Sam's Day Off

Sam's Day Off

As the alarm went off, all Sam could think of was “9 more days, and this shit is over!” Sam was a 17 year old high school senior who was just over a week from his graduation. He always had a special disdain for the concept of school. It seemed that that the closer he got to the end, the more he hated going. Still, he arose from his bed, wiped the cold from his eyes, and went on about preparing for his day at school. Just as he walked out of his bedroom towards the bathroom, Sam heard his mother leaving their home for work. Sam and his mom were very close. She had Sam when she was 17 and his father died a year later. They had always been very much like friends ever since Sam could remember. He cursed freely in front of his mom, brought girls home whenever he wanted to, and shared more info with her than the average teenage boy shares with their mother. After she left Sam went to the bathroom, showered, and dressed for a day of daydreaming about the girls in his class. Hay, something had to make the time pass by for him.
When Sam walked outside to get in his car and head off he saw Laura, their neighbor and a close friend of his mother. She seemed stressed at the moment and was pacing in front of her car. Sam had always found Laura attractive. Sam’s mother babysat Laura while they were kids. She was six years younger than Sam’s mom but looked the same age as Sam. She was just over five feet tall and had the body of a video vixen. Her 34c breast were the perfect palm size, with nipples that got hard way too easy for her liking, but the men she encountered daily had no complaints. She had a caramel complexion that went perfectly with her golden brown, waist length hair. She had babysat Sam for his mother, so over the years they also had become very close. Sam being the teenage boy he is, he always thought of fucking Laura but never thought he would ever have a chance. Sam walked over to Laura to see what was wrong, any reason not to go to school in his eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Sam asked, “You ok?”
“NO!! I just locked my fucking keys in the car and now I can’t get in my house, early morning bullshit!” said Laura.
“Well don’t fret; I may be able to help.”
“What are you gonna do boy, break my window?” she asked.
“No, just calm down and give me a second, ok.”
“Sure, I’ll try anyway,” she stated.
Sam went to his trunk and got his toolbox, he pulled out a flat piece of metal known as a slim Jim. Sam had gotten some experience learning about cars in his auto-shop class and received hands on experience breaking in and robbing cars throughout his high school years. He had always just seemed like the average aloof boy so Laura and his mother were none the wiser of his activity. After working the Slim Jim for a few seconds in Laura’s door suddenly the lock popped up and Sam was handing her keys.
“I told you, now calm down and head on in the house. No reason to worry. Now if you’re ok I’m gonna head off. I don’t want mom tripping over her boy missing school.” Sam truly didn’t care but he was trying to keep up appearances for Laura.
“Yeah right, I know you’d rather come have coffee with me than actually go to school. Aren’t you almost done anyway, you probably are already late so come on boy.” Laura headed towards her front door and Sam followed. He thought this seemed kinda weird, he honestly didn’t even drink coffee but figured anything was better than school.
When he got in the house Sam didn’t see Laura but he heard her tell him to have a seat. When he did, he felt something poking his leg. He reached down and pulled up a dildo. Sam was shocked. Laura had to be one of the sexiest women he knew. Why the hell would she need a vibrator? Of course she couldn’t have trouble getting dick when she wanted it. Or was she one of those girls that needed it all the time? Rather than speculate Sam chose to put the issue right out on the table, literally. He placed the dildo right on her coffee table. Laura came in from the kitchen with two cups and when she went to sit them on her table she gasped and nearly dropped them both.
“Oh Shit, I’m sorry, wait where the hell did this come from, I know I didn’t just leave it out on the table. I wasn’t having that much fun this morning.” She tried to stop herself short before she said too much but Sam was already ahead of her.
“This morning huh?” Sam had masturbated himself this morning, as he did almost every morning. The thought that he and she were touching themselves at the same time made his member perk up just a little, but just enough for Laura’s wandering eye to take notice. “Wish I would’ve known. Maybe I could have helped, or at least watched.” Sam’s closeness with Laura always gave him some leeway with his jokes and humor, but this time she reacted differently than normal. Normally it would have been a cruel joke or shoot down that Sam had been accustomed to coming from Laura. However when Sam said this, she smiled and picked up the dildo. Sam thought she was about to go put it away when she left the room. A few moments after she left Sam heard a loud noise coming from her room. It was Laura and she had just screamed “FUCK! “ Sam didn’t know if she was ok so he went down the hall towards her room where the noise had come from. When he looked into the room through the open door he saw Laura naked, on her bed, deep dicking her pretty pussy with the dildo. Sam was in shock and so turned on that he froze and just stared for about 5 minutes. Laura continued to penetrate herself faster and her pussy started to cream and squirt all over the plastic shaft that was entering her. She looked up and caught Sam admiring her.
“Well you said you wanted to watch.” Just as she said this she went completely inside herself with the plastic Dick. “So baby, do you like what you see?”
“I said I wanted to help and hell yeah I like that shit. Damn your pussy is the prettiest I’ve ever seen” Sam didn’t have a wealth of sexual experience, but he watched enough porn to know how a good pussy should look. He walked over to the bed and sat right next to Laura as she continued. By this time she was close to climax and she began to release some thoughts that she had kept from Sam.
