A day to remember_(3)

A day to remember_(3)

It all began when I was able to go to a clothes optional bed and breakfast in Maine that my eyes were open to what was ahead for me.
The Maine visit kind of took me by surprise, while on business trip I decided to stay at a B&B instead of a hotel. It was in November so it was a little cool but they has a covered swimming pool and in a building next to the pool a sauna. Heading into the sauna it did not surprise me to find men and women naked sitting around. There was one large sauna but I soon found out there were multiple small saunas where people went to have sex.
This opened my eyes and when I was in south Florida early next year I found time to head to the clothing option beach in South Beach. It was an experience to get naked and walk on the beach and see families, couples and singles hanging on the beach just like any other beach but naked. I spent time "looking" for any opportunity that might surface but this beach was really open and nothing was going on.
It's now two years later and I am in So Cal and decided to check for a clothing optional beach - guess what? Yes there was one but it said it is best to go at low tide and it requires some climbing. I checked the tide and was up for the exercise so I decided to head to the beach.
Unlike my first two experiences this place showed promise. I instantly saw places where fun could be taking place and of course the open beach. I found a small area with a few rocks and left all my clothes there and began to explore the beach.
It did not take too long before I came upon a couple on the beach busy having some fun. I quietly watched as she had her head on his chest and was playing with his cock. Slowly she began to play more and more which resulted in a hard cock rising. Finally she began to lick his hot cock and stomach. At this point I took a look around and there were several other people watching, both men and women. This did not bother them as she continued to slowly begin to suck his beautiful cock.
Gradually she began to go faster and finally I could see him moving as he unloaded into her mouth. She laid there with his cock in his mouth motionless for several minutes then let it fall out onto his stomach. She then gave him a kiss and laid along side of him working on their suntans.
I just watched to see where these other people were going and I decided to head in the same direction as two guys and a girl. They walked about 50 yards and were in a little protected area so I just stool back but not trying to hide.
The couple laid down and started to make out while the other guy was just watching. They were doing a lot of kissing and massaging, then the other guy knelt down and began to rub her ass. She opened her legs and he slid his hand in-between her legs and was playing with her.
She rolled over and they began sucking her tits and playing between her legs. Meanwhile she reached out and began playing with one cock then the other.
Believe me when I tell you it was hard not to just run over there and join in, I was on the hard side just watching.
She got up on her knees and the two guys were in front of her and she was sucking their cocks. Going back and forth, while sucking one she was holding the other cock.
I said to myself, "I am doing this" !! I built up the courage to walk over and see what happens.
As I slowly walked over neither of the guys gave me any indication that I was not wanted even though they saw me coming. I stood behind her and began to gently run my fingers through her hair. She never stopped, I wonder if she thinks it is one of the two guys?
I then moved down to her shoulders and I felt her realize that someone else was there and I got nervous. She kept doing what she was doing but with her free hand she reached back and found my leg. My heart stopped and I did not know what to do.
All was well as she slid her hand up my leg and came to my now rock hard cock. She gently held it as she sucked the cock infront of her and held the other one. I rolled my head back and noticed that there were eight or ten people quietly watching but standing back far enough not to interfere with what was happening.
She turned and began to suck my cock, I thought I was going to explode instantly but was able to hang on. When I felt two hands on my ass I looked and it was her hands but along side of us the two guys were in the 69 position sucking each other's cocks. Holy Crap !! I have never seen two guys doing that. All kinds of crazy stuff began to fly through my head, like what have I gotten myself into?
We then got down into the 69 position and I began to taste the sweet juices of her pussy. She was wet and it was great. As I continued to lick and taste this wonderful pussy she was sucking my cock and playing with my ass.
She was taking my cock in and out of her mouth then sucking and licking my balls. I felt something around my asshole then it went in. I was kind of shocked at first so I peaked to my left and saw the two guys still in the 69 position so I assumed it was her. I reached back there and she said just relax you'll enjoy it.
It was feeling good so I went back to my main job - enjoying the wonderful pussy.
I then felt a little more in my ass but this time I did not do anything except continue enjoying the wonderful tasting pussy. Now it was feeling a little more painful but good at the same time so I picked my head up and there was a pair of feet there which belonged to one of the guys. Yes, the other guy had his cock firmly planted into my ass.
He then held my hips and began to really fuck me. It was awkward at first but began to feel better. She was now sucking my cock full time as he pounded me. Even though her pussy was awesome I could not continue licking it so I laid my head on her and could still smell her wonderful pussy.
It did not take too much longer when I exploded into her warm mouth. She sucked me dry and kept my cock in her mouth as I was getting pounded from behind. Finally I could feel him bucking as he came into my ass. He stopped moving and I thought, wow that was actually good. He left his cock inside me for a short time then slowly pulled it out.
I laid on my back and she put her head on my shoulder as she sensuously rubbed my chest, stomach and cock. One of the guys laid near me with his head on my shoulder and put his hand on my stomach.
As we laid there she said, "before you leave us you need to do one more thing for us" With my head going is various directions I said sure. She said you need to suck Tom's cock. I instantly sat up in shock and said I don't think so. She said what is fair is fair - we let you join us, you licked my pussy and I sucked you cock plus you let Jim fuck you.
My head flashed back to my teenage days where everyone tried cocksucking, some liked it and some didn't. I was on the its not bad but I prefer tits and pussy.
I got to my knees and reluctantly began to play with his cock and finally took it into my mouth. It was strange at first but the memories of not too bad came back and I started to relax and enjoy it more. I would take it in as deep as I could every five or six sucks and hold it there hoping I would not gag. I finally got into a nice rhythm of sucking and put my hands on his ass as he put his hands on my head. It was finally time, I felt him begin to twitch and there it was, he was cumming. What do I do? He held my head so I did not fight back and I let him cum in my mouth. It was salty but sweet and I kept it in my mouth finally deciding to swallow.
When I took the cock out of my mouth I noticed that most of the people watching had left so it was basically just us four. I said thank you, turned and walked back to my clothes then the hotel.
This day will forever live in my memory.

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