My Daughters Best Friend Pt 1

My Daughters Best Friend Pt 1

This story is fiction and was originally written in longhand in a spiral school notebook before laptop computers were even invented. Probably while I was at work as a movie theatre projectionist in the early eighties. I first transcribed it into an early word processor around 20 years ago and saved the floppy disks until I bought a modern computer. Here is the text, as is. I hope you like it.

My Daughters Best Friend Pt 1

It was around 3 in the morning and I was sitting at the kitchen table, with my legal pad in front of me, pen in my hand and my mind as blank as a Washington congressman during the winter break. I got up and opened a new box of red wine and poured some for myself. I was wearing only a terrycloth robe and my boxers. It was a full moon and enough light was coming in the window near the table that I didn’t turn the light on. I sat back down and looked at the entrance to the kitchen blankly as I sipped my wine.

I continued drawing up an outline for my next book. I had some ideas for another novel but hadn’t run them by my editor yet. Presently I heard some footsteps coming towards the kitchen. I figured it was either Audrey or Katie coming down for a midnight snack. Audrey is my 17 year old daughter and Katie is her best friend. Audrey and I have been living together for many years now, ever since her stupid drunk mother abandoned us both and took off with a younger male neighbor that had been supplying her with booze and other party materials.

I hired a lawyer to get me a divorce and full custody right away and made out a new will as well. Since then having to raise a young girl by myself has not been the easiest of tasks. Sometimes I think I am too protective with her and sometimes I think I'm too loose; but if I’ve learned one thing it is not to continuously doubt myself, it would not work. And on her side, she has been a great daughter, she listens to me, as long as I'm fairly reasonable, and she has never gotten into trouble. However, in so many ways she's like her mother, especially her looks. She's blonde and very beautiful, in a very feminine way. She has her curves; her breasts I imagine are somewhere between a C and a D cup; she knows they're beautiful and she doesn't shy away from showing them off in her various ways. Her waist is thin and her hips are full and she often displays the same flirtiness as her mother used to have long before she was born.

Katie is her closest friend, or at least the one I see with her most often. She is in many ways opposite to her in looks, but just as beautiful in her own way. She is taller than Audrey with longer legs and much more athletic. Her hair is black and long, her breasts are a B cup or less and she has the tightest, thinnest body, ass and legs I've ever seen on a girl of her age. Not emancipated mind you, just kind of a walking toothpick, I might think this, but I'd never say it.

Believe me, it's not a very easy thing, trying to keep ones thoughts fatherly with two 17-year old females like that running around my house all the time.

And it turned out to be Katie. She obviously was not aware of my presence in the kitchen and for whatever reason, I didn't say anything. I might have been busy staring at her ass. She was dressed in a nightgown and a shortie robe. It barely went lower than her little butt – interestingly enough I couldn't see if she had on anything under it – and she obviously was not wearing her bra, because the shape of her small breasts were quite easily showing through the silky robe, and it was fairly open down the middle. She clearly was not expecting to be seen. She went over to the fridge and opened it. Then she bent over and started looking for something. I quietly sat there and watched as the lip of the robe went up exposing her lovely little ass. She was wearing something underneath after all: a tiny red g-string thong. I smiled to myself, and as I turned my head back down to the legal pad, cleared my throat. She let out a scream, jumped and hit her head on the top of the fridge. Poor thing, I felt bad.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

She faced me quickly and straightened her robe, while I looked away.
"Mr. Turner, I didn't notice you sitting there."

"Yes, guessed that. I didn't realize you were there until the light in the fridge came on. So what brings you down here at 3 in the morning? Insomnia, I assume? Sort of like me."

She took a deep breath and was back under control of things. "Yes, something like that. She leaned against the counter with her hands clasped in front of her, inadvertently pushing her breasts together, showing me some skin. "I figured, I'd get some juice or something, or maybe watch some TV until I got sleepy again."

"Well, don't let me get in the way. I always have trouble sleeping through the whole night and I'm just doing some work." I pointed my pen towards the legal pad in front of me.

"Oh cool. Hey, then maybe you wouldn't mind talking for a bit or something, would you sir?"

I put my pen down. "Not at all Katie, it's not often that an old guy like me gets to chat with a lovely young lady like yourself."

She smiled and pulled a stool from the kitchen counter and sat down next to the table in front of me. The stool was higher than my chair, which fortunately, or unfortunately, afforded me a clear line of sight to her slim, bare thighs and whatever lay between them every time she crossed and uncrossed them.

