My First Mate

My First Mate

Hi, I am Aditya and this is October 2017. I am a 26 year old and I stay in bangalore now. I am an engineer and work in a reputed company. The incident that I want to share is around 6 years back when I was in college and used to stay in kolkata. Though I stayed in hostel but due to a leg injury happenned to me during a football match in college, I had to stay at my uncles home for more that an a couple of weeks. Whatever I am going to say is true and happened during that period.
My uncle is a high ranking bank official and is a very busy man. He leaves to office at 8 and comes home around 9 or sometimes 10 PM. As I usually wake up late in the morning, I hardly use to see him in the morning. His daughter also used to leave for her school and I had to stay alone with my aunt. This was a very normal day to day routine and I had never seen my aunt as woman before. She was always my aunt. I mean a respectable figure.

But, during my stay that time I found my thaughts changing. I am not sure why. May be because I was getting bored being at home all the time or may be because she was the only one whom I used to see throughout the day, or may be I was not able to satisfy my sexual needs as freely as I could in hostel. In college whenever I felt aroused, I used to lie down on my bed, get under the blanket, turn on some porn and start rubbing my nipples. I don't like jerking off in my bed. I always like to feel the sexual energy build itself up. I enjoy the feeling of my dick getting hard slowly, pushing against my boxers, then pressing the blanket and making space for its enlarging size. I cannot even write how it feels when the head of my cock used to get rubbed against the blanket. Its a heavenly feeling. And finally when i felt i could not control it any longer, then i used to rush to the wash room and shoot off all the cum. As a 20 year old guy then, I used to get aroused with almost anything and there was almost no way to satisfy myself in my uncles house.

On top of this, my aunt was knowingly or unknowingly making it more hard for me. Her age then was around 32-33 and she is quiet beautiful. She is fare, little chubby and cute looking. I always like cute faces. Like a normal lady, she used to wear a nighty throughout the day while doing all her household work. I used to either watch TV, or read my books or play games on my laptop. We used to get time together from lunch till evening 4 or 5 when her daughter used to come. During that time we used to either talk or watch some movie together.

So, this day to day routine was going on and after few days of my stay I realised that I am slowly getting attracted towards my aunt. I was getting turned on now every other time I saw her. I found myself observing her waist from back. It was getting difficult not to stare at her boobs when she used to bend down for anything. All these sexual tensions in me used to arise more when after the lunch we used to sit together and watch movies. After all day work, she used to open some of the buttons of her nighty and sit relaxed under the fan and I could never control my eyes not to get a glance of those doughs of pleasure. Few time i used to go to wash room and masturbate like wild but the urge for tasting her was increasing every hour.
I guess women are far more observing in these matters than men and I now feel she was well aware of my condition and thoughts. It was one such day and I directly went to bed after lunch and lied down. I plugged my earphones in mobile and started listening to songs. After few minutes my aunt came asking if we shall watch some movie to which I said that I was feeling lazy and wanted to lie down for some time. She said very well and went away. After may be 10 minutes, she came with her pillow and said as only we 2 are there in the house then whats the point of wasting electricity by sleeping in 2 different rooms. She asked me to give her some space on the bed. The very thought of her presence so close to be on bed ran down my spine like a wild fire of sexual blast and I got very nervous. After all I was virgin till then and I had no idea what to do with all that sensual energy activated in me. In all that dilemma, I slowly moved to the corner towards the wall and she placed her pillow on the other side.

I was lying down straight looking towards the fan and she slept side wise facing opposite to me. I could clearly see her curved waist and that started arousing me. I could feel her deep breathes lying so close to her. I could smell her long dark black hairs which she kept untied after shower. I was trying hard but my penis was acting like an angry HULK ever enlarging and ready for action. I could clearly see the bulge on my boxers and i was cursing myself for not wearing an underwear. I was planning how to get down with that clealry visible 6.5 inch erection and go past my aunt and wear the underwear. There was no way she could miss that bulge. I was staring at her bums and plannig to wear my underwear when she turned towards me and in a hurry to stop her seeing my bulge, I crossed my leg lightly. But when i saw her, her eyes were closed and the next thing I saw from the hindsite was the crack of her boobs. All the buttons of her nighty were unhooked and the complete breast cut was visible. After getting this much view, there was no way I could control my thoughts and I stopped figting with my desires. I slowly moved a few inches towards her and positioned myself in a way so that i could peep into her night and get the maximun view possible.
I now could clearly see her boobs. They were looking soooo soft. The areola was light brown and the nipples were few shades darker.Her breaths were long and deep and when see was breathing out, i could see her tummy and belly button. My eyes wanted to get inside that peeping window of her nighty and discover all the mystries without a delay. Among all these thoughts, my aunt placed her top hand on my waist as if she was dreaming her husband was lying next to her. I suddenlly looked away so that she shall not see me watching her bare breats but her eyes were still closed. Her hands were just over my pelvic area and any movement of her fingers even an inch lower and she could touch my shaft. By now, I actually wanted her to hold my hard dick and play with it. I wanted her to suck my dick and eat all the juice out of it. I wanted her to rub it, suck it, lick it, fuck it, eat it, chew it,grab it, hold it, and do whatever she wanted to do with it.
I slowly uncrossed my legs and started hoping her to open her eyes and see my bulge and then grab it. But I was getting restless and could not wait much. I gathered a little courage and lowered my pants a lil so that her fingers were now touching my pubic hairs. I then again put back my pant up so as her hand was inside my pants and now i could easily make her touch me. After a couple of minutes I realized she was about to open her eyes and so to be proved innocent I closed my eyes. Now, I could not see if she was looking at me or not. I could only feel and wait for the things to happen.

