driven to her home naked as before with tape over her eyes and mouth. Lynda was dropped off near her home and figured out the traffic on her left and walked toward home. Cars were passing but nobody slowed or stopped for the naked teenager walking on the sidewalk. When her mother saw her she came out of the house and picked up her naked daughter and took her into the house. Lynda told her mother what she saw and told her she was sorry for her sister and it was because of the police yesterday. Lynda handed the DVD to her mother She then want upstairs to get dressed because she was sensitive to even her mother see her naked. Linda put the DVD in the player and pushed Play on the remote. She saw an image of Lynda standing naked looking at the guillotine and the sound of her saying sorry and good-by to her sister who was tied to platform that a masked man pushed her under the blade and clamped her neck in place with a block of wood. It was hard to see but a man walked up and did something or poured something on her face. Nothing else happened for several minutes and a voice was heard tell her to contemplate her death. She could see that man was pulling on a rope that raised the blade that then came down with a crash and Alexia’s neck and her severed head rolling into the basket. The angle of the video gave no indication that this was made to deceive into seeing Alexia loose her life. No one noticed a box placed on the front porch that contained the simulated head of Alexia complete with some of her hair and a bloody neck where the blade of the Guillotine cut through the neck. Linda brought in the package and put it down and opened the box looked at the blood and closed it again not wanting to show it to her daughter who was coming downstairs.

She told her daughter she had to go and would be back soon and then got into her car and drove it to the County Sheriff station and walked in a placed the box on the front counter. The deputy opened the box and nearly vomited from the sight of it. Linda told the deputy “the kidnapper demanded that no contact was to be made to police and about the police cars in front of her home late last night.” She revealed: “her youngest daughter was alive and well” She told the deputy that “her daughter said it was the choice of their father that choose what daughter to live and die.” She related that he said nothing but he was told the firstborn would die.” She handed the DVD to the deputy and asked him to: “put in a player and see the death of her oldest daughter.” The deputy took it into the back and found a DVD player in the lounge area and put it in. He saw the nude image of one daughter looking at her sister being tied to a platform that was slid under a blade and after a few minutes it dropped and the head rolled into the basket below. He felt he had to vomit for a minute and ejected the DVD and took it back to the front where he asked Linda if they could keep it for now to “show homicide detectives exactly what happed.” Linda understood as the deputy said to her: “Leave this box here because we need to give Alexia’s severed head to the coroner’s office.”

Alexia was still alive but still shaking from the fear of death and was taken to the radio station where her father worked and a Slim-Jim was used to unlock the door and Alexia was told to get in and wait for her father. She was still nude and blindfolded and embarrassed to step out of the car and slid deeply into the seat to conceal her nudity. She felt around for a towel or something to hide her privates and found nothing.

Linda was still angry at the police but very sorry for her oldest daughter. She hugged Lynda and whispered to her “I love both of you and am very sorry for your sister’s death and for you from having you having to go through this.” “I will do every thing I can and will spare no expense to bring these criminals to justice” “I hope we get Alexia’s body back so she can get a proper burial.”

Mike got off several hours after Alexia was put into his car at 5:30 and went out to his car to drive home. He got into the front seat and started the engine only hear behind him: “Hi Daddy” he stopped the car and turned around and saw his oldest daughter alive her breasts were bare and her eyes were covered. He removed the tape from her eyes. She said to him “Daddy I have no clothes and I am sorry but I was left in this car and used the door latch to remove the tape from over my mouth.” “They put me in this guillotine and I was sure I was going to die.” It was contraption to look real but the blade retracted when it got to my neck and they brought me here. I have never been so scared.” “I think it was to make my sister Lynda to believe I was dead for a while I was sure I would die and hoped it wouldn’t hurt.” Mike tried his cell phone but it still didn’t work. He forgot to call the carrier to complain about why the service was suspended. He drove home only to find a strange car in his driveway. He left Alexia in the car and told her he “would bring out a robe for her to put on.” He went into the house and came out seconds later with a bathrobe to give Alexia so she would be comfortable to come in the house. As soon as she got in the door she went upstairs to her room to get dressed.” She wanted to talk more with her father but that could wait until she could take a shower and dressed. She came down dressed casually with a tee shirt and some jeans.

