The Birthday Present - Barely Legal_(0)

The Birthday Present - Barely Legal_(0)

It was her eighteenth birthday and she was trembling with excitement as she walked up to the bar. The man she was meeting had told her to dress as slutty as she could so she was wearing a lace top with no bra, her smallish perky tits with tight pink nipples completely exposed and a mini skirt that barely covered her ass. This wasn't going to be her first time by any means but it would be her first time with a "grown-up" and she had been talking with him online for weeks but he refused to fuck her until she was legal. As she approached the door of the sleazy bar she was walking up to, she thought of the depraved things he had promised to do to her and walking into the dirty bar barely dressed was the first step. She knew she was being tested to see if she would follow his instructions but she had no idea it was going to make her so hot knowing that every man in the bar would be looking at her and fantasizing about being the one to fuck her young tight body.
She could feel her pussy juice wetting her thighs as she pulled open the door and looked around for her date. He was sitting at the bar, a good looking man about forty-five, his dark black hair with a little grey at the temples, he looked like a guy who would have sex with his wife once a week in the missionary position, nothing like the guy who was going to use her like a cheap cum bucket for her birthday. He looked over at her as she walked over to him and she watched his eyes rake her body from the sky high stilettos to her young face. She stopped in front of him and he immediately reached under her skirt and shoved three fingers in her tight wet cunt.
"Mmmmm" he murmured "at least you follow simple instructions slut. I wasn't sure you would walk in her e after you saw the place"
He didn't know her name was Pheobe, he had told her from the beginning he had no interest in who she was, he had no intention of calling her anything other than slut, whore, bitch or cunt. She didn't know his name either, she was only to call him Sir, Master or Daddy.
"Got any ID" the burly bartender asked her and pulled her attention from the man stuffing her cunt with his fingers.
She pulled it out and handed it to the bartender and she got her first real look at the place she was currently being molested by a virtual stranger. The bar was very dark and was filled with mostly men, men who looked like bikers would be the best description, big men with long hair under bandana's and covered in tattoos. The few women in the bar looked like well used whores and most were currently being groped by the big rough men. Almost all the men in the bar were staring at her. She looked about 16 at most and had an almost angelic look to her with her long pale blond hair and bright green eyes.
She felt the man's thumb roughly rubbing her clit and came right there while staring at the rough looking men staring at her.
"Thank you Sir" she whispered quietly as he pulled his fingers out of her.
"Get on the stool cunt and I want you to make sure you show every man in here your cunt as you climb up"
She smiled at him, her dimples flashing as she climbed on the stool with her legs spread wide. Her bare cunt on display as she climbed up.
The bartender handed her Id back to her and asked what she would like to drink. She looked over at her date, she already knew better than to make a decision without his input.
"Get the whore three tequila shots, I want this bitch so drunk she doesn't know what we are doing to her"
She smiled sweetly at him, totally spellbound by him, then it hit her "We?" she asked timidly but getting more excited by the second. She had been passed around at a couple parties by her ex and loved it looking around at the scary men in the bar she almost came right there thinking of them using her.
"Of course you dumb slut" sneered her date "if I wanted you to myself do you really think I would have had you walk in here looking like that, I'd get killed trying to get you out of here without at least a couple of these guys taking a round out of you. " he leaned closer "I like inflicting pain not receiving it bitch." He reached out and twisted her left nipple until she cried out.
The bartender put the shots on the bar in front of her and her date released her tit and told her to drink up. She quickly drank all three shots as her date ordered her three more. Then he told her to turn around with her legs spread wide until one of the guys came over to take her to the bathroom to fuck her.
The tequila was already clouding her head pleasantly and she turned around, her wet cunt on display for the bar. It took less than five minutes for one of the patrons to walk over to her.
"you better be willing to share that pretty little cunt your flashing or we may just have to take it" he said as she smiled up at him.
"You'll have to ask my date if you can have me" she said shyly looking up at him through her eyelashes.
