Getting Spanked by Mom (part 3)

Getting Spanked by Mom (part 3)

For the first time in a while I wake up an hour before my alarm. I actually slept good last night. I'm hungry, so I go downstairs to get me some cereal hoping Mom is not awake yet. I'm not ready to face her. I walk into the kitchen, and I was greeted my Mom.

"Morning sweetie. You're up early." She asks, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yeah, I slept the whole night," I reply. I’m surprised she is happy this morning.

"I guess your chastity belt worked," she says. I never thought much about it. However, I guess it did work even though I want this to miserably fail. She continues, "Let's talk about yesterday. Mrs. Donna and I wanted you two to develop a relationship that is more than just sex. It needs to be about love, commitment, and trust. You need to control your urges to let those things develop. Well, I guess both of you need to. Don't worry honey. Even though you both are young, we will let you satisfy you urges, together, or make love when you can prove your control of your urges and what a relationship is about. Okay?"

"Okay," I reply. "Can you take this thing off now?"

"Not yet honey." she tells me. "Let's wait until tonight."

"I'm guessing when Mrs. Donna and Amy are here."

"You are learning quickly, sweetie." She goes to work, and I start my chores. I do more than I need to because I am trying to forget about my frustration about this chastity belt not letting me play with myself. When Mom comes home, she starts to make dinner. I actually help her because I am so bored. I make conversation about her day and other cooking tricks. I am learning how to cook. She is really pleased, but I just want to make her happy to get out of this cage.

Mrs. Donna and Amy come over for dinner and we eat. Amy comments on how sweet I am after taking everyone's dishes after we eat. Mom announces that it is time for my chastity belt discussion. She talks about how my behavior has improved with it on and not just about the masturbation.

"Okay honey." She explains the procedures. "I am going to give you a choice. This first choice is that I will remove it for ten minutes. If you do not get an erection, you get to spend the night with it off. If you DO get an erection, you are immediately put back in it for three weeks." I think I might be able to do that. She continues, "The second choice is that it will stay on for another week." Wow! I don't know if I can go another week with that thing. Then again, if I can't control it, it will be THREE weeks. I think I should tell her option one.

Mrs. Donna interrupts, "Oh I forgot. For those ten minutes, Amy will do a strip tease for you." Oh no. I can barely keep it down without thinking about sex. They set me up. I know I can't argue because then it will become four months.

I reluctantly decide and tell them, "I don't think I can do it. I'll take week."

"Good boy," Mom tells me. "This first step to controlling your urges is to understand them. Here's the deal. You may not ask about removing it before it is time. You may not complain about wearing it. I don't want you to even mention it unles it is an emergency. Or else I'll add a couple of weeks." Okay, one week. I can do that.

A few days have passed by. I will not talk about them much because nothing has really happened. I have been extremely good help with chores and everything else. I have not even got close to getting a spanking. Amy and I are becoming extremely close and in love. We enjoy every minute of each other. I am getting use to the chastity device. I've got good at peeing with this on. My frustration about not being able to get off is disappearing. Tonight, we are at Mrs. Donna's pool. Again, the girls are topless and in their thongs. I enjoy the view but not much can come of it. However, my thong did not fit right over my chastity device, so I'm nude just wearing the device. It's not really bothering me, but the girls are enjoying it. It does feel good to go skinny dipping.

"I think I'm going to be punished today," Amy tells me.

"What did you do?" I ask.

She explains, "Mom caught me masturbating this morning? She was really pissed. Now I'm the one that can't control my 'Urges'." I felt bad for her. Our punishments keep getting more severe. Eventually it's time.

"Everyone, it's time to go inside for Amy's punishment. She has been masturbating too much," Mrs. Donna says out-loud.

I get seated with the best view. Although I can't get pleasure out of it, I still want to admire Amy's lovely body. Amy is ready to get it over with and takes off her thong. Amy gets a good beating with that hair brush.

Once as it is done, Amy gets up and starts to put on her thong. However, her mom interrupts, "Wait a second honey." She pulls out a box. "You are unable to control your urges too. So I also got you something to help control yourself."

