Banging my roommates girl

Banging my roommates girl

When I graduated college I moved into an apartment with a friend from high school. He wasn't much of a ladies man, he actually had a hard time picking up girls. Each weekend I would go out and pick up girls at the local bars and bring them back for a night of no strings attached sex. After awhile I started feeling sorry for my friend and decided that I was going to hook him up. A girl that I randomly had sex with told me that she had a girlfriend that was looking for a nice guy. Right away I thought of my roommate. We planned on going out for dinner and then catching a movie. When we went to pick them up I was amazed on how good this girl looked. The first thing I noticed was her large breasts. They were definitely "D" cups. The rest of her body was tight.
The night was a total failure. My roommate was very shy and didn't talk much. Here was this beautiful girl and he was blowing it. The night ended and we went back to our apartment. I began to tell him that he was crazy for not making a move. He said that he was shy and didn't know what to do. For the next year I continued to do my thing and he continued to stay at home alone. Then one Saturday night I told him that he was going to go out with me to the bars. He was reluctant at first but a little persuasion and he was on board. The night was going well for me and I looked over and saw my roommate sitting alone. I walked over to him and told him to start talking to girls and things would fall into place. That is when I saw the girl he went out with a year earlier, we will call her Christina. Right away I told him that he should go up to her and buy her a drink. He took my advise and before long I saw them sitting together having a couple drinks. He ended up going home with her that night and they began dating.
Christina spent a lot of time at our apartment. Even when my roommate went to work she was there. After a few weeks I got comfortable with her and we all became friends. She often asked me why I had settled down like my roommate and I would respond by saying that I wasn't ready. She began to share with me how my roommate was inexperienced in the bedroom. That is when I knew she needed more. My roommate got switched to third shift at his job so Christina and I were at the apartment alone every night. One night I had planned to go out with a few friends, so I said goodnight to Christina and I was on my way out for a night on the town. We had gone to numerous bars before ending up at our usual hot spot. When I walked in I saw Christina sitting at a table with some of her friends. I walked over and asked what was up. She told me that after I left one of her friends called and asked if she wanted to go out for some drinks. Shortly after arriving her friends were ready to go but Christina wasn't. She asked me if I could give her a ride back to the apartment. I told her yes and we spent the next few hours at the bar. Christina became drunk and became very flirtacious. She was holding on to my arm and grinding on me.
I knew I had to leave before any of my friends saw us acting as we were. Once we got outside she thanked me for giving her a ride and told me this was the best time she has had in a long time. Little did she know what was about to happen. When we got back to the apartment I knew I had to act fast. I asked if she wanted to watch a movie because I didn't want her to go to my roommates room. We sat on the couch and I popped in a movie. She had requested that we watch a scary movie and I glady approved as I knew this would make my job even easier. I turned off the lights and told her that we had to have the full affect. As the movie started she moved closer to me. And it wasn't long before she was practically on my lap. Each scene got her closer to me. She had her head on my shoulder and her arm was across my chest. I knew that I had to make a move. I then reached my hand down and put in on her leg and started massaging her thigh to get a feel of how she was responding. In turn she began to rub my chest. I knew then that she wanted exactly what I wanted. I then turned to her and looked her in the eyes and she gave me the biggest smile of approval. I kissed her on the lips and we began to tongue wrestle and our hands began to explore each others bodies.
I didn't waste and time putting my hands on those enourmous boobs. I was overwhelmed on how firm they felt. I began to take off her blouse. She removed my shirt and I began kissing down her neck. With one hand I undid her bra. Slowly kissing down her neck I found my way to her nipple. I began to suck, bite, and lick each nipple until I had her begging for more. I then removed her pants along with her panties. I knew based on previous conversations that my roommated had never eaten her out. I wanted her to know exactly what it was like to have a full sexually experience. I began kissing around her vagina and then found my way to her clitorus. I sucked and licked it for what seemed liked hours. She bucked her hips in satisfaction. I then removed my pants and boxers and I didn't want to waste any more time. I slapped her lips with my cock just to tease her. I then inserted an inch at a time to tease her. She begged me to give it to her. I then began fucking her fast and hard. She screamed and moaned with pleasure. I got up and laid on my back and told her to get on top of me. I wanted to see those big boobs bounce as she rode me. It wasn't long before she climaxed and I followed close behind. I told her I was about to cum and it drove her to ride me harder. She then got off me and began to suck me off until I cummed. She swallowed every last drop and contiued even when I went limp. She told me that my roommate had never fucked her like I did. We got cleaned up and went to our separate bedrooms before my roommate got home from work. Since them we have had many encounters. I just had to take care of some unfinished business because I could never leave a girl unsatisfied.

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