"go for it" her date said lightly "let me know if she is as good as she looks"
The big man grabbed her by the arm pulling her roughly behind him towards the men's room. He pulled her inside and she almost gagged at the stench of urine as he grabbed her by the hair and shoved her to her knees with one hand pulling out his semi hard cock with the other.
"suck it bitch and I better not feel any teeth or you will pay" he growled at her as she stared at the 6 inch cock in her face.
She leaned forward and slowly took the tip in her mouth suckling like a baby, she felt his hand fist in her hair and took more and more of him in her mouth, feeling his cock harden and grow. He put both hands on the back of her head ramming his cock in her mouth till she started chocking, he held her there with one hand and used the other to slap her face.
Tears started streaming down her pretty face as she struggled for air.
"look up at me while I fuck your dirty mouth" he growled deeply "and spread those legs, I want to see that cunt I'm going to destroy in a minute" she looked up into his face as she felt the tip of his cock deep in her mouth , her skirt already up near her waist from when he shoved her to the floor, her legs spreading wider and wider until she couldn't spread them anymore.
She could see the hard gleam in his eye as she shoved his cock even deeper in her mouth, she could feel her face bright red and feel the sting of another slap across the face "you like that dont you slut" he said roughly slapping her again.
He quickly pulled out his now 8inch cock out of her mouth and pulled her up by the hair and bent her over the urinal shoving his cock balls deep in her pussy. She cried out as he grunted, he pumped a couple times pulled out and came all over her legs , zipped his pants and walked out.
She felt slightly disappointed, her cunt throbbing wishing he had punished her even longer. She felt like going out into the bar and begging for another cock. She straightened up pulled her skirt down until it just left the bottom of her ass exposed and walked back into the bar. She could feel the cum dripping down her legs.
She smiled as she walked over to her date and once again stood in front of his with her legs parted. He reached up and once again shoved 3 fingers in her cunt.
"Hmm, not used enough for me yet" he sad then turned her around and told her to bend over the stool. He shoved two dry fingers roughly deep in her asshole. "did he fuck this" he asked
"No sir" she said meekly "would you like me to find a cock for my asshole"
He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over to the pool tabled in the back of the bar where there were about 15 guys playing or hanging around the four pool tables.
He roughly pushed her to bend over one of the tables where a game had just finished and growled in her ear "spread your legs wide slut and reach back and pull those ass cheeks apart, show all these men than pretty little asshole and I will let them know it is open for business" then he turned to the guys standing around
"here is some prime eighteen year old cunt and asshole, I prefer well used cunt and asshole so please use her until she is so covered in cum she is no longer recognizable" and he walked back to the bar. He leaned over and talked to the bartender then came back with his drink to watch the show.
She could feel the air on her exposed cunt and asshole until all of a sudden a huge cock rammed her cunt making her scream as he stretched her. She felt the man attached to the cock lean over her and whisper "MMMMM I love when Jake brings dirty whores here" she could feel his breath on her face and could smell his disgusting breath as he spoke. She gagged at the smell as he suddenly pulled out of her cunt ramming his cock in her tight little asshole making her scream. She heard the cheers of the men around her as she screamed with tears streaming down her face. Once the disgusting man came in her cunt and other one climbed on the table and told her to get on his cock . She quickly climbed up and rammed her hips down taking the third cock for her into her cunt and felt another cock enter her now well lubed asshole .
For the next hour, she had so many cocks in her cunt mouth and asshole she lost count. When her date finally called a stop to it, she looked nothing like the slutty angel who had walked into the bar an hour and a half before. Her date grabbed her by the hair and pulled her form the bar. She was covered in cum from head to toe and both her cunt and asshole where gaping open.
He pushed her to the ground and spit on her.
"You're a disgusting cum pig, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole" he laughed as she lay on the ground in the parking lot "maybe next time"
He walked over to his car and drove away leaving her there crying and aching for even more

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