Amy becomes outraged, "But, Mom. Why? Please, don't. I promise I will never do it again." She starts crying heavily. "I don't want to be put in that. I ... I can't..." She can't speak no more. She just gives in.

Amy's mom opens the box and pulls out a couple of metal bands. Her mom explains, "I had it rush delivered after that episode where we just both of you alone. Billy was already locked up. So, it must have been you trying to get him to satisfy your urges. And today I confirm that you can't. This is a female chastity belt. It is more of a belt and underwear. It will let you pee. See the holes. And poop. See the big ring. Let's get this on." Her mom puts the waistband around her and locks it.

"Mom, it's too tight. Can you loosen it?" Amy asks.

"No." Her mom explains, "It will not work properly if it is loose. I don't want you to be able to slip it off or enough to play with yourself." Her mom then puts the band around her pussy and ass crack. She tries with all her might to make it fit tight.

"Ow. Ow, Mom please stop. It hurts," Amy says in pain.

"Okay, that should do," he mom says and starts moving the steel bands around to see if her pussy becomes available to touch. "Yep, no more masturbation. Can't even have sex. So, one week in this and we will discuss about if you can take it off. Like for Billy, I don't want to hear you complain about. I don't want to hear you ask to take it off. Understand me?"

"Yes mam," Amy replies.

"Oh, and one more thing. Since now both of you are in chastity, you now can spend time alone together. Tomorrow when both I and your mom go to work, I want you to come here and be with Amy. You can develop your relationship without supervision since neither of you can have intercourse, oral sex, or even masturbate."

Wow. I like that. Now I won't be bored during the day and spend time with my love. This is awesome.

For the past few days, Amy and I have been spending all day together. We spend a lot of time making out and fondling with her breasts (It's the only thing we have access to). We help each other with our chores giving us plenty of free time. We have become madly in love. We just can't have any sex.

We have just had dinner at my house, and Mom brings up the subject of my chastity. "Billy, you have been wearing the chastity belt for a full week. You never complained. You never asked to have it taken off. And, you've been a real darling especially with you chores and helping me cook. It also looks like you have been spending a lot of quality time with Amy. Amy, how is Billy's behavior been for the past week."

Amy responds, "Billy has been awesome. He helped me with my chores, and he is a great listener. He has been very polite and always does whatever I ask of him. love him. Billy, I love you."

She loves me. I can't believe it. This beautiful girl loves me, and I love her too. But, I need to say it. "Amy, I...I love you too." Her eyes become wet as she begins to cry. Actually both our moms look very emotional too. Maybe all this love can get me out of this device.

"Okay Billy," Mom says ready to explain what I need to do. "We'll do the same game from last week. Option 1 is that I take off your device for 10 minutes and you must stay soft. And, Amy will strip for you. If you stay soft, you get one hour without the device to give yourself a release. If you get a stiffie, you are immediately put back on the device and stay on for three weeks. Option 2 is that you wait another week."

"I think I'm ready," I tell Mom. "I'll take the ten minutes."

"All right Billy," Mom says, "Take off your clothes." I quickly remove my clothes and Mom takes the key from around her neck and unlocks the device. She slides of the tube and removes the ring. So for I'm not getting erect. "Good Billy," Mom continues. "Okay, your ten minutes start now. Amy, give him a strip show." Amy stands up and starts removing her shirt. She then slides off her jeans, so now she is just in her bra and her chastity belt. Luckily I have already seen this today before our moms came home. However, I'm not thinking of any sexual stuff. I'm just thinking how I love her. She then removes her bra, and her lovely tits are now free.

I decide it would be best to fill the ten minutes with conversation. I talk to Amy about how much I loved her and how I'll be with her forever. That really got to our moms. All of a sudden the ten minutes are up. No erection!

"Billy you did it," Mom says. "You win. Not only did you control yourself, you found something more important than sex, your love for Amy. So, you can go to your bedroom and get one hour to give yourself a release any way you like. Okay?"

