I came home from shopping. We girls love to shop and I had been gone for 3 hours. I walked into my bedroom and I smelled two things. Cum and my sons aftershave. Two things I actually enjoy. I had to investigate. I carefully went around sniffing everything. I found the strong cum smell on my pillow. I found two small spots at the edge. I stuck my nose right down to them. Cum.

No mistaking that aroma. I kept going around the room. On my dresser was a picture of me when I was 18 at my Senior Prom. I had on this light blue gown on which made my tits look bigger that the were. I felt it was a sexy picture of me and had a 8x10 blow up made and put it in a nice picture frame. Dad loved it and it ended up on our dresser. I picked it up to look at it again. That’s when I felt it.

The edge was wet. I smelled it….cum. Dad was now gone so it had to be my son. I figured he put the picture on my pillow and wanked on it. The mere thought of him doing that sent a little flow of wetness in my pussy. I looked again and I could see where his knees had been on the bed in front of my pillow. I was now sure of what he did. I was losing a little breath thinking about it. Did he really have that much desire to have sex with me that he did this? I wondered what he thought about while he wanked. I held the picture again, and then placed it where he must have put it on my pillow, right next to the two wet spots. My imagination sent me into a day dream while I stood staring at the picture. I fantasized….

….he was over me, and not the picture….I was getting a close up of him stroking his cock right in front of my face…. his other hand was behind him fingering my pussy…..my tits were pushed together touching his balls….we were both breathing hard as he began to lean over pointing his cock at my parted lips….

“Mom, …oh your home, have you seen my….mom?….are you ok?” he interrupted.
I hid the picture from him quick and said: “I’ll be there in a second.” He continued down the hall talking. I sucked a big breath, closed the door and change my panties which were very wet. I looked at the wetness and realized thinking of my own son did this. I was never into incest, but I sure couldn’t stop the thoughts of it now. I had heard about boys wanking on their sisters and moms panties from other mothers, but now it was me. The aroma of my own wet panties was intoxicating. It was sending me back to my fantasy….I made plans to have a good time fingering myself to a big orgasm tonight! I put my panties under my pillow for later.
The son…..

I wonder what mom was doing? I noticed the picture of her was gone. Oh shit, I hope I covered my tracks ok. I wiped off everything on that picture….I think.
I had another dream about her last night and I just had to wank when she left. It’s her own fault, she never closes the bathroom door when she pees or takes a shower. I can hear her pee, and she just smiles at me if I walk by. The shower door glass is not shaded and she must know I can see her washing her tits and pussy. She’s built so fucking hot, she must know I get boners glancing at her body. She’s teasing me, I just know it and two can play that game. I think I’ll start leaving the bathroom door open and let her see me pee and shower. Let’s see how she likes that.

My mind kept seeing that picture all splattered with his cum. I couldn’t think well that day. I would stop and stare into space and fantasize about watching him wank. Damn I would love to see him do that on my picture. Better yet…..

……oh damn.
If I dare think about him and I…..I can’t let myself do that. I can’t take those thoughts….I have to think of something…maybe if he let me just…..oh jezzzz…what the hell am I thinking about….look at me…I’m rubbing my pussy standing here…..
I kept snapping out of it and went back to my house duties. I felt like I had a fever or something. Damn him, and his wanking on my picture, now it was taking over my mind. I needed a shower.
Since our divorce , I haven’t dated at all. He’s just like him. Same build, same everything. I should get a boyfriend, but I’m not ready for all the dating stuff yet.
I opened the shower door and entered my little fantasizing palace. The warm soapy water always makes me a little horny. Today I was already horny. My fingers went straight to my pussy and I let them have their way with me. I leaned back on the shower wall, and spread my legs wide. I held the hand wand right at my clit and here came an orgasm right a way. My knees buckled and It felt glorious. My pussy throbbed on my fingers so nice.
The son…..

She can’t see me watching her at the end of the hall here. I’d never seen her wank herself before. That was so fucking hot. My girlfriend is gonna get it tonight. If she’s in a bitchy mood, I’ll think of fucking mom while I fuck her. She’ll never know.

That night I sat on the couch in the living room feeling wonderfully horny. I had on my long sheer night gown with no bra or panties, it just made me feel sexy. My son sat across from me in just his boxers. I kept sneaking glances at his bulge and that picture of me kept flashing in my mind. All splattered with his cum. If he only knew how horny he has made me. I laid down and stretched out showing my tits size. Yes you can look at me son, take a good look and have a good wank tonight like I’m going to.
The son….

My girlfriend had to go with her parents somewhere, so no pussy for me tonight. I see mom’s at it again, showing off her hot body. I’ll have a good wank about her tonight. Damn she looks hot. Look at those legs. Warm and smooth I bet. Look at her raise her arms and stretch. She know it shows off her tits so nice. I getting a boner, but fuck it, I’m not even going to try and hide it. Let her look at it and get horny like me. I think I’ll keep adjusting it to tease her now.

