Sam & Alicia 9

Sam & Alicia 9

I have written this assuming that you have already read Sam & Alicia 1 to 8.

When I woke up next morning, Katrina was propped up on one elbow looking at me. She looked happy.

“Good morning sleepy head. Did you sleep well?”

“Yes, I slept like a log. You look happy. Would you like another fuck?”

“Yes, I feel very happy. I should be shocked by all the things that I learnt about you all last night, but I'm not. Instead I feel proud that you have included me in all your sex. My parents would be horrified if they knew, but I'm just thrilled to be part of it. No. I'm not ready for another fuck. Can we do that later? For now all I want is to feel your body pressed against mine. When Alicia wakes up I want the three of us to have a shower together again. Is that OK?”

Then she pressed her upper body against mine and kissed me. Her nipples felt great pressing against my bare chest. When she broke the kiss I pushed her away gently, then extracted my arm, which was trapped between us, and used it to pull her back for another kiss. While we were kissing I felt the bed moving, then something warm and wet wrapped around my cock which was already erect.

“Katrina. I think that Alicia is already awake. I think that she is giving me a blow job. Ahhh!”

And I unloaded my cum into Alicia's mouth.

A bit later, we were making so much noise in the shower, playing with each other, that Wendy could not make us hear that breakfast was ready. Eventually she opened the door to the shower stall and pulled me out to get my attention. She also was naked.

“Sam! Tell Alicia and Katrina that breakfast is ready, please.”

The three of us went to breakfast naked. Ted and Wendy were naked too. As we finished breakfast Katrina gazed out the window.

“That was great thank you Wendy. My god, what a beautiful day. Wouldn't it be lovely to lie naked on a beach on a day like this.”

Which caused Ted to ask, “Sam, Alicia, is this the same Katrina that you brought home with you last night? The one who was reluctant to show us her body?”

I replied, “Ted, I think that that Katrina has been replaced by a sex fiend. I hope that you like the new Katrina. I know that I do.”

Then Wendy cut in, “I agree with Katrina. I think that we should all go to Obelisk beach for an hour or two. What about if Ted?”

“Yeah! It certainly is a beautiful day for the beach. OK kids, put something on and get your block out. We're going to Obelisk.”

On the way to the beach I sat in the back seat between Katrina and Alicia. They were both wearing singlet tops with very large arm holes, which meant that from the side, I could see the swell of their breasts almost all the way to their aureolae. I couldn't resist stroking first Alicea's breast, then Katrina's. Neither girl made any objection.

At the beach we found a vacant patch of sand big enough for our 5 beach towels and settled down to enjoy the sun and the sights around us. I got busy spreading block out all over Alicia's and Katrina's bodies, paying particular attention to their breasts and pussies, but also being careful not to miss any part of the rest of their bodies. They in turn shared the responsibility of protecting me from the UV rays from the sun, paying particular care to protect the organ most important to them both, my cock.

Ted and Wendy spread block out on each other then lay back and started to read the books that they had brought with them. I just lay there, perving on all the beautiful, naked, young women through my sun glasses. I assume that Alicia and Katrina were perving on all the beautiful, naked, young men through their sun glasses. I may be biased but I decided that Alicia and Katrina had the most beautiful bodies on the beach. After a while I needed to cool off, so I pulled Alicia and Katrina to their feet and suggested we take a dip in the water.

We played for a bit, splashing about in the shallow water, then Alicia suggested that we walk along the beach to see the sights. The beach was so crowded that we had to walk in the shallow water; there were people who had even spread their towels over the wet sand at the edge of the water. At the end of the beach there was a tumble of large boulders, with a few people sitting or lying on them. We found a spot a little apart and sat together.

Katrina said, “It's funny, you know. Because everyone here is naked, it would be embarrassing to be wearing a bikini, wouldn't it.”

We both agreed. Then Katrina asked:

“Tell me Alicia. Do you think that Ted would fuck me?”

“I'm almost certain that he would, but only if you ask him. He wont make the first move. Why? Do you want him to fuck you next?”

“Yes. It was so wild last night that I found it thrilling. I want to be as uninhibited as all of you. I want to experience every thing.”