"Any way I like?” I reply. I have an idea. "If I can have any way, can I have...Amy?"

Mrs. Donna chimes in, "We didn't think about that. But, I guess that will be your reward. You can have Amy. But, she keeps her belt on."

Amy and I start running to my room, but Amy stops to ask her mom, "Mom, I don't want to get in trouble like last time. What are we...permitted to do?"

Her mom replies, "Anything you want except have the belt taken off." Amy smiles and drags me to my room.

She pushes me onto my bed, and we start making out. She starts fondling my dick and balls. It is the first time she has been able to touch it. I quickly get erect.

"Oh, it’s so big. I wish I could have it in me. But, don't worry. I'll take care of you." Amy starts stroking my member. It is the first time anyone has every jacked me off. She then spits on it to give some lubrication. Now it is a sloppy hand job. It feels better than I've ever experienced.

"Amy, I going to cum," I tell her. I am getting real close. "I'm cumming. Fuck. I'm cumming." Ropes of semen full of force start flying out hitting the headboard of my bed. It also hits Amy on the cheek as she is too close. That was one powerful orgasm.

Amy uses her finger to wipe the cum off her face then puts it in her mouth. "A little salty, but I like it. I want more. Wow Billy, that took only five minutes. 55 to go. Let’s see how many times you can cum."

"That felt too good," I tell her. "I don't know if I could get hard soon."

"We'll see about that," she says as her head goes down and starts licking my flaccid member. The sloppy hand job was awesome, but this felt better. She takes my cock into her mouth and starts using her tongue to make circles around the head of my cock. I become fully hard again. She starts moving her head sliding my dick in and out of her mouth. I go along moving my hip with her movements. I want this feeling to last forever. Luckily because I just came, I am lasting a lot longer.

"Amy, it feels so good," I tell her, "Fuck. Oh Amy, fuck me with your mouth. Fuck me good." Now she is really worked up. I can finally feel my cum ready to squirt. "Amy, I cumming. I'm cumming again." I thought she would back off, but she does not. I start cumming and she keeps going. I keep cumming in her mouth. A little bit of cum comes out the side of her lips as she is having trouble swallowing it all. My orgasm finally stops, and she takes my dick out her mouth.

She licks off the cum from her lips and says, "That was awesome. I really like eating your cum. I love you so much." She goes back to my dick and puts it back in her mouth. She cleans off my dick nice and shiny. She comes forward, and we embrace on a passionate kiss. I'm stunned by the taste of my semen as I wasn't expecting it. But, I keep kissing her not wanting to end. I notice that we still have thirty minutes to go. But, I'm contempt on just laying here with Amy in my arms.

I grab her left tit and take it into my mouth. Amy gasps and starts moaning. Her right hand finds my dick and starts fondling my junk again. I start to get hard, and she starts stroking while I switch boobs. I lose track of time and realize we only got five minutes left.

"Amy, we only got five minutes left," I quickly tell her. "I can't be left hard like this. I need to cum one more time." I want to be in a different position, so I get up and stand next to my bed. Amy comes up to me and takes my member into her mouth again. I put my hands on the back of her head to control her movement. I also move my hips with her head so I'm basically face-fucking her. I can tell myself hitting the back of her throat, and she starts gagging. She is not backing away, so I keep going. I try to put more and more of my dick in her to see how far I can go. But, it eventually become too much.

"Amy, I...I," I try to speak, but I starting cumming down her throat. "Fuck, fuck." My spasms start to go down. "Amy...are you okay?"

She moves back and releases my dick from her mouth. "Yeah, I'm fine. But, that was almost too much. I didn't know it could go that far."

"Billy," Mom yells from the first floor. "Time is up. Get your ass back here." We run downstairs to the living room cumpletely exhausted.

"Honey, you look like you got a workout. Amy, you look shitfaced. Are you guys feeling all right?"

"Yeah," I tell Mom.

"I'm fine," Amy says.

