The Curer 2220 part 2

The Curer 2220 part 2

“Since none of you have ever received treatment before, this may be... uncomfortable initially. I’m sure you’ve heard stories about this from others. Are you ready to be stretched girls?” I asked watching their faces for hesitation.

“VERY ready, Master!” Replied Belinda with enthusiasm.

“Yes... Master...”, replied Tiny Slut tentatively. She knew what she signed up for... or at least what her family signed her up for.

“MmmhhmmmMMMM!”, Elsie replied excitedly with her lips wrapped around my cock.

“I’ll begin with Tiny Slut. The pills you were required to take at check in will allow a tremendous amount of elasticity and should last for a few hours. I’m sure you’re also feeling their additional affects... they ARE a powerful aphrodisiac.”

I was fully hard now, and I doubt these girls had experienced anything larger than one 3rd of the length they were about to receive. At 18” long, with a thickness that tapered from 3.5” at the base to 2.5” closer to the head, My cock was small for a Curer, but I didn’t let it get to me. In fact it, I preferred at least a remote chance that I could get fully submerged into many servicers orifices, provided they took the pills I provided.

“Should I begin with your anus, Tiny Slut?” I said without letting on I was joking. She gasped, wide eyed and shook her head slightly. “No? You choose then...” I said, laying back onto the bed. “Belinda, Whore, please assist us.” Belinda hopped over me on the bed gleefully and grabbed my cock angling it straight up, stroking with both hands as she did so.

Tiny Slut approached with apprehension and stood on the bed over my cock with her legs spread, as Elsie approached from behind her, also standing. Tiny Slut squatted down and place the head of my cock at the lips of her bald pussy which seemed to be heavily lubricated already, and began inserting it as she made loud whining sounds. Elsie put her hands on Tiny Slut’s shoulders applying some pressure to guide her down.

“FuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUCK!!!”, Tiny Slut whined as the head popped in audibly. She sank down a couple of inches and raised up slightly, not daring to let the head out again, due to the discomfort the initial insertion caused. She was making panting sounds with her lips pursed, similar to the sound women make when they’re giving birth.

Elsie had moved from Tiny Slut’s shoulders and was now rubbing her clit to provide additional lubrication, sensing what was necessary for the long journey down my cock. Tiny Slut’s pussy was already stretching fantastically and her lips were providing the lubrication necessary. Belinda had attached herself to a nipple to further arouse Tiny Slut, who’s brow was furrowed in concentration at inserting more and more of my cock. At 6 inches, she was a 3rd of the way down, and I began to see a lump of the outline of my cock protruding from her skinny abdomen. After a few more tries the was nearly 9 inches in, and that’s when I felt the tip of my cock hit the back wall of her tiny cunt.

She looked down and groaned at the site of half of my cock still exposed. “Oh nooooOOOooo...” she complained in panic and raised up slightly before coming back down to verify my cock was bottoming out at the halfway point. “Master... I’m so... fullllll...” she panted in between nearly every word.

“Still half way to go, Tiny Slut!” I exclaimed as I pulled her back down by her hips. Her abdomen looked sickeningly distended with the outline of my cock, which Belinda had begun to rub. I was now pressed tightly at the opening to her cervix. In my experience, with enough pressure I would eventually find my way into that opening as well, so I didn’t let up.

“Eeeeeeeek!!!!”, Tiny Slut reacted with panic. “It won’t go any FURTHER, Master!!” She exclaimed as I began short, steady thrusts upward while sensing the opening widening to accept me. Elsie seemed to be enjoying the whines from her fellow servicer, and was masturbating now furiously with an amazed look on her face while studying the obscene display before her. She seemed to have some sadistic tendencies, I thought. Suddenly she inserted her left four fingers into Tiny Slut’s mouth and pushed them towards the back of her throat gagging her. Yep, she was a sadist alright.

Belinda had, meanwhile, moved behind Tiny Slut into the position previously occupied by Elsie and suddenly began pushing Tiny Slut down my cock via her shoulders. I began bouncing her down on my cock with a bit more force knowing her poor cervix was about to open up, while Tiny Slut made garbled squeaking sounds through Elsie’s fingers at each bounce. I pulled her up to nearly the tip of my cock and dropped her back down, eliciting a muffled scream of surprise from her. I felt the opening of her cervix giving way!