“Everything?” I had to ask. “What about being double fucked like Ted and I fucked Wendy last night? Do you want to experience that too?”

“I'm not sure about that because I'm scared about being fucked in my arsehole. What is it really like, Alicia?”

“Well, I was scared at first, too. The first time that Sam fucked my arse, Ted was fucking my pussy at the same time. It was so exciting that I didn't feel any pain, just orgasm after orgasm. Since then, with Sam, I find that I really like it in my arse, at least as much as in my pussy.”

In the car, on the way home from the beach, Alicia brought the subject up.


“Yes, Alicia. What is it?”

“Katrina wants to have you fuck her cunt while Sam fucks her arsehole. Is that OK?”

“Shit, Katrina! Are you the same Katrina who seemed so shy last night? You really want a DP?”

“Oh! Yes please. It was so wild watching you two fucking Wendy last night. I can't wait to try it”

As soon as we were inside and the front door was shut, we all stripped off the little clothing that we were wearing (Ted and I just had on shorts, Wendy was dressed like the girls.) We placed all our beach towels, one on top of the other on the floor. While Alicia went to fetch some lube, Ted lay on his back on the improvised mattress and Wendy sucked his dick 'to get it rock hard' although I think that it was rock hard already, I know that mine was. As soon as Alicia came back with the lube, Wendy got out of the way, allowing Katrina to impale herself on Ted's cock. Ted and Katrina held still while Alicia poked a generous amount of lube into Katrina's arsehole, wiggling her finger around because she knew that it would give Ted pleasure. Meanwhile, Wendy was applying more lube to my hard cock. Wendy then lined me up with Katrina's arse and urged me forward. (Not that I couldn't have done all that for myself but it was nice that everyone was involved.)

When she saw that I was having difficulty penetrating Katrina's tight hole, Alicia leaned across and pulled her bum cheeks apart, trying to make it a little easier for me. Finally I pushed about 1/2” in and just held still for a bit.

Eventually Katrina told me “More!” so I pressed forward again. Bit by bit I inched into her until at last I was balls deep in her. At that point Katrina let out a satisfied “Ahhh!” and I knew that she was ready for fucking. Since Ted and I had done this a number of times with Alicia and Wendy and Rosalie, we quickly established a rhythm which worked for us both.

“Oh! Fuck yes! I've never felt anything like this. Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Apparently our rhythm worked for her too! When Katrina's orgasm swept through her, her words became incoherent, but it was pretty obvious what they meant. Then, through Katrina's thin membrane, I felt Ted's cock pulsing as he pumped his cum into her cunt. Seconds later I dumped my load into her bowel. I just held my cock inside her until it shriveled and slipped out. Then I moved away and Katrina rolled off Ted onto the pile of towels, beside him. The serene look on her face was beautiful.

After Katrina rejoined the living world we all went for showers, Alicia Ted and Wendy in one shower, Katrina and me in the other.

“Sam, why did Alicia go to shower with her parents?”

“Just for a change, Katrina. Since we all started fucking each other, Alicia and I are very close to her parents and my parents too. Don't worry. You'll get to feel Alicia's hands on your body before you go home.”

“My god! I've really changed in just one day. I can't believe that I now long to have Alicia and you in the shower with me. Do you think that I'm weird?”

“No, Katrina. I think that you are a beautiful, sexy young woman who has just woken up to her own sexuality. Rejoice in it, Katrina. Many people don't learn to enjoy sex until they are much older than you.”

“Oh! Thank you Sam” And she kissed me under the shower.

We ate lunch out by the pool, enjoying a bit more sunshine. All of us were still naked.

When lunch was over Alicia piped up. “Wendy got a DP last night and Katrina today. I think that it's my turn. How about it, Sam, Ted?”

So we went through the business of fucking Alicia the way that she wanted. Alicia, Ted, and I enjoyed ourselves, as usual. Wendy helped me with lube, and she looked quite happy about what she saw, but the one who seemed most excited was Katrina.

“I can't believe that I have just watched a mother help her daughter's boyfriend fuck her daughter in the arse, while that daughter's father fucked her in her pussy. And on top of all that I'm standing here, naked, watching and cheering them on. None of those things could ever happen in my home, and yet my parents aren't prudes; they know that I'm here to lose my virginity and they are OK with that.