"Okay, let's get the device back on," Mom tells me. "Amy put your clothes back on." Mom starts putting the ring around my sack, and Amy starts dressing. The tube is back around my penis and the lock is back on. "I'm so proud of you," Mom continues. "You looked like you enjoyed yourselves. Sometimes it is best to delay gratification until you are ready so show your love. You will have another week with it on. I want both of you to continue working on your love for each other."

I wonder how far and how long this game will be. I got to enjoy what a blow job feels like. I can't wait for sex.

It has been a few days since by chastity device has been put back on. Today, Amy reaches one week and will have her chance to take it off for an hour. Amy and I are in her room browsing the internet. Our moms are in the living room when they call for us.

"Amy," her mom says, "it has been a week with your chastity belt on, and you've been a delight. Your chores are well done, and your behavior has been perfect. You have been in that thing for a week, so I'll give you an hour to get yourself a sexual release. Take off all your clothes so I can unlock you."

I'm a little upset. She doesn't have to play some stupid game like I did. I had to prove I couldn't get an erection when visually stimulated. Maybe it is hard to tell with a girl. I find it unfair.

Her mom grabs two keys from her neck. "Here it is," she says. "It’s this one." Why does she have two? Does she have mine also? No, I can see that my Mom still has my key. Anyway, Amy starts to strip in front of us. She removes her t-shirt and she is not wearing a bra. She slides down her sweat pants and now is just in her chastity belt. Her mom unlocks all the locks and removes Amy's belt. "You got one hour," her mom tells her.

"I'm taking Billy with me," Amy directs her mom.

"All right sweetie," her mom replies.

Amy grabs my hand and leads me to her room. She throws me on the bed and jumps on me. We start kissing heavily as she pulls up my shirt. We break the kiss to get my shirt off. She pulls down my pants, and I remove them. We return to making out, and my package with chastity device is rubbing her pussy. My dick becomes as much erect as it can in its small space. She breaks of our kiss and pushes my head down to her right nipple. I start sucking on her nipple as my right hand reaches down to her pussy. I start stroking the length of her slit while I continue nibbling on her tit. I can feel her pussy getting wet. I take two of my fingers and enter her pussy. She screams in pleasure.

"Oh, that feels so good. Finger my cunt," she cries. I never hear her use foul language. I move my fingers in back and forth while I use my thumb to rub her clit. I move to her left nipple for equal time. "I'm about to Oh...I'm about to cum...I'm cumming. Shit, I'm cumming." She buckles in pleasure screaming. I'm sure our parents heard. I continue fingering her while she orgasmed, not knowing when to stop. "Okay, stop. Stop! Too much," she screams. I immediately stop. I want to taste it. I take my fingers that were in her cunt and I suck on them. It tastes a little musky, but I want more. She sees me taste it and says, "Kiss me now." I move up and we start kissing. She obviously wanted to taste herself.

She grabs my head again and starts pushing me lower. "Lick my fucking pussy. Eat me. Eat me out," she says while breathing heavily. I spread her legs apart and lick her cunt up and down. "Oh, that feels great. Make me cum again." I move my mouth to her clit. I'm unsure what to do, so I use my tongue to lick and make circles around her clitoris. "Fuck. Your tongue feels so good. Don't stop." I take her advice and keep doing that for a few minutes.

I decide to change it up a little, and I suck on her clit. She starts jerking her body around. She yells, "FUCK! Cumming!" Her pussy instantly become even wetter and starts drowning me. It doesn't smell like urine. She just squirted me. I keep eating her out while she is cumming, but she pushes and forces me off of her. I guess she couldn't take anymore. I move back watching her jerk and spasm un-controlling all over her bed. She finally stops moving and her breathing slows down. I move to lie on the side of her.

"That was too good. Do you think sex is even better?" Amy asks.

"I hope so. All I want to do is make you feel that good again."

"Well not right now. I need a few minutes to recover. That felt so good. I love you so much."

"I love you too. I'm glad I can give you that experience." We just lie there softly kissing each other while I lightly pet her pussy.