"So, what are you writing? Is it a new book?"

"Well, if it works out, it will be someday. If my editor says he likes the idea, so we'll have to wait and see."

"Great. What's it about?"

"Well, it's kind of a memoir of a young or middle aged man on the verge of death, about his youth, his college days, his past loves, stuff like that."

"Cool. Is it about your past?"

I chuckled, dangerous question. "Yes and no. You always use some of your own experiences and some of other peoples and you make up the rest. The longer I write the more easily the pages fill up."

She shifted her long legs, and I got another glimpse at her red thong. I quickly looked back up and I felt bad, because she'd just caught me. I quickly changed the subject.

"So how was your night out with Audrey?"

"Oh same as usual, we came home from the movies and got dressed up in our nighties and started talking about boys, trying to figure out ways of getting a date! Audrey wants me to help you find someone too! She says you're home alone too much."

I was a little thrown off by her statement. "What? Are you serious?"

"Of course. You know Audrey really worries about you."

"Well that's sweet of her... and you, to worry about me, but it's really not necessary."

"But don't worry; it's not the only thing we talk about. Mainly we talk about boys our age that we like."

"Hmm. I see." I was getting curious. Mostly because of something that happened quite a while ago. I have always been quite liberal with Audrey, not really minding much about who she's dating, or what she's doing with them. She's a very attractive young woman and I know there are tons of boys her own age out to get into her pants, but I'm also sure of how she's been brought up, so I trust her. What had happened that one night sometime ago when she had a boyfriend over had been the only time that I had any negative feelings about her decisions. That night I was also having trouble sleeping and had heard noises from up in her bedroom. Her door had been open just a little and I couldn't help taking a peek. What I saw was a bit a bit of a shock for me.

There was Audrey and a boyfriend in her bed. He was on his back and both were naked. She was on top of him, kneeling over his face backwards and leaning down over his dick. She was going down on him, holding and sucking it while her bare pussy was just inches from this little dweebs face. I went back downstairs to my bedroom quickly and quietly closed my door. I never said anything to her about it and she never mentioned it either, but it kept me awake a few nights.

At first it was because of something I'd noticed that night which bothered me. The whole point of 69 is that both people get oral pleasure at the same time. But what had struck me was, while my daughter was sucking this guy's dick, he was just leaning back and moaning even though her crotch was almost in his face and he should have been reciprocating. He sure had a lot to learn! It was odd for me to be worrying about this, but I did.

However as time went on I realized that what was really sticking in my mind, in addition to what I already mentioned, was that I found my daughter to be so incredibly sexy. She was perfect. Her large breasts swinging free, the way they were just hanging there, her lovely thighs open, that beautiful round ass up in the air. I found myself having very un-fatherly daydreams. But I put it out of my mind. Now with Katie talking about their boyfriends, the image came into mind again. I had to shift myself; otherwise my rising erection would have been seen. "So who's Audrey dating now?" I said nonchalantly.

"Oh, right now, no one."

"I see... then do you know this guy she used to be seeing...?" Then I gave a brief description of the guy I'd seen with my daughter.

"Oh yeah, that's Dave, her ex. He is such a jerk"

"Yeah I know."

"Oh? How is that?"

I'd been caught and I turned red. I stuttered a few incoherent words and then resigned myself to telling Katie what I'd seen. She listened very intently and looked as if she was trying to conceal a smile the whole time. Then she started to play with her fingernails and said quite nonchalantly:

"Yeah, that’s him alright; he's just like that. Everyone at school knows it. At least all the girls. But he's a really good looking guy, on the football team and all the girls think that he must be so great in bed. They feel that the previous girl was the problem and not them. Audrey made the same exact mistake."

"I see." I didn't know what else to say. I watched once more as she crossed her legs and gave me another glimpse of the tiny red cloth between them.

"What about you Mr. Turner? You're not at all like Dave are you?"

I was startled by the question; it was the kind of question that whatever you answered you were in big trouble. "Of course not Katie. Sex is supposed to be about pleasure and giving each other pleasure not just receiving it. When you get to my age, you realize that you get as much pleasure from giving it as you get from receiving it."