“I always have wanted you Sam. Ever since you were 12 and I saw how big your cock was, and knew how big it would be when you grew up more. I’ve fantasized about fucking you while I fuck myself for years now. Shit! Can I see it now? I wanna see how big it has gotten. Please, show me that dick! Just as she said this her pussy squirted all over Sam’s lap. Sam had never seen anything like this live. It was much different smelling the scent of a woman’s juices rather than seeing them on his screen. While Sam wasn’t a virgin, something told him he was about to experience something he had never experienced before.
As Laura continued to play with her pussy, Sam stood and began to expose himself to her. Laura got more and more eager with every step, from the buckle, to the zipper, to him finally pulling his dick out for her. By this point Laura was climaxing again. Sam saw her squirming and shaking and proceeded to taste her, which make her explode even harder. Sam began slowly kissing and pecking at her clitoris, in sort of a teasing fashion. Laura was well beyond the point of teasing. She pushed his face back, pulled the now soaked dildo slowly out of her drenched pussy and slowly sucked it clean for him. Just then she grabbed the back of his head and forced him down into her pussy. Sam was fully submerged in good pussy juice, so he did what he saw done so many times on the net before. He dove in with his tongue and began to fuck Laura’s swollen snatch with his tongue. The more he went in and out the harder she grabbed the back of his head, the more she pushed, and the louder she screamed. It wasn’t long before she climaxed and when she did she pulled Sam’s face from her and squirted all over his beginning goatee.
“I’m sorry bay; I guess you gotta get payback huh?” Before Sam could even answer Laura had flipped him over and had his dick all the way down her throat. It was becoming clear to Sam just how much of a freak Laura was and her talk only confirmed his thoughts. As she pulled Sam’s dick out of her mouth, sat back and jacked it she had to tell him, “Damn, this is bigger than I thought it would be, and I’ve been daydreaming about this dick for half a decade.”
“Well quit talking and put it back in your mouth then, live the dream bitch.” Sam had always wanted to talk to a woman like that. He really didn’t even know where it came from; he just reacted to the moment.
Just then Laura dived backed down and began to deep throat Sam’s eight inches. She mumbled to him with a mouthful of dick and spit, “yes sir.” Sam couldn’t believe that worked, but since it did he wasn’t going to stop there. He grabbed the back of her head and throat fucked her fast and hard. The speed and size of his dick almost made Laura gag, and the harder he face-fucked her, the hornier she got. Sam soon felt himself getting close to the point of climax. He pulled her back off of his dick, pulled her up to him and kissed her roughly and passionately. He then pushed her right back down to his dick where he began to nut all over her face. Streams of thick white nut splashed and splattered her face and neck. Laure slapped her face with his dick repeatedly, making an even bigger mess of the cum that had covered her.
“Damn, you look good with that shit all over you. I guess I need to put it everywhere then, huh bitch. Bend your ass over so I can give you another one, now!” Sam was more mature than Laura had ever seen and this turned her on even more.
“Yes daddy, whatever you say.” Just then she laid face down on the bed, arched her ass in the air and looked back at Sam to let him know she was primed and ready. “Is this good daddy?” she asked.
“Bitch I said move not talk!” He then spanked her ass hard on both cheeks and that made Laura’s juices start to flow heavily again. Sam climbed on top of Laura and slowly entered her still wet and swollen pussy. She squeezed his shaft as he entered. Sam was bigger than the dildo she had been using and the pain and pleasure of him slow-stroking his way into her drove her crazy. The harder she squeezed the deeper he pushed until he was balls deep inside of Laura. Once he got to this point the sensual slow strokes were replaced by hard violent thrust directly into Laura. “Throw that ass back, you’re grown, take this dick girl!” Sam stroked harder and harder, as he did he felt the juices from Laura run down his leg. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her back so they could see each other’s faces. The look of simultaneous punishment and pleasure on Laura’s face sent Sam over the edge and soon he was ready to cum again. As Laura felt him about to erupt she squeezed his dick with her pussy as hard as she could.
“Can I have it in me daddy, please?” Before Sam could even respond his dick began erupting into Laura, and she erupted into orgasm as well. The mixture of his cum and her juices soaked the bed under Laura but that was the least of their concerns at this point.
They both collapsed on the bed next to each other. “So was it as good as you imagined?” Sam asked Laura.
“Even better, damn boy you got some good dick.’ She exclaimed.
“Thanks baby, that means a lot coming from you. Sam rolled over and passed out and Laura did the same while lying on his chest. They awoke later that afternoon, well after Sam should have left school. Sam kissed Laura and told her, “We must do this again sometime.”
Whatever you say daddy, this pussy is here when you want it.” Laura then rolled over and passed back out before Sam even left the room. This further boosted his ego and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was enjoying Laura again. He walked out of her house and saw that his mother was already at home. When he walked in she asked him how his day was at school. “Interesting and educational mom,” he said with a sarcastic tone in his voice. Much of the bravado that Sam had found with Laura today had come home with him in a matter of speaking.
“I thought that you said that you hated school, sure doesn’t sound like it.” She replied.
“Well let’s just say I enjoyed the subject matter, you learn something new every day evidently.”
“Ok well dinner will be ready in about an hour. I’m gonna invite Laura over to eat with us, ok?
“Sure mom that would be great.” Sam replied. “If only she knew how great,” Sam thought to himself. He also thought of how he was going tom play his next encounter with Laura.
“She just answered my text, she is coming over,” Sam’s mom yelled at his room. Sam just laid back and smiled, today had been a good day.

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