"We got ten more minutes," she tells me. "One more time?"

"Of course. I'll do anything for you." I move back down and insert three fingers this time. She starts moaning, and I start licking her clit up and down. Her moans get louder.

"Fuck. Your tongue feels so good. Your fingers fell so good inside me. I wish it was your cock inside me. Keep going. Don't stop." I keep going and increasing the intensity. "I'm going to cum. I'm about to...Ahh...I'm cumming so hard." I get completely drenched in her juices as she cums for the third time. "I'm cumming. Shit. Billy. Oh fuck. Stop, too much. Too much." I slow down and remove my face from her pussy. I look up and see that her eyes are closed and the biggest smile in the world. I have never been so happy. Even though I didn't orgasm, I was able to make this girl have to most unbelievable pleasure that I will hope make her stay with me forever. Only five minutes remain.

"Okay, let's go back before I get in trouble," she says. I quickly put on my pants and shirt, and we go meet our moms. I'm nervous now because Amy was so loud.

Amy's mom happily shouts, "Wow! That sounded awesome."

My Mom interrupts, "Billy, you're all wet. What happened?" I couldn't answer as I was too embarrassed.

Amy's mom asks my mother, "Does he have an older brother?"

Amy is now embarrassed and tells her, "Mom, stop it. I don't want to hear it. I don't want to stand here naked all day. Can you put it back on?" Her mom starts fastening the belt and putting on the locks.

My Mom answers the question, "No other brother or sibling. However, his dad was that good. Too bad he was such a fucking jerk. Billy, you treat that girl right. You don't want to lose such a wonderful girl."

Amy is back on her chastity device and clothed again. Her mom tells her, "You have been such a good girl lately. But I'll keep you on the belt for another week before your next release."

"Amy," her mom says. "It has been a week. Time for your release."

"Thank you Mom," Amy tells her and hugs her. Amy started undressing. We are at her house today, and we just finished a good dinner. I guess it is time for me to pleasure my beautiful girl. I enjoy making her feel good. I wish I could get a release. It has been more than a week since I have been let out of my chastity device. Wait.

I ask my Mom, "It's been more than a week since I’d been released. You promised last time another week. I've been good. I did all my chores. I cooked. I..."

Mom interrupts me, "Oh honey, you’re right. I must have forgotten. I'll release you after Amy is done. I'm sorry Billy. I’m surprised you forgot too. You must be getting in control of your urges." It would be nice if she could unlock me now. But, that would be too good to be true."

"Wait, Joanne," Mrs. Donna says. "Both of them have been wonderful, especially together. They spend all day together and never fight, argue, or even complain like other couples do. They pleasure each other very well and sexually in tune. I think it is time. Billy, you can take off your clothes too. Wait, I changed my mind. Both of you remove each other’s clothes."

I couldn't believe my ears. I look at my Mom and see her huge smile. I walk up to Amy and start kissing her. I pull up her shirt, and I pull it over her head. She then slowing removes my shirt. I put my hands behind her and unhooked her bra like a pro. I slide off her bra and start kissing her sternum between her tits. I give her a few kissing on each nipple before she pulls me up and unbuttons my jeans. She pulls my jeans and my underwear down together, and I'm left in just my chastity device. I, in turn, remove her jeans, and now she is also left in her chastity belt. Both of our moms then come up and gives both of us a hug.

"You are so going to enjoy this," Mom tells me. "My baby boy is going to become a man." She unlocks by device and pulls the tube off. My cock springs directly to attention. I look up to see Amy's device coming off. I grab her hand and escort Amy to her room. I lay her down on her bed and get on top of her. I start kissing her while I feel my fully erect cock pressing on her wet pussy. We break of our kiss and look up. I can see both our moms in the doorway watching in anticipation.

"Are you ready?" I ask Amy. She nods her head. I grab my dick and aim it for her juicy cunt. This is it. I'm not going to be a virgin no more, and I'm taking my lovely Amy's virginity. I need to try to remember this for the rest of time.