“I think my family is pretty normal, but I think that this family is much happier than mine. You all seem to love each other, and I haven't seen any of the normal conflict between adults and adolescents, that I observe in other families. I'm so glad to have experienced all this.”

“Well thank you Katrina. We weren't always this close. You should get Sam and Alicia to tell you about how we came to be so open with each other; they and Rosalie really started us off.”

(Read that story in Sam & Alicia 1 to 8)

After that I left the others talking about the differences between our celebration of sex and more 'normal' families/groups, and went to check my emails. There were a couple from Josh, the most recent suggesting another skype hook-up. By now it was about 2pm on Saturday in Sydney so I checked the worldclock on the web and discovered that it was 9pm Friday night in San Fransisco, so I checked Josh's status on skype and he was online. I clicked on 'video call' and he answered almost at once. He was naked also.

“Hi Josh. How are things?”

“Great. My life has been wonderful ever since your mom got here, and guess what, Rosalie's nearly finished up here and when she flies home, I'm coming with her. I'm on my summer break now and don't have to be back in school until September. Can you and Alicia spend some time with me while I'm there?”

“Great! Yes, of course. Unfortunately we are still in school, but we'll spend as much time with you as school allows. There's someone new here that you should meet.”


“Yes. Is Rosalie there? I'd like her to meet Katrina too.”

“OK. You get Katrina and I'll fetch Rosalie.”

I went back to the others.

“Hey you guys. Come and meet Josh. I'm talking to him on skype.”

So we all trekked into the room where my laptop was just as Josh and Rosalie and Gerald and Mary came into view on the screen.

Katrina nearly died with embarrassment. “You didn't tell me that it was a video hook-up.”

“It's OK, Katrina. These are our friends, and they can be your friends too. Josh, Rosalie, Gerald, Mary, this is Katrina. She's staying with us for the weekend, and she's really into fucking. Why don't you all introduce yourselves?”

“Hi Katrina. I'm Josh, this is my pop, Gerald, and these are his two girlfriends, Mary and Rosalie. Rosalie will be coming back to Australia soon and I'm coming with her for a visit. Sam and Alicia have promised to show me a good time, and I hope that you will be part of that good time. Will you?”

“I don't believe this. I was a virgin 24 hours ago, now I'm agreeing to give a boy, who I've only met minutes ago, through a computer, a good time.”

“Hey, Sam. I hope that you were gentle with Katrina for her first time. I'd like to think that I can be proud of my son.”

“He was great, Rosalie, you can be proud of him. It was nice that Alicia was there too, between them they gave me a great first time. Since then it has been pretty wild; I've even had a DP with Ted and Sam.”

“By the way, these are Alicia's parents, Ted and Wendy. I hope that you will meet them next time that you come to Sydney. Rosalie hid you from us, Gerald, the last time that you were in Sydney.”

“I did not hide him from you. You were all in Avoca together and Gerald and I only had a couple of days together before he had to fly home.”

“Maybe. That's not what Josh tells us. He thinks that you two had a pretty wild two days.”

“OK. So they were two wonderful days. I don't think that any of you have been going without while I was away.”

“OK. I didn't mean to sound jealous. I think that I'm glad that you're coming home soon. I didn't realise that I had missed you until I saw you on the screen. Ted and Wendy and Alicia have been wonderful, of course, and having Katrina here for the weekend is great, but I think I'd like to hold you again, maybe even fuck you, again.”

“Sam! A stranger listening to you would have thought how sweet to hear a teenage son talking to his mother so affectionately, until you got to the bit about fucking me.”

“Well, it's how we are. When are you coming home?”

“I'll be landing on Saturday morning at about 7am.”

Wendy then said, “Make sure that Sam has your flight details. We'll all come out to the airport to meet you. We've all missed you.”

“Thank you. You'll be able to meet Gerald and Mary in person in a few weeks time. They'll be visiting before Josh goes home. I hope that all of you will find them as exciting as I have.”

After that there wasn't much more to say. Soon after we cut the connection.

To be continued.

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