Not long after that came in he heard the doorbell and it was a homicide detective that wanted to talk to Mike and his wife. Linda came home then and when she came in her husband asked her to sit down and hear what the detective needed to say. With both parents and Lynda sitting down the detective made the announcement that “I am sorry to tell you this but your daughter Alexia was had been murdered. He was very sorry that to say this but her head was cut off with a guillotine. Her head is in a box taken to the coroner’s office and we have a DVD of the entire execution.” Mike stood up and told the detective: “Alexia was in my car when I got off work and I drove her home.” “She was naked in the back seat of the car but she told me she was very sure she was going to die she saw the blade coming down and closed her eyed but heard a loud noise and was surprised to find she was still alive.” “She asked me to get something to put on and I took a bathrobe out of our closet and gave it to her.” “She went upstairs to her room to shower and get dressed.” “She told me she and her sister were required to be naked all of the time. Alexia told me “her eyes were covered until she was face-up under the blade when they took it off so she could see the blade of the guillotine that would behead her.” The detective found this unbelievable until Alexia came bounding down the stairs into the living room. The detective came her to tell her parents she was dead and now he could see her. The detective’s cell phone rang and he answered it. The call was from the coroner’s office telling him the head in the box was not human but was some kind of plastic with the scalp of human hair and a very bloody looking neck. The detective told them “he had just met Alexia a minute ago.” The detective brought out a DVD and asked: “if he could play it.” He gave it to Mike, who put it in to the DVD player and turned on the TV. An image of young naked girl watching a guillotine with Alexia face-up being pushed under the blade when a block was put over he neck and a man tore off a piece of tape from her eyes. Several minutes went by with Alexia panting from the prospect of having her head cut off. The sounds or Lynda saying good-by as her sister was contemplating death. As the blade began to drop, she screamed and them silent. The camera seemed to show her head rolling into a basket. One of the masked-kidnapper reached down and grabbed the hair of this head and held it up and put it back in the basket. The DVD ended at this point. Just then Lynda walked downstairs into living room fully dressed and told the detective she had seen her die. She turned and saw her sister and the two girls hugged each other.

Both of the girls had a lot to say about what happened to them. Lynda complained about first being raped by one of the men holding them. And she was very upset about seeing her sister having her head cut off by that guillotine. Alexia said she was “no longer a virgin because of broomstick put deeply into her vagina.” Lynda looked at her sister and said: “I thought you were dead.” Alexia told her “she was very frightened about thinking she would have her head cut off. She then related that she thought the blade retracted into the block and it made loud noise but she was surprised to still be alive. Alexia told her sister what she told the detective who asked if he could replay the DVD. When it started again Lynda said it was her standing watching her sister have head cut off. Alexia again commented on the long minutes of staring up at the blade that would end her life. Alexia said: “I shivered from the prospect of having to die then and the long pause extended that fear and was cruel.” “ I wished they could would turn me over and just let go of the rope and kill me faster.”

The detective was without words for a minute. He said: “I came here to tell you folks about the death of your daughter that just walked in here alive.” He said: “ this was an terrific way of frightening you and me and your parents.” He then said: “You are still out a couple of million dollars and one of your daughters were sexually assaulted and both of them were kidnapped.” “There will be couple of FBI agents come here to talk to you and me about what has happened.” “The guys that did this did not murder anyone that we know of but the scalp used came from someone” “However kidnapping for ransom is a class one felony that could get these guys 40 years in prison.” I recommend that you write down everything you remember about this from the time the school told you your daughters were not at school and they hoped they would get well fast.” “The FBI will be here tomorrow morning and I recommend that the girls should make themselves available tomorrow morning and skip school tomorrow.” “The FBI is very good at their jobs and we need these guys to be caught and some of your money could come back.” They did a cruel thing raping both of your daughters and frightening Alexia from thinking she would have to have her head cut off” “She is alive but I can only imagine how she felt about was about to happen to her.”

“In fact that money trail will help them a lot. It is hard to spent that much money without anyone noticing.” “I will keep in touch with you if you need to know anything about what the feds are doing.” They are very good at letting know with their investigation.” “Let me know if I can help with anything.” He than gave Mike and Linda one of his cards and walked out the door. He turned around and said: “I will have a lot to say when I get back to the office. I hope your daughters recover from this OK.” They have a lot to complain about being kidnapped, stripped, and sexually assaulted and not allowed to see or talk.” “They deserve another day off from school and may need counseling”