He’s getting a boner. I wonder what he’s thinking about, me?, or that girlfriend. I wonder if he cums on her picture too. I’ve got to find a way to watch him cum, I can’t stand knowing he’s in his room cumming and I can’t watch him do it….or maybe not. I’ve got an idea.

“Come sit over her a minute, I want to talk to you.” I said. I didn’t sit up so he had to sit close to me. I leaned on one elbow and rubbed his bare back. I saw his boner get bigger as I talked about what else…. but sex. I pulled him gently back to lean on me and the back of the couch. My tits were now against his ribs. He just stared into space.

What the hell is mom up to, her hands on me are so warm I’m getting a big boner now….fuck it….let it be…she’s causing it. She up to something and I hope it’s me in a way. I feel her body behind me all warm and sexy. Her nice tits are against my ribs…..this is hot. Now she’s starting to whisper. I’ll just lean down to hear her better. I’ll put my hand behind her head and get real close to her.

I’ll just tease her for a change. She started talking about a request of some kind. She went into a long drawn out spiel about it. She was still rubbing my back and her other hand was messing with my hair. Damn she was making me horny. I like this mom, keep it up. I slowly kept leaning down and put my legs up on the couch. Now we were lying together, her front and my back. Now her hand was resting on my tummy, as she drew little circles on my skin with her finger. I snuggled back to feel her nice tits in my back. We were lying cheek to cheek and I could feel her breathing getting real heavy. She was still going on about a secret between us thing. My mind was about those tits of hers in my back, moving in and out. These were all things to think about for tonight’s wank.

Oh damn, he feels so hot against me, I going to get this said. I’ll get him as horny as I can and ‘request’ he let me watch him cum. I never been this hot in my whole life. My poor pussy is twitching with desire to be relieved. Mama’s on her way to finger you baby…..oh god….I’m talking to my pussy…..I want to see him cum so bad, he got to let me do this…I’m actually suffering want to finger myself so bad. Say yes to mama…please son….
My boner is sticking straight out and I don’t care. She caused it and it feels good. What is she talking about, get to the point….what do you want? I got to go wank soon….my balls are starting to hurt. I can feel them moving…soon I’ll wank thinking of cumming in her mouth, it will be a really good one…come on mom…say what you want……


Whispering: “I know you came on my picture and I’m so flattered by it. It made me feel so special. Don’t feel embarrassed by it…in fact that’s what I want to ask you. If you could just….kind of ….a….let me watch you do that sometime….oh…a…. you could just leave your bedroom door open…a little…I could kinda watch you cum big on my picture…and it would make mom so happy ….if you could see your way clear to do that…and …it would be our super secret and no one would ever know what we do…please?


She found out about me wanking on her picture!…damn I feel stupid for getting caught….but….she really liked it and now wants to watch me do it again?….…oh my god…this is over the top hot. Oh yes mom, I’ll do it. This will be the wank of all wanks. Her watching me…door open hell!…she can get as close as she wants….. or under me…oooooo….damn that would be the hottest.
There, I said it. Now he knows his mom is a pervert or whatever he wants to think. I’m mega horny and want relief.
He got up and held me by the hand and led me up stairs. We went into my bedroom and he took my picture and led me to his bedroom. He had a huge boner and laid me on his bed on my side. My heart was jumping in my chest. I was sucking air to keep alert. He placed the picture right next to my face. He got on his knees. I pulled my night gown up and in went my fingers….wow….I was so wet.

He kept looking at the picture and leaned down and kissed it. I shuddered with my first orgasm. He slowly pull his boxers down, pulling them way out to get them over his boner. There it was, big and pink and wet on the end. It was just inches from my face. I felt faint as I fingered my self and watch him start stroking himself. It was going to happen way better than I’d hoped for. I let my thoughts run wild for a change. I wanted to put his boner in my mouth so bad, I was shaking. Would he go into shock if I did? He’s stroking slowly. I think he’s teasing me or just letting it build up to last longer.
I lost it.
I watched my trembling hand raise up and hold his. Now we both stroked him. He didn’t take it away but took his other hand and put it on my tits. I almost fainted as his fingers rolled my nipples. I had been years since a man played with them. We slightly speeded up our stroking. I moved my hand up to the head and felt the fullness in it….then down to his balls ….I wanted it all now that I had the chance. I moved my face closer to the tip. I want to get a full view of his cum shooting out. His eyes were so fixed now on me and not the picture. I’d never seen him so excited as this. I started to lose it again when I felt his hand reach back and join mine fingering my self. I could take no more and in my mouth his boner went. I started one of the longest climaxes of my life. My pussy went crazy humping our fingers. I made sound of joy muffled by his big boner going in and out of my mouth.

He yell a sound I’ll never forget, yet can’t describe. Cum came gushing out hard, past my tongue and hit my throat, over and over. I had to swallow it, but I couldn’t get it all and it came flowing out all over the sides of my mouth. My climax was stuck …ON! My body humped our fingers by itself. The feeling of hot cum filling my mouth was awesome. He held my head and just kept pumping the cum in. I loved it……..

My mom and I have a really big deep dark secret,
We just can’t tell you …..what it is. ...

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