Smiling, she leaned forward a bit. I glanced down below her chin at the bit of her breasts exposed by the V of her robe. "That's exactly what makes older men like you, so sexy, Mr. Turner. It isn't all about rushing into the actual sex. You like to prolong the experience and share the pleasure."

Then she got up and went back to the fridge to put the V8 juice bottle back. Once again she bent over to put it in and gave me another glimpse of her beautiful ass and the red g-string tucked up between the small cheeks that barely covered her pussy. Then she closed the door, turned back and came over towards me.

"Tell you what Mr. Turner; since you've been such good company for me tonight, I'll do you a favor so you can fall asleep." I waited with surprise and sudden anxiety. "I'll give you a nice back massage, that'll release enough endorphins into your body that you'll sleep like a baby. And you will find out that I give an excellent massage."

I recomposed myself and said with a smile, "Alright if you insist."

"Ok then, come here and sit on this stool." She went around behind me. "It would really be better if you took your robe off."

I hesitated. Underneath I only had on my boxers and was worried that if I took my robe off, my erection would be clearly seen; but I bit the bullet and said ok. As soon as I felt her hand touch my back, I was struck by it. It was so smooth, so wonderful, so young. And then she started to work on my back, starting with my shoulders.

"You're very tense and tight up here Mr. Turner." And she worked them hard. I was impressed by how strong her grip was. But then again, I knew she was athletic, so it wasn't too surprising. She slowly worked her way down, to the middle of my back and slowly going lower. By this time I had a raging hard-on and there was no way of concealing it. Her hands were magical and while she massaged my back, I had images of her and her tiny red thong, my daughter's naked body and a ton of other thoughts going through my head. As she was massaging my sides, I suddenly felt her hand reach around the front, into my boxers, and grasp my cock around the long shaft. I was shocked. I looked down and there it was, my erect cock, half out of my boxers, with young Katie's hand around it, stroking it up and down.


"It's OK Mr. Turner. I told you, I just want to help you relax," she said this with a smile as she came around to the front. Her shortie robe was now completely open down the middle and I could see all of her lovely little breast and the stiff brown nipples peeking out from under the robe! Her legs were parted and I finally got a good look at that red thong. It was small and real tight nylon and I could see her pubic mound pressing firmly against it.

"Let's get you out of these." She said as she tugged on my boxers. I obeyed. I was standing there naked in my own kitchen, in front of a 17 year old friend of my only daughter, with my dick very hard and pointing right up at her. She took my throbbing cock in her smooth hand once again.

"Let's go into the living room." Leading the way in front of me she started pulling me along by my cock. We went to the living room and I sat down on the couch, my stiff cock at full attention. She was standing in front of me, between my open legs. She took her robe off. I drank in the sight of her hard, slender, athletic body. I could tell she was aroused as well because her little nipples were sticking out at least half an inch and the tiny red thong had a wet spot on it. Then she sank onto her knees in front of me and looked at me while stroking my cock up and down all the way along the shaft. "You have a real nice cock Mr. Turner. I've only seen a few, but yours is really nice and much bigger than some guys my age."

She said all this as she bent down and took my cock into her mouth. It was magical. I was watching her head going up and down on my lap, I could feel her warm soft tongue as it licked along the under side of my shaft. It felt so good. It had been a very long time since I'd had a blowjob and you know as well as I do that there are NO bad blowjobs! It’s like eating pizza, even the worst slice you ever ate wasn’t all that bad!

I reveled in the feeling of my swollen cock being sucked by this talented young teen. I watched her move, her long, straight hair brushing against my legs, her firm little breasts quivering as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Then she pulled her mouth off of my cock and while stroking the wet slippery shaft up and down, looked at me with a smile and said "How am I doing so far Mr. Turner?"

"You're just amazing Katie!"

Then she started sucking again. I leaned back and closed my eyes. She started to gently massage my full balls, one at a time and I felt that I was quickly approaching orgasm. She sucked very hard, taking my entire length into her mouth, then pulling back and licking the underside ferociously. As I neared orgasm, she took my cock out once again and started to stroke it hard.

"Oh... honey, I'm going to cum!" And as I said that, with Katie still holding my throbbing shaft firmly in her hand, I came. My first shot hit her around the chest and neck. She then quickly took my cock back into her mouth and resumed sucking it while swallowing voraciously! I was flying. It was just amazing; I continued squirting cum into her mouth until my balls were empty! She continued to slowly suck and play with my cock in her mouth, while I slowly started to become soft.