For next few seconds nothing happened but then I felt her fingers were slowly moving around my bushes and scratching the area slowly. I could feel her nails on my skin and then i felt she came more close and pushed her complete hand till the ankle in my boxers. Her ankle was resting on my belly button and her fingers were rubbing my balls and rolling up and down the entire length of my erected dick making it twig and throb every now and then. She was so close now that i could feel her nipples pressed against my chest. I was almost reaching the climax when suddenly she took her hands out and everything stopped happening. Few seconds passed and I was not sure to open my eyes or not. Then I gathered courage and opened my eyes.

My aunt was now completely nude and looking straight in my eyes. Her boobs appeared to be like balloon filled with juice and a small bite on the aroused nipples would make the juice spur out. Her hairs were loose and almost till her waist. Her lips were small and moist. I was trying to grasp as much of her in my eyes as possible. I was still lying down and she was sitting facing me. She neither smiled nor said a word. She slowly moved and sat on top of my waist and took my hands and placed them on her boobs and closed her eyes. I was little afraid to completely follow my desires as after all she was still my aunt but she started moving her bums slowly on my waist and my hands started pressing her boobs without waiting for permission from my brain. Her boobs seemed to have been of the right size for my palms. I first kept my hands under it and measured its weight. There was slight moist and sweat in the area under the breast. I rolled my fingers in that area and smelled it. The smell was arousing. I then slowly started encircling my fingers around her areola mostly with my nails and i could see her nipples getting tight and erected. There were goose bums all over her boobs specially on her areola. While encircling i started touching the nipples as well. With my every touch i could observe her facial expressions. She was enjoying my touches and wanted more. With each touch i could feel her body getting tight and she used to get twitched.

By now she had managed to adjust herself perfectly on my waist and my dick was directly under her pussy. She was soooo wet and my hard dick was pressed in between her pussy lips. I now started to press the nipples slowly and scratch the tip of the nipples just with my nails. It was like scratching a hidden code. It was her erected nipples and my nails kissing each other. These scratching made her mad and she started moaning and moving her pussy back and forth all through my dick till balls. She then leaned forward and her hairs fell of my face and covered it like a wall. it was like she was looking down at me and I lying down facing her and we both are covered by the wall made by her long dense hairs. As she leaned down, her boobs came in reach of my mouth and I started sucking them. I was rubbing one nipple with my hands and sucking the other. I was pressing one boob and biting the other. At time I pressed both the boobs together and took both the nipples in my mouth and now my hands were free. I started touching all over her back and butt crack. I rolled my fingers over her entire butt crack till her pussy. It was dripping by now and by cock and balls were completely wet. My fingers also got wet and i started rubbing her ass hole with my wet fingers. It was a moist and soft area. I kept on scratching and rubbing all over it slowly. I even pressed it few times.

We were completely in to it when she sat straight again and looked at me. we both were heavily sweating now. Still she did not say anything but changed her sitting position. Now she was sitting on my waist same as before but facing opposite. I could see her back now. She again leaned down and held my knees and started moving her pussy against my shaft. For first few seconds I could not understand what to do and just kept holding her waist as it moved to and fro but then i pulled her waist towards me. I was now directly under her dripping pussy and juicy wet anal hole. Without wasting any time i pressed my lips against her wet pussy and kissed it. It was soo wet that my nose tip and few part of cheek got wet. But then and could not hold my self back. I started rolling my tongue all over her pussy. I swallowed all her wetness and sucked each corner of her pussy. I held her clit with my lips and started pressing it and sucking it. This made her go wild and she took my entire dick in her mouth. I was not aware what she was doing with it before but now i could feel she pulled my foreskin back and started sucking my dick head wildly. Her suction of my penis hole could pull out all my cum all at a time.

By now i could feel she had started cumming. White viscous fluids were rolling down her pussy. I took some in my fingers and started rubbing her ass again. This time I could easily put my fingers inside as it was way more soft and wet and slippery. I started fucking her ass with my fingers and sucking her pussy all at the same time. She was sucking my cock, my balls and pressing my dick hole with her lips. Suddenly she started doing it vigorously and I felt a steep force reaching me pee hole. I started twitching but he pressed her entire butt on my face and pressed my hands under her knees and my legs with her hands, She kept on sucking and sucking and sucking.. and then I could feel I started shooting loads and load of cum. There was a madly sensation in my pee hole when the cum was flowing out. Her lips were around my hole sucking all of it and pulling more and more out. After some time when all my cum was busted out and i was finally not shivering out of extreme pleasure, she loosened her grip on me. There was her cum all over my face.

She now went off me and looked at me again. She still did not say a word. She went straight to washroom and cleaned her self. I also went to the other washroom and took a shower. When I came out she was in kitchen and her daughter had come. It was almost 4:45 PM and I went on to the balcony to enjoy the sunset.
I still see the same memories in my dreams and still I have no explanation what my aunt was thinking about me through out the entire evening.
If you liked my writing and want to know about more such experiences of me then please write to me.

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