I slowly start to push in. Amy moans softly, and I can feel her moist pussy starting to surround my cock. I try to take my time as I move further in. I can see my cock disappearing into her. Her pussy is so tight that is pushing back. I keep moving in until I feel some sort of barrier. I reached her hymen. I’m going to break it.

"It's going to hurt," I tell her.

"I know. I have never been more ready for this. Billy, I love you so much. Take my virginity." I slowly push harder and harder. She screams as it finally gives way, and then I fall completely in her. My cock is completely engulfed by her cunt. My dick in her pussy. My penis and her vagina are together as it should be. I start to rock back and forth and slide my dick in and out. I can't believe the wonderful feeling I'm getting. I start to speed up a little and notice her tits bouncing up and down with my movements. Amy and I lock our eyes together, and I can see that she is experiencing the same wonderful feelings I am having right now. We are making love. We are having sex. We are fucking.

I have really picked up the pace, and Amy is moaning constantly. Amy screams, "I'm going to cum. I'm cumming." She starts cumming heavily. I keep ramming her as hard as I can. Her orgasm starts to subside, and I feel my orgasm building. However, I start slowing down bringing me back from the edge. I don't want it to be over after a couple of minutes. I need to stretch this.

"Did you cum? Why did you slow down?" She asks.

"I don't want it to over yet. I want to give you as many orgasms as I can give you. Don't worry about me. I'm pleasuring you." I pull out, and pick her up guiding her into a doggy-style position. I get behind her and re-enter her pussy. I start pounding her again and hear slapping sounds as my waist slams her ass.

"Oh, your cock feels so good inside my pussy. And your balls are hitting my clit. Oh fuck me." Even though it feels so good for me, I keep control of my pace so I don't cum yet. I want this to last forever. She buries her head into her pillow and start screaming. I can feel her pussy squeezing my dick. She is cumming again. I think it is time. I pick up the pace until it puts me over the edge.

"I'm cumming Amy. Your tight pussy is making me cum so hard," I scream. It's happening. I'm cumming in her. It is the best feeling of all time. I'm orgasming in a pussy. I can't take this. I nearly pass out as I collapse onto Amy. We both are trying to catch our breath.

"That was awesome," I tell my lovely Amy. "You are awesome. I love you so much. Um, I hope you are on some kind of birth control."

"Yeah, I had problems with my period not being regular. So, I've been on the pill for over a year," she tells me. I would like to have a family someday but not now. I just want to spend the next couple of years banging the fuck out of this girl.

"Hey, you are still hard," she tells me. Yep, it never went down. "This time, I'll ride you." She gets on top of me and guides herself down on my cock. Her pussy is extremely wet as I can feel my cum still in her pussy. My dick disappeared again in her cunt. She starts moving herself up and down, riding me faster and faster. She screams "fuck!" every times she lands on me. Since I just came, my dick is really sensitive. It is hard for me to take, but Amy is enjoying it way too much. I am enjoying to view of her pussy continuously swallow my cock, her tits bouncing every which way, and our moms are still watching. I can feel my orgasm on its way. Unfortunately, I cannot delay it because Amy is in control, riding me as hard as she can.

"I'm cumming Amy. I'm cumming into you pussy again," I tell her.

"I'm cumming too. Oh fuck. Cumming," she screams. I again release my next load into her as I am having to most powerful orgasm I ever had. My orgasm slowly dies away, and I see Amy sitting on me completely soaked in sweat, shivering. She falls forward onto me. I wrap my hands around her and kiss her.

"I love you Amy," I tell her.

"I love you too Bill," She replies.

The next thing I know is that the sun is out. Did I just fall asleep? I am still in Amy's bed, and we are still in each other’s arms. Her blankets are on top of us. I can't believe our moms let us sleep together. She is still sleeping hard, but I'm hungry. I hear someone in the kitchen, so I slowly slip out of bed trying not to wake Amy. I notice that my chastity device is back on my junk. My mom must have put it back on me. However, my clothes are in the living room. Oh well, everyone seen my naked already. I work my way into Mrs. Donna's kitchen and notice just my Mom in there.

