A Fun Afternoon part 2

A Fun Afternoon part 2

Greg turned with his back to my legs, laid down across them, and held my cock, stroking it gently. He stopped for a minute and dialed a number on his cell phone. As soon as he finished, he resumed playfully tugging and stroking my cock. I was getting hard again, thinking of how nice it would be to have another slow orgasm.

Greg let go of my cock, and pressed his phone to his ear; “Hello, Karen? Hey Its Greg, are you busy?”

“I have a favor to ask of you.” “

“Yes it’s a man thing, I met a guy this afternoon, really nice guy. He lost his wife last year, you love getting any cock you can, and he has a thick long one; will you come over and fuck his brains out?”

“Great, sis, luv you, see you in a few minutes; watch out as you come in, our clothes are in a heap in front of the door. Yes, we’re nude, waiting for your hot body to get here.”

Greg put his phone back on the couch and started licking my cock from the base to across the tip. “Want it good and hard when Karen gets here.”

As Greg licked my cock, I casually asked him if he had ever fucked Karen, He quickly said no, she was his sister. I said, man, you’re both adults now, if you want to fuck, it’s OK. You said she wants every cock she can get, let her have yours as well. We can take turns eating her clit, and fucking her.

“I don’t know, man, she’s my sister.”

“At least give it a try, if she’s willing, go for it. Who knows, she may want your cock; yes, it’s a little small, but it gets damn hard, and you are good at using it. Let’s go for it and both fuck her over and over. I bet she’s gonna love the idea.”

“OK, but you have to ask her, and if she says no, don’t push it OK?”

“OK pal, no fun when its coerced anyway. But I still bet if she wants cocks as bad as you say, she will want yours too. Shame to have someone that is willing to fuck and they don’t.”

I looked down at Greg’s cock, and noticed that talking about fucking Karen had made his cock grow even bigger than when I was stroking it and making him cum. It looked good, sticking up close to his smooth belly with the tip fat and turning purple. I leaned over and licked the little clear drop that was on the tip, and wiggled my tongue in his pee hole. He giggled as Karen walked in.

“Damn, would you look at that; two hard cocks looking like they need to be drained.”, said Karen as she sat next to us.

“Greg and I both want to drain our cocks in your hot pussy, just as soon as we get those clothes off of you. We want to take turns sucking on your clit and fucking your pussy with our hard cocks.” I reached around Karen and pulled her against me and started unbuttoning her blouse while Greg fumbled with her jeans button and zipper.

“Greg is my brother, don’t you think it’s a little strange for us to be fucking?”

“Not at all, you’re both adults, you can freely decide who to have sex with and how much. Actually, I think it would be neat for you to let Greg fuck you. He’s horny, you’re horny; you love cocks, why not have his nice hard cock too?”

“Greg, how do you feel about fucking me?”

“Damn, Karen; I’ve wanted to feel my cock inside of you for some time; I like the idea of us fucking as friends instead of being prudish brother/sister. Let’s go for it.”

“Well, shit, let’s go for it, a cock hard without a hot pussy is a waste, come fuck me silly, you two nice cock holders.”

Greg and I eased Karen down onto the floor, and pushed a couch cushion under her nicely shaped butt cheeks. She came bra less, but still had on some flimsy gray panties with a floral pattern. Her pussy mound was sticking up nicely, and the crotch of her panties had a pretty little wet circle forming.

Reg started sucking and licking her titties while I kissed my way up her legs. She started pushing her pussy mound up and down and moaning softly, as she said, “Eat me boys, eat every inch of my body; yes Greg, suck harder, nibble a little, make my titties puff up for you. Ohh yes, lick my legs, lick your way to my hot clit.”

As I worked my way past her knees, I ran my fingernails lightly up and down the outside of her thighs. She started trembling and bucking up and down. I sped up to get to that sweet mound, still wrapped in gray panties. As Karen bucked up, I slid the panties down, and off of her well formed legs. Her pussy hair was trimmed to about a half inch long, and shaped into a heart. Her pussy lips were clean shaven and sparkling with her juices.

I asked her why she cut her pussy hair into a heart, “Because I love my pussy.”

I used my two thumbs to gently pull her pussy lips open. Inside was the darkest, fattest clit I had ever seen. I slid my fingers up the length of it, and a beautiful little pink bud popped out. I held her clit back tight and pushed the tip of my tongue against the pink bud. After a few seconds, I wiggled my tongue on it, and enjoyed feeling it harden and push back. I replaced my fingers with my lips and hungrily pumped her clit in and out of my mouth. Karen met each thrust by pushing her pussy mound against my chin. As she started getting higher and higher, I let the tip of my tongue brush the tip of her clit each time it slid deep into my mouth. It didn’t take long for her warm pussy juice to start dribbling out and on to my chin.