Linda started sobbing realizing what her daughters had been through. She told her husband: “I will get up tomorrow morning and call their school to tell them Alexia and Lynda will not be there because they have been kidnapped” “ I will tell them they are back but have been sexually assaulted and one of them was scared stiff from having her head cut off” “I am confident they will understand.” She then said: “I can only imagine what they went through and want to have them go to prison forever for this.” She then gathered the photographs, DVD and all the threatening notes they made and said: “I would like to call the bank and tell them what complications that were caused by them calling the police.” Mike told her: “I agree totally with you about this and will call in and tell them I won’t be at work tomorrow. He then looked at the card that was given to him by the detective and called him to see if he was there. He dialed the number and asked for detective Ramirez and the call was transferred. Mike said to him “I would like to ask you if about the wisdom of telling my employer the about this case. They are a news station and would like to have an exclusive on this story given that it involved one of their employees.” Detective Ramirez told him to call in sick and until I talk to you again and ask the chief about this.” “I will get back to on this.” “ I may be a good idea to spread this story to the press but I will have to ask my boss.” Mike said “OK I think that would put a lot pressure on these crooks and make them do something dumb.”
The detective said “We were able to track two of the phone calls you got from these guys to some specific cell towers that gives us a chance to narrow the map on who did this.” “Have the FBI call me and I may be helpful to them on this case.” He said “Your bank has the serial number of every single currency bill they gave you to pay this ransom” Mike was happy to hear this and he thought more of them for this.
That night after dinner the two sisters got together to talk to each other about what happened. After an hour or so Alexia asked her sister to take off her clothes. Lynda asked why and Alexia told her she “needed some enjoyable sex after both of us are no longer virgins.” Lynda was concerned but took her clothes off and the two girls looked at each other’s nude bodies. Alexia brought our some scissors, shaving cream and a razor she said she got out of a drawer in her parents bathroom. Lynda took the scissors and began to trim the pubic hair of her sister. It took her 15 minutes to trim all the hair over and beside her pussy and used some shaving cream and a new razor to carefully shave her sister pussy bald. Alexia returned the favor. Lynda said she saw step-by step instructions on pussy shaving on her computer. When the two sisters both had hairless pussies they experimented some oral sex on each other that included using their fingers to bring pleasure to each of them. Alexia told her sister “ I have read about women who have been raped not wanting any sex or even touched by a man for years afterward.” She told her sister “I think is important for us to get passed that now. She looked at Lynda’s bare pussy and asked if she could taste her. Lynda said she could and Alexia began to lick her form one side to the other of her vaginal opening. She saw hood over her clitoris and began to suck on it as she used two of the finger to enter her vagina. She used her tongue and thumb to put pressure on her clitoris and her finger to seek out the G spot of her sister. Lynda panted and began to make noises and scream from the pleasure she was experiencing. After about 10 minutes Lynda experienced her fist orgasm. The 16 year-old told Alexia thank you and Lynda began to do the same for her. Both of the teenage girls did not think they were doing anything wrong but they had no feelings of the last two days. The lesbian sex felt good for both of the sisters but they did not feel they were lesbians. It was only because they were convenient for each other. They sucked on each other’s nipples and stood together in front of a mirror to admire their attractive bodies. Alexia took back the shaving cream and scissors to where she found them.
The girls went to bed and seemed less bothered by the nightmare they experienced. They were both pleased of the first orgasms of both of them. They had one thing to talk about with other girls at their school.

The next morning they privately informed their mother of what they have done and she agreed that it was good for them to get passed the experiences they shared yesterday. She asked them next time they do this if she could participate. Linda was 38 years old, in good shape, and her breasts were small and the effects of gravity had not made them sag too much. She took the step of shaving her pussy to remove all of her pubic hair. While naked she stood in front of a mirror and she was pleased with how she looked and was sure her husband would like it also. It may remind him there is more to sex than to kiss and fuck. She could hardy wait for her daughters to invite to one of their lesbian sex experiments.

Everyone got up early this morning because they were expecting the FBI to want to talk to them. They got to have breakfast together as a family for the first time in a while. Mike called in sick. He was thinking of telling them everything as a news item for the news station.

There was a knock at the door and they identified themselves a FBI agents and flashed their badges and Ids. Mike was able to get together all the communications of with the kidnappers and presented them to the FBI. Mike told them the bank said it had the serial number of every currency bill given to him for the kidnappers. It would be a large document but the bank had it on a flash drive that was given to the federal agents. The Secret Service would have an involvement in this case to track the currency back to the kidnappers. There were aerial photographs of the area that was the source of the phone calls from the kidnappers. They showed an industrial park. Most of these buildings they could walk into to disqualify them from being where the girls were taken. The then could get a warrant to enter and search for a building to look for evidence of being the source of the call and where the girls were taken. It was possible that other kidnappings done by these guys. There has been a stakeout for trucks leaving this park looking for the infamous guillotine. They had photos of it in large room and details of he inside of this building. Alexia and Lynda both volunteered to give them DNA samples.
Since they were naked everything that touched their skin could leave their DNA there. Mike’s DNA was taken in case they needed to prove he handled any of the money. Any money suspected of being part of the ransom could be revealed by the serial numbers on the currency.