Finally she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with a smile. There was a bit of cum on her lip and she licked it with her tongue. Then she looked down at her chest and we both saw some cum on her breasts and some running down toward her smooth belly. She laughed.
"Wow Mr. Turner, that was pretty strong, looks like it has been quite a while..."

"Look, Katie, I'm really sorry about ...."

"Mr. Turner... PLEASE... Don't say anything. I liked doing it very much, it makes me really horny. It's not like it's my first time. I don't care, I'm glad you liked it."

I was flattered. I looked at us. I was sitting on the couch naked and this 17 year old goddess in front of me kneeling on her knees, with my semi-hard cock in her hand and my cum spattered on her chest. Then she picked up her robe and got up. "Hey, where are you going?"

"Well I gotta get cleaned up and both of us have to get some sleep."

I got up quickly and put my hands on her narrow hips. "That can wait," then I took her robe out of her hands and directed her to sit on the couch and said, "It's my turn now sweetheart. It's only fair, no?" She looked up and smiled. I got down on my knees and spread her slender legs. I looked at her beautiful body, and at the little red thong. Then I grabbed it by the leg elastic and pulled it down slowly. She lifted her butt and allowed me to pull it off all the way. Then putting my hands on her inner thighs I opened them wide and took in the sight of her hairy young pussy.

The outer lips were red, swollen and rather wet and I could see her aroused clitoris peeking out from its folds of skin. And between her lovely outer lips I had a glimpse of the lovely glistening pink opening of her pussy. I bent down kissing her lower belly and working my way down, until I reached her tiny clitoris and then with my tongue licked just the tip of it. She let out a light moan. With my thumbs, I pulled the hairy folds apart and revealed more of the swollen fun button. Then I flicked at it delicately with my tongue.

I could feel her thigh muscles tense as I started to tease and play with it. Flicking my tongue at it faster and continuously, I started to trace up and down lightly inside her pink inner lips with my finger. She was moaning lightly and squirming as I played with her clit. I took it in my mouth and sucked gently on it while licking it with the tip of my tongue. Her muscles were twitching the more I played with her clit and she would occasionally lift her hips and press her pussy against my mouth.

While sucking Katie's tiny clitoris, I again parted her pussy lips and pressed my middle finger into the opening of her vagina. It felt warm and lubricated and was it ever tight. I gently pushed a bit. She let out a much louder moan!

"Oooh... Mr. Turner..." She whispered as she felt me slowly inserting my finger all the way inside her. Her vaginal walls were strong and they were twitching as I continued to flick my tongue against her aroused clit. She reached down with a hand and running it through my hair, pressed my head against her pussy as she pushed her crotch onto my mouth. I slid my finger out and then back in all the way. My middle finger was wet from her juices, and so this time I inserted my index finger along with it. Slowly sliding two fingers in and out of her wet pussy I opened her up some while still sucking her clit, and rolling it around under my tongue.

I felt her press her thighs together against my head, as her moaning got louder, until suddenly she grabbed my head hard pressing it against her, driving her crotch tightly against my mouth and I knew she was having an orgasm. Her vaginal walls, tightened against my fingers still inside her, and her juices increased and began flowing out around my fingers. I put my lips over her clit again and sucked, pressing my tongue against the tip. Her back was arched, eyes closed and her entire body was taut and there I was between her skinny legs sucking her delicious pussy!

Finally, she came again, letting out a big breath. She was flushed and had a layer of sweat on her chest and thighs. I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them while looking up at her heaving chest, going up and down. Her entire crotch and pussy were wet and glistening with her juices.

“Oh my god Mr. Turner, that was amazing. Nobody ever went down on me like that before!”

“Dear girl, I loved doing that to you so much, it’s not my first time either!” I was sitting up on my knees now, my head between her legs looking at her shiny little pussy and I realized my cock was getting hard and throbbing again. She noticed it too.

"Looks like you're ready to go again!" She said with a big smile.

"Aren't you?"

She remained silent as I got up and sat on the couch next to her, with my hard cock pointing up in the air. I looked over at her, and said in a low voice: “Would you like to get on and go for a ride sweetie?” She laughed, got up and straddled me. As she slowly eased herself down onto my lap, adjusting herself, until just the head of my cock was resting against the warm and wet opening of her pussy. She looked at me with a smile and said: "Ready?"