As Karen got closer to a nice orgasm, she got quiet. I glanced up and saw her hungrily sucking Greg’s hard cock in and out of her mouth, clawing at his ass cheeks. Greg was letting out soft grunts and begging her to suck harder.

Greg arched his back toward me, and yelled out, “Watch this, I’m cumming in my sister’s hot mouth, Yes Karen suck me dry, honey.”

Watching Greg cum in Karen’s mouth made me so horny, I let go of her clit, and got up on my knees. I put her legs over my shoulders, and pulled her warm thighs against my chest. My cock felt like it was about to explode, I was so horny. I rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit a couple of times to get it wet, and shoved it inside of her hot pussy, as deep as I could. H, it felt so good; tight, but warm, moist, and silky smooth. I have never felt a pussy this good before.

Greg turned around and put his head on her belly to watch my cock as it went in and out of that sweet pussy. He ran his fingers all over her pussy hair heart, and told me to hurry up and cum so he could taste her cum mixed with mine. I yelled and came so hard, I almost fell over. Karen bucked and yelled with me that she was cumming as well. My cock popped out of her soaking pussy with a loud plop. Greg grabbed it and started licking it from my balls to the tip. Karen raised up on her elbows and urged us on, begging me to cum on Greg’s tongue.

After a few quick sucks on my cock, Greg pushed me out of the way and buried his face between Karen’s legs, licking her pussy lips as fast as he could. He was stopping every few licks and pushing the tip of his tongue into her pussy hole, and making a slurping sound. I moved up and began eating some titties. Karen was still up on her elbows, tossing her head back and urging us to eat more. I nibbled on her titties as Greg replaced his tongue with his cock. It didn’t take him long to realize that his cock being short didn’t keep him from pushing it into Karen’s waiting pussy. As he banged his cock in and out, Karen took my cock and started sucking on it. I’ve never had such a tight, hot set of lips on my cock. Karen knows how to suck on a cock to bring intense pleasure.

Greg sped up his thrusting, and started moaning. I moved around behind him and slid my cock between his legs and started banging the head of my cock against his balls. He looked over his shoulder, and grinned, pumping even faster and harder.

Karen starte4d moaning and saying she was about to cum. She looked up and saw me pumping my cock between Greg’s legs, and said, “Ohh I like seeing that; fuck my brother while he fucks me.”

Seeing Karen’s wicked grin and hearing her encouragement, I sped up my thrusting and quickly shot my man juice onto Greg’s balls. I fell back, panting. Karen urged me to scoot up closer too her head so she could lick my cock clean. As soon as she made a few slurps up my cock, it was growing hard again.

Greg watched her licking my cock, and sped up his thrusting into her wet cunt. Karen reared her head back and moaned loudly as Greg gave two more hard thrusts and shot his load into her wet cunt. They both sighed heavily, and started laughing. Greg looked toward me and said, “We should have done this a long time ago. I never thought about how much fun it would be to fuck my sister.”

Greg rolled over next to Karen, and I slid between her trembling legs. I sucked her clit into my mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. Karen quickly orgasmed, dripping her warm juice all over my chin. I slid up and pushed my cock into her wet pussy while sucking on her titties. She dug her fingers into my back, pulling me tighter against her hot body. Greg started caressing my ass cheeks, sending a frenzy of pleasure through my whole body. The combination of Karen’s warm, moist cunt, Greg’s hands caressing my ass, and Karen kissing me with her hot pointed tongue exploring every little spot of my mouth, I orgasmed, pushing my 7 inch cock as deep into her cunt as I could.

Before I could move to roll over, Greg was on top of us, shoving his cock between my legs. He pushed until his cockhead was banging against my balls, then started pumping fast and furiously, with his arms around me, squeezing Karen’s full boobs. I started pumping with him, realizing my cock was still inside Karen. I got hard again, thrusting my cock into her cunt while Greg thrust his cock into my balls. We all three moaned out loud, and orgasmed almost perfectly at the same time.

We all laid back, panting and giggling. After a few minutes of calming down, I kissed Karen, briefly tasting her tongue, then she kissed Greg, their tongues brushing ever so slightly. We got up and went into the kitchen, where Karen got all three of us a cold soda. We sat and talked about how good each part of our sex was, and how much we waned to repeat it. Karen told Greg that his cock being only 5 inches was not a problem, it still felt good being shoved inside of her.

Karen had to go to work later, so we went back into the living room and dressed each other. She gave each cock a soft lick and kissed the tip as she tucked us in to our underwear. As she was leaving, we made plans to meet Saturday, have a barbecue, and sex all night. She is going to bring her room mate to add to the fun.

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