I lifted her up nearly 9 inches again and Elsie’s fingers gave way. Tiny Slut immediately exclaimed, “Oh my GOD!! It’s too BIG! It won’t FIT!!!”. I watched in dismay as Belinda jumped onto Tiny Slut’s back adding as much weight as possible as I simultaneously thrust her back down onto my cock.

A visible popping sound was heard by all four of us as I breached Tiny Slut’s cervix with all but two inches remaining outside her poor, battered pussy. 3 things happened at that moment. First, Tiny Slut screamed, “FuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUuuuuuk!!!!!”, quite loudly as her eyes began rolling back into her head. Secondly, Elsie began squirting massive amounts of fluid aimed at Tiny Slut’s body while staring intently wide eyed at the visible impression of my cock in her now extremely distended abdomen. Thirdly, Belinda began pulling hard at Tiny Slut’s right nipple with her left hand while slapping her face repeatedly to prevent her from passing out, eliciting yelps and whimpers from her.

As Elsie kept squirting, I resisted the urge to cum and allowed Tiny Slut some time to get used to the invasion upon her womb, only pulling back and reinserting about an inch every second or so in a steady rhythm. I knew if I pulled out of her cervix, it may take a while to get back in. Elsie moved her left hand to massage the opening of Tiny Slut’s pussy with her fingers while smashing and her clit with the palm. She pressed her right hand against the outline of my cock, and said, “You DID it, Master!! Can I be next!?”.

“Not yet... soon...”, I replied. I raised up my top half up, allowing Tiny Slut to fall back on her shoulders with her hips raised on my lap, and began thrusting, taking care to not allow the head of my cock to escape her cervix. Belinda latched her mouth onto Tiny Slut’s left nipple while Elise mirrored her on the right. Belinda used one hand to rub at Tiny Slut’s engorged clit, and the other to raise her head to help her see what was happening to her poor, swollen cunt. Elsie massaged the head of my cock through Tiny Sluts abdomen with one hand while massaging her own tiny pussy with the other.

I had finally managed to cram the remaining two inches of cock into Tiny Slut’s poor ravaged pussy after about 20 strokes. She began shaking in a spasming orgasm. “I’m cum... cum... cummmMMMMing!!!,” Tiny Slut squealed as her pussy began leaking juices in a continual stream which began traveling down her abdomen toward her little tits and the other girls’ faces.

“Me too.”, I growled as the first blast filled her little womb. I intended to feed them the rest. I pulled the long distance out of her stretched hole as she continued to squirt her juices the entire way. There was a slight popping sound as I cleared her cervix, followed by a sigh of relief from her. I filled the remainder of her vaginal canal with a second torrent of semen. The feeling of fully unsheathing myself was nearly agony, she was still so tight. Without the pill she had taken, I would’ve ripped her in half, I guessed.

Once the head of my cock was finally free of her gaping cunt hole, I aimed at the three of their faces, which lay waiting for the remainder. The third shot covered Tiny Sluts upper body and splashed on the adjacent girls’ faces who had paused their nipple sucking while continuing on directly to Tiny Slut’s mouth. I missed the mark on Elsie’s mouth as I covered her face and hair in nearly a pint of cum on the fourth shot. Belinda moved lover and covered the head of my cock with her mouth (which was a poor choice) as Cum erupted down her throat and exploded out her nostrils. I had grabbed the collection tubes just in case, and was glad that I did. I covered the tip of my cock just in time to capture the next 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th shots as the girls gathered closely hoping to receive more, Belinda coughing up more cum along the way. I let the 10th shot fill Elsie’s mouth as she swallowed gratefully followed by emptying the penultimate shot into Tiny Slut’s exhausted looking mouth. Belinda was able to drink the remaining fluid from my subsiding orgasm and all three girls look satisfied.

Tiny Slut collapsed after swallowing and I directed Elsie to drink from her overflowed snatch. She got on all fours presenting her tiny hole(s) to me as she lapped continually slurping up cum while coaxing moans from TS.

I checked the clock, we were only about an hour into our 3 hour session.

To be continued in chapter 3...

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