Mike and Linda were both more confident after hearing this information. The FBI agents took all of the considerable evidence with them and promised to get back to them with any information. They shook hands with Linda and Mike and got in their car and drove away. Mike wondered if hiring a private investigator would be helpful. He no longer had to worry about the expense of doing this.

End of part 1

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The first sign was the pain. It wasn’t all the time, it hit him at different times during the day. A kind of throbbing and aching that increased, and gradually lessened. It started a few years ago, after he had quit church. When the pastor had gotten caught banging the choir director after hours, Derek James had finally seen the light, so to speak. All these years, growing up in the church, people told him that sex was bad, that you shouldn’t touch yourself, that you waited for marriage and stayed faithful to your wife. Well, if the pastor couldn’t do...


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Skinned Knees

It was Sunday, a full day off from work. That meant I had the whole day to devote to my other job, the one I should have concentrated on years ago. I planned to do some serious work on my thesis. On the wrong side of my thirty-fifth birthday, I, Joseph Middleton, was a college boy. I was an average student in high school. My grades weren't good enough to get into a decent college, which didn't matter to me at the time. I just didn't care about much except hanging out with my friends and trying to get laid. The...


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Okay lets begin with the details. I am 16 years old about 6 foot tall and a average weight about 75kg oh and my name is frank (i know it is a off name theses days) It was the end of summer holidays and i was coming back from the donna kebab shop when i saw the girl that was in my geography class and i secretly liked her. Her name is brenda she is about 5 foot 7 inches and she was on the slim side but not too much her tits are not the biggest in the school but...


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A Female Santa meets the guard dog..._(1)

It was tight. Very tight. She suddenly remembered the house from last year as her tight dress scratched against the soot caked walls of the chimney. Nice house, big living room... hot resident. She smiled as she shuffled further down the brick walls, suddenly feeling a breeze come up from the hearth, a door creek beneath her. Someone had just either left... or entered the room. The breeze blew up her skirt, and she shivered. Not the night to go without panties, she thought. Then again, she had to leave something for a present. She held her breath and slid down...


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My buddies Mom

This is about Russell’s Mom. To start with, my name is Jay and my best buddy for most of my life has been Russell and this is about my 18th birthday. Well at least the celebration of it the weekend following my 18th birthday. As I was still in High School had to wait until the following weekend to whoop it up and that is just what Russell and I had planned. So early Friday evening I drove over to Russell’s house to pick him up with plans for both of us to head up to my parents cabin for the...


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This is the true story of how I lost my virginity at the age of fourteen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have your sunscreen on? my Dad asked me. No, I'll put it on at the party, I replied. We were in the car to a party at my friends house. Her name was Genna and we had been going to school together for the past several years. I was excited for this party for one purpose. As I thought of the reason, my mind flashed back to the conversation I had online with one of the girls in my grade. (Made up...


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Sexy Southern Lawyer

Anna went to bed and is busy making plans as she hears me return home. I'm in South Carolina assisting Anne with a court case. One of the features of the house she is renting is that it didn't have any en-suite bathrooms. The following morning Anne waited until she hears me moving around and then she heads for the bathroom between our rooms. She wore a thong and half covered her firm breasts with a towel. As she'd predicted she runs into me in the hallway and she just happens to drop her towel. I stare at her as she...


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Steam Bath

I often have to go to Germany on business, and sometimes I take my wife of twenty years, Donna, with me. Europe is old, but they have more accepting attitudes on things like sex, which makes for great nightlife. We like to go in the fall, when the tourists aren’t jamming everything, but the weather can be chilly. Last fall, we happened to hit an especially cold and damp period, so after a day of shopping in Berlin, we went straight to the hotel’s sauna. The cold had seeped all the way to our bones, it seemed. We stepped into the...


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Hypnotism's a powerful thing

“Yeah. My mum started giving me these hormone tablets to make my boobs bigger because she wont let me get implants.” I typed to Jami. He has been my best friend since kindy. I could tell him anything. “Is it working yet Grace?” Jami typed back followed by a winky face.
“ Haha you wish perv.” I typed laughing. “ How about that hypnotism thing you were trying?” he asked. “ It’s going good, I just need two people to try it out on.” I told him. “ I was thinking about my parents but that might be lame.” I said. “...


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Hospital Fund Raiser

Slavia is 31 never married, she is a beautiful sexy Russian woman. She is at a hospital fund raiser, all the big donors to the hospital foundation is there, vying to impress each other with preening of plumage as well as large donations as the evening wore on. Slavia felt uncomfortable being with the stilted world of moneyed philanthropists inside. She had attempted to exit, but was intercepted in the hall by a large elderly dame of society who enjoyed nothing more than to recall tales from her long ago youth by the hour. Exasperated, she conceded defeat to a boring...


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