"Good Morning Billy," Mom whispers. "How you’re feeling, my big man?"

I notice my Mom just wearing a long t-shirt and no bra. "Tired. I feel great, but tired. Did you sleep here too?"

"Yeah. You guys feel asleep fast, so I crashed here," she says.

"Well, I'm hungry. Do you want me to fix breakfast?"

"Sure, I'll help. How about pancakes? I'll get the batter," she says as she bends down to open a cabinet. Her shirt rides up, and I can see her wearing a silver thong. I did not want to see that. Wait, it looks like metal.

"Mom, are you wearing a...chastity device?" I cautiously ask.

"Um, well...I guess you noticed. I am."

"But, who has the key?" I ask.

"Um, Donna has it."

"What? You're kidding me. You and Mrs. Donna? I didn't know. I had no idea you were into women. I think it's cool. You have been alone for as long as I can remember. I am so happy you are with someone."

"You do! I'm so glad. Thanks Billy. I love you so much," she tells me.

"I love you too Mom."

"And just to let you know," Mom tells me. "It is pointless for Donna and me to each pay a mortgage on a house. Since their house is newer and has a pool, I'll sell our house and we'll move in with Donna and Amy. Don't worry, Amy and you can share her room."

We make a wonderful breakfast, and I guess the smell of the food awakens Amy and her mom as they came down together. They are joyously discussing last night.

"Oh, breakfast is already made. Thank you Billy," Mrs. Donna says. Amy is already dressed in a camisole without bra, but wearing panties. She doesn't have her chastity belt back on. I notice that I never did put my clothes back on. I'm still in my chastity device.

I have to ask, "Why is Amy not in her chastity device, and I am back in mine?"

Mrs. Donna answers, "Well, I like being in control. I don't know if you noticed, but I'm now control your mom's chastity. And now I want my daughter to be in control of yours. Joanne, give me your son's key." My mom slips the necklace with key over her head. Mom gives it to Mrs. Donna. "Amy, you have earned it. Billy is now yours and completely in your control. I offer you his key." Her mom puts the necklace around Amy's neck.

"When will you let me out?" I ask Amy.

"Billy, I don't want you to ever ask that question again," she says in a dominating voice. "You will never ask about taking the device off. That is completely up to my discretion now. I will decide, and you will never ask. I will keep you in it for as long as you misbehave. It will not bother me because you are such a good pussy eater. However, if you behave, if you obey me, and if you show your devotion to me, I will let you out regularly, and we will experience last night again and again." She wraps her hand around the cage holding my package. "You know what. I love seeing you naked. You will now stay nude for now on around the house. Time for your spanking."

"That's a great idea," Mrs. Donna says. "Bitch, take off that shirt." Mom removes her shirt. I think we got more than we bargained for.


All three parts were written together, and this is where I originally planned to end it. However, I have gotten many comments about having the tables turned. Therefore, I will try to continue the series with the comments I receive in mind. I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I did proofread a few times, but I guess a few things slipped. I will try harder. The next installment may take a few weeks, so be patient.

I also got some comments on how most of this is child cruelty and the mothers should go to jail. I agree that no child should be spanked (or even put in a chastity belt). However, this is fiction. I was never spanked or abused as a child. Maybe, that is why this is a fantasy of mine.

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When Jack had just finished on the shooting range when Jack how are you able to fire that weapon every one that has fired that weapons has been ether burned from the inside out or they were just killed out right. Jack now noticed that he had been Found out and just said I picked up the weapons and just started to fire. why is their something wrong. jack asked. John was now on the phone to the president say that they had found one of the two Umbra and that he does not know what he is. OK thanks for...


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Mare Mounted

JoJo is a 36 years old beautiful muslim woman, separated from her husband for a year. She is a friend of a middle east business partner. She invited me to come over to her house. She arrived home at the same time I arrived, we greeted each other, with that, she turns quickly on her heel, and is off to the back door of the house. I watch her ass in those tight jeans. I had to reach and adjust my cock in my pants. I'm uncomfortable with my hard cock in it's current alignment. I moaned to myself, imagining what...