I put my hands on her slim waist and nodded. Then slowly I allowed my cock to enter the tightness of her eager young pussy. Surrounded on all sides by warm wet flesh, she then slid down firmly, pushing my cock all the way up inside her willing pussy, until she was sitting snugly on my lap, with my hard cock buried all the way inside her! It felt amazing like practically nobody my age ever had before! Then slowly she raised herself. I was in heaven with the sensation of her fucking me as her teen pussy slid slowly off against the skin of my cock.

Up and down, she began riding me, my cock pushing in and out of her amazing pussy. She placed her hands on my shoulders and my hands on her hips. Looking down and seeing the sight of my cock as it disappeared each time inside her warm young cunt was driving me wild. She was breathing quicker and in rhythm with her movement. With one hand I reached out and started to tweak the small nipple of her young breast. With the other I reached down and started to do the same to her clit while she was riding me.

We fucked for what felt like ages, her firm supple body riding me strong, my cock sliding in and out of her sweet, hot pussy. I felt like I was close to cumming, but I didn't want to. I put my hands on her hips and slowed her down. She obeyed. "Let's change, she said." She eased herself off me and got up.

"Do you like doing it from behind Mr. Turner?"

"Oh yes dear. My favorite! I like your pussy anyway it fits on my cock."

So we both got on our knees in front of the couch, I got behind her. She leaned forward, her elbows resting on the couch, knees on the rug and opened her thighs very wide! I reached down, ran one finger up and down in her slit a couple of times and spread her lips apart some more. Then I positioned my cock at her opening and gently slid into her again. She let out a loud groan as she took me all the way inside again. I pushed deep inside her until her firm little ass pressed tightly against my crotch.

Slowly I eased my cock out again about halfway and then pushed back in. Then I grasped her bony hips and started to fuck her doggy style! Slowly at first, but speeding up quickly. She had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit and moaning and I put my hand over hers and started to rub harder. She would push back against my cock with each of my horny thrusts. Then suddenly I felt her pussy walls tighten around my cock as I continued fucking her and she let out a long moan!

"Oh my god... I'm cumming again Mr. Turner..." Her pussy was even tighter while she came that time and I realized I would soon be cumming too and for a second I wondered what I should do.

"Oh fuck... Katie! I'm gonna cum... Where?"

And she answered with heavy breathing "I'm on the pill." And with that, I thrust my cock deep into her fabulous pussy and exploded inside her. I thought I would pass out. It was very strong for me and I had to hold her hips tight for a good few seconds. I could feel my cock pumping out its load once again. Some of the cum was oozing out and starting to run down her thighs. I eased myself out of her, kissed her neck a few times and then her back. Then I looked at her there on her knees, still bent over at the waist, her hairy little pussy splayed out between her ass cheeks and her inner thighs all wet and shiny from both our juices.

Finally, she turned around and faced me. She was still slowly catching her breath like me and we were both covered in sweat. I didn't know what to say. She looked at me and smiled. "Wow, Mr. Turner. That was just amazing."

"You're telling me?"

"No! I mean, I've never been fucked like that before, ever! Boys my age are just that, boys!"

"I can't recall anyone who was ever a better fuck than you either. Your pussy is so tight Katie!"

She turned over, sat down and took my hanging cock back in her mouth and sucked the juices off of it. "I love your cock. I loved the way it felt sliding into me the first time. And the second time! The way you move it, and definitely the way you keep fucking me for so long."
I felt flattered and started blushing. "Katie my dear, your young pussy is incredible. The way it feels so hot on the inside. I can't remember the last time getting some pussy that felt that good." It was really weird talking like that to my daughter's 17 year old friend; not to mention the fact that we were both still sitting there completely naked. Finally she got up. She picked up her robe, nightie and thong panties.

"Well, there absolutely has to be a repeat, so don’t you mention this to Audrey, okay? She whispered. You’ve certainly cured any insomnia that I've ever had. I'm gonna go take a shower and get some sleep. I have school tomorrow. Hopefully we didn't already wake Audrey. Goodnight!" And with a wink and a broad smile she quickly walked across the room still naked and started up the stairs.

I sat right there, also still naked and tried to understand what had just happened. And then realizing that it's best not to do that and to just enjoy the moment, I picked up my robe and headed down the hall to my downstairs bedroom…

Authors note: I’m a new writer on this site and am looking for positive comments so I can decide if I want to continue posting stories.

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