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How to Break Your Brat Ch. 1

Tyrone's and Emma's relationship began online. They met on an avatar site and were both very into kinky ideas. A relationship soon hit off but it was never a steady one. A few weeks into the relationship, Emma ran off. Why? Was it because Tyrone was too controlling? Was it because he wasn't good enough? He seemed to think so for months. Until they met again online and got back in a relationship once again. But, as clockwork depicted, she ran off once more. Tyrone was distraught and sad because she ran off again. He blamed himself further, going off into...


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A Fantasy Too Far Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 She pulled herself together in time to go to work like nothing ever happened. Just a normal Monday morning. She supposed that all things considered, she wasn't really cut out to be a basement slave for the rest of her life after all, but living out the fantasy of it would have been better if it had lasted longer. Though just like fairy tales and romantic comedies ending at the wedding, stories and roleplays of breaking the will of a kidnapped slave always stop after the exciting parts. The monotonous routine of the day-to-day slave life afterwards is almost...


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Our Loving Friendship

Hello, I’m new to sex story writing, so please be gentle. For the story I’ll make things easier on myself by using people I know as characters. In this instance, I’ll be myself and make it first-person and the fruit in this literary venture will be a girl I know called Sarah. First let me describe myself, my name is Craig, I’m 6 feet tall and 184lbs. I have a handsome image (I think/hope), which includes a six pack, blue eyes and a nice jaw line. Oh and brown hair. Next, the girl… I don’t know her height, but I’m good...


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Just a bus ride...Honest 3

The world just seemed to freeze. I couldn’t believe it, I felt as if she had betrayed me completely, even though we had only known each other for a day and a bit, it felt like a dagger in the heart, why was she so flirty today, she must have known what she was doing, but she still did it even though she had a boyfriend. Not wanting to think about this for a moment longer I closed down the page and the world began to spin again. “RALPH ARE YOU LISTENING? Yelled the teacher from the front of the class...


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Angel 2

Angel 2 © This is a fantasy. Any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental. ******************************************************************* Angel stared in surprise, as the funny looking man is the striped pants dabbed the tears running down his face with his tail. “Who are you?” She asked. He stopped crying long enough to answer. “I thought everybody knew that.” He said. “I’m the Stripped Tailed Cat.” He said waving his tail proudly. “Most just call me Stripe. See how long my tail it is? Aren’t the stripes beautiful?” Angel agreed the tail was indeed nice, and then asked. “Why did you call me...


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Hell House

Copyright 2018 by the author. All rights reserved. Hell House By Randy MacAnus As I sat checking my monitor wall, I said to myself, It's good to be rich. You can afford the most delightful hobbies! I have lots of hobbies, but my favorite is breaking straight college boys and turning them into whores for men. There are easy thug ways to do that, of course. But I like being creative and elegant in my perversions. Now mind you, there are a lot of really good and decent young men out there, that don't deserve to be fucked over like that...


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"Would you like Two of me?"

“Would you like Two of me?” This takes place in the very near future….. ….I’m Lisa, and I took a big step and secretly put a clone and robotic combination of myself together. My company thought it was just the latest robot girl I had created. I waited for just the right guy to test it on. I finally found what I was looking for. He was handsome, sexy and young. Perfect…. --------- …Ron…. …I received information about a company wanting someone to try out their latest robot girl. I looked into it and it sounded interesting. I contacted them and...


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Curves: A Real Workout

Ben had just turned 26 when he got took the job. His mom and sister had really gotten into exercise after the excesses of the holidays, and by early February they were working out five times a week. Neither mother nor daughter was particularly overweight, but they enjoyed the time together, and they noticed almost immediately that they had more energy. The two made a routine and were sticking to it. Barbara and Torey Reynolds were members of Curves, a women-only circuit-based exercise facility. There were several near their home, including one at the strip mall up the